Ok OK ...I know...where have we been... Well I have no good excuse. haha. So without further a due, here is the honeymoon. THANK YOU EIFELTWR and BELLA AMI...we love u both

~ (~~ (~~ (E-POV) ~~) ~~) ~

Once we landed I made Kitten put on a blindfold. No, not for sex…that will come later! I didn't want her to know where we were yet. From the landing strip to where we will be staying is only a thirty minute drive…Cullen style, which means fast! Anyways, after I got her in the car, along with the bags, we were off. I didn't care to look around I had only one purpose and that's getting Kitten to the Villa so we can have more sex! I know you might think that we've had enough sex since we got married, but you'd be WRONG! I'm looking forward to all the sex we're going to be having here. As soon as I spotted the Villa I started bouncing in my seat like Kitten had when she'd seen the plane! We were staying at Villa St. Maxime, France.

"Alright Kitten, we're here but no peaking until I say to, okay baby."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah I get it Edward. Now can we please just hurry up? This is killing me not knowing where we are yet." I got out of the car, running to her side. Once I had her out of the car I ran us into the Villa.

"Edward stop running before I fall." She giggled. Stopping dead in my tracks which in turn made Kitten slam into me. I scooped her up throwing her over my shoulder and starting to run again. Up the steps and around the corner then I stopped to take in the view.

"Wow," I whispered. I saw what it would look like online, but seeing it up close and personal was fucking awesome. There was a huge kitchen, a private pool, bar and a garden. Remembering what I had read online we would have daily maid service, along with pool maintenance and a gardener. Not sure why we would need a gardener everyday, but whatever! Standing on the terrace I was overlooking the swimming pool with the old village to our left and a view of the Mediterranean straight ahead. If I've said it before I'll say it again, fucking awesome!

"Hey, no far Edward, I wanna see what you're wowing about too!" Bella said, hitting me on the back with her tiny fist. I sat her down, kissing her lips softly before untying her blindfold. Once it was off she opened her eyes and looked only at me. "I love you, Edward," she whispered, kissing me. When she pulled away she spun around and gasped. "Oh my God, where in the hell are we Edward?"

"St. Paul, baby." She looked around shaking her head.

"No…no way Edward, we did not fly all that time and this," she said pointing to the view. "Is not St Paul, Minnesota!" I laughed at her.

"No baby, not St Paul, Minnesota, St Paul, France." I went deaf as she screamed so damn loud I'm sure Tony and Fay heard her back home in the states. Jamming my finger in my ear and wiggling it I look at her. "Damn baby, could you be any louder?"

"Edward…I…you…well…so…I'm speechless." I smiled as I walked towards her, pulling her into my arms and bending down to kiss her.

"You like it, baby?"

"Yes, oh God Edward, how could I not? I mean I've never been to France before and I've always wanted to come. Thank you so much baby, so we're here for a whole month really?"

"Well no, not really."

"Where else are we going then?"

"You, my gorgeous wife, will just have to wait and see. I will however tell you this, we're spending one week here, one week somewhere else, and then two weeks at our last stop." She sighed in my arms, closing her eyes.

"I love you Edward, so much." She pulled away from me grabbing my hand and running towards the door. No wait! We haven't had sex yet!

"Uh Kitten, wait." She stopped running and looked back at me.

"What's wrong?"

"I just figured you know…we could stay in for a little bit," I said nodding my head. Her smile faded away as a new look lit her face. A look I didn't like, she looked like I just kicked her puppy. Oh a puppy, I bet she would love a puppy, all soft and cute…What the fuck? Focus Edward!

"Oh okay, we can stay in," She went to walk back towards our door, but I stopped her.

"You know what, never mind baby, let's go look around. Boy was that the stupidest thing I've ever said. When I said look around I meant for maybe an hour or two tops, but hell, how about four hours…yes count them with me…one, two, three, four. Okay, well if you don't think that's bad how about 240 minutes? Still not so bad, for you we'll try 14,400 seconds! Still no, well then suck on this one 14,400,000 milliseconds!"

I took a deep breath and thought about how this could have been four hours we were having sex! But no, I'm playing the role of the good little husband, walking beside his wife and keeping my big mouth shut, when she asks me how I like this or that. I just agreed with her, when I really wanted to say was 'damn it women, we have a week here to do this shit! Let's go fuck, baby!' but I don't because I'm too much of a pussy!

The part that really got me was that she didn't want to go into any stores, she only wanted to look around at everything, and I do mean everything! But that finally changed when Kitten saw a little book store. Her eyes lit up and she started dragging me across the street.

"Hurry Edward, look at this little book store!"

"It's not going anywhere unfortunately," I mumbled.

"What baby?" she asked looking back at me smiling. I smiled back at her, my moody ass disappeared and was replaced by my smitten with my Kitten mood. Hey, I'm a poet and didn't know it. That's right I make a rhyme every Goddamn time.

The little bell at the top of door chimed when we opened it. "Oh God, I love that smell," Kitten whispered. All I could smell was moldy old books, but I didn't say that, instead I nodded my head.

"Bonjour," the little older gentleman said. Kitten's head turned towards him.

"Bonjour," she replied back then looked at me. I raised my eyebrow at her.

"What? I know what that means Edward!"

"What else do you know Kitten?"

"Um…that's about it, baby." She shrugged her shoulders. We walked farther into the store. It was very dark, only lit with little lamps placed here and there, and the light coming through the dirty windows.

"Seeing anything good, Kitten?" I asked while staring at her ass as she bent over looking at the bottom shelf of books.

"Shit Edward, all this books are in French!" I lost it I couldn't help but laugh. It was too damn funny!

"Baby, that's because we are in France, what else where you expecting? German, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese maybe?" Oh, I was on a roll, but she cut me off.

"Don't be an ass, Edward! I know where we are, I was just making a comment… geez," She grumbled as she grabbed a book and walked towards the counter. She placed the book down looking at the man. "How much is the book?" she asked softly. He turned his head looking at her then the book. This went on for a couple of minutes. I could tell Kitten was starting to get frustrated. Not at the man, but not being able to communicate with him. I stepped behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist. Leaning down I put my chin on her shoulder.

"Combien pour le livre?" (How much for the book?) Kitten inhaled deeply.

"Le livre, c'est un bon livre." (The book it's a good book)

"Oui je suis sûr que le livre est merveilleux." (Yes, I'm sure the book is wonderful.)

"Elle va avoir beaucoup de plaisir à le lire," (She will have a lot of fun reading it.) he said laughing.

"Je suis sûr qu'elle sera ma femme belle aime à lire," (I'm sure she will, my beautiful wife loves to read.) I said, kissing Kitten's cheek. After he told me, and I gave him the Euros…yes I'd thought ahead, therefore already having Euros. He handed Kitten her new book, smiling widely at her, told us to have a great evening and to enjoy the book. Once we were outside Kitten pushed me against the wall of the store.

"Holy fuck what was that?" she asked, lust dancing in her eyes. I knew it! I fucking knew it would have her purring! "Say something else, Edward."

"Etes-vous humides pour moi chaton?" (Are you wet for me, Kitten?) Kitten moaned, even though she didn't know what I just said. I could have said your foot smells like Em's.

"Tell me you love me."

"Je t'aime Chaton." (I love you, Kitten.)

"Take me home before I fuck you right here, Edward."

"Ce que tu veux bébé." (Whatever you want, baby.) I grabbed her hand, dragging her through the cobblestone streets.

She kept up with my fast pace, we hadn't even get through the gates of the Villa before she attacked me. Kitten once again pushed me against a wall. She attacked my mouth with a moan. Goddamn, if I would have known that my talking in French would get this reaction, I would have done this shit a long time ago.

"Jesus Edward, I want you right now." She moaned.

"Droit ici bébé?" (Right here, baby?)

"I don't know what you just said, but yes."

I saw her eyes glaze over with lust. I kissed her again; only this time was with a little more force and passion. I slipped my tongue in her mouth, pulling her closer to me. She responded by wrapping her arms around my neck and arching her back so we were touching chest to chest. I felt myself get hard instantly; my hands began to roam over Kitten's sexy body and down to her firm ass. She broke our kiss; her hands went to the button of my jeans, she made quick work of them and almost instantly had them undone and around my ankles.

I felt hers soft hand caressing and stroking my dick, and with her lips kissing my neck it was almost too much, but not enough at the same time. Flipping us around, which was a little hard to do with my jeans around my ankles. I had Kitten against the wall, my hands holding onto hers for dear life.

I kissed her deeply, savoring our moment, our togetherness. The feeling I was overwhelmed with was so strong that kissing her wasn't enough. The passion was intense and I wanted her so damn much. I kissed down her neck and only then did I finally release my hold on her hands, which I had pinned above her head. I raised her shirt over her head, exposing her bare breasts, much to my delight she wasn't wearing a bra. I let my tongue trail from her neck down to her breasts before I gently sucked and bit her nipple a few times.

Her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips slowly. I circled her nipple with my tongue and she let out a light moan, making me aware of her satisfaction. Kitten freed her hands and tangled them in my hair as she gently pushed my head lower. I kissed over her stomach and let my tongue enter her belly button as I unbuttoned her shorts, it didn't take long to have them and her panties down her legs and at her feet.

Her moaning kept getting louder as she anticipated what I was getting ready to do. I went lower and lower and at the same time, caressed her breasts with one hand. When I got between her legs and she felt me exhale on her pussy, she took a deep, shaky breath. She smelled so fucking good. I looked at her pussy and I could see her white juice seeping slowly but surely.

"Je suis va pour se régaler de votre chatte, est que les ce que vous veux bébé?" (I'm going to feast on you pussy, is that what you want baby?) She threw her head back moaning. So I'm going to take that as my green light! I couldn't hold back any longer. I dove my tongue into her pussy and sucked like it was the last time I would ever taste something so fucking good. I sucked on her clit hard and then stuck my tongue inside her. She was warm and her pussy always invited me openly. Her clit was hard and for some reason, I couldn't leave it. I kept sucking and the harder I sucked, the more she raised her hips to meet my mouth, making sure I didn't break our bond.

Her body moved in motion with my tongue, intensifying the feelings even more. It felt like we were dancing. My feelings for her were so strong that I never wanted that night to end. She tasted so fucking sweet. I was addicted to her in the most unimaginable way possible, and she knew it.

"Mmmmm." She moaned, gripping my head tighter. Her body was beginning to quake and her movements became more rigid. I knew she was close. I placed my mouth over her pussy and sucked hard.

"Fuck Edward." She rocked against me, dripping everything into my mouth. She was holding onto my head so tight that I couldn't come up for air. I drank and swallowed every drop, making sure I didn't let any go to waste. She tasted like heaven. I kept sucking, hoping more would come my way because I could never enough of her.

"Baby," she moaned.


"Kiss me." I did as she requested and raised myself and kissed her hard on her lips. She groaned as she tasted herself on my lips. She was wet all over, sweating like she had just taken a shower. My body was basically sliding over hers. We continued kissing like we never wanted to stop.

She slowly pushed me onto one of the white chairs strategically placed on the patio, sitting on top of me in the process, making sure we didn't break our kiss. Her kiss is so electric it was driving me insane. Her mouth was warm and every time she kisses me, I get weak. Thank fucking God I was sitting down because I may have collapsed from the way Kitten kisses me. Her mouth moved along my jaw line, then behind my ears, then she stuck her tongue in my ear, which by the way, drove me fucking crazy. She ventured down to my neck and started sucking on one particular sensitive spot.

"Oh putain bébé, êtes-vous essayant de marque moi bébé?" (Oh fuck baby, are you trying to mark me?)

"You have no idea how wet that makes me, Edward."

"Oh Je pense, Je ne Chaton." (Oh I think, I do Kitten.) Kitten continued down my neck then kissing my nipples gently, sucking each one and fondling them with her tongue.

"Hmmmmm," I moaned lightly. Now I see why Kitten likes it so fucking much. The pain was sweet. The kind of pain that made you love to hurt. She went lower and gently bit at my stomach, making me take deep, shaky breaths as she did. She lowered her face and, with the tip of her tongue, she gently circled the head of my dick.

"Ohhhh," I moaned.

By now my dick was so hard it was hurting. She snuck her tongue out again and licked the underside of my shaft from just above the balls to the tip, then circled the head. She did this three or four time, each time a little more vigorously. I was squirming in the chair, and when she took one of my balls in her mouth and sucked it, the thrill was almost too much to bear.

"Putain de sucer ma bite bébé!" (Fucking suck my dick, baby!)I begged.

Kitten moved her head a little higher, opened her mouth slightly, moistened her lips and then lowered them onto my dick. Slowly, very slowly, they moved down my shaft, and I think…no, I know my toes starting to curl. Down her lips moved, until the entire length of my dick was in her mouth. I started to automatically thrust my hips, but she put her hands on my thighs to hold me down. I relaxed again, and she started moving her mouth up and down me. The sensation was incredible. I threw my head back, and animal sounds that came out of my throat I'd never made before. When my balls started to tighten I knew I'd never be able to hold back.

"I'm going to cum," I warned her, but she ignored me. Faster and faster her mouth moved up and down my dick, now swollen with cum and ready to burst.

"Prendre toutes les de celui-ci bébé, avaler il tous les." (Take all of it baby, swallow it all.)

"Fuck baby, I'm cuming!" I shouted, and with a violent shudder, every muscle in my body tensed. Once, twice - four, five times I pumped, each a sharp jet of heat through my throbbing dick. Kitten kept her mouth firmly wrapped around me. I could tell she swallowed every drop, because when she finally released me there was nothing on her lips but a smile.

"That was awesome, baby," she said with a giggle. I laughed, grabbed her and pulled her into my lap. I kissed her cheek.

"God, I love you Kitten."

"I love you too, could you maybe say something else for me?" Shaking my head, I pull her closer so I can whisper in her ear.

"Vous sont mes la vie aujourd'hui Chaton, Je vais l'amour vous jusqu'à ce l' jour où je mourrai." (You are my life now Kitten, I will love you until the day I die.) Kitten sighed snuggling closer to me.

"I love it Edward." I chuckled.

"Don't you want to know what I said, baby?"

"No, it's prefect the way it is."

The week in St. Paul flew by, with lots of walking around sightseeing and lots of sex. Kitten was trying to get me to have sex with her in a public restroom, but I was definitely not doing that. Not only were they fucking gross, but I didn't want to get caught and end up in jail, even though Em, Jasper and Tony would have a ball with that shit.

My beautiful wife made sure we bought everyone a souvenir from St. Paul. Once the rental car was packed with our stuff we headed towards our next designation, Loire Valley. Kitten hadn't even ask where were going. The three hour drive wasn't bad. Kitten wanted to play I spy while we were driving, and I also got some road head. It was a fucking beautiful thing, let me tell you. I pulled over about ten miles from town, and took the blind fold from my pocket. Kitten looked at me rolling her eyes.

"Mettez il sur les et Je vais niquer vous avec elle sur le bébé." (Put it on and I will fuck you with it on later, baby.)


"I said, put it on and I will fuck you with it on later, baby." Kitten grabbed the blindfold and put it on.

"Better?" she asked. I smiled.

"Beaucoup mieux bébé." (Much better, baby.)

A short time later we pulled up to the Loire Valley Chambres D'hôtes. This place was just as beautiful as the last, only here we have a house. It has two guest rooms and one master bedroom. All the houses sit in a park of 70 acres with lots of trees and flowers, a huge pond, indoor pool and a rose garden.

Fuck and its non-smoking, fucking non-smoking goat fuckers! There should be a law against the non-smoking laws! But whatever, I need to quit for Kitten anyways. She never bitches at me for smoking, deep down I think she thinks it's sexy, anyway getting off the topic here. I help Kitten out of the car and into our home for the next week. I take her blindfold off, she looks up at me smiles, kisses my cheek and she's off! She runs through the whole house. She's upstairs when I hear her squealing, she comes running back downstairs and looks at everything again, once she's done she jumps in my arms.

"I love it baby, where are we?"

"Ah my love, we are in Loire Valley."

"Ohh, it's so pretty here, can we fuck with the blindfold on now?" Laughing at her I shake my head.

"Right now, Kitten?"

"Yes right here, right now." Okay I can do that. I took the blindfold from Kitten's hand.

"Close your eyes, baby," I whispered to her. Once her eyes were closed I tied the blindfold on, covering her eyes. Kissing her lips softly, I lead her to the couch. I start fondling her breast through her shirt. This elicited a moan from her pretty mouth, and a naughty smirk came across my face. I began to kiss my way down the length of Kitten's neck to the peeks of her firm tits. Kitten's little tank top never stood a chance against me. I ripped it off of her.

"That's twice now Edward, what is it with you ripping things off of me?"

"As my wife, you should always be naked in my presence Kitten, if you were, this would never happen, baby."

I went back to work, as I got close to her nipples Kitten slid a hand to the back of my head to help guide me to the nipple she wanted me to start with, the right one it is. With my mouth now busy, my hands were getting a little jealous. My left hand snaked around Kitten's body to her ass, pulling her towards me a little more. My right hand began to work its way towards her pussy. She raised one of her legs over my hip, opening herself up further to me. The movement causing her skirt to rise up her slim, silky thighs. As soon as I made contact with her pussy, I realized Kitten wasn't wearing any panties. I moaned around her nipple.

"Oops, did I forget to wear my panties today?"

I growled at her, why hadn't she told me this before? I would have pulled over and fucked her on the hood of the car. Slowly, I pushed my index finger deep inside her pussy and I felt her walls contract and grab onto my finger like a fucking glove. I pushed it in a little further and this time, it touched her g-spot, Kitten bucked her hips. I pulled my finger out gently and then pushed it in harder, hitting that same spot a second time. Kitten had her head thrown back; hot sounding moans were leaving her luscious lips as she continued grinding against my finger.

I pushed added my middle finger, expanding her even further. With my thumb, I rubbed her clit roughly. Two fingers inside her and another caressing Kitten's already swollen clit had her going fucking crazy. I wanted nothing else in life. I was right where I wanted to be and with whom I was going to spend the rest of my life with…I was with my angel, my beautiful wife. She made me feel like I needed nothing else and I truly believed that. She reached up and pulled the blindfold off.

I continued to finger fuck my wife, increasing the motion every second. Kitten looked down at me, gazing into my eyes. The way she looked at me made me fucking weak. There was passion deep within her eyes that only I can feel. I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers even tighter. I knew she was on the verge of cumming. I pulled my fingers out and lowered my head between Kitten's legs, breaking our gaze for a moment. I gently blew on her clit and, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She hasn't even touched me yet and I'm ready to loss my shit.

Slowly, I placed my mouth on Kitten's pussy, kissing it at first and then gently licking. Fuck her clit was hard and my dick was about to explode. When I placed my whole mouth over Kitten's pussy and sucked. At that point, she exploded into my mouth. Kitten grabbed my head tightly, holding me against her. Not wanting me to move, as if I would ever want to.

"Fuuuuuuck Edward," she moaned.

I felt her juices flow freely into my mouth. I continued to lick her until I was satisfied that I'd gotten consumed all her cum. When I raised myself from between her legs, I moved up her body, kissing every inch as I continued north. When I reached her lips, I kissed her like I hadn't seen her in days and I had missed her so Goddamn much. I didn't want her to leave my arms ever again. Not even for a fucking minute.

We slept outside that night. Kitten tried and tried to repay me. I kept telling her that tonight was about her, not me. She finally fell asleep about an hour later. I held her and watched her sleep for what felt like forever, thinking the whole time about how lucky I am to have her for my wife. The sun was starting to rise when my mind finally slowed down, closing my eyes I dozed off.

I awoke at around 9:30 a.m. the following morning and found that Kitten was no longer lying beside. Hadn't we had this conversation already? You know the whole, wake me up before you get out of bed…or lounge chair, whatever the case may be… well, you get my point.

I stood and stretched, immediately regretting our decision of sleeping on that damn thing. I was glaring at the lounge chair in question when I heard music coming from inside the house. Walking in through the door, I saw Kitten dancing around the kitchen. I leaned against the kitchen door watching her. I somewhat knew the song, but not really. I've heard her play it before, it's by that one girl…you know the one, she shoots fireworks from her nipples. Yeah that's some fucking scary shit. If someone was shooting fireworks at me from the tits, I would run away screaming like a little bitch. Anyway yeah her, I think the song is E.T. or some shit like that.

Kitten was stirring something whatever was in the bowl she was holding while swaying her hips to the beat and singing. Just as she stopped stirring whatever she was making, she spun around and saw me standing behind her. She screamed like I was shooting fireworks at her from my nipples, and jumped and as if in slow motion. I watched the bowl drop to the floor. And it didn't just break, oh hell no, that would be way too easy! That motherfucking thing fucking shattered, like in a million pieces.

"Fuck!" we both said at the same time. I ran over to her just as she was reaching down to start cleaning the glass up. She yelped in pain when I got to her. She stood up and went towards the sink. "Goddamn it, that hurts," she hissed. I grabbed her hand looking at the deep gash. "Tell me I don't need stitches, Edward." It was pretty deep, but not deep enough to require stitches.

"I don't think so baby, you okay?" She nodded her head.

"Yeah I'm good, what the hell where you doing just standing there?"

"I was watching my wife sing and dance."

"Fuck! Now breakfast is on the floor," she whined, pointing to the…whatever the fuck is was going to be.

"Go get cleaned up baby, I'll take care of this mess, then I'll take you out for breakfast."

"You're so sweet Edward, thank you." She rose up on her tippy toes and planted a kisson my cheek.

So, I told Kitten we could do whatever she wanted to do today. I was hoping and praying she would say that she wanted sex all day, but nope, that's not what she said. While we were waiting in line at the restaurant. Kitten spotted one of those tourist map thingies. So while she sat the reading about what we were going to do next. I sat there sending her sex waves. Oh yeah I said sex waves. But I guess my sex wave machine is broken because she didn't get them. Nope, instead we were going to spend the day looking at castles. Oh what fucking fun. After we paid for breakfast we were off. Once we made it to the first castle Kitten started giving me the run down on castle Clos Lucé.

"See Edward, it says here that, this is where the 20th century was born." Really, cuz right here don't look that great to me. "As the curators here like to proclaim, head to the legendary Clos Lucé, about 600 yards up Rue Victor-Hugo from the château. Here, in this handsome Renaissance manor…" Looking around I nodded and agreed with her on what she was saying. We were only about four hundred feet inside when Kitten spotted the tour starting. Grabbing my hand she drug me over to where everyone else was standing listening to the tour guide.

"Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) spent the last four years of his life, tinkering away at inventions, amusing his patron, King François I, and gazing out over a garden that was planted in the most fashionable Italian manner, which was completely restored in 2008 to contain the plants and trees found in the artist's sketches, as well as a dozen full-size renderings of machines he designed." Blah, blah, motherfucking blah. Looking down at Kitten she was smiling and eating this shit up. I one the other hand was thinking of ways to drag her away and fuck her in one of the million bedrooms.

"Cloux, the house's original name, was given to Anne of Brittany by Charles VIII, who built a chapel for her that is still standing. Some of the house's furnishings are authentically 16th century—indeed, thanks to the artist's presence, this house was one of the first places where the Italian Renaissance made inroads in France: Leonardo's Mona Lisa and Virgin of the Rocks, both of which graced the walls here, were bought by the king, who then moved them to the Louvre."

Jesus does she this lady ever shut up? The whole tour took about an hour and half. I was so fucking happy when it was over, that was until Kitten said we were going to the next castle on the list, fuck my life. Six hours, six fucking hours and all we've done was look at fucking castles. We were standing in the tenth or hundredth one I lost count a long fucking time ago. The latest tour guide was droning on and fucking on.

"Château d'Ussé, is the most beautiful castle in France." Huh, really no shit, it looks like all the rest of the fuckers to me!

The whole week was filed with things Kitten has planed from the evil, evil fucking little tourist brochure thingy. One day castles, the next day gardens, and so on and fucking so on. Three days left and today we were going to museums. God, I just want to poke my eyeballs out and soak the wounds in fucking salt. Now don't get me wrong, Kitten has been giving me sex once to twice a day, but I wanted it at least six times a day. But she said 'Edward, how often are we in France?' Damn woman! So, today I find myself being drug from museum to fucking museum.

"Welcome to Château de Blois, your ticket entitles you to a guided tour, but you're more than welcome to roam around without a guide. Before we enter, please stand in the courtyard to admire examples of four centuries of architecture. On one side stand the 13th-century hall and tower, the latter offering a stunning view of the town and countryside. The Renaissance begins to flower in the Louis XII wing built between 1498 and 1503, through which you enter, and comes to full bloom in the François I wing 1515-24. The masterpiece here is the openwork spiral staircase, painstakingly restored." Looking around I see stuff, rolling my eyes I feel Kitten elbow me in the side.

"What's wrong Edward, why are you rolling your eyes? Oh God, you hate it don't you?" Ah shit, now see what I've gone and done. Now Kitten feels like shit because of me.

"What? No baby, I'm having fun. It's just the tour guide is clearly American, but she's trying to be French, which by the way she's sucking at hardcore." Kitten giggled, nodding her head.

"I think I could do a better job than she is," Kitten whispered.

"The fourth side consists of the Classical Gaston d'Orléans wing (1635-38). Upstairs in the François I wing is a series of enormous rooms with tremendous fireplaces decorated with the gilded porcupine, emblem of Louis XII, the ermine of Anne of Brittany, and, of course, François I's salamander, breathing fire and surrounded by flickering flames. Many rooms have intricate ceilings and carved, gilt paneling. In the council room the Duke of Guise was murdered by order of Henri III in 1588."

After almost two and half hours later I was spent. All I wanted to do was go back to the house and sleep. I didn't even want sex…I know, check my head I think I may have bumped it somewhere along the way today. But Kitten had plans for more museums.

Four hours later I was dragging Kitten away from the last fucking museum. I didn't even make it to the bed that night. As soon as we walked in the house I feel on the couch and that's where I stayed. I woke up early in the morning and Kitten was lying across my chest. Pulling her tighter to me I kissed her head and closed my eyes again. Waking up in the morning was fucking hard. Kitten was killing me with all this walking bullshit. I wonder if they have Segway's here that I can rent. That would be fucking cool I could bypass all the chatter on what this was used for blah, blah, blah. God I'm smart!

Today Kitten had planned on visiting the Squares and Churches. Great, wait what the fuck is a square? Is that like downtown or something, or is it like actually a fucking square? Oh God, then churches. Yikes, I'm not so sure that's a good idea. If I walk into one the damn thing might burst into flames. I know, I know sorry if that offends anyone. I'm not a religious person, never have been. Maybe I would be if someone could tell me what came first the chicken or the egg? Cuz to have an egg you have to have a chicken. But to have a chicken, you have to have an egg… whatever.

So here we are standing at the Place Plumereau, Kitten goes on to read to me where we are.

"North from the Basilique St-Martin to the river is Le Vieux Tours, the lovely medieval quarter centered around that postcard icon, the half-timbered Place Plumereau. A warren of quaint streets, wood-beam houses, and grand mansions once home to 15th-century merchants, Tour's Old Towns has been gentrified with chic apartments and pedestrianized streets Tour's college students and tourist's alike love to sit at the cafés lining the Place Plumereau, once the town's hat market. Lining the square, Nos. one through seven forms a magnificent series of half-timber houses; note the wood carvings of royal moneylenders on Nos. 11 and 12. At the top of the square a vaulted passageway leads on to a cute medieval Place St-Pierre-le-Puellier. Running off the Place Plumereau are other streets adorned with historic houses, notably Rue Briçonnet—No. 16 is the Maison de Tristan, with a noted medieval staircase." Okay, then she walks away looking at everything, so I follow her like the good husband I am.

"Edward, I just love this so much, you ready to go see the churches?" Are you ready for holy water to be thrown in my face?

"Yes I am, baby!" She smiled and grabbed my hand, leading me to wherever in the fucking hell we were going.

Once we reached the fourth church I was feeling pretty damn good. No one has thrown holy water or tried to save my soul yet. No one has pointed me out calling me le diable…the devil. So all in all, it's been pretty good. The guide was talking about…whatever they talk about in churches, I guess.

"Are you paying attention Edward?"

"What? Oh yeah, I got this baby."

"Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud, Founded in 1101, the Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud had separate churches and living quarters for nuns, monks, lepers, "repentant" female sinners, and the sick." Come on lady, talk more about the female sinners! What did they do? Have sex with other women? Fucking goats, married men? Come on and tell me something hot, not that women fucking goats is hot cuz it's not. But tell me about the sins of these women eating pussy and getting fucked in the ass. Oh yeah, that's the good shit right there I tell ya.

"What is wrong with you Edward?"

"What?" I looked down at Kitten confused.

"The tour is way up there," she said pointing. "You've been standing here staring at the ceiling for a good five minutes with that stupid grin on your face." No shit really, my bad.

"I was just thinking of all the fuc…" she slapped her hand across my mouth.

"Do not say that word Edward, we are in a church!"

"Sorry baby," I mumbled from behind her hand. She dropped her hand rising up to kiss my lips.

"It's okay Edward; let's go catch up with everyone else." Once again I found myself being pulled by Kitten.

"Between 1115 and the French Revolution in 1789, a succession of 39 abbesses—among them a granddaughter of William the Conqueror—directed operations. The great 12th-century Église Abbatiale, Abbey Church." Huh Abby Church I wonder if Abby Rd is right outside the church doors? You know where the Beatles did the famous Abby Rd cover. Haha, I kill myself sometimes. "Contains the tombs of Henry II of England, his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine, and their son, Richard."

Another sexless night, once again we got home and I fucking crashed out, thankfully this time I did however make it to the bed! When I woke up the next morning Kitten was still sleeping. Oh what fun I'm about to have. Two days without sex is about to kill me! Pulling the sheets back I found Kitten was naked!

I jumped out of bed pulling my boxers off, then I jumped, yes I fucking jumped back into bed. Kitten didn't even move as the bed moved around. Climbing in between her legs, I position myself so that my face is so close I can smell the sex from her pussy, and it's driving me wild. I start to run my tongue up and down her wet slit, Kitten arches her back and starts grinding her hips as she moans softly. She mumbles my name as I look up and she's still sleeping. I pull open her pussy lips wide and bury my face deep inside her, lapping her juices and then up to her swollen clit I nibble and tongue fuck her hard. I keep licking her and sliding my fingers deep inside her, rubbing the front wall of her cervix. My face is covered in her juices as I move myself up her body, my dick so hard it's already leaking pre-cum. All I want to do was fuck my wife's pussy.

"Wake up baby." She moaned while trying to open her eyes. I leaned down and lick her nipple before I gentle started sucking on it.

"Harder baby, suck it hard," Kitten moaned as she started grinding her pussy against my dick.

"I want to feel you inside me, Edward." Just as I was getting ready to put my dick in his home she stopped me.

"No wait a minute." I was confused for a moment, before she sat up pushing me onto the bed. Kitten didn't waste any time before she moved down my body engulfing my dick in her hot, wet mouth, and oh that's so fucking good. She slid her wet lips up and down, and the feel of my wife's lips on my dick gave me otherworldly sensations, add the sight of her head bobbing up and down and her glorious brown hair flowing down to my hips. This was as fucking good as it gets. I held the back of her head as she sucked, she wasn't giving me a blow job, she was making love to my dick. But it's not the way I wanted to cum.

"Come here," I said. I guided her up and she got on top of me straddling my thighs, my dick and her pussy only a few inches apart, Kitten leaned down brushing her lips across mine. She leaned back and she sat there for a moment, we stared into each other's eyes. I squeezed her ass and pulled her forward, and grabbed my dick rubbing it up and down her gloriously drenched pussy lips. I guided the tip near her dripping hole, and didn't hesitate, I slid my dick in her slippery pussy, and lifted my hips up, pushing in as far as I could. She threw her head back and let out a series of strong and sharp exhales with her eyes closed tight. Unsurpassed blissful sensations went through me, being so deep inside her.

"Oh my God," she whispered, and began rhythmically moving her hips up and down, riding me slowly. She bowed her head to look at the unique and exotic sight of us fucking; her mouth was hanging open, lips wet, hair hanging down, tits exposed. She was an enthralling sex bomb. We both watched the penetration in fascination, taking it all in. We steadily picked up the pace, until she was bouncing fast and hard on me.

"I'm gonna cum," she whispered.

"Look at me," I whispered back. I grabbed a hold of her hair on the back of her head, prompting her to look at me. Our eyes met, and every time hers tried to close, I held her hair tighter reminding her to stay focused on me. I pumped her pussy at a steady, fast pace, our hips smacked together, I could feel and hear her pussy gushing fluids. I studied her face, her breaths were coming out faster and shorter, her eyes had a drowsy sex look and they began to glaze over and I knew she was cuming.

I felt her pussy tightening around my dick, her mouth hanging open, she was whimpering and moaning, her eyes kept closing but she desperately tried to keep them open because I kept my gaze locked with hers. Then she let out long forceful exhales, and it was if the soul of her eyes disappeared into a fiery orgasmic abyss. She came. I saw it in her eyes, I didn't need to feel it, and it was fucking amazing, that put me over the edge as well.

After the morning sex we both feel back asleep. I woke up about an hour later, I had to piss like something fierce. After I finished I washed my hands and brushed my teeth. Walking back into the bedroom I sat down on Kitten's side of the bed, she shifted and her sleepy eyes slowly opened. She saw me, gave me a warm smile and stretched her arms above her head.

"Hi," she whispered.


"Why are you up?" she asked as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"Had to piss." I shrugged my shoulders she giggled.

She edged over to the opposite side of the huge bed, implying she wanted me to lay there with her. I did and we laid side by side facing each other, while I was mindlessly playing with her hair. Kitten leaned across and kissed me before she got up and walked to her dresser. She opened one drawer going though it picking out her clothes for the day. Instincts kicked in and I got up and stood behind her, putting my hands on her waist, pulling her back to me. She leaned back into me so our bodies were pressed as tightly as possible together.

I leaned down and smelled her long brown hair and buried my face in it before I pushed her hair aside and caressed the back of her neck ever so lightly with my lips, her breaths got heavier. She squirmed her shoulders and swayed her head around, purring like the sex kitten she is. I moved my hands up to her tits, cupping the underside of them, massaging them, and a powerful arousal flowed through my body. She pushed her tight, round ass against my now steel hard dick, intensifying my desire to make love to her, right now.

I nudged her forward and guided her toward the wall, until she was pressed against it with her arms over her head, as if I was going to frisk her. Frisk her, fuck her, what's really the difference?

"Wait," she said.

She went over to the window, and she pulled up the shades and opened the window. I smiled and raised my eyebrows at her when she walked back towards me. She shrugged her shoulders as she went back to her spot leaning against the wall with her hands over head, and she even stuck her ass out, ready and waiting. What a naughty little thing Kitten was turning into.

"Are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to fuck me, Edward? " Kitten then reached around and caressed my dick gently, making sure to get my pre-cum on her hand and rubbing it all over, I swatted her hand away. Her breaths were heavier now, and I slowly sunk my dick into her soaked, smooth pussy, and it felt so good to be inside her again, Even though it's been less than an hour and a half. She turned her head sharply to the side, looking me in the eyes as I gently pushed into her pussy until my hips were pressed firmly against her ass, then I pushed in even further, moving my hips so my dick circled around exploring the entire surface of her warm, tender insides. She let out a low, primal moan from the depths of her female being, and it was one of the most erotic and beautiful sounds I've ever heard.

With long strokes, I pulled my dick out until only the tip was in her pussy, and then glided back in nice and smoothly without stopping. Kitten made all different types of moans, ahhhs, unnns, and whimpers, her head was bowed low and her hair was a sexy mess, draping down and covering her face. I leaned back to get a view of her. Bent over, hands against the wall, back arched, ass sticking out, and she whipped her head up so her long hair fanned out across her back, she looked so fucking stunning.

I studied the sight of my dick disappearing inside her, and then reappearing, I was becoming hypnotized by it. I felt my body building up to orgasm already, and I didn't know if I could hold off this time before she came. I hoped for the best as I picked up the pace. My left hand reached around her finding her clit, my right hand on her waist pulling her toward me. Kitten's breaths and moans were coming out heavily now. Kitten's body shook as the warmth of her orgasm flowed through her. And as if on cue I came right after her.

"Oh God Edward, that was amazing." I leaned my head on her shoulder, softly kissing her.

"Yes it was, baby." She turned around and we kissed with her back against the wall. Kitten pulled away from our kiss, resting her head on my shoulder as we hugged.

"Alright stud, it's our last day here, so let's get ready and head out." I whined and pouted like a little bitch. All I wanted to do was stay here and have awesome sex all day, but once again whatever Kitten wants…Kitten gets. So after we showered, separately thanks to Kitten, who said if we were to take one together we would never leave on time. And what's wrong with that? Anyways so after my lonely Kittenless shower, I was dressed and ready to go. Kitten was already downstairs standing beside the door.

"God it's about time, Edward," she was smiling at me. "Come on, come on, come on we've got places to go and people to see," she said bouncing.

"That's it, I'm fucking cutting you off of sugar, baby."

"I dare you Edward, you cut me off of my sugar then I'm cutting you off of sex!" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"You wouldn't." She gave me her evil little Kitten smirk.

"Try me, big boy." And with that she was out the fucking door. Damn her and her evil ways.

Once I was in the car I turned to look at her. "Where to Kitten?"

"That way," She said pointing to the left.

"Do you even know where we are going, baby?"

"I sure do, now be the good little boy you are and drive."

"I got your little boy, baby." She giggled shaking her head.

An hour later we finally made it to our destination. We would have been here in less than five minutes if Kitten knew how to read a map, and didn't have the damn thing upside down. I swear sometimes I worry about her.

"Wipe that damn smirk off of your face Edward." I looked down at her.

"What smirk, baby?"

"Oh you know." Oh shit there's that 'Oh you know' comment. Do you know why we don't have a woman President? No, well let me tell you why. Picture this, a woman President on her period bombing a different country. The head of state walks in and asked why she's doing it. She spins around towards him glaring at him and responds, 'Oh you know why'. No sorry, we don't know why. All we men know is to stay the hell out of a woman's way when she's fucking PMSing.

"So, what are we doing today, baby?"

"Today we are going to the different Wineries and Breweries, is that okay?" Is that okay? Um fuck yes it is, I'm going to get my drunk on! Hell yeah, now this is what I want to do. I lean down kissing her cheek.

"Sounds great, Kitten."

"Should have known you would get all giddy about going to the Wineries and Breweries," she said, shaking her head. This time it was me grabbing her hand and dragging her to the first one. The guide was talking about what grapes to use blah, blah, blah just bring out the fucking bottles. And they did all six places we went to, by the time we left Kitten had to drive because I was feeling no pain. I laughed when we got lost again. I laughed when Kitten had to pull over on the road to look at her upside down map. I laughed when she glared at me, telling me to shut the fuck up. I laughed when she hit me in the head with the map. I laughed when she got out of the car and drug me out of my side. I laughed when she slammed the car door and stomped back to the drivers side. But I didn't laugh when she drove off leaving me on the side of the road.

"Oh shit," I whispered to myself. I took a step and something crunched under my feet. I looked down and laughed once again, Kitten left her map. Ah shit, I'm going to be so far in the damn doghouse I'm not going to see the light of day weeks. I won't even have a paw out, cuz she'll keep smacking it. Sighing I bend down, picking up the map. I started walking the way I thought the house was. As I was walking don't ask me why but a song popped in my head and before I knew it was singing it out loud…like really loud, screaming loud.

With so much drama in the L-B-C
It's kinda hard bein
' Snoop D-O-double-G
But I, somehow, some way
Keep comin
' up with funky ass shit like every single day
May I, kick a little something for the G's (yeah)
and, make a few ends as (yeah!) I breeze, through
Two in the mornin
' and the party's still jumpin'
cause my momma ain't home
I got bitches in the living room gettin it on
and, they ain't leavin
' til six in the mornin' (six in the mornin')
So what you wanna do, sheeeit
I got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too
So turn off the lights and close the doors
But (but what) we don't love them hoes, yeah!
So we gonna smoke a ounce to this
G's up, hoes down, while you motherfuckers bounce to this

Oh yeah, I was busting a move let me tell ya. I had to stop walking so I could dance.

Rollin down the street, smokin' ENDO, sippin' on gin and juice
Laid back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Now, that, I got me some Seagram's gin
Everybody got they cups, but they ain't chipped in
Now this types of shit, happens all the time
You got to get yours but fool I gotta get mine

I was getting into my awesome singing and even breaking into the Macarena, but I couldn't remember how to do it. So I started a one man conga line.

Everything is fine when you listenin' to the D-O-G
I got the cultivating music that be captivating he
who listens, to the words that I speak
As I take me a drink to the middle of the street
and get to mackin
' to this bitch named Sadie (Sadie?)

The Congo line wasn't working very well, so I started doing the Roger Rabbit, but got bored doing that.

She used to be the homeboy's lady (Oh, that bitch)
Eighty degrees, when I tell that bitch please
Raise up off these N-U-T's, bitch you gets none of these
At ease, as I mob with the Dogg Pound, feel the breeze
beeeitch, I'm just…

I tried to do the Dougie, but fell flat on my face. I laid there for a couple of seconds moaning into the dirt and rocks.

"Fuuuuck." I stood slowly, dusting everything off of my jeans and shirt. I saw headlights coming towards so I moved to the side of the road. The car flew past me and slammed the breaks on. I chuckled as the car spun around heading towards me again. I already knew it was Kitten. The car came to a stop right beside me. The window rolled down so I leaned in, propping my arms on the door. I smiled at Kitten.

"Hey ya sexy, looking for a good time?" I waggled my eyebrows at her.

"Oh God," she moaned, rolling her eyes.

"I'm pretty cheap baby, but for you I'll do whatever you want for free sexy."

"Jesus Christ."

"Nope just Edward, but I have been called God before while fucking," I said with a smirk.

"Get in the car."

"Say please,baby."

"Edward, get in the fucking car before I leave your ass again."

"You wouldn't leave me again, baby." No sooner had I said it she put the car in gear, revving the engine, causing me to jump back.

"Okay, okay, okay, God don't get your panties in a wad."

"Watch your mouth, Edward." I got in the car.

"How Kitten, tear my lips off so I can watch them?" She took her foot off of the break and hit the gas. I was thrown back in my seat.

"Jesus woman, slow down," I yelled grabbing for my seatbelt. She was driving like a fucking race car driver. I was scared for my life. I should have just walked, or danced my way back to the house.

I must have passed out, cuz next thing I knew Kitten was slapping me in the face.

"Edward wake up…Edward come on get up, baby…EDWARD get your ass out of this car right now! If you don't so help me God I'm leaving your ass out here tonight." Wow who pissed in her cornflakes?

I tried getting out of the car but fell back in cuz I still had my seatbelt on. Kitten laughed, reaching across me to unsnap it. I smiled at her.

"Thank you, baby," I slurred, oh God was I that drunk? Yep I am. She tried helping me out of the car. But I was dead weight. I couldn't even help myself let alone Kitten.

"Edward," she whined.

"I love you, Kitten."

"Yeah, yeah love you to, but please get out of the damn car." Forty five minutes later I was still half way in and half way out of the car. Kitten gave up a while ago and is now sitting on the grass looking up at the stars mumbling to herself. I finally rolled my ass out of the car. And when I say rolled I mean rolled. Kitten was trying not to laugh at me, while I laid face down on the grass.

"Don't laugh, Kitten. That's not a very nice wifey thing to do, baby." She laughed harder. So I did the only thing I could do, I crawled over to her laying my head in her lap. She ran her hand through my hair, and I purred.

"Do you think you can get inside, baby?" she whispered.

"I highly doubt it, Kitten." She lifted my head from her lap and stood up. I grabbed her hand, trying to yank her back down. "Where are you going baby? Don't leave me out here by myself, the wolves might take me."

"Trust me Edward, they will bring you back."

"Hey what's that suppose to mean, and where are you going?"

"Never mind, I'm going to get some blankets and pillows for us Edward." With that she walked away.

When I woke up the next morning my back and neck was fucking kill me. Uh, why is it so fucking bright in here? My head feels like there's a bunch of little men stomping around. Fuck my life. I finally got my eye open and shut them right back. Oh God, it's way too fucking bright in here. I moaned trying to roll over, but Kitten was lying on top of me. This fucking bed is the most uncomfortable bed ever fucking made.

"Kitten, get up baby." Nothing. "Kitten, baby you need to get up." Still nothing, no movement or anything. "Kitten, please baby, wake up," I whined.

"What's wrong, Edward?"

"I need to get off this damn bed its killing my back," she giggled.

"Where not on the bed Edward, don't you remember last night? You not being able to walk inside so we slept outside." Outside? No I don't remember…oh wait, now I do.

"I have to get up, baby." She stood stretching.

"I feel pretty damn good."

Yeah cuz you slept on top of me Kitten, not on the damn hard unforgiving ground. She reached down helping me up. When I stood I wanted to lie back down. Every muscle in my body was on fucking fire. Kitten dragged me inside and straight to the shower. After shoving me in the hot water I wanted to stand there all fucking day.

Shit why in the fuck did I get so wasted yesterday? I'm smarter than that; we have a two and a half hour drive this morning. How in the fuck am I going to drive? Once the water started getting cold I got out. Fuck, I love my wife; she left me a bottle of water and some Tylenol at the sink. After getting dressed in a pair of shorts I didn't even bother with a shirt. I walked downstairs, smelling coffee and food. Fuck, I love my wife!

I sat down at the table, watching Kitten's back. I didn't want to scare her like last time.

"Thanks for the water and pills baby." She looked over her shoulder smiling at me.

"You're welcome sweetie, are you feeling any better?"

"A little I guess." She brought me a cup of coffee and juice. When she sat them down she kissed me on my cheek.

"You hungry baby?" she asked, walking back over to the stove.

"Hell yes I am." She brought over two plates, one had scrambled sggs and toast and the other, well I'm not sure. "What's this baby?" I asked pointing to the plate of mystery food.

"Oh that, well that is huevos rancheros."

"Ah what?" she rolled her eyes at me.

"Huevos rancheros Edward, it's really good for hangovers baby, try it." So I did I took a huge bite and I wanted to spit it right back out.

"Ah fuck, that's hot Kitten!" I said taking a huge drink of my orange juice. Goddamn!

"You watched me take it off of the stove Edward. Of course it's going to be hot."

"No not hot like that baby, hot as in Jesus Christ did you do dump a whole bottle of hot sauce on this thing?" She rolled her eyes then sat in my lap, running her fingers through my hair.

"No baby, I didn't use the whole bottle…just three quarters of it."

"Very fucking funny Kitten."

"I thought so, now eat we have a long day in front of us." She stood up, walking back towards the stove. So I took another bite of whatever the fuck she called it.

"What's in this Kitten?" I asked with my mouth full.

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Edward!" she scolded me. "It's salsa, hot sauce, eggs, cheese and tortillas. But I put more hot sauce on it than what it called for."

"Why did you do that?"

"So you will start sweating out those toxins more quickly! The faster you get them out the faster you will feel better."

"So why are you eating them? You didn't get drunk last night, baby."

"I like them, now eat." And so I did, I was sweating buckets halfway through eating. Kitten helped me pack the car up. Then she fought with me on driving.

"I'll drive, baby."

"No let me drive, you need to sleep some more Edward."

"I don't want you knowing where we are going, Kitten."

"I won't Edward; I'll drive a little over half way. Then you can take over sound good?" she asked, not giving me any time to respond before she hoped into the car starting it. Oh well, why fight with her. I do need some more rest. When I got in she leaned over the console kissing my cheek.

"You ready?"

"I guess."

"Buckle up baby you're in for one hell of a ride." She laughed.

I woke up a little while later I looked over at Kitten; she was contrasting on the road.

"How are we doing?"

"Good, we've been driving for almost two hours now."

"Can we stop somewhere baby? I really need to piss and stretch." She nodded her head. I leaned over the console resting my head on her shoulder. "Thank you baby for taking care of me and letting me sleep some more."

"No problem Edward, that's what I'm here for." I ran my hand up and down her bare thigh.

"Sorry, I got so drunk last night." She giggled.

"It's alright Edward, it happens to all of us."

"Yeah, but we didn't get to have last night in Loire Valley sex." I pouted.

"I think we will live."

"I don't know baby, I don't think I will."

She pulled over at a little store. I got out stretching and cracking my neck. We walked inside holding hands. I asked for the key to the restroom. Kitten stayed inside looking around while I went to piss. After I was done I walked back to see four little fucking punks staring at Kitten's ass when she bent over. The little fuckers were about to die. Kitten stood up looking over her shoulder at me. She smiled.

"Come here for a minute, Edward." I gave the little fucks a death glare. Kitten was laughing while holding something in her hand. I stood behind her wrapping my arms around her waist. I rested my chin on her shoulder.

"What do you have, baby?" I asked. She turned the magazine over and my mouth dropped to the floor.

"Oh my God I have to get this," she laughed. "Look, its French porn," she said a little too loud and a little too excited.

"Baby, why do you want that?" I asked. Not that I was going to tell her no, I just want to know.

"Because it's fucking ho,t Edward, I mean look at these three girls having sex! And look at the huge dick on this guy!" I looked around for my Kitten. This has to be an imposter. Not seeing anyone else that looks like my Kitten I shrug my shoulders; I reach down a grab all the different magazines on sex they had. Kitten laughs once again.

"That's a lot baby, what are you going to do with all of those?"

"Not me baby, these are all for you. You know we still have a little ways to go." I kissed her neck and I may have sucked on it for a minute. When I pulled away she had a nice mark on her skin. Smiling, I grab her hand and pull her to the register. After paying for her little bag of goodies we walked out to the car. I opened her door for her. She kissed my lips and rubbed her fingers across my dick.

"Oops sorry, didn't mean to do that," she said getting in.

"Yeah right, you little tease." I shut her door walking around to my side of the car and got in. Kitten had her feet propped up on the dashboard already looking through one of her new magazines. Shaking my head I start the car. We drove for about five minutes before Kitten started squirming around in her seat.

"Fuck is it hot in here, Edward?" I busted out laughing.

"No baby, it's not hot in here. What's ya looking at that has you feeling a little warm?"

"This." I looked over at her and she showed me the picture. Holy fucking shit! I think the car swerved a little…okay a lot. Come on I mean Kitten just showed me a picture of a girl eating another girls pussy, while she was getting fuck by some dude. The girl who was getting her pussy eaten was eating another girl's pussy, while that girl was being fucked in the ass. See why the car kinda swerved.

"That looks kinda fun don't you think Edward?" Whhhhhhaaaaat?

"Um." Was my bright answer. "You can't say shit like that to me while I'm driving, Kitten."

"Sorry, I'll just keep to myself baby." Shaking my head trying to get the picture of Kitten eating some bitch's pussy while I fuck Kitten out of my head. But it wasn't working at all. My dick was hard and begging me to let it out to play with Kitten's pussy. Watch the road Edward, pay attention to the fucking road. I scolded myself. But everything was lost when I heard Kitten moan softly. My head snapped in her direction to find her hand inside her shorts.

"Jesus Christ Kitten," I whispered. She rolled her head on the seat looking over at me. Her bottom lip pulled between her teeth, her eyes where dark and glazed over. I reached over, pushing aside a strand of hair from her face. Another moan escaped from her lips as her hand moved faster. I had to pull off of the road before I ran off killing us both. Once I was stopped I unfastened my seatbelt turning in the seat to face Kitten. I reached over, grabbing the bottom of her shorts. Kitten rose up so I could take them off. Once they were off and on the floor. Kitten put her feet back on the dash board. She eyes never leaving mine.

"Edward," Kitten whispered as she ran her hand back down her stomach and slid one finer into her wet pussy, slowly fingering herself. I watched as my wife did this and wanted to help.

"That's it baby, fuck yourself. Finger your wet pussy. Show me how you want to cum."

Kitten slid her middle finger through the wetness between her legs then returned to her clit to caress it. "Oh God!" she moaned. This was some good shit! I never thought I would see the day Kitten would do something like this. Kitten began fingering herself faster while she pinched her nipple hard, letting out low moans.

"Kitten now put another finger in your pussy. Use two fingers to fuck yourself." Kitten added the second finger and began to rapidly fuck herself. She used her other hand to massage her clit. Kitten looked at me and said.

"Baby, I'm so close to cumming." I shook my head.

"Not yet baby, take your time. I want to watch add a third finger Kitten. And I would fuck you harder than that. Fuck yourself like I would fuck that pussy, baby." I placed my left hand behind her head, pulling her closer to me. Once she was close enough I kissed her lips. "Does that feel good baby? Fingering yourself in front of me, making me pull off of the road so I can watch you? You know Kitten, anyone could drive by seeing you with your legs spread and your pussy on display."

"Oh God," she moaned.

"I want you in me, Edward," Kitten gasped.

"Later, for now, I just want to watch."

"I'm going to cum soon!"

"Not yet, Kitten. Not until I tell you to." Groaning with frustration, my eyes starting to roll back in my head

"I want to cum… please."

"Do as I say Kitten, you are not to cum yet, understand?"

"Fuck me Edward!" she begged

"Maybe later Kitten or I might just let you suck my dick until I cum all over you. Which would you like Kitten, my dick in your mouth or you pussy?"

"Oh my fucking God." Kitten cried out.

"How bad do you want it Kitten? Tell me how bad you want my dick, baby."

"Bad, so fucking badv Edward." I was past the point of wanting to tease her. My dick was aching for her. I unbuttoned my jeans raising my hips to pull them down. Once they were down enough I stroked my dick a couple of times. I was hypnotized by this beautiful creature sitting next to me. You could smell the sexual frenzy that we were creating in the car.

"I can't...I can't wait any longer Edward, please!"

"Not...until...I...fucking...tell...you...to...Kitten." I punctuated each word with a hard pull of my dick, gritting my teeth as I spoke. I pulled Kitten across the console putting her in my lap. She wasted no time, grabbing my dick and sliding down on it. I had the urge to flip her over, to throw her down, to pound my dick inside her, and take her hard. But there's only so much you can do in a front seat of a car.

"You're pussy is so fucking hot Kitten, your pussy is like a Goddamn furnace, baby."

Kitten opens her eyes; she gives me a hungry wide-eyed look, her eyes halfway between control and need. She grinds her hips forward, her tongue licking her lower lip.

Kitten was pulling at my hair, moaning and telling me how good it felt to have my dick buried inside her.

There was groaning, cursing, sighing. It was all very primitive and rough.

Sweaty, raw, animalistic sex in its basest form. And let's not forget in a fucking car.

I pull her towards me my tongue slips hungrily into her mouth. She moans softly into my mouth as I continue to fuck her and my dick twitches, eager to cum. I know we need to hurry before a car comes by and sees us. Once we get to the hotel we will have hours of lustful play ahead of us. There I want to take my time with her, here I can't. I start fucking her harder, in my ravenous desire I fear I'm a tad too rough and she winces when I push in her hard. But there isn't a trace of pain in the sighs that immediately follow, however. She looks as though she is in heaven and I know just how she feels.

And God, the sounds she is making. The purrs, groans and cries she produces in response to my assault, it is all more than I can fucking take. I am going to cum.

"Cum for me now, baby," I whisper in her ear before I firmly sink my teeth into her earlobe, Kitten throws her head back and moans loudly, which only carries on fuelling my lust with that sexy voice of hers.

The sound of our harsh breathing echoes throughout the car, as we make the transition from hard fucking to even harder fucking. What I was doing to Kitten would most likely be classified as brutal if we weren't both so into it. She goes quiet for a second, before she starts screaming and I feel her pussy clamp down on my dick. An animalistic and divine feeling overcomes my body when I cum inside her. After exhaling a breathy profanity Kitten collapse onto my chest, sweat running down my back as I fight to catch my breath.

"Fuck, I think you're trying to kill me Kitten," I say kissing her neck. She giggles shaking her head.

"When can we do that again?" I laugh at her.

"You liked it then?" She kisses my check before climbing back into her seat.

"Well yeah, of course I did. Oh maybe we can have sex in a bathroom like they are doing in this picture." Kitten holds up another picture of some girl getting fucked against a nasty bathroom wall.

"Uh yeah, I think not baby." She pouted, pulling her shorts back on.

"But why not Edward, look…it looks like so much fun."

"No." She crossed her arms over her chest throwing the magazine on the dashboard. I pull my jeans back up looking at her.

"Don't be mad at me Kitten." She looks at me, narrowing her eyes. Then she gives me that evil Kitten smirk and I feel a chill running down my spine. And just for the record not the good kind of chill.

"Oh I'm not mad, baby." I can practically see the wheels turning in her pretty little head. At that moment I know I'm completely and utterly fucked, with a capital F.

Once again I had Kitten put on her blindfold, she was bouncing with joy when she opened her eyes and looked around the room.

"Edward where are we? Is this the Hôtel Plaza Athénée? Oh my God, tell me it is baby!" She said as her smile lit her face up. I was shocked that she knew.

"It is Kitten." I no sooner had the words out of my mouth before she took off to the balcony. She threw the doors open looking out to the Eiffel Tower. She spun around looking at me.

"What room are we in?" Has she been here before? I was starting to get a little worried.

"Presidential Suite." She squealed, running towards me and jumping in my arms, kissing me all over the face.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! How did you know Edward?" Um, know what?

"You're welcome Kitten?" I was fucking lost here, someone please help me out!

"Oh my God, Carrie Bradshaw stood right here!" Is she Terry Bradshaw's kid or something? "Oh, I love Sex and the City! This is so sweet of you Edward!" Sex in the City? Oh that's that stupid show where those women are fucking everyone right? And here I thought the big wow factor would be the boutiques flaunting the names of Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Calvin Klein, and the fucking huge list of the others. Not cuz some chick stood right here, but whatever.

"I love that show, oh my God I need to take lots of pictures, no one will ever believe me!" And she was off again. I took a moment to look around the place myself, it was fucking huge! It's way bigger than my old apartment in Seattle. I was looking out the window at the awesomeness of the Eiffel Tower when Kitten jumped on my back. Taking me completely by surprise I stumbled forward a little.

"This place is so fucking cool, Edward!" She giggled, kissing my neck.

"It is pretty fucking cool, baby." I laughed.

"Wow, a girl could totally get spoiled to this."

"I don't care about any other girl, but you deserve to be spoiled baby." She hopped off my back then came to stand by my left side. I put my arm around her pulling her in front of me. I put both arms around her waist with my chin resting on her shoulder. Kitten rested her hands on top of mine. We stood there watching the sunset and the lights flicker on the Eiffel Tower. Kitten turned to face me.

"Can I plan what we are going to do again? I had so much fun planning our outings back in Loire Valley." Aw damn it not again, I know she wants to see the sights. I'm all for that, but I much rather stay here and fuck my wife. But when she smiled at me I knew I'd let her do whatever she wanted.

"Sounds good to me, baby."

After we called in for room service we went to sleep. We had a long day and I was still kinda feeling the remaining effects of my hangover. The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast in the room and were off. I guess while I was still sleeping Kitten took it upon herself to go down to the lobby and buy one of those fucking tourist thingies again.

"Kitten, do not leave this damn room without me knowing where you are! And for fucks sake, make sure I'm fucking awake before you leave!" I scolded her for leaving the room without telling where she was going.

"Oh chill the fuck out Edward, what the fuck is going to happen to me here? Someone might stop me and ask me directions to the lobby, oh no!" she replied.

"That's not the point."

"Then what's the point?"

"Just tell me next time okay."

"Whatever dad," she said rolling her eyes.

Once we left the hotel Kitten was in tour guide mode.

"Baby, did you know Paris has 2.1 million people in the main heart of the city. There are 10.9 million in the metropolitan area or 18% of the total for all of France. The Metro has 124 miles of train tracks with 368 stations…368 that's a lot." I smiled at her cuz my wife is so fucking cute.

Our first stop was the Louvre museum. Great more fucking artsy shit. Kitten dragged me toward the mammoth building ,holy fucking hell it's going to take us days if not fucking weeks to go through this damn thing. Kitten stopped some guy asking me to ask him if he would take our picture. After he eye fucked my wife with me standing right there he took the camera from Kitten, but not before wrapping his slimy French fucking fingers around her hand. I was about to say something to the fucker but Kitten wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer kissing her back. Kitten broke our kiss smiling at the dip shit in front of us.

"Thank you," she said reaching for the camera. He smiled at her as he handed the camera back to her. I pulled her closer to me, kissing her on the head. Yes, so to speak I was pissing on her leg.

"Si vous regardez ou toucher ma femme comme cela encore je vais vous tuer!" (If you look at or touch my wife like that again I'll kill you!) The stupid fucker smirked and winked at her then walked away.

"He seams nice," she said and I laughed. "What, you didn't think he was nice? And what did you say to him, Edward?" And this right here is what I've learned from the 'Being a man' handbook.

"I told him thank you for taking our picture, baby." Lie, lie, and lie.

"That's all Edward?" She gave me a knowing look.

"That's all baby." I let her pull me inside. Once inside the museum I was a little…okay a lot over whelmed.

I looked around with Kitten while she was telling me about what the picture/painting whatever was about. Or what the statue represented. I nodded my head at the right times. But truth be told, I could care less. But once again, it's about Kitten not me. She stopped us in front of a headless, armless woman statue and that bitch was fucking stacked! Her tits were awesome; her nipples were even showing through. I couldn't stop looking at them; maybe this place isn't so bad after all. Kitten was going on about The Winged Victory of Samothrace. So that's her name I'll just call her nice tits! When Kitten dragged me…and I do mean dragged me, cuz I didn't want to leave the tits, away to our next whatever.

Next were the Egyptian antiquities blah, blah, blah, show me some more tits! I was ready to pull my fucking hair out when Kitten said we were done. I nearly jumped for joy I was so happy. Looking at my watch…no fucking way! We were in there for over six hours. Jesus Christ, see that was six hours completely wasted when I could have been fucking my wife!

Every day was something different Kitten had planned. One day we went to see Notre Dame. Kitten wanted to see the famous southern Rose Windows. Then she insisted that we climb up 380 steps of the Eiffel tower for the best view of the city. And this is why I need to stop smoking! Speaking of smoking I wonder where I can go to take a few hits off of one.

We stayed at Notre Dame until 5:30 p.m. so we could watch the organ concert. Which I must admit was pretty damn good. I of course, snuck behind a tree and smoked really fast. When I came back Kitten rolled her eyes at me. I sat down behind her pulling her backwards. So her back was pressed against my chest and she was sitting in between my legs. We sat together, listening to the music. I closed my eyes when Kitten's left hand came up to run through my hair. God I love it when she plays with my hair.

The next day we spent at La Conciergerie. What's that you ask? La Conciergerie is prison where many, including Marie Antoinette were held prior to being guillotined. Kitten wanted to stay after hours so we could go on the night tour…which by the way is pretty fucking spooky, even though it is well light at night. It has unbelievable unique architecture, we also found out it functioned as prison from 1391 to 1914. That's a fucking long ass time. I can just imagine how many people were killed here. I shivered and grabbed a hold of Kitten. She looked back at me raising an eyebrow.

"What's wrong Edward, afraid of the boogie man?" she asked, laughing.

"No!" I know there's no such thing as the fucking boogie man! It's the ghost I'm concerned about! I've seen movies and watched shows on TV, and read books about the freak ass shit ghost do! I started looking over my shoulder feeling like someone was watching me. Great now I'm freaking myself out.

The next day we spent it at another fucking museum. Musee D'Orsay, Kitten was all in tour guide mode again. Telling me that it covers 1848-1914 periods and is especially great for Impressionist art! Oh yeah Impressionist art, I'm jumping for joy! Not really…just saying. It was a former railway station and hotel with an excellent cafe in museum. She said it says that Thursday night is perfect for walk from museum west toward Assemblee Nationale and cross Seine River bridge towards Place de la Concorde seeing all of the building lighted and then looking back towards Eiffel Tower. Why on only Thursdays? Does the city not turn its lights on every other day of the fucking week?

Some of our nights were filled with sex, but most of them not so much. Kitten had us so ran down that by the time we got back to the hotel we were both dead on our feet. Hell some nights we would lay down with our shoes still on and fall to sleep. Ten days down and four more days to go. I was starting to get a little sad. I didn't want to leave already. There is a still a lot of sex to be had! I didn't want to give up our time alone. I knew when we got back Kitten would be off doing her thing and I would be stuck at the office. And that shit didn't sit well with me at all. The tenth day Kitten wanted to stay in and chill out. I was all for that shit, everything was going good until she started feeling sick.

I held her hair while she threw up all fucking day long. I lay with her rubbing her back and playing with her hair. I knew she shouldn't have eaten that shit last night. But she had to have the Foie gras with mustard seeds and green onions in duck Ah jus sauce. All I can say is fucking Yuk! That shit looked and smelt like shit. Around six that evening I got her to stand long enough to take a shower with my help. She was so weak from being sick all day she couldn't stand on her own. Once I got her back in bed I called for room service to bring up ginger ale and crackers for her. She hasn't eaten or drank anything all day. I've been trying to get her to but she said she don't want to be anymore sicker than what she already was. But Goddamn it I'm putting my foot down! She's going to drink and eat this, even if I have to force her to. Okay, so that's a huge lie I wouldn't do that. But I'm not above pulling out the puppy dog look.

I woke up the next morning to Kitten bouncing on top of me.

"What the hell Kitten?"

"Get up lazy bones! We have a huge day planned today baby." I ran my left hand down my face opening my eyes to see a smiling Kitten sitting on top of me.

"I take it you're feeling better today, baby." She smiled even more nodding her head. That's when I noticed her hair was wet.

"I do, I feel like a new person after I took a shower this morning. And thank you Edward for being so sweet to me yesterday," she said, bending down to kiss me. I grabbed her hips, pulling her closer to me. Kitten broke the kiss, moving off of me then her hand started roaming down my chest. She snaked her hand under the bed covers. Kitten worked her mouth down my bare chest, pulled back the covers and roughly tugged at my shorts. I lifted my hips so she could slide my boxers off. Kitten threw them across the room. She started running her hand up and down my dick. I massaged her pussy, first through her panties and then, after gently easing them to one side, I ran my fingers through her sopping folds while I relaxed and enjoyed the hand job I was receiving.

Kitten once again straddled me; she gripped my dick between her fingertips and lowered herself onto me in one warm, fluid dip. Immediately she began rocking up and down, her eyes half closed and rolled back in her head. Slowly at first, in shifts of her hips, but she built up speed until she was violently thrashing up and down the full length of my dick. It felt motherfucking wonderful. Kitten's fingernails raked down my chest leaving angry red marks in their wake. She grabbed my hands pinning them above my head.

"Oh fuck Edward, you dick feels so good in my pussy, baby," She breathed, throwing her head back, while still holding my hands she started to grind her hips. I was in fucking heaven!

"Fuck baby, you can't say pussy while we're fucking." I gasped as I enjoyed her pussy gripping my dick tightly. She worked herself up and down my hard dick before grinding her hips on me again. I loved the way her firm tits bounced, I tried…but not really to get Kitten to release my hands. When she didn't I reached my head up so I could suck on her nipples. Kitten lowered her body a little bit to help me, but still kept fucking me hard. I didn't want to cum too soon but could feel the cum working its way in my balls.

"You like fucking my pussy, Edward?" she asked with a seductive smile. Fuck I just about lost my shit.

"Fuck yes baby," I replied. I loved having Kitten on top, I loved to watch her grind her pussy on my dick. I loved the eye contact and the way I could thrust my hips in time with Kitten's. I took one hand and started to rub her clit with my thumb.

"Fuck Edward, keep doing that." I rubbed her clit harder and faster. I pulled out of her tight pussy letting my dick rub between her ass cheeks; I did not cum so fucking soon. I had to calm down a little. Kitten looked at me in protest, but the look was soon gone as I saw something else flash in her eyes.

"I want you to fuck me from behind." Kitten was on her hands and knees before I could even blink. I positioned my dick at her wet pussy. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down, smearing her wetness around her puffy pussy lips. While I was admiring her small pink puckered asshole. One day I'll fuck her ass, but not today.

"Come on, stop teasing my pussy with your dick and fuck me, Edward." Kitten moaned. Me being one who never wanted to disappoint my Kitten I thrust into her in one hard stroke, I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair, wrapped some around my wrist and pulled back.

"Oh Jesus, fuck yes," she screamed as I slowly withdrew almost all the way, holding the head of my dick just inside her pussy before thrusting back in hard again. I kept this up for a while then grabbing her hips I started to pound her pussy as hard as I could. Her pink asshole winked at me as if to encourage me while Kitten started screaming. I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick as Kitten collapsed onto the bed leaving her ass high in the air. I kept fucking her hard throughout her orgasm. I brought my left hand up and with one, quick motion; I landed a sharp slap to her ass that echoed throughout the bedroom.

"Fuck baby, do it again!" Kitten demanded. Another sharp slap that was even harder and louder than the first. This caused Kitten to violently thrust back into me just as hard and fast as I was fucking her.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum again, baby! Don't stop!" She basically screamed out as I delivered another slap to her ass. I felt her pussy spasm and clench my dick, almost pushing me out of her. I then realized that I wasn't too far behind her either, as I reached the point of no return.

"Fuck Kitten," I moaned as I slammed one last time into Kitten as my orgasm rolled through my body. Holding my hips against her ass my ass cheeks contracted and I fired the first shot of cum deep into her. Her pussy contracted around my dick as I fired more of my cum into Kitten. She fell to the bed with me falling on top of her. I didn't want to crush her so I rolled off of her body. Wrapping my arms around her I pulled her so her back was against my chest.

"Good morning, my gorgeous wife." She giggled.

"Good morning my sex crazed husband." I kissed her shoulder.

"Hey, you started it this time ,baby."

"I did, didn't I?" We fell back asleep for a little while. Kitten woke me up again, just not as good this time.

"Get your ass up before I dump a bucket of cold water on you." I rolled over opening my eyes a little bit. Kitten was already dressed standing beside the bed. I held my arms out for her.

"Oh no mister, you damn well know that if I get in that bed we won't be getting out anytime soon." I smirked at her.

"And that's a problem why, Kitten?" She huffed, turned and walked off.

"Get up Edward! I won't be so nice next time." Laughing at her feistiness I got up, taking a quick shower. After I was dressed I found Kitten reading her tourist thingy. Fuck here we go again.

We started out on the Seine Boat Trip because it has great views of famous Paris sights or so Kitten said. Then after that we went to the Luxembourg Palais and Gardens, Kitten told me it was built in 17th century for Marie de Medici, and it now houses the French Senate. This green oasis on Paris' fashionable Left Bank has formal gardens populated with many statues including one of Sainte-Gèneviève, patron saint of Paris, fountains and beautiful flowers. Kitten is getting way to good at this tour guide shit. We ended the day walking through Saint Germain Market; it had various food and meat items, many smaller galleries, cafes and antiques shops.

Kitten was begging me…almost on hands and knees to fuck her in some bathroom. She's been looking at those damn magazines again. Don't get me wrong I love it when she does, because it makes her super fucking horny. And a horny Kitten makes a fucking happy Edward. The last two days now I've been telling her no. Which I really hate telling her no.

On our last day in Paris I was ready before Kitten was, which was a huge fucking shocker. We toured the Eiffel Tower last night. It was by far the best place so far. I was leaning over the hotel room balcony gazing at the Eiffel Tower.

"Edward," Kitten purred my name. It sent shivers down my spine. I turned my head and nearly fell over the damn balcony. Standing there was my wife, looking like every man's Goddamn fantasy come true. She had this short and I do mean short fucking red and black plaid skirt, with leather thigh high, high fucking heel boots on. Her shirt was white and clung to her tits like a second skin. I swallowed hard, I couldn't fucking speak let alone think. I think…no I know I was fucking drooling. She stood there smirking at my dumbfounded facial expression I'm sure.

"Ki…" I tried but had to clear my throat a few times. "Kitten what is that?" I asked pointing at her outfit. She laughed at me.

"It's what I'm wearing today, baby."

"OUTSIDE? Oh hell fucking NO! You are not wearing that shit outside where men and woman can gawk at you, Kitten!" She cocked her head to the left.

"I will and I am Edward." She turned away from me. I just stood there not knowing what the fuck to say. "Are you coming Edward?" she purred as I heard the front door shut. Again I just stood there for about two minutes before I snapped out of my stupor and took off running towards the door. I flung the door open and went out into the hallway. Kitten was standing on the opposite side of the hallway. Leaning against the wall, she had her right leg propped up on the wall behind her. And she was smiling at me. Damn her! I stalked over to her not stopping until my body was pressed against hers.

"What in the hell do you think you're doing Kitten?"

"Waiting for you of course." I put my hands against the wall on either side of her head.

"Don't play games with me, Kitten." She looked up into my eyes. Her eyes looking innocent, but I knew fucking better.

"I don't know what you're talking about, baby." She reached up grabbing my face and bringing it down to hers. The kiss she gave me not only made my fucking knees weak, it also curled my fucking toes. She pushed me backwards walking away. I was left dumfounded yet again. I heard the elevator ding, I shook my head and saw Kitten walking into the elevator. Fuuuck she's really going to wear that out? Great I'll be fighting everyone in fucking France off of her ass today. I stomp like the baby I am to the elevators. I get in, not saying a word. I stand to the right while Kitten is on the left. I don't even look at her. I know if I do I'll fuck her right here. When we get to the lobby as soon as the doors start to slide open Kitten is out of there. I walk out behind her trying my damnest not to watch her hips swaying back and forth. But it's a fucking lost cause. I can't help it.

All day she's been teasing me, brushing her hand against my dick. On accident…accident my fucking ass! When we would stop walking she would put herself in front of my grinding her ass on my dick, again another accident. She kept me hard all fucking day. My dick and balls were fucking aching. I was about to bust out fucking crying. When we stopped at a fountain I was standing there minding my own fucking business when she stood in front of me.

"Oh look at that, Edward," she said then bending over at the waist. Her skirt rode up so I could see her black lace panties. I was staring at her ass when it dawned on me. Fuck if I can see her ass than everyone else can to. I looked around quickly but no one was looking.

"Stand up Kitten," I growled. She stood and looked over her shoulder at me.

"Isn't it neat, Edward?" She held up a purplish colored rock. I narrowed my eyes at her. "What's wrong baby?" she asked. As if she didn't already fucking know!

"Don't fucking baby me, baby! You know what you've been doing to me all fucking day. I so fucking hard if you touch me one more Goddamn time I'm going to fucking explode." And cue the fucking smirk.

"Oh really?" she asked, her hand shot out to grab my dick but I grabbed it first.

"Don't." She dropped her head, and then raised her eyes only to me.

"Do you want to fuck me Edward?"

"Yes," I growled.

"Right here, do you want to fuck me here? You want everyone to see my pussy wrapped around your big hard dick?" she whispered, licking her lips. I was over it, I was fucking done. "Follow me baby." She purred. At that fucking point I would have followed her where ever she wanted to fucking go. Never mind that I would always follow her, but that's neither here nor there. I knew where we were going as soon as I saw the little store. She walked around the side of the building and headed into the little two stall bathroom. I didn't fight her on it this time. I wanted her so fucking bad I really didn't give a shit where.

Once inside she turned to me kissing me hard. I simply kissed her back, deeply. I pushed her against the bathroom wall; her body molded against mine, I wrapped her in my arms. The button down shirt, pleated skirt with knee boots, are my fucking kryptonite. I already had half the buttons on her shirt undone; the rest came open very easily. Beneath was the sexiest black lace bra that barely contained her breasts.

"Fuck me, Edward," she breathed in that sexy Kitten voice of hers. "Show me how much you want to fuck me, show me how hard I make you, baby."

I couldn't resist her. I ached for her; my heart ached with love and my dick ached with fucking desire. My lips moved down to her chest, kissing and nibbling the swell of her breasts, and she gasped. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra, freeing her tits into my hands. I cupped them, squeezing them and guiding her nipples one by one into my mouth. She arched her back and gasped.

I let my hand slide down the length of her body, over her hip, down to her bare thigh. I slowly slid my hand up her thigh, under her skirt, until I felt the lace of her panties. I reached around to cup her prefect fucking ass, squeezing it and pulling her against my aching dick. She moaned my name while her hips moved slowly, grinding her pussy against me.

Her hand began to fumble with my belt. "Edward...baby." she moaned, "I want you; fuck I need you to fuck me right now, baby!"

I kissed her again, feeling her tongue swirling in my mouth. There was no need for foreplay; our foreplay was all fucking day of her teasing me anyways, I was already throbbing and Kitten was wet and ready. I tore her top and her bra off and pushed her skirt up to her waist, then pulled her panties down over her smooth thighs and tossed them onto the floor. Going for her boots she grabbed my hands, shaking her head no.

"Leave them on Edward." she purred, then unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down, freeing my rock hard dick. Kitten's eyes were gleaming with need as she looked up at me. "Fuck me, Edward; fuck me like the slut I am!"

WHAT? Who the fuck is this woman, and what in the fuck did she do with my Kitten? I couldn't resist her even if I wanted to. I placed the tip of my dick against her pussy and, with a slow thrust pushed my way inside her glorious heat. She gasped out loud and tilted her hips upward to take me inside her until I was buried in her tight pussy. Her legs closed tighter around my waist, holding me close, keeping me inside her. As if I would even try to fucking get away.

"I'm going to tear your fucking pussy up Kitten," I growled into her ear.

I started moving inside her, thrusting my dick in and out of her steaming hot pussy. Her fingers pulling my hair as she kissed me hard, her moans were so loud but I didn't give a fuck. I felt every inch of her pressed against me as her pussy enveloped my throbbing dick, taking me deep inside her. The thrill of us getting caught only intensified the feeling. Now I think I know why Kitten wanted to fuck in a public restroom.

I pumped away at her pussy, each thrust raising her ass off the bathroom wall. She threw her head back and moaned "Fuck Edward, yesssss, fuck me harder!"

I leaned in biting her neck hard, not giving a good Goddamn if I left a mark on her. Hell I wanted to fucking mark her. There was something so primal about this moment, and I was all fucking for it. Kitten ground her hips into me hard, fucking me with everything she had. We heard someone banging on the door trying to get in. Asking whoever why the door is locked. As they continued beating on the door. Kitten was moaning in pleasure and I felt the walls of her pussy clamp down on my dick as her orgasm took her over. Her pussy pulsated as she dug her nails into me, holding on tight, whimpering "Yes yes, yes!"

I groaned her name as my own orgasm hit, my dick pulsing blast after blast of cum into her. My arms tightened around her in a death grip as I moaned in her ear "Baby, I fucking love you." Kitten giggled pushing me away from her.

"And I love fucking you, Edward. Oh and I love you too baby." Sitting her back on the ground she cleaned herself up before getting dressed. Once we were both dressed she looked up at me smiling.

"You ready, big boy?"

"Again? Baby there is people waiting to get in here." She laughed, shaking her head. "No Edward, not sex. You ready to go out there?" Oh right, I knew that.

"You want me to go first?" I asked. I figured that might ease the blow on her.

"Nope, I got this!" And there was that sparkle in her eyes again. The minx has her claws out ready to be fucked with, or fucked, whichever one came about first. I nodded my head. She turned towards the door, grabbing the handle. She pulled the door open reveling two women in their late sixties I'd say. The both gasped at Kitten and I as we walked out. The one standing closest to Kitten narrowed her eyes.

"What were you two doing in there?" she snarled. Kitten stopped and turned towards her.

"I was being fucked by my husband! Pretty fucking hot huh?" The woman's eye grew impossibly bigger.

"Well, in all my years I've never." Kitten grabs my hand turning to leave.

"Well then I'm guessing that's your problem then. You should really try it, it's awesome." And with that Kitten dragged my ass away, my mouth hanging open in awe with her. She looked back at me laughing.

"Close your mouth baby, you're going to catch some flies if you don't."

"What the hell was that back there?" She shrugged her shoulders.

"I didn't like the way she was looking at us, or her tone of voice." Laughing and shaking my head at her.

"Have I told you how much I fucking love you, baby?"

"Nope…not lately, but by all means go ahead and tell me."

OKAY Sooooooooo this is the last chapter. I have been working on the next but it just seems Ari and I are not finding as much time any longer. If we do continue on we will have them as out takes... So please add us so you get updates for further stories. I sad to see this end but I think our Spartan and Kitten will have a happy happy life... MUAH...thank you all for being so supportive.