Rebel, Rebel

Blood is always dripping there

Sometimes it is disguised.

But why would mother ever care?

Images in my eyes…

She's seen more blood than she's seen white

These pictures tell the truth.

She takes off, killing in the night

Or is it my naïve youth?

She strikes innocents from above

Can I trust a single soul?

It pains her just to utter "love"

I'll look into the coals.

Liar liar, says the fire

I need answers now.

I am not what you desire

To you I will not bow.

Underneath that mess of feathers

Lies a deadly crow

And I can see

Who I can be

And now I truly know…

You may think that you know me, mum,

But guess what? No, you don't.

And though it's your egg I was born from,

You ask me, but I won't

Obey your stupid orders

'cause I actually have a heart

And unlike yours mine wasn't stolen

From an owl ripped apart.