"What is justice, really?" It was something Ma Chao would always ask himself whenever doubt would side with him. He entrusted his entire being, his whole life …everything, to stand up for this justice that should supposedly bring peace to this chaotic land.

He realized that the justice that he brings to the people isn't the justice that he brings to himself. He has sacrificed everything lest he may not acquire it as easily. The pain he felt when many lives were lost in battle, the sorrow of destroying the innocent lives of the opposing force, the hollow feeling of emptiness when victory was declared, was this how justice should be attained?

He sighed. Justice was merely a word that he was clinging onto so desperately his entire life. This was the path he had chosen for himself. It was too late to back down and turn away from it. All his life he believed bringing justice to this world, peace can be attained. Was that all there was to it?

Maybe no one was ever destined to understand the complexity behind the justice one seeks. Behind vengeance, confusion, or even sacrifice, he couldn't see the justice he dreamed for so long. But even then, maybe there still was justice behind it. Maybe not in its purest sense, but justice nonetheless.

It was only then he knew that justice could never exist without its opposing factors. He was Justice, Cao Cao was his enemy. He wouldn't be seeking justice if it weren't for him. Now, he has lost everything to this man. Ma Chao gazed at the sky, feeling determined to continue on to his path. Even he had vengeance in his heart no matter how much the justice he gives was solely meant for the people. For a second, it didn't matter what kind of justice he was looking for. Justice was still Justice. As long as it was still present, he will fight for it. If using his blade will be needed, he knows he will have to submit his very being to it.

It was difficult. It was definitely unavoidable to ignore this fact. Justice was something everyone needed. He smiled. Sacrifice, Sorrow, Pain…all these are necessary and merely obstacles to obtaining justice. There may be many other ways but these were of the most present.

He knew it would simply depend on him as to how to endure them. He gripped the handle of his blade. His life in Shu would decide that. But for the meantime, he knew he wasn't alone. His heart felt light at the thought of his fellow comrades who shared the same philosophy. He would have to give his very best. The enemies are strong, means of victory are unknown, and all he was armed with is his blade, his comrades, and the justice completely etched on his mind. Did he really have a chance to win?

No one can tell. After all this, it's still complicated to decipher the message behind that simple word which is Justice.