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For the record In the story Quinn is pregnant and Puck ended up blabbing to Mike who told everyone but Finn except for Rachel of course. EnjoyXD

"Dude, knock it off" Finn said to Puck as he shoved the slender boy to the locker. That was the first time Finn and Kurt made eye contact. Kurt fell for Finn's cute smile, and his eyes. Of course Finn was straight he was dating the captain of the Cheerios and president of the celibacy club, Quinn Fabary. If only he would think of kissing Kurt that would totally make Kurt's day.

Of course Kurt was a fashion forward gay boy but he did help his dad in the shop and he got on the football team with Finn's help but he was actually starting to enjoy football.

"You should take care of your T-Zone more" Kurt said after showering from practice.

"My what?" Finn looked confused he thought Kurt was flirting with him. But he didn't mind. Kurt had a nice smile and a cute giggle. Wait, did I just say Kurt was cute Finn thought to himself. He saw Kurt fishing for something in his bag.

"Your T-Zone" He did the figure on his face. Skin care of course. "Here apply this twice a day and you will look fresh for the ladies." Finn looked at the product, and once Kurt got dressed and left, Finn opened the lid and it kind of smelled like cranberries. Finn shrugged and applied the cream to his T-Zone.

The next day it was Glee Club finally. Finn loved football but he also loved to sing as well. Quinn came up to Finn in the hall and held his hand. She had her head resting on Finn's arm. He was too tall for her to lean on his shoulder. She could smell cranberries.

"Finn, what's that smell?" she asked sniffing around. "It smells like Axe and cranberries"

"Oh Kurt gave me this skin care stuff for my face. It makes my skin feel really soft. Here feel" he said putting her hand on his face. She was amazed with how soft his skin was but then the name of Kurt rang in her mind a couple of times. There is no way Finn is in love with Kurt. He likes girls. With that in mind she gave Finn a big juicy kiss.

They walked into the choir room and Quinn went straight towards Santana and Brittany telling them about Finn's skin. Finn had walked past them and to Artie and Kurt. Puck, Matt, and Mike were going to be late because they had to talk to Coach Tenaka.

"By the sounds and smells of it, seems like you used my facial cream I gave you." Kurt said with a flattered look.

"Yea, thanks Kurt this stuff makes my skin super soft too. Here feel" He leaned down so Artie can touch his skin. Artie was puzzled at the sight. But in the end Finn's skin was really soft, like a baby's. It was weird. Kurt had touched Finn's cheek and made full eye contact with him. Finn's quirky smile spread from ear to ear. Kurt had a half smile as he kept his hand there for five seconds.

Wow, Quinn never gave me a loving look like this before. Kurt looks so cute. I like when his hair is loose and in his face. Finn thought while staring in his eyes.

I never noticed this look in Finn's eyes before, it's like he is actually falling in love with me. Kurt didn't want the confusion to read on his face.

They had almost forgotten about Artie in the middle looking completely crept out by the moment that Finn and Kurt had.

"Wow your skin is extremely soft. It's crazy. It's softer than mine." Kurt applied.

"Really?" Finn eagerly put his hand on Kurt's face and put his other hand on his cheek for comparison. "Oh my…that is freaky! It's like crazy how soft your skin is. And my skin is the same almost. Totally weird"

"Dude what the hell are you doing?" Puck asked walking in with the other guys. That got Quinn's attention and she was now starting to get concerned with what was going on.

"I was just comparing my skin to Kurt's" He said dropping his hands to his side.

"Whatever dude." Puck said and went to his seat near the Cheerios.

"I have to admit that was freaky the way you two were staring at each other." Artie added to Puck's what the fuck moment.

"It's nothing guys. Come on can't I talk about skin care and football with my other team mate. I believe I can" Finn argued to the what the fuck moment.

"Yea, but its Kurt dude. He sings like a girl, he doesn't even like football most likely, and he taught us that Single Ladies dance." Puck stated.

"And he is gay Finn. I don't want you and him hanging out anymore" Quinn added herself to the conversation.

"For the record Mike liked the dance, and so did you Puck. You told me in the locker room the other day as you slapped your own ass. Plus that dance won us the game." Finn paused for a breathe. "And just because he's gay doesn't mean I can't hang with him and talk about guy stuff" Finn's face was turning to a red tone.

"Look, you shouldn't even care about him. His kind shouldn't even exist on the planet. Why do people always defend the gay community its stupid, and plus they are all going to HELL!" Puck was about to punch the smaller boy standing near the piano.

"For the record, I'm not going to hell. My kind is like all of you guys, I have feelings too. I like to sing and dance, But I bet none of you man can take apart a BMW AG 3.0L Turbocharged DOHC I-6 and put it back together in under a half an hour." Kurt kept his composer and was walking out. But he stopped at the doorway. "Oh and by the way Fuck You Asshole" Kurt flipped Puck the bird. The ladies were laughing at that. The burn was felt a mile away.

After Kurt walked out Mr. Schuester walked through.

"Sorry guys, I have to serve detention today so I need you all to be here around the same time tomorrow. Sound good?" Schuester asked the kids. "Did I miss something?"

"Mr. Schuester, you didn't feel the burn? The burn that Kurt gave Puck?" Brittany asked. Mercedes, Tina, and Rachel just looked at her with the what are you on woman? look. Of course Quinn and Santana know Brittany better than the other ladies, so this normal to them. "I'm sweating" She said taking her jacket off.

"Well then, whatever happened fix it. But if you all want you can still use the room to practice for Sectionals. Rachel…" he tapped his foot. Rachel was inching off her chair. "You make sure everyone is in line and Artie you are in charge" Artie was shocked, but he remembered last time when Rachel was in charge. It was like a raccoon going around and giving rabies to everyone and everything. Schuester was out the door and waving bye to the kids.

"Finn you dare follow after that fashion faggot I will get Karofsky on you" Quinn hissed and poked at him. Finn was grabbing his bag and walking off. That wasn't expected out of Quinn. She was fine with Santana and Brittany kissing what was different about Kurt?

"Dude, don't do it." Puck rose from his chair and followed Finn out the door. Quinn was with Puck following every move Finn made. They followed him all the way to his car. They were sure he was going to check on Kurt. He saw Kurt's car still in the lot across from his car. They were still staring, he had to drive off. So he drove to the gas station to top off his car. He walked into the store and bought a cherry slushie.

I bet Kurt is crying in the bathroom right now. Or maybe he killed himself. No he wouldn't, he takes a bunch of shit from Karofsky already. Damn-it what the hell! Why am I worrying about him so much? I can't be gay? I haven't even kissed a man. But lately I have found Quinn unattractive especially when she ate those nachos like there was no tomorrow.

Finn got back in his car and thought about one place to go to see if Kurt was doing okay after the heated argument. His' dad's shop, clearly it was a family business. And his mom got her car fixed there. She said Kurt fixed it in eleven minutes. He pulled in and parked it.

He walked into the some-what dead garage. He saw a pair of legs under a car working on something.

"Umm…Excuse me I'm looking for Kurt? Is he around?" He assumed it was Burt, his father. The body rolled from under and it was Kurt. "Holly shit" He gulped. Kurt was a major grease monkey. He had an entire different outfit than at school. Ripped jeans with major grease stains, and a white 'The Who' shirt with the same kind of stains.

"Something wrong Finn?" he asked gripping the wrench tight. "I'm pretty sure your mother's car is brand new since of last month." He had some grease on his face too, mainly hiding the tears from early.

"I'm sorry for what happened back there you know…in the choir room" Finn stared at his feet with his hand brushing throw his hair.

"It's not your fault Finn. In fact, I appreciate you standing up for me. That was kind of you" Kurt was trying to hold back tears. He walked to the refrigerator and grabbed two waters and tossed one to Finn. Finn was still staring at his feet and caught the bottle from the side. He walked over to where Kurt sat, on an old couch.

"I think that was a little too harsh what Puck said about you and you know the GLBT community." Finn said while sitting next to him.

"I'm surprised you know about the GLBT community?" Kurt questioned taking a sip of water.

"Well my mom dated a few men in her life and one ended up being a transgender woman. My mom kicked him out after finding out. He was cool though. He actually took me to this one town like two hours out that was filled with gays and lesbians and transvestites. Of course I was only thirteen. But a lot of them said I would be bisexual. That means liking both sexes." Finn replied.

"I know." Kurt wasn't too shocked by the story but it was cool that Finn was so supportive. "But where are going with this Finn?"

"Well I do care about you Kurt, maybe too much. I hate that Puck said you shouldn't exist and that all of us are going to hell" Finn scooted a little closer to Kurt. "I do like talking to you and that moment we had near the piano, I never had felt so right about myself, so alive, and so connected with someone. I mean yea, I'm with Quinn but there is something about you that I just can't keep my eyes off of you." Finn had his arm resting behind Kurt and was close to Kurt's body. Kurt could feel Finn's breathe huffing to what was about to happen. Finn leaned to Kurt's lips and Kurt sighed a little before he felt Finn's lips against his. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. Finn was stronger than Kurt and gently laid Kurt on the couch. Still with full lip contact Finn never felt this way with Quinn. He was quickly losing composer.

Kurt helped deepen the kiss and their tongues were inter-twining with each other. It was getting hot. He could feel Finn's cold hand sliding up his chest and twisting his nipple. Kurt took that a sign to grab a firm grip on Finn's ass. Finn was hard from the moment he was laying on Kurt. He knew it took Finn over edge. For some reason he had this feeling that Finn was loving this too much.

Finn was so into the intimidate moment he forgot about the mailman. "Oh…God" he got up and he jizzed his pants. "Shit" he thought out loud

"Finn it's ok." Kurt comforted him. He didn't know that Finn had this problem.

"No, it's not okay I always have to think to keep from doing this, too soon. You probably think I'm an idiot, a loser." Finn pointed to his now wet jeans.

"Finn you are not an idiot. I like you too much to think that of you. I like the way you are." Kurt smirked at Finn and he could see the smile spread on Finn's face.

"You do?" Finn asked looking into Kurt's eyes for a hiding answer.

"Yea, I liked you ever since the first time you and I met." Kurt said.

"When Puck pushed you into the lockers?" he questioned. Kurt just nodded his head. "Wow, I'm not the only one. But of course it's best liking you and making out with you instead of making a move on Puck. That would just kill him and he would kill me." Kurt laughed at the ending statement. "I love your laugh" Finn said chuckling a little.

"So, does this mean you and I are dating or what's going on here?" Kurt asked holding Finn's hand.

"I can't make it official." Finn said. Kurt let go of his hand. He knew it. It was Quinn, which was the reason he couldn't have Finn to himself. Finn grabbed his hand and gently kissed his forehand. Kurt was puzzled at this.

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