Final Fantasy: Dark Grimoire

Final Fantasy A2: Grimoire of the Rift is, so that you know, a product of Squaresoft. I cannot take credit for something I did not do. Also, since I am a Christian, I am hesitant to use the word god or goddess, since using the lord's name in vain is against the ten commandments. If anyone who reads this doesn't know about the Christian Religion, I recommend reading about it in the bible. Oh, and feel free to ignore the parenthesise in this first chapter, that was just me thinking.

Pairings so far are as follows: Luso/Adelle and Vaan/Penelo.

Prologue: A New Adventure Begins

Three years passed after Luso had returned to his world from Ivalice after defeating the Dark Mage Illua and the demon Neukhia (is that how the final boss of Grimoire of of the Rift's name was spelled?) with Cid, Adelle and Hurdy's help. Clan Khamja was in shambles, and the remaining members of Clan Gully continued on with their usual work. The Sky Pirate Vaan and his partner Penelo went back to treasure hunting, and Frimelda remained with Clan Gully.

In Luso's World, the young brunette hero had finished middle school and focused more on his schoolwork. Everything seemed to be in peace.

Luso was currently enjoying another summer vacation, when he and his aunt recieved an unexpected visitor from Luso's old school. There was a knock at the door, and Luso's aunt answered.

The visitor was the librarian Mewt Randell. The woman was surprised" oh, who are you?".

The man replied" I am Mewt Randell, a school librarian, is your nephew here?" "yes he's in his room" said May. She then frowned" Why do you ask?"

"There is something I need to talk to him about" said the librarian "okay" said May.

Luso heard his aunt call from the living room and hurried out. When he saw the visitor he said" Mr. Randell? Is that you?"

"Yes, I needed to talk to you about something" said the librarian. Luso could not help but ask" what for?". Mewt replied" I saw that you somehow got yourself involved in finishing another half in my blank book".

Luso flushed" w-well I didn't know I would end up in Ivalice. So what else is up?"

Mewt said" it was a dangerous thing to do, Luso. It wasn't what I had in mind, but if you had died in that world, your mind would have been destroyed and you would have gone to heaven".

Aunt May was shocked" i-s that true?" "well I joined a clan in Ivalice that could not die because it was watched over by a spiritual judge" said Luso.

May thought for a moment" If you had told me outright Luso, I might not have believed you. But honestly its still hard to believe".

Mewt pulled out the book in question, flipped it to towards the end where there were still blank pages and laid it on the table.

The librarian said" I know its a terrible thing to ask, but Luso, there are three slots below this line" "What do they say?" asked May. Mewt read the line: Know you the name of the one chosen to fill these last barren pages. Luso spoke up" do you know what the backwards words stuff is about?".

Mewt replied" I don't know". Luso said" I would not mind a chance to see what its about".

May frowned" I don't think you're ready Luso".

Mewt said" even if you go, who knows if you can return again". Luso hesitated" maybe you can come". His aunt replied" I don't want you to go anywhere alone either, but I know I can't be with you forever". Mewt explained" I know it was all a bad thing to ask of you. But I needed someone to help me with my research on space and time, also there are distortions occuring in both worlds".

Luso shrugged" well, I will take my chances". Mewt replied" then write your name in, assuming thats how you stumbled into that other world". The young male brunette nodded, then picked up a pen then wrote his name in the blank page. As he felt himself being teleported, Mewt called after him" We will join you later! I am working on a device that should enable us to freely cross demensions!".

Luso knew the librarian could not hear him, but shouted" okay!".

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