One Week Ago

It took Pogue Parry twenty minutes to track Reid to the roof of the pool in order to interrogate him. He could probably sense it the moment Pogue wanted to find him, and zapped himself up to the last place he would think to look for the blond menace just to make things difficult for him. It seemed like a Reid thing to do, at least when Caleb was involved, and since Pogue was closest to Caleb out of the four, it seemed like something Reid would do to him through association.

"What are you planning?"

"What do you mean?"

"You haven't done anything shitty for ages. You didn't flood the courtyard with moldy pumpkins on Halloween, or the day after, fuck, Thanksgiving is coming up and nothing from you. This time last year you were this close to being expelled," The two fingers Pogue lifted up to accentuate how close Reid was to being expelled were pinched together, "Caleb is shitting his pants worrying about what you're planning, and Tyler isn't saying a word."

"I'm not planning anything." Reid says in a deadpan voice.

"I don't believe you."

"I know."

"Just... Is this about your birthday?"

"Don't try and psychoanalyze my shit."

"I'm not. Don't forget we're your brothers, though. We're here for you, whether you like it or not."

"Yeah, I know." Reid gives an annoyed shrug.

"Don't fuck shit up too badly, okay?"

"When have I ever?"

Pogue sighed, giving up and leaving Reid to plan on his own.

"You're not happy." Reid deducted as Jennifer sat quietly on her rustic wooden chair underneath the warm ambient lighting of the restaurant Reid decided on. It wasn't easy, but he picked a place where Jen couldn't complain about anything. The food was kickass, the servers were friendly but not pushy, the aesthetics were something that all the pretentious foodies on the internet rave about... And yet she still wouldn't crack a smile.

She paused in her picking at a sundried tomato and tilted her head to the side to stare at him, "How would you know?"

"That vacant stare, for one. And I can read your mind."

"Are you joking?" She wasn't sure at this point.

"Yes." He rolled his eyes, "I can't really read minds. Really, babe, you have unrealistic expectations of me. I have to sacrifice a goat to my Gods before I can read your mind."

She took a long sip out of the martini Reid's money and influence got her.

"I was joking. Again. I don't sacrifice anything and the only God I have is my bloodline."

"You said bloodline."

"That's what you're fixating on? Really?"

"Maybe I'm fixating on the fact that you threw yourself off a building and are still alive and kicking." Her words came out as a sharp hiss in her attempt to keep her voice a whisper.

"So did you."

"Thanks to you."

"Are you still bitter that I didn't let you off it?" His voice was too loud for her liking and she sent him a glare.

"Of course I am!" She says through her mouthful of spinach, "And don't you think this is inappropriate table talk?"

"When are we supposed to be appropriate? Stop distracting yourself and answer me."

"I don't have to explain myself." Again.

"No, see, I think you do. Cause you got your sweetheart, right? The do-gooder, baby boy. And you got yourself the besties, one to gossip and do your girlie shit with, the other to talk about your emotions and crap, the most popular fucking boys in school are at your beck and call, you're at the best school money can by, and you're eating at a five yelp-star restaurant right now that you're not even going to pay for. Why are you still sad?"

"That's kind of a stupid question."

"What, do we need you to get popped up on pills to be happy? I got some special k in my pocket right now."

"Why are you being so insistent? And you don't really have drugs in your pocket, do you?"

"Why are you still sad? What the fuck else do you want?"

"Why is it any of your business?"

Reid slams his fork on the table and Jen jumps.

"Let's look at this differently." His tone changes and becomes more somber and quiet.


"Let's say you manage to kill yourself, and it's gonna be a long fucking time before you manage to get one past me, and you're dead. What do you think will happen?"


"When you off it. What'll happen?"

"I'll be dead, I guess." She starts itching her wrist nervously and looks away.

Reid scoffs.


"Excuse me?"

"I'll bring you back. And not the pretty kind. The kind where you can't talk, and you're fucking ugly and drooping and ghoulish and you'll rot until your eyes look like they're about to fall out of their sockets. And you'll never be able to rest, cause you'll be haunting all the bitches I tell you to. Rotting creeper style."

"So living hell, or dying hell?"

"Semantics. And you're not going to look nearly as pretty dead."

She puts down her fork.

"I lost my appetite."

"Me too."

"This isn't the way back to school." Jen points out as they get off the highway three stops too early.

"I know. We're making a scenic stop."

"No we're not. We had dinner, dinner is over, now we're going back to school."

"Declaring it won't make it a fact, babe."

"I'm not your babe."

"Right, you're baby boy's babe. I almost forgot, as if you weren't reminding me every other fucking five minutes."

"Cause you seem to forget every other five minutes!"

He floors it and she screams. He makes a sharp turn and they spin for a few seconds that seem to go in slow motion until they come to a screeching halt inches from a redwood.

"You... Dick!" She punches him in the arm as hard as she can.

"The biggest." He smirks and gets out of the car.

"Where the hell are we?" She opens the door and makes sure to slam it harshly, "Take me the fuck back right now!"

"Why the hell would I do that?" He started walking out towards something that might've been a house once upon a time. All Jen saw was burnt wood.

"Why are we here?" This was when he was going to sacrifice her to his Gods. She was fucked, "Do you really hate me that much?"

"After all this fucking time, and you think I hate you?"

"Well, why am I here?"

"This is where the first of us ascended."


He ignored her.

"Well, not the first first, but like the first of us brothers. Caleb. This dickwad, Chase, was going around murdering bitches and trying to take our powers. He was an estranged brother. Kidnapped Sarah and hospitalized Kate. And almost Pogue. I guess he was the first to ascend, but, well, dicks don't count.

"He and Caleb fought here. Caleb ascended, shit burned down, and he saved the day. Like a black magic Superman."

"Why are you showing me this?"

"Because we're the good guys," He gripped her arms and brought her close. She flinched and he shook his head, "Chase was evil. He killed his parents, his adoptive parents, and everything else that was convenient. I play pranks. Sometimes. But I'm nothing like him. We're not all self-sacrificing martyrs like Caleb, but we're all good. Practically. For you. I mean, I'm trying to fucking save you from whatever's inside of you that's making you hate yourself. I want to..." He groans and looks away in shame, "I want to be your Caleb!"

She stared at him, speechless.

A magnetic pulse emanated from Reid and winded Jen.

"Shit, is it time already?"

"Time? Time for what?"

"Took too much time word vomiting. It's time for my ascension."

Reid fell to his knees and gripped his chest.

"Garwin, are you okay?"

"Yeah, shit, I'm fine." He doubled over and groaned loudly.

"Is the ascension done with?"

"I don't think so. Shit, no, you'll know when it's over." He collapsed to the floor and started shaking, "Fuck, fuck, fuck,"

"Shit are you dying?" She put a hand on his arm and started rubbing circles in an effort to help.

"I don't.. Fuck, I don't know. Fuck. I guess I thought, since you hated the powers so much, they'd take it as kind of a sign, you know? That I'm going to be better."


"My... Fuck... My bloodline. Shut up for a bit this hurts."

She nods, even though his eyes are clamped shut, and starts to remove her hand but his own clamps down on top of hers. He squeezes tightly and she's afraid he's going to break it.

Then lightning struck and everything went dark.