The Lost Girl

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Chapter Twenty – Smile(The End)

It was a bright and relatively warm day in Spring.

A young boy happily ran through the grass without a care in the world, while his mother and father watched on.

"Aikou! Don't run that far off!" the mother shouted. The response from the boy was only laughter, and she sighed. The father stood and said, "Hey! Don't make me come after you!" The child merely responded with, "Oh yeah? Bet you can't catch me dad!"

The father ran down the hill, and the child let out squeals of delight. The mother giggled, and watched on happily.

Tokoi... she thought, looking up at the sun peaking in through the branches overhead, I'm glad you're here with me.

"Hey Ushio! I need some help her!" Tokoi shouted. Ushio looked back down at Tokoi, whom was still chasing Aikou. "O-Okay!" she said, standing and running down the hill.

"Mom! You should be on my side!"


"No way! Your mom's with me!"

"But that's not fair!"

"Haha, sure it is! You're way faster than us!"

"You're letting me get away though!"

"No I'm not!...Okay, maybe I am, but..."

The voices trailed off as they went farther off...And the lone figure standing in the shadows of a tree not far off smiled.

I guess I'm done here, she thought, and she turned and walked away, knowing that she's guided the Lost Girl to peace...

_The End_

You: Huh? Mysterious girl?

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