Chapter 17
Bonus Chapter

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As promised Chapter 12 redone. This comes with the help of my friends that loved to tell me how they dreamt of my story. This came along since they forced me to watch glee. I had never seen an episode before this and then my friends come over and made me watch the season finale. That night this happens. So from all of us, ENJOY! Oh and warning this chapter contains language and possible inappropriate things. :)

"Kyouya…Kyouya wake up. You're on my arm. Kyouya." Slowly Kyouya's eyes opened to see Tamaki shaking him to wake up.
"Good Morning Tamaki."
"Morning, now please get off my arm."
"What?" He sat up to figure out what Tamaki was saying.
"Oh thank you, finally!" Tamaki moved his arm so he could get off the bed. Kyouya managed to not laugh for once as he watched him. He was lost by what happened as watched him, how did he end up on his arm anyway? Well since he was up might as well make the most of it. First he had to wait for Tamaki to get out of the bathroom. When he did he had Tamaki come back on the bed so they could cuddle close to each other. He was in no rush to move off the bed.
"You're up early, did you not sleep well?"
"Yea I guess, did you know you're heavy."
"Yea, okay, your just weak and couldn't move me. Heavy, ha, in your dreams maybe."
"Don't even go there I'm in no mood Kyouya."
"I'm sorry you're right I'm being mean. Blame it on my being up early. You know how I am when I wake up. Tamaki?"
Tamaki moved away from him to turn completely around and face him.
"Do you love me?"
"What kind of question is that Tamaki? Do I love you, really? It's too early for me to figure out something complex."
"It's not complex it's just a simple question with a simple answer. Do you love me?"
"Of course I love you. Why would you think otherwise."
"I don't know, it's just that I've been thinking."
"Stop right there. We both know you over think when certain thoughts come to your mind."
"Maybe but I mean things have and are changing for us and you could lose interest in me."
"Oh Tamaki, you can be such an idiot sometimes you know that don't you." Kyouya moved to kiss Tamaki and put that thought to bed right now. Tamaki broke apart to get closer to him.

Tamaki slid to lay on the bed, Kyouya's tongue played with Tamaki's lips before his teeth did. They hadn't done something like this in so long, their bodies were getting excited. Kyouya could feel the excitement taking over as he allowed his instincts to take over. For a second he thought he hurt him since he tasted blood from Tamaki's lip but he felt him relax under him. He could feel the moan in the others throat from missing this as well.
"K…Kyouya stop." He didn't hear him as only a few senses were still working at this moment in time. "Kyouya stop." Needing him to listen he pushed Kyouya's mouth away. Confused by why he was pushed away Kyouya fixed his position on the bed and helped Tamaki sit up.
"Did I hurt you?"
"No, but I don't think we should do this."
"It's not that I don't want to, it's just that all of a sudden I got this really sharp pain, maybe I was imagining it though since it went away."
"So your okay now?"
"I think so but I don't feel right…I can't explain it."
They stayed as they were, Kyouya was watching Tamaki closely to make sure he was okay, Tamaki was wiping his lip to see if it was still bleeding. Kyouya felt the blood leave his face as a thought crossed his mind, a thought that he been trying to remember for weeks now. He forgot that their actions could cause Tamaki to go into labor.\This was why he had been so careful with his actions before, so this wouldn't happen.
"Oh hell, Tamaki do you think that…"
"Yea… I have a pretty good feeling about it."

Tamaki was trying to relax as much as he could. The doctors were telling him he should since he still had hours to go. At least the pain wasn't too bad right now, though he could tell it was definitely increasing little by little. He opened his eyes and realized that Kyouya wasn't in the room anymore. Oh right he stepped out to call his parents and let them know what was going on. He couldn't believe this was really it, for the second time since he found out he was pregnant he was scared. What was taking Kyouya so long to come back in?
"Oh you're up. Sorry I had to walk outside to get service." Kyouya came in and walked over to take his hand. Tamaki's face was hard to read, so much was going on at once, though it was obvious how scared he was without feeling his hand shake.
"Everything will be fine, you just need to relax."
"I know. It feels like it is half nerves and half excitement." He stopped and added more pressure to Kyouya's hand. "I don't know what's worse the pain at times or how uncomfortable I feel right now." He rolled over having his back now face Kyouya. To make it easier for them to keep their hands together he walked around to the other side of the bed. He would never say this out loud but he was glad to not be in Tamaki's position right now or ever. He knew any pain Tamaki felt now was only going to get worse, a lot worse and since he wasn't a fan of pain, what was coming was going to be hell for him. His gut was telling him that when it got to that point he was going to keep his mouth shut so he wouldn't say something to tick Tamaki off.

"Oh for the love of….!" Tamaki was on the verge of tears as he held tightly onto Kyouya's hand for support.
"Are you alright?"
"Am I alright, are you really going to ask that?"
"Your right, I'm sorry."
"You better be sorry…am I alright. Jeez, and I'm the idiot."
Kyouya started to laugh a little, his attempt to keep it inside wasn't working as well as he planned. At least he knew the pain passed before his thought really surfaced unlike last time.
"You're such an ass. I hope you realize that."
"I'm not laughing at you, you know I wouldn't do that."
"Then what's so funny, huh?"
" You, well what comes out of your mouth."
"And how does that not make you an ass?"
"Because I'm laughing at your attempt to not curse when we both know you want to and I doubt you were going to say 'for the love of my sanity' though knowing you, you would."
"My attempt to not curse? Have you heard what's been coming out of my mouth lately?"
"Yea, but I know your trying to catch yourself."
"I don't think so and I just called you an ass like three times just now."
"That's different."
"Fine next time I hurt and I want to scream and kill someone I won't hold back. Just so you won't laugh at my inability too. And when I go to hell it can be on your conscious."
"That's not what I'm getting at and you know it. Just forget it."
"Fine, but you're still an ass."
"I know."

Kyouya looked at the clock to see it was already a little after three. This had been going on for eight hours and at this rate it could go on for another eight hours at least.
"Oh my God, why does it hurt so much? Kyouya make it stop."
"I wish I could you know I would."
Tamaki tightened his grip on Kyouya's hand as the pain came back stronger than before. He had no idea how long this had been going on for since he refused to look at the clock. No matter what time it was he knew it had been going on for too long, and it probably wasn't going to be over soon.
"This will pass soon and then you can relax again."
"Hello you two. How do you feel René?"
"Make it stop."
Annie-Sophie walked in to stand next to Tamaki. She took his hand and placed her hand on his head, moving his bangs. Kyouya used this time to sneak out for a moment. He loved Tamaki and he gave him so much for doing this but he needed to step out. At least until he could move his fingers again, he didn't remember him having such a tight grip.
"What's the update?" Kyouya saw Yuzuru walking down the hall towards him. "I figure Annie-Sophie is with Tamaki since she wasn't in the waiting room when I walked back in."
"Nothing has changed much. The doctor says at least another few hours."
"I do not envy him in the slightest."
"I was just thinking the same thing."

They talked in the hall for a little while and decided to walk back to the room. They stopped just outside of the door. They could hear Annie-Sophie trying to help Tamaki get through another contraction.
"Sir, am I horrible husband for not wanting to walk back in there at this exact moment?"
"No Kyouya, you not. I was just about to suggest that we wait here for a moment."
When they heard the room quiet down they walked back in. Everyone could tell that Tamaki was tired from the pain, this had been going on for hours and his body wasn't really able to handle it. The four of them talked for a little bit before Annie-Sophie and Yuzuru decided to let them alone for a while.

"You know you should feel very lucky."
"Oh I bet I am."
"See not only am I able to give you children right now, I also can't blame you for making me go through this."
"Am I missing something?"
"Well I have been watching a lot of foreign films since I've been home. And I learned that a lot of husbands are blamed for causing all this pain. I can't blame you since you didn't know this could happen until I was already pregnant."
"Lucky me." Oh yea, he really was. He saw some of those films and some of the women became extremely nasty. He hoped that Tamaki wouldn't change his mind later, though knowing Tamaki he wouldn't. He really was married to the best person in the world. He grabbed Tamaki's hand as he watched his hands form fists. For Tamaki's sake he really hoped this would be over soon, he could tell he couldn't take it anymore. And he still had the hard part to deal with.

At eight thirty Dr. McCleam came in to see if Tamaki wanted something for the pain. He declined and Kyouya thought he was nuts.
"Are you sure, this is your last chance."
"No, I'll be okay."
"Okay then, I'm going to get the nurse and we'll be back." With that she walked out.
"Finally, I…I can't take this anymore."
"Soon Tamaki and then it will be all over."
"And then we'll finally be able to hold our girls. But why does it have to be so painful?"
Kyouya didn't know how to answer so he didn't. Today he was following his instinct more than he ever did and so far it was making the right calls.

It seemed to take forever for the doctor to walk back in with the nurse and it did. It was nine thirty by the time they walked in. Obviously the doctor didn't want to tell Tamaki he had another hour to go before.
The nurse helped Tamaki sit up though he didn't want to from all the pain, and she showed Kyouya how to help Tamaki the best he could.
"Kyouya place your hand on his back just like mine is then take his right hand with yours."
"Got it."
"Tamaki are you ready?" The nurse was watching his face with one eye and the doctor with the other, waiting for her signal.
"Tamaki I need you to pay attention to me okay. I know it's hard but it's vital that you do. When I tell you push, push, and when I tell you to stop I want you relax and breathe. Do you understand?"
"Mmmhmm." He only heard about half of what she said since all he heard crystal clear was pain, lots of intense pain and right now it was only getting worse.
"Okay Tamaki, ready, and push for me."
Kyouya fixed his footing as Tamaki squeezed the life out of his hand. He really should have been prepared for that.
"And breathe, you're doing well."
He quickly locked eyes with Kyouya for support while he tried to catch his breath.
"Get ready to push again for me."
"You can do it Tamaki, I know you can."
Ready for what was coming both prepared themselves.
"Okay push…"
Tamaki tried his hardest not to scream though that seemed impossible. What he felt before was nothing compared to what he felt now.
"…and breathe."
"Your almost there, I promise." The nurse quickly released his hand while she had the second. Kyouya did the same too once he realized what she did; it seemed to help a little.
"Okay, I need one giant push from you and you'll have a baby. On my count okay…ready and push."
Giving it his all he followed the doctors instructions. After this it would be all over, the pain would be gone. He could do this. He heard voices, he believed they belonged to the nurse and Kyouya though he had no idea what they were saying. He felt his whole body automatically relax as he heard the baby cry.

For the first time in his life Kyouya felt as if he was about to pass out. Then again this was the first time he ever saw someone give birth before. He felt the nurse touch his hand and mouth to him, "are you okay?" He just nodded unable to speak at the moment. Well he looked as bad as he felt. Something told him this was common. They moved their hands so Tamaki could lie back for a moment, he looked drained and exhausted. How was he going to handle delivering the second baby?
"Kyouya…is she okay?" Tamaki was trying to catch his breath, Kyouya could barely understand him, though his voice wasn't anything better then a whisper as well.
"She is fine and gorgeous. I love you." He moved Tamaki's bangs out of his eyes. He was covered in sweat though it made perfect sense.
He had so much more respect for him right now. Not that he didn't before but now it was on a whole new level.
"I love you too." He reached for something to grab as the pain came back. As he was about to question it he remembered he was having twins. How could he forget that? Did this already make him a bad parent? No, he was just delirious from the pain. As he tried to handle the pain again he became worried. He was so tired, could he handle it?
"You still with us Tamaki?" He looked over at the nurse watching him closely."
"Tamaki, are you ready?" The doctor was ready if Tamaki couldn't do it again, he just needed to give the word.
"Tamaki are you going to be okay?" Kyouya couldn't get over how exhausted he looked, he was getting worried for him.
"I'll be fine." With that he sat up and grabbed Kyouya's hand. He knew he was exhausted and this would be harder because of that but this was for his daughter. He would manage somehow. Besides he didn't see any other option. With Kyouya at his side he could do this, he just knew it.
"Okay Tamaki on the count of three okay. One…two…three…push."
This time around he didn't try to hold back his screams. Before the doctor told him to stop, he did, he couldn't do it.
"Tamaki! Are you okay?" Kyouya felt Tamaki release his hand.
"I'm…I'm sorry. I…can't…do…it…I…guess…I'm…not…as…strong…as…I…thought."
"Don't say that you're a lot stronger then I am that's for sure. Don't be sorry you did fine."
"Tamaki I need you to find the strength because you're past the point where I can do anything. I know that sounds impossible but you have to dig deep and find the strength." Everyone could hear the worry and urgency in the doctors voice.
"But I can't, I'm so tired."
"Tamaki, this isn't like you. To give up so easily."
"But Kyouya."
"But nothing, you have never given up when things became tough. You can do this, we both know you can." He bent over to whisper something in his ear. When he stood up straight Tamaki grabbed his hand and sat up.
"I can sleep after this right?"
"Yes you can."
"Okay, and you're going to help me."
"Of course, to the best of my ability I'll help you."
"Are you ready now Tamaki?"
"I think so."
"On the count of three okay Tamaki. Give it all you have. One…two…three…push!"
Kyouya hoped that what he told Tamaki worked. He seemed willing to dig deeper for the strength. Using the pain of his past to give him the energy, for once he could use that determination to move past it for his advantage.
"Oh my God!" The words snuck out between his teeth.
"Almost there, keep it up Tamaki."
"Come on Tamaki we both know you can do this."
Kyouya tightened his grip on his hand; he wished he could give him his strength somehow instead of just the words. He hated knowing that this was all he could do. Tamaki was going through all of this for their children and all he could do was stand by and do nothing.
Tamaki screamed at the top of his lungs before crashing on the pillow. Both Kyouya and the nurse watched him before they moved to make sure he was okay until they heard the second baby cry. Kyouya took a sigh of relief, Tamaki and the girls were okay and that was all that mattered.

"Oh Tamaki, I have two girls that want to meet you."
He opened his eyes to see the doctor and nurse holding his girls. His and Kyouya's babies, even before they were placed in each of their arms he knew they were beautiful and perfect in every way.
"Have you decided on their names? Doctor McCleam was holding their birth certificates ready to write their names.
"We have, Claire is in Kyouya's arms and Téa is in mine." Tamaki couldn't take his eyes off Téa and he didn't want to. He was lost in her beautiful half lavender half black eyes that were staring up at him. Eyes that would serve as a reminder of the miracle that both her and her sister were.
"What beautiful names, it fits them perfectly. Claire was born first at seven pounds, five ounces at nine-fifty-five. Téa was born at ten-ten at seven pounds eight ounces. Both are showing no signs of any complications. Congratulations to you both. We will let your family know that they can come in if you want them too.
"Thank you, and that would be great." Both said it at the same time as they looked at each other. They couldn't believe it. This moment felt like a dream, a perfect, wonderful, surreal dream.
"I love you Tamaki."
"I love you too." Carefully they switched girls. They didn't move from how they were until Tamaki's parents walked in.

Kyouya wrapped an arm around Tamaki's shoulders to kiss him. Their newest chapter was off to a fantastic start. Gently Tamaki took hold of Kyouya's hand, he figured he hurt him pretty badly, since his other hand still looked red. He watched his parents with their girls; soon he fell asleep with his head on Kyouya's shoulder. A few nurses came to take the girls for the night so everyone could get some sleep.

Before Annie-Sophie walked out she kissed both men good-night though they were already out cold, both with smiles on their faces. They had been through a long day, the first of many they would face. But, they would soon learn that each day would be better than the last. And they already knew that even if they faced hardships they would be ready to tackle them. They were a family, a family that had been in love from the first day Kyouya and Tamaki met. And this was aside from a fact they already knew:

Love Conquers All.


Much better version of 12 if I do say so myself. Thank you to all the fans for reading this story. I didn't know how welcomed the theme would be when I started since at that time I didn't see many mpreg stories. But I am happy that it did well. I need to thank my friends, Susan, Sam, Cayla, and Alicia for writing pieces of this chapter and making it great. I know I can dream this but to write it down…well it was hard to say the least. And a big thanks to Alicia's mom for allowing me to use her, though I know I totally messed up the spelling of your maiden name. Thanks for letting us going to you with our strange questions. Again thanks from all of us, we love you. Please leave your thought!