Chapter 1

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A few years before the start of LOL.

Kyouya walked in the front door of the house he shared with Tamaki. Tamaki was still going to school for his degree in psychology so he could officially help people that came into the centers. While he was allowed to listen to people he couldn't give them advice, with this he would could help them all the way. He was taking the accelerated program the university offered and planned to graduate at the end of the semester. Kyouya on the other hand had already finished school and had started to work for Hiroshi.

The house seemed too quiet for it being five thirty on a Monday night. Tamaki should be home by now, his last class ended at three.
"Tamaki!" Kyouya walked into the living room to go their office. Tamaki wasn't here; usually he sat at their desk doing school work. Dropping his briefcase and his suit's jacket on the chair he walked out to search for Tamaki some more. He wasn't in the kitchen and there was no note saying he had run out for a moment. Checking his phone he had no missed messages so he wasn't still at school. Kyouya started to become very worried when he wasn't upstairs in their bedroom. Where could Tamaki be? As he headed back downstairs to check outside he noticed Tamaki getting ready to go up.
"Hey there you are." He noticed Tamaki's face looked flushed, "Are you okay?"
"Yea, sorry to worry you before, I heard you calling me. I came home early; it seems I caught the stomach virus that is going around campus."
Kyouya felt his face for any sign of a fever, Tamaki rarely got sick. The last time had been when he had the flu after they were first married.
"I'm fine really, this will pass in a day or two you know that, don't worry about it."
"If you insist, since your okay more or less I was thinking about make something for dinner; want me to make something for you?" Kyouya didn't think Tamaki's face could become any paler but at the mention of food it did. Tamaki ran off back down the hall he came from to use one of the half baths the house held. Kyouya walked down the hall, he was going to ask if he was alright but it seemed stupid. This was the stomach virus; it sucked to put it bluntly because you can't really do anything to feel better. You had to just let it run its course. He slid down the wall next to the door to wait for Tamaki, he felt bad that he couldn't really do anything for him. But, he could stay close in case Tamaki asked for something.

Not too long after Tamaki walked out to see Kyouya looking up at him from the floor.
"You didn't have to stay here. I think I'm going upstairs to lie down. Don't worry about me and go eat." They walked down the hall together to part ways at the stairs. Kyouya watched him walk to their room as best he could before going into the kitchen. He wasn't one to cook much but he could manage to make something edible and not start a fire.

When he walked into their bedroom Tamaki was laying on top of the covers watching something on TV. As ne moved towards the bed he looked at what it was.
"One of the movies on demand." Tamaki told him without being asked, he knew Kyouya too well from living with him.
"Ah." He carefully sat on side of the bed to hand Tamaki something. "Here, drink this. The herbs in it are known to help settle nausea, it should help you."
Tamaki took it and inhaled, it smelled good and it wasn't making him feel sick. That was always a good sign. "It smells good. Thank you, though you didn't have to do this."
"It's just hot tea, and yes I did. I want to see you feel better."
He took a sip from the mug, it had a taste of something that reminded him of chamomile, but it seemed sweeter. Fixing his posture careful not to upset himself or the cup he snuggled closer to Kyouya to rest his head on his shoulder. Together they finished watching the movie Tamaki had on.

Tamaki noticed Kyouya's hand around his waist to help keep him close. He knew what they were watching was probably boring for Kyouya. The story was a plain old simple, sappy love story. Yet, he stayed with him instead of leaving to do something else.
"Kyouya?" He didn't bother to move away to ask what was on his mind. He knew it was just a simple question that the movie was making him think about.
"Can I ask you something?"
"You can ask me anything, you know that."
"Well okay, well, it's just that watching this had made me think about something."
"Oh, and what's that?"
"It's making me think about how we feel about having a family of our own one day."
"The thought has crossed my mind as well."
"Yes, and I think once you're out of school and settled in your career we should think more about it. Something tells me the movie isn't the real reason you're bringing it up, is there another reason you're asking?"
"No not really, I mean I've thought about it before but I just wanted to know your thoughts since you already knew mine."
"Well before you over think it you need to get better first. And I really think we should wait a few more years before we plan to adopt."
"Your right, like I said I was just wondering."

A little while later Kyouya looked down out of the corner of his eye to see Tamaki asleep on his shoulder. Careful not to wake him he reached across them for the remote to turn the TV off. He placed Tamaki's head gently on the pillow and draped his arm back over Tamaki's waist to fall asleep himself.

When Kyouya heard his alarm start to go off he felt Tamaki hastily move out from under his arm and get up. Giving himself a moment to compose his self he got up to walk to the bathroom door that was in their room.
"I can stay home with you today if you want."
A few moments later the door opened and Tamaki peaked his head out shaking it 'no'.
"I'll be fine, go to work."
"Are you sure?"
"I am."
"Well call me if you need anything okay?"
"I wi…" He quickly turned back around.
Kyouya really hated leaving Tamaki alone like this, and not being able to do anything to help wasn't making him feel any better. At least in another day or two Tamaki would be feeling better. Gathering his suit he walked out of the bedroom to use the shower in one of the guest rooms.

The following day Tamaki walked outside, it was sunny though it was starting to get chilly as it was mid-October. Sitting out back on the porch steps he watched the trees and admired their beautiful colors as they started to change for the season. No matter how hard he stared he couldn't forget that Kyouya was going to start worrying about him more soon. He wasn't getting better. He really hated knowing he would have to explain something to Kyouya later, no matter the outcome of what happened in a few minutes. Hopefully he wouldn't be mad at him for failing to bring this up sooner. Who knew maybe he was starting to worry over nothing, that wouldn't be the first time. Wrapping his jacket around him tighter he walked back inside. Before he headed up to their room again he stopped in the kitchen, he was glad he stopped at the store before coming home from class on Monday to pick up ginger ale among a few other things.

Sitting on the bed he tried to think of something else but that just wasn't possible. Slowing sipping from the can of soda he tried to figure out some of the answers to his questions. How was this going to work out was just one of them. Being careful not to make himself sick again with any sudden movements he put the now empty can down and picked up his cell that was going off on the nightstand. He turned off the alarm and with one eye open he looked at what had been next to his phone.
"…Crap…"Well he had guessed right. Now what he going to do?
Hearing Kyouya's voice from downstairs he shoved his empty can of soda and what he was holding in his hands in the trash next to their bed. He looked at the clock to see it was much later than he thought; Kyouya hadn't just come home early. Being sick all day was messing with him and what the time was.

"Oh, you're up. Are you feeling any better?"
Tamaki just crashed his head on Kyouya's pillow not saying a word back.
"Guess not," He kicked his shoes off and changed out of suit quickly to go the bed next to Tamaki.
"I bet in another day you'll be fine."
"Doubt it."
"Oh don't be so over dramatic; we both know this will go away probably by the end of the week." He pulled Tamaki close to him, he could tell Tamaki wasn't feeling well, he looked like garbage.
"Why are you crying, Tamaki, you need to calm down and relax."
Tamaki wiped his eyes and stared up at Kyouya.
"I'm just tired that's all. I haven't been sleeping well from not feeling well and missing all my classes this week aren't helping me not stress out."
"Just relax; missing a few classes won't make you fail for the semester. I bet you will still do well so you can pass and graduate in December. You also know that I'll try to help you the best I can if you need it."
"I know, thank you." He sat up to kiss Kyouya's cheek, "I love you."
" I love you too. Come on let's see if we can't get you to eat toast or something. Not eating at all won't help you feel better faster."

The following Monday morning Kyouya was getting worried that something else was wrong with Tamaki. He had been sick a week already and usually the stomach virus didn't last that long. He had already called out of work and as soon as Tamaki came out of the bathroom he would force him to go to the hospital since none of the doctor's offices were open this early. Tamaki walked out to sit on the edge of the bed.
"I'm fine Kyouya. I don't need a doctor."
"Tamaki, I'm not stupid it is clear your sick, why not see someone and feel better sooner? Why not make sure this isn't something else?"
"I don't need to see anyone; I swear I'm fi…" Tamaki pushed off the bed to run back into the bathroom.
"You call this fine!" Kyouya yelled from outside the door, that's it Tamaki was getting help whether he wanted it or not. Kyouya tried to turn the knob only to have it spin and not open. He knew what that meant it locked itself again. They really needed to replace it. Both of them had gotten locked in before and the only way to open it was with the key. Kyouya walked over to the nightstand and opened the draw where the keys were kept. He had just got the key in his hand when he dropped it, just his luck. It was a good thing Tamaki wasn't dying or anything, that joke wasn't funny. He bent down to get it as he shook the thought from his mind. Of course he dropped it in the garbage, well at least it didn't slid under the bed or something.
"What the hell?" He stood back up holding the key and something else. Clearly he was missing something here. Slowly he unlocked the door and just stood there. Tamaki was at the sink trying to rinse his mouth out when he saw the door open.

Tamaki stared down at the sink, unable to look at Kyouya. He had been so stupid to not tell him sooner.
"Tamaki, I know this is going to sound like a really stupid question but. Are…are you pregnant?" He held up the pregnancy test in his hand to show why he was asking such a strange question. As far as he knew it was only the two of them living here, so unless either of them had slept with someone else and this was from that other person, and he knew he hadn't slept with anyone and he didn't think that Tamaki would either, this was theirs. Seeing Tamaki tighten his grip on the sink wasn't helping the thoughts that were spinning in his head.

Tamaki slowly nodded his head 'yes'. He couldn't look at Kyouya, he was afraid too. His voice had vanished to only to be replaced by a feeling that he was going to be sick again.
"…How...How is that even possible?"Kyouya was a little scared to ask. Was Tamaki not really a male? Not that he wouldn't love him either way, but, he would be pissed to know that Tamaki had failed to tell him that he had been a female and wouldn't he have figured that out years ago?
"I'm sorry; I should have told you this sooner. I just never thought this could happen. I was told it never would…" He dropped his statement as a thought hit him. He still couldn't look at Kyouya he wouldn't be able to say what he had to if he did. He felt so ashamed of himself.
"See I…I was born a hermaphrodite. Growing up my parents and doctors told me that this could never happen. I never thought I could get pregnant…until recently when I went to the doctors he told me something changed slightly. Even he wasn't sure how. I…"Tamaki sunk down to his knees as he started to cry. He wouldn't be surprised if Kyouya walked out right now, now knowing what he freak he was married too.
"I'm such a freak, I won't be surprised if you can never even look at me or can even touch any part me again. If you even stay that is." He thought he mumbled that to himself but Kyouya heard every word crystal clear.

Kyouya walked over to Tamaki and dropped down to wrap his arms around him.
"I don't think you're a freak. While I wish you had told me about this sooner I still love you. I'm hurt that you think I would leave you, or think differently of you."
"I never tried to hide it from you, it's just that so much was going on and this wasn't really important until recently. I didn't think it was something that had to be known right away. I wasn't purposely trying to hide it from you." He tried to bury his face into Kyouya's chest. Kyouya pushed Tamaki's head up so he could look and see how true his words were.
"Listen Tamaki, this is a good thing, a great thing even. Don't forget that. I'm not mad at you; I'm not going to think any less of you. Please try to look at how wonderful this is okay."
Tamaki was pretty excited, he was scared as well but now knowing that Kyouya would stay by his side and support him he let the excitement come back. He smiled up at Kyouya as he hugged him tightly. That was one thing he could relax about.

Kyouya helped Tamaki up and together they walked back into their room. Being so sick and worried for the last week Tamaki was exhausted; he crawled under the covers in hopes to fall back asleep. Kyouya had already called out of work so he could go back to bed and after all that just went on he needed it. He meant what he said to Tamaki, every word of it but it was way too early in the morning to be hit with so much information. As much as they both wanted to fall asleep neither could. Tamaki kept his back to Kyouya in hopes that he wouldn't see the tears that were starting to fall again. He felt Kyouya move close to him and nestle his head behind his own.
"Tamaki, it will be okay, please try to relax. I love you." Kyouya whispered softly in his ear. Tamaki moved back to get even closer to him, "I love you too."


WEIRD OR WHAT? What's even scarier is all the detail was in my dream. I could tell you what they were wearing. The layout of the rooms, everything. You'll see what I mean in chapter 2. It even played out like I was reading it as a story. This is the only dream I could ever do this with…fantastic…

Okay see I was having trouble sleeping so I took this herbal supplement sleeping pill and then I had this dream, have no clue if this from that or not but I have feeling it didn't help any. :) I have a feeling people are going to flame me…if I get a ton of flames I will take this story down and post it on my website (link on homepage.) Expect quick updates and varies chapter lengths for each chapter will be what happens while I sleep. I'm so weirded out knowing THIS is what I dreamt about. WELL that and I kissed my idol during some odd, she was marrying him for fame though she was princess and then I was too who also had some cool powers….it was a very odd night. I slept like crap and debated if I should write the first dream down and post it or not…since you are reading this you can see what I decided. I'm going to stop rambling now. Love You!