Rika Furude was seated on a comfortable red armchair within an octagonal white room with tall windows. She was in her miko outfit. Sitting opposite her on a similar chair was someone who looked like her, only older and wearing a black dress. Her violet eyes didn't have a glow to them and her black dress sported a cat's tail.

This was the Witch of Miracles, Frederica Bernkastel, the witch created from the memories accumulated during the Endless June that Rika had experienced for hundred of years.

"Enjoying your tea?" Bernkastel asked her mortal counterpart.

"Yes, it is delicious," said Rika, setting the cup down upon her saucer. "Frederica, why did you summon me, and why isn't Hanyuu here?"

"Because I know you will tell Hanyuu, and I just wished to speak to you," said Frederica. "Remember this well, Rika Furude. This is important."

Rika swallowed. If the Witch of Miracles said it was important, then it was indeed important.

Frederica informed Rika, "Within a year from now, a new character will appear in Hinamizawa."

"An enemy?" Rika questioned, worriedly. She and her friends had just managed to break the Endless June and defeat fate. Was it not yet over?

"He will bring many dangers to you, your friends and your home, but he won't be your enemy. He will be your most powerful ally when evil shows itself," Frederica continued. "His past is a dark one, and he has suffered for many years. A great tragedy has forced change upon him and led him to Hinamizawa."

Rika remained quiet, waiting for Frederica to break her pause.

The Witch of Miracles went on, "You and your friends will befriend him, strengthening his resolve when those who've created him appear to retake him. Your friendship will be the key to his strength, of spirit and heart."

"Does he have a name?" asked Rika.

"Yes, but I will not tell you, but remember that he is marked by the number '13' and that he is destined to be a savior."

Almost a year later, Rika was sitting in class with her friends. Rena arrived with a new boy with indigo hair and eyes. He seemed nervous and fidgety, sticking only close to Rena.

"Class, we have a new student joining us," informed Chie-sensei. She addressed the new boy, "Would you please introduce yourself?"

"I'm…I'm…" he stammered. He looked to Rena for encouragement. She smiled at him. With a nod be continued with his introduction. However, he did it at the top of his lungs, "MY NAME IS SHINICHI SANBAN! I LIVE WITH RENA RYUUGU!" He bowed deeply, still yelling, "NICE TO MEET YOU ALL!" He stood ramrod straight, gauging all of their reactions.

"He's a bit shy," Rena excused, "But Shinichi-kun is a nice person, so please get along with him."

Shinichi brushed his bangs aside and Rika spotted his scar which was above his left eye.

XIII: the Roman numeral for the number 13.

He was marked and thus he would be their savior.

Rika would need to pay close attention on this boy.