"Now, Edward. Don't hesitate. Please," she continued kissing me.

I closed my eyes and took a breath. I moved out and out of her one more time. The next one I knew would be when I would be inside of her.

I broke the kiss so that I could look into her eyes when I penetrated her. I slowly slid out and then moved in. I felt her give way for me. I yelled in pain at the feel of her teeth on my shoulder. I broke the barrier between her and my cock. I felt her nails gripping into my arms and her legs tighten around my waist. I stopped as soon as I felt her entirely sheath me.

She was so tight, so warm.

I kept still. On my shoulders felt her hot tears and her teeth on my skin. I hoped it didn't hurt her. She didn't make a sound.

I closed my eyes feeling her wetness coat my cock. It was ecstasy. I couldn't explain it.

I looked down at the beauty that trusted me. She finally loosened her grip and clench on my shoulder and arms. She laid her head back on the pillow. I leaned down to kiss the salty tears away.

I was happy that I was with her like this. I was glad she was giving me this moment. I always saved myself for someone who would do same for me. Maybe she was made for me.

"Are you okay?" I asked, kissing her lips, cheeks, eyes and nose. Her face was filled with beads of sweat.

She nodded. "I'm okay. Keep going, please..." she was breathing rapid, shallow breaths, but she still had energy to dig her heels into my thighs to push me further into her. I grinned at her strength.

I started slow. I didn't want her to remember this night as a painful one. I want her to enjoy it as much I am. I looked into her eyes.

In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

She picked her head up and kissed me. I kissed her back. She felt wonderful, and she let me be her first.

I continued at the same pace until she loosened her legs around me. She broke her lips away from mine. Her eyes were closed and she dug her head back into the pillow. A moan escaped her slightly parted lips and the sound danced its way to my ears. I lowered my head to her neck and planted kisses there. I picked up the pace slightly and her moaning and breathing matched my thrusting.

I was beginning to really feel her. She was becoming more slippery and her walls were doing a funny thing. They would contract and relax, then contract and relax…as if almost in a rhythm, but not.

"Edward…" my name came out of her lips in a breath. Her eyes closed and she was moaning.

This motivated me to move faster.

I got into a rhythm. I picked up the pace and was thrusting into her a little bit harder, but not too hard.

"Ohhh…oh…yeeeeesss…" she moaned.

Bella caught on. She moved her hips in sync with my thrusts. She would grind her hips upwards into my hips as I thrust downward into her.

"Oohhhhhhhhh…." We groaned in unison. I hit a different spot inside of her as our rhythm matched.

God! This felt incredible! SHE felt incredible!

We were really riding the best ride of our lives. I dropped my head to her shoulder. I kissed her under the ears, nipping at her earlobes. I moaned with her when I moved faster and she matched my speed. I could feel her walls contracting more around my dick. I knew that she was coming close.

We continued at this pace, speaking to each other in moans of pleasure; whispers of "Oh God," "Oh yes," "Don't stop," and each other's names; kisses and caresses of our hands discovering more erogenous zones on one another's bodies than I thought possible.

My inner muscles flexed, and I "uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh," loudly, signaling that I was close to my breaking point. I pushed deeper into her.

Both our eyes opened to see each other at the marvelous sensations of pleasure. Her brown eyes shone back at me telling me silently that she was close. I spoke back to her with my eyes, willing her to wait for the right moment for the both of us.

"Edward, oh !" she breathed.

Moans were escaping from her at every movement that I made. I felt elated knowing that I was pleasing her, and she was saying MY name. I couldn't stop myself. I started moving faster and faster. This was it. Her moans increased in intensity, coming close and closer to screams. She bit down on my shoulder again. I could feel my control dropping. I pumped into her harder and faster.

"I'm going to come. Come for me!" I yelled. Then I lost it.

I filled the inside of her.

"!" she screamed my name.

"!" I screamed at the same time.

We rode out the most exhilarating orgasms screaming each other's names and holding onto one another.

Coming down from the high, I kissed her passionately. I didn't want to stop kissing her, so I didn't. She didn't object, and for that I was glad.

We both were panting, but I didn't care. Nor did she. She held onto me tightly we kissed. I cupped her face and I didn't move away from her. I kept us together; I didn't want to move out of her. The feel of being inside of her was still too good to let go. I'm glad she didn't move and just kept kissing me.

I wouldn't be able to let her go. I knew that. What if she didn't feel the same way? I vowed that I would do whatever it took to make her understand that I cared.

I rolled us over so that she was on top of me. She made no move to remove me from inside of her. I smiled into her kisses at that thought.

Her hands felt warm around me. I kissed her harder and hugged her close.

I don't know how or when, but we fell asleep with her on top of me and my dick still inside of her.

I woke up because I felt her shift and suddenly my dick was cold. The condom slipped off and was now on the bed beside my leg. My leg was sticky, but I didn't care.

I smiled as I looked down at her. She had a look of utter contentment and piece on her face. I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes. I laid my cheek on top of her head. I sighed in satisfaction.

Tonight I had officially lost my virginity. And it was perfect.

I had a permanent smile on my face as I drifted into dreamland where Bella and were having sex over and over again.

The next morning I opened my eyes to lamp light. I turned around and felt more tired than I have ever been in my entire 16 year existence. I moved toward the middle of the bed, reaching for Bella, but finding it empty.

I jumped up, sitting, suddenly remembering this was not my bed. I looked down to discover my clothes all over the ground. The events of last night rained on me.

I sighed. Was Bella real? I ran a hand through my hair. Did I really lose my virginity?

I didn't have time to ponder the thought too much. I glanced beside my pillow and I saw a note addressed to me in girly penmanship. It read:

Dear Edward,

I don't know your last name, nor do I know if you will remember me after this. I didn't have it in me to for you to wake up and call this a one night stand. I didn't have the heart to wake you up to tell you that I was leaving…or maybe I was just too scared that you would not feel the way that I do. I told you I trusted you Edward, and I meant it. I decided when I woke up that I was going to tell you my full name. My name is Bella Swan. I don't do one night stands or anything of the sort. I am not that kind of girl. I had been dared to dance as a stripper for one night. There was nothing else in the dare about sex. I hadn't planned on giving myself away. There was actually another woman who was going to use you for the night. But I didn't use you Edward. I knew you were just like me when I saw you from the stage. You wouldn't look anyone, nor were you enjoying yourself. I don't know what it is about you but the minute I looked at you I knew I would be safe. Just know that what happened in this room will be always left in this room. It was a special and beautiful night that I will never forget. If we meet again I would like to meet as strangers. What happened last night was only a dream. A dream I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you for making my dream beautiful, Edward...

Bella Swan


I smiled looking at the letter. I didn't know if I should rip up the letter or laugh at it. I did the only thing I could think of to do. I searched for my cell and added a new number under the name, Bella Stranger



I sat in the library studying the process of photosynthesis. Biology sucked.

My cell phone was vibrating. I rolled my eyes ignoring it like I always did now-a-days. I had changed more these last three days than I did in years. I refused to talk to any of my friends. I couldn't blame anyone but myself. Alice and Rose tried asking me what had happened after my performance, but I couldn't tell them anything.

So much had changed inside of me since that night. I tried not to think about him. I didn't want to think about the what-if's, because honestly, the thoughts killed me. I tried to not think about what he thought of the letter that I left him. I tried not to think about the fact that I left him with both my full name and phone number. I tried not to think about the possibility of him calling me one day. But then I realized that I was stupid enough to tell him that I wanted to meet as strangers. I was such a dufus! What on earth was I thinking?

The only thing I did was put all of my attention and pent up frustration into my studies. I turned my attention back to the page in the textbook. I scowled when I saw the picture of a green leaf. It reminded me of his dazzling emerald green eyes.

"Hi," I heard a guy ask. "Is this seat taken?" I didn't look up. I hadn't even heard him approach the table. I just moved my backpack from the chair beside me.

"So what's your name?" I scowled at the voice that was interrupting my futile attempt of concentration and studying. I looked up to tell the guy that I was honestly too busy to get into any kind of small talk when I came face-to-face with the mesmerizing emerald green eyes that haunted me in my dreams for the last three days.

His eyes were filled with mischief. He smirked at my expression when I realized it was him.

"Hi," he simply stated. He raised his hand toward me, "My name is Edward Cullen. You are?"

I smiled and I caught on. I accepted his hand and began to shake it. Images of that night flittered through my mind. I suddenly remembered what his magical fingers could do.

"Hi," I smiled shyly, as I felt the blush creeping up from my neck. "My name is Bella Swan."

The smile from his face was the same one that I remembered seeing just before we fell asleep after our wonderful night together.

My dream had suddenly become a reality.

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