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For the record In the story Quinn is pregnant and Puck ended up blabbing to Mike who told everyone but Finn except for Rachel of course. EnjoyXD

"I can't make it official because you and I haven't even been out on a date" Kurt grew a smile to his face. "I'll let you get dressed into something amazing and I'll change into something else and I will pick you up in an hour. Ok?" Kurt couldn't even speak he got up and hugged Finn tightly and ran off.

The hour flew by so fast. Finn was in a black button down shirt with his nicest pair of jeans. He had a white neck tie on with a gold stripe at the bottom. He applied his cranberry cream to his face and got some cologne for the attic that he dad used before dying, it smelled really good. He rolled the selves up to his elbow to make it less corny. He took a good look in the mirror and he was a new Finn, he was comfortable in his skin. His face was glowing with a smile. Finn had never felt this happy to go out on a date before. Well he kind of felt this way with Rachel but that flame burned out quick with her. Hell, when Finn was with Quinn he had never felt so nervous before their first date. Finn was ready.

At Kurt's house, Finn was still standing at the door, eager to ring the bell but nervous as hell on what to say to Mr. Hummel.

"What do you want? You've been standing at the front step for two minutes, what do you need boy?" Mr. Hummel asked opening the door.

"Uhh…Sorry I came to get Kurt" Finn said with butterflies in his stomach. Wow that was new.

"Kurt didn't say anything about a date tonight? He came home, got dressed and went to work. I did see tears though, do you know about that?" Mr. Hummel asked many questions.

"Well there are some kids that said some harsh comments but that is nothing now. I…I…" Finn was stunned at what Kurt was wearing. Kurt looked awesome. He was wearing his black skinny jeans that made his ass look prefect. He had a deep purple shirt that was tucked and half way buttoned to leave his chest open for his perfect skin. But what really caught Finn's eye was the big-ass belt buckle; it was a bar of music notes. His hair was perfectly in place as always.

"Wow Kurt you look amazing." Finn sighed and held in some emotion.

"Same to you Finn. Shall we?" Kurt gestured to the outside world.

"We shall" Finn grabbed hold of Kurt's hand and almost dragged him to the car. Burt was left questioning himself about his son but, Kurt was a smart kid.

"So Finn what are we doing?" Kurt asked putting his seatbelt on.

"Well, I thought we can go bowling and maybe take a walk through the park or something like that. Is that cool with you?" Finn replied trying to concentrate on the road and not Kurt's buckle.

"Fair warning I'm an excellent bowler." Kurt said looking out the window.

"Oh really, we'll see about that" Finn loved a challenge.

"Are you questioning my badass bowling skills?" Kurt smirked.

"Don't try to be Puck in this conversation." Finn couldn't help but laugh at Kurt's remark

"Oh yes, I'm totally trying to be like Noah. Oh I'm Puck and I'm badass in this town. You can't be a badass, because I'm badass number one. I have sex with so many girls to hide my insecurities God, I can't stand him sometimes" Kurt said in a mocking and mad tone.

"Hey, that was pretty spot on." Finn couldn't help but laugh at Kurt's Puck interruption.

"Yea, it was" Kurt laughed with Finn. They finally got to the bowling alley and got their shoes and took a lane. Finn was putting the names in as Kurt was getting ready.

"Hey, what kind of pizza do you want Finn?" Kurt asked before going to the counter to get their drinks and order.

"Either pepperoni or Hawaiian" he said still getting the names in.

"You like Hawaiian pizza?" Kurt questioned

"Yea why?" Finn asked turning around to get his shoes.

"Hawaiian is my favorite"Kurt said in response. He took off to get the order set. Finn was thrilled, another person that likes Hawaiian pizza. The person who invented it is genius. Finn got his ball and was pumped for this date to continue. After Finn bowled a strike he was waiting for Kurt. But something wasn't right. It felt like something or someone was watching him.

Of course he didn't know who, but Quinn and Puck were making out a few lanes away. Quinn saw Finn and stopped kissing. "Shit what is Finn doing here?"

"Where?" Puck asked annoyed that they stopped. "I bet he is on a date with Rachel or something" He kissed down Quinn's neck.

"Please I don't think he would be here with that thing. What if he sees us?" Quinn didn't want him to find out about her and Puck.

"He wont it doesn't even look like he is staring at us." Puck sat up right and got his shoes on. "Come on, let's bowl. Maybe he'll think you and I are just hanging out. I mean Mike, Matt, Santana, and Brittany are here too"

Sadly Puck had a point a lot of glee kids were here since it was a Friday "You know your right" She said kissing him for the last time through the night. She got up and bowled the first frame.

"Sorry it was a long line, Artie and Tina are here" Kurt said getting his ball ready.

"Oh cool" Finn said and with one swift move Kurt got a strike. Finn widen his eyes. This was going to be a competition. After four more frames he was down by five points. Shit Kurt was good. Kurt was getting ready to bowl and Finn happened to be standing behind him. He moved quietly to not get hit by the bowling ball, and before throwing the ball Finn grabbed at Kurt's torso. The ball flew out of Kurt's hand and into the gutter. Finn had held Kurt and got him off the ground.

"You are too good" Finn said picking him up and getting him to the seat.

"Finn put me down this instance" Finn did what he was told and sat Kurt down on chair. Finn stared into Kurt's eyes. Kurt grabbed Finn's tie and pulled him close to his lips, planting a nice gentle kiss. Finn was smiling as they parted.

"That was nice Kurt" Finn saw the look in Kurt's eyes. It wasn't a needy look like most girls that are after him but it was a lust love look. He liked it. "But I got something better" Finn got closer and put one knee on the seat next to Kurt, kind of straddling the slender smaller boy. He leaned down and gave Kurt a nice kiss with a little of tongue.

"Okay, you bet me. You are the better pleaser." Kurt said. It was like a competition between them and Finn was loving it. The pizza had arrived and they were starving. As Finn sat down he saw Tina helping Artie get a bowling ball for him.

"You know, Artie and Tina are cute together." Finn said getting a slice of pizza for him and Kurt.

"Yea for sure. I love that sweater Artie is wearing" Kurt smirked and took a bit of pizza.

"Plaid works for him, of course I look better in plaid though" Finn replied with a mouth full of pizza. Kurt took a sip of diet pepsi and saw two people he didn't want to see until Monday. Quinn and Puck were eating with the other glee people.

"Don't look now but your so-called friend and girlfriend are over there with the other football and cheerios." Kurt cleared his throat. Finn looked back and almost made eye contact with Puck. "I told you not to look" Kurt snapped

"Sorry, but it's like a reflex thing. Shit!" Finn was getting uncomfortable.

"We can go if you want to." Kurt said nicely holding Finn's hand.

"No, you know what, I don't care. They can see us having a good time. I don't care anymore about Quinn. I do need to break up with her though" Finn stated.

"Finn I don't want you to do this if you don't want to. You are going to get bashed every day if this goes out. We can keep it secret if you need to." Kurt was concerned about what the other guys from the team would do if they found out about him.

"No, I already get shit from Karofsky, and I like you a lot Kurt. I want to have a good time with you" Kurt was tearing up. Finn got up and sat next to Kurt. He wiped away the single tear that streamed down Kurt's face.

"Kurt I like the way you are, infact I have fallen for that adorable face of yours' and those eyes get to me all the time. I want you." Finn lifted Kurt's chin slightly and gave the most passionate kiss on the world, it seemed like it. Artie saw the action and told Tina, they were awing at the couple. Quinn saw her man kissing that fag and she was growing anger. Puck stood next to her after bowling and saw what she was furious at.

"Oh, hell no" Puck walked towards the first gay couple in the school. "What the fuck Finn you are straight and you are with Quinn." Tina told Artie she will be back. She walked to the argument about to start. Quinn was beside Puck.

"Ok, first of all I'm bisexual as of three hours ago. And Quinn I'm sorry but I like Kurt a lot and you can't stop me." Finn stood up defending him and Kurt.

"You are dumping me for this faggot" Kurt was hurt by Quinn's words. He thought she and him were friends apparently not.

"Technically yes, I am dumping you I don't want to be with you anymore Quinn. I'm sorry, I would like to stay friends and I will still help you and our baby" Finn was taking this situation like a mature person.

"No, I need you. You impregnated me" Quinn was sobbing. Puck put his arm around her and tried calming her down.

"Hold up Finn, you need to know blondie over here isn't having your baby. It's Puck's baby and that they have been having a secret thing with each other behind your back. And secondly I don't understand you Fabary, you are totally fine with Santana and Brittany fucking but it's wrong if Finn loves Kurt. You disgust me." Tina told them. "And you Puckerman. You are an idiot. You are just as bad as Karofsky, no worse than Karofsky! Deal with it. There are gay people in this world and they have feeling too! So back off these two they just want to have a good time with each other." Tina stormed off and to Artie which gave her a high five and a sweet kiss.

"Seriously you two! I can't believe you guys weren't going to tell me. You know what I don't fucking care. Be with each other! But I don't make fun of you two, so knock it the fuck off and let me be with Kurt" Finn said taking a seat next to his boyfriend.

"Fine whatever, you guys will be in a rude awaken come Monday" Puck warned them. They both stormed off.

"Wow, that was weird but interesting" Kurt mumbled. Finn was kissing his neck and playing with that big ass buckle. "Finn, don't!"

"Why? I want to" Finn asked with a concern look.

"I don't want to move too fast" Kurt said. "Not that I don't want to fuck but, we are going to need to get use of going to school with people trying to kill us."

"As long as I have you, I can handle anything. Kurt Hummel…" Finn said with cockiness

"Yes Finn!" Kurt smiled.

"I love you"

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