What do you do when everybody wants you dead?

Where can you hide, so that you live to see the end?

Is there a way to make it through the night?

Can you find a way to survive?

When you are force into an arena to fight each other, what do you do?

Can you live without killing? Can you kill and live with the guilt?

Will you make it without becoming a monster?

Or will you die trying to be yourself?

What happens when you start killing for fun?

When do you decide it is time to stop?

Will the murders ever end?

Or will the keep going till there is no one left?

What if you win but die from guilt?

What if you win but stay a monster?

What will you do to make everything right?

Is it your fault when all those people die?

Was it your choice or did you volunteer?

Did it go against your will?

Will you do it for the fame, the fortune, or for your life?

Will you be satisfied when you kill?

Or will you be hurt and saddened?

Will you ever see the wrong in this?

Or will you just go along with the game?

What will you do when your life never comes back to you?

You will have the fame and fortune, but you will also have the guilt.

So let me ask you one more question.

Do you feel guilty?