Devirginizing Edward One-Shot Contest

Story Name: Dream to Reality
Pen name: Mehek18 and Precious Angel 204
Pairing: Bella X Edward, all canon
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.

Summary - All Human. Edward turns sixteen. Emmett forces him to go to a strip club for his birthday. Bella is dared to be a strip dancer for the night. What will happen to two virgins when they meet? De-virginizing Edward, never entered contest but now is longer than one shot.

A/N: it was meant as a one shot however I couldn't enter the contest on time and my friend, who agrees to beta this, added her own smooth words to make the story perfect. So I have to give her most of the credit to make this story great Precious Angel 204 is great.

Edward POV

I heaved a sigh looking at the calendar. Tomorrow I will officially be sixteen. My parents were happy about the fact it was my birthday, but they hated the fact I was turning sixteen. According to Emmett, I was turning "sexteen." He claimed all boys became men and lost their virginity in their sixteenth year, and stated I would be no different. I was terrified.

Even though I was living in the 21st century, I was still old fashioned and held traditional values. I wanted to keep my virtue; I didn't want to lose my virginity until after I was married. I wanted my first time to be with someone special, and she would be the only person I would be with for my entire life. I was embarrassed to tell that to my brother and his best friend. Emmett cornered me after dinner to warn me. Tomorrow I would no longer be a virgin. I knew if I let Emmett follow through with his plans, I would regret it.

Dad had called me up to his office to give me 'The Talk'. Being a doctor himself, he was worried I wouldn't be safe. I stayed quiet the entire time. How comfortable is anyone supposed to be when their parents are talking to them about sex? He took out textbooks and explained that it was normal human nature. I already learned this in health education. But Dad even got so graphic, that he pulled out diagrams! My head was in my hands the entire time, and much to my embarrassment, he gave me a box of condoms when he was done.

"No glove, no love, son."

I was mortified when I had finally left his office. Of course, my mother smiled as I walked into the hallway towards my room.

"Good talk, dear?" she asked.

Suddenly the corner tip on the box of condoms became very interesting to look at, "Mmm hmm," I hummed. I couldn't look at her. This was too humiliating. I walked into my bedroom, closed the door and stood with my back against it. Running a hand through my hair, I walked over to my bed and sat, opened the table next to it and put the condoms inside.

Emmett had lost his virginity at the age of fourteen. I was disgusted with him when he told me he was too drunk to remember who it was that he did sex with. He was on the football team and looked older for his age. He was invited to parties constantly. He did remember that it was a senior grade level party, but to not remember the girl who was your first? That was something that I didn't want to happen to me. I wanted it to be special…for her and for me.

Being the older brother, Emmett took the responsibility upon himself, to make me "become a man" at the age of sixteen. As much as I tried to dissuade him, he wouldn't budge. I didn't tell Emmett the real reason behind why I did not want to lose my virginity now. He thought I was scared. Honestly, part of it was fear. My first sexual experience is a scary thought. But the bigger part, the part that was more important to me, was waiting. I just couldn't tell him that though. He would change my nickname from Eddie to Pussy in no time.

I took a deep breath to calm my accelerating heart, thinking about tomorrow. It's okay to lose my virginity. Everyone does. I rolled my iPod to the highest volume and pushed the plugs in my ears.

-Next morning-

I woke up as I was shoved off my bed. I groaned and stood up to see who it was that decided to push me off, even though I had a pretty good idea. Emmett's ear-to-ear grin met with my glare. 'EMMETT! Wha-"

"Hey Eddie!" interrupted Emmet. "Today's the day bro! Ready to take the best ride of your life? I have the ticket right in my hands." His big hands twirled a shiny silver key on a key chain.

A slow smile spread on my face and I made a dash for it. I was able to snatch it away from him. I examined it to see if it was real.

"That's just the key. The real ride is downstairs waiting man. Come on!" Emmett pushed me toward the door, and I stumbled. I was still looking at the key, as if it held the meaning of life.

I ran downstairs looking at my parents waiting with huge, genuine grins on their faces. Mom pointed toward the garage. My eyes turned to the size of saucers as realization dawned on me. I took off towards the door and threw it open. The vehicle in front of me made me stop and catch my breath. I felt tears pool at the corner of my eyes. There, in front of me, was a brand new, 2010, gun-metal silver Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. It was the most recent model…and my dream car.

"Come on Edward; are you just going to stand there?" Emmett clapped his hands on my shoulder bringing me past my shock. I opened the driver's side door and jumped into the seat. Emmett took shot gun as I turned the ignition to hear my new Baby purr.

"Okay let's go and get your driver's license. Dad's taking his car." I didn't bother responding. I hit the gas and took off, leaving a cloud of dust behind me.


I walked toward Alice's Porsche, which was waiting for me outside of the library. I groaned when I caught sight of the bags on the back seat. That girl was a serious shop-o-holic.

"Hey Bella!" her voice chimed while she hugged me.

I smiled and hugged her back, "So, where to today?" Today was Friday, meaning slumber party time for the girls.

"Rose's house," she sang in her melodic voice. "She has a surprise for us. It's something big, I can tell. She is bouncing all over the place."

I rolled my eyes. I hope it wasn't anything vain.

Fifteen minutes later we were pulling up to the driveway of her enormous house. I didn't have to wait long for Rosalie to open the door. She must have been waiting because she threw open the door, ran onto the porch and started screaming and jumping toward us.

I looked at her in fright. Alice must have transferred her energy to Rosalie. Oh no, I thought, another hyperactive one to calm down. I sighed, and walked passed an excited and overly girly Alice and Rose towards the inside of the house.

A delicious dinner and some ice cream later, we all were lying around Rosalie's bedroom. Rosalie was on cloud nine. She had sex with the most popular guy in high school, Emmett Cullen. For the past hour I had buried myself in pillows and tried to drown out her squeals and graphic descriptions by listening to my iPod. Alice was absorbing all the details Rose was talking about and would rip the ear buds out of my ears and hiss at me to listen also. She was paying such close attention one would think she was in a lecture and would be given a final exam.

"Did you wear any lingerie?" Alice asked. I blushed in embarrassment at the question. Did they even know the meaning of personal? Talk about no boundaries. I rolled my eyes and hid my face in another pillow.

Rose nodded smirking then turned to me in anger. "Oh come on Bella! It's just sex. It's not like no one does it. It's fantastic and feels wonderful. The lingerie is all for the confidence." Her face softened. "Trust me. When you finally experience it, you will think the same thing. It's not as disgusting as you think it is."

My mouth dropped open, "I never said it was disgusting." I squared my shoulders and with fake confidence said, "I am just saying that you can have normal sex like a normal person in a normal way. The lingerie and everything doesn't matter." Truth is, I didn't know. I was a virgin. I didn't talk about sex like Rose and Alice did. I wanted to wait until marriage. I didn't see what the big deal about sex was anyway.

"Fine Bella, are you willing to support your argument with evidence?" Rosalie had an evil gleam in her eyes, and the corners of her lips turned up slightly.

"What do you mean?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

She arched one of her eyebrows. That wasn't a good sign. "I dare you…" Her tone was suggestive. She had to pause for dramatic effect. If she didn't, then it wouldn't be Rose.

"This ought to be good," murmured Alice. She turned to me with a pleased look on her angelic face. My eyes narrowed at her. I suddenly wanted to pull Alice's hair. Hard.

"…Bella, I dare you…" Rose paused again.

"Seriously Rose? You have to stop with the dramatics. It's getting old." I snapped.

Her face broke out into a smile. Her evil grin was too obvious to miss, "… to be a strip dancer for one night."

My jaw dropped open at her words. I was stunned.

I blushed looking down at the outfit I currently had on. Rose, Alice and I changed into inappropriate outside attire when we locked ourselves in Rose's bedroom after dinner. This wasn't even an outfit; it was indecent. My face was filled with make up. The girls liked to play Barbie with me during sleepovers because we never left the bedroom, except to go to the bathroom. But Rose had her own bathroom, so we didn't even leave her bedroom period.

"W- wha – how – what?" I stuttered. I could not form a coherent sentence.

"Just live a little Bella!" Alice chimed. "Get some confidence. Women have to take some control in a relationship. I really don't want you to be one of those weak women who end up marrying a control-freak man." Alice tried to be supportive.

I looked at her with an incredulous expression on my face. "What do-"

"Come on. Do this for us. Just dance, that's it. All you have to do is dance." Alice begged while Rose nodded, smiling reassuringly. They then proceeded to fluff my hair more and add more lip gloss to my already over-glossed lips.

I didn't even look like myself. The only person I could blame was me. I let the girls have fun with me and play Barbie like they always do. I just didn't think that we were going to out tonight. The thought of going out in public dawned on me, and again, I thought of how Rosalie dared me to act like a stripper for the night. I hadn't even agreed to anything yet, when Alice pulled on my arm to stand me up.

Apparently we were going out for the evening. And we were leaving now.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" I cried. "I am NOT going out in public like THIS!" My voice slowly rose on each word, and I was hand gesturing to my outfit…if you can call it that.

"Oh Bella, quit whining. You look great!" Rose said, as she stepped in front of her mirror and tamed her own hair a little bit more.

"Besides," Alice said, "what was the point of getting you all dolled up if you're not going to show it off? The club that we're going to is totally popping on Fridays. It'll be full of really cute guys that will oogle at us!" Her eyes danced with the excitement with the possibility of meeting a cute guy.

I cringed at the thought. "You guys never said anything about going out tonight. I thought that it was just another sleepover."

"Would you have come over tonight if we told you that we were going out to a club tonight?" Rose looked at me through my reflection in the mirror. Her eyes with a look that dared me to object her question.

My face fell in defeat. I slumped my shoulders. "But I don't feel comfortable going out like this." I mumbled mostly to myself, as the girls were still primping their beautiful selves further.

"Bella, you look amazing. You don't look slutty, you look sexy!" Alice declared. "We're all going together, so it's not like you're going to be by yourself." She promised me it was safe at the club that we were going to. Everyone went to this specific bar to have fun. There was really good security and it was in downtown Port Angeles. A lot of people went there to go dance and have fun. I was still not convinced.

"You will have a fantastic time Bella," Rose interjected. She saw that I was going to object.

"I just have to dress in lingerie and dance as a stripper," I replied. They both knew that I was being facetious. "Just dance like I have no inhibitions, in barely-there clothing, while my stuff just hangs out for people to see." If Charlie was to ever find out, I would never be allowed to leave my bedroom, ever.

"Charlie would never know because of the make up and no one would ask you for your name," Alice stated matter-of-factly. She had a weird ability to sometimes just know what I was thinking, even if I didn't voice it out loud.

"And if they did, you could always give them a fake name, like Renesmee," clarified Rose. Alice's head was nodding in agreement.

I felt deflated. I knew that this was a battle that I was no going to win. These two had it in their minds that we were going out and I was going with them. The only way that I would win, is if there was a medical emergency. Seeing as Charlie was working tonight, I knew that the possibility was there, but not likely.

I walked over to Rose's vanity with the mirror. The girls were busy adjusting their outfits and making sure they had everything that they needed. I looked at myself in the mirror. They had me in a black pleated mini-skirt that was way too short for my liking. I was wearing black thigh highs with the peek-a-boo lace at the top, so that when I moved a certain way, sometimes the lace would poke out below the skirt.

That's kind of sexy, I thought to myself. I tilted my head and kept looking.

The girls had me in a royal blue corset. I didn't have full and nicely rounded boobs like Rose. Alice and I were about the same size, but the corset made my waist look tiny and my boobs look huge! I smiled at my reflection despite myself. I liked the thought of my boobs looking larger.

I had on a white see-through, three quarter length shirt over the corset that the girls told me to leave unbuttoned. The girls had put my hair in loose waves around my face. Alice knows how much I hate make-up but this evening, I didn't mind the make-up she applied. It was very natural looking and it made you want to look at my eyes. My lips were always over-glossed, but Rosalie always says that it's better when they look kissable…whatever that means.

"Alright guys," I confessed. "I will do it, but only if I don't have to be in scantily clad almost nakedness."

"Just take the white sheer off when you're dancing," Rose said. "It will give the guys more to fantasize about."

Alice giggled. I rolled my eyes, "Right. Because I totally want random guys following me around all night calling me Renesmee."

"Why not?" asked Rose.

"It could be fun Bella. Just keep an open mind." Leave it to Alice to try and make dancing almost naked fun.

The whirlwind of activities that led up to the point of leaving was a blur. The girls somehow managed to get black knee high boots on with my outfit. I don't know how in the world I didn't realize that they were two and a half inches high. Dancing in these things was going to be a feat.

They looked like they just walked out of a fashion magazine! Rose was wearing a strapless red shirt that was about as short as my skirt with a thick black belt just under her bust, dark jeans and red stiletto heels. How she walked in those things is a wonder to me. I don't think that she's going to be able to bend over at all in her outfit. Rose always looked like a model when she stepped out of her house. She definitely would have no trouble getting attention tonight.

Alice was wearing a shirt that was asymmetric. It was purple and tied on her left shoulder. She had on a black skirt as well, that went down to her knees, but the slits on the either side of her skirt went right up to almost the top of her thigh. She had on little boots that went to her ankles. She looked phenomenal.

I don't know how, but they arranged a fake ID and smuggled me inside. Another girl, Leah, who Rose knew, worked the front door and was in on the fake ID thing, so she was able to get us in without having to really double-check our ID's.

Next thing I know, Leah is trying to give me pointers on how to give a lap dance and strip in a seductive manner. I was livid. I thought we were going to a night club!

"Excuse me," I smiled at Leah, as I grab Rose's and Alice's wrists and drag them to the corner. "I thought you guys said we were going to a club!" I glare at the two girls with fire in my eyes.

"We did," they say in unison.

"We just didn't tell you what kind of club," Alice said matter-of-factly.

"I thought I was going to dance on a dance floor full of people and just be seductive!" I blurt out.

Rose smiles wickedly at me. "No. That would have been no fun. When I said that I wanted you to dance like a stripper, I really meant that I wanted you to dance like a stripper."

I shake my head and look at the ceiling.

"So we're at a strip club."

I look at her and open my mouth to say something. "Are we ready to continue?" a voice interrupted. I turn to my left and Leah is standing in between Rose and me. I had no idea when she walked up to us.

"Sure," Rose smiles at her warmly. She turns her smile to me, which becomes slyer, and raises her eyebrows, daring me to interject. I just sigh and follow behind Alice, who is behind Rose.

I look at the figure in front of me and wonder how it is that I got here. Then I realize I am in so much trouble. Leah has moves! I guess she had experience. I feel the fire in my cheeks. How in the world am I going to pull this one off? I have no choice but to pay attention. We're already here. I may as well try to make the most of it.

Rosalie said I should start acting my age. Instead of a stand-in middle aged woman, I was should act sixteen. Though honestly, how many 16 year olds do you see in a strip club?

Preview for next chapter –

"Now, you turn your ass a little toward the guy's pants, if you see his cock twitch, it means they are getting turned on. Got it?"

A/N: I hope you guys like it. this story is very short. It is only five chapters long. I will upload as soon as I get positive feedback from my reviewers!

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