Blood Fate

My First Vampire Hunter D fanfic!

Stupidity might ensue. ANGST may occur. NPCs will die. ^_^.V, You have been warned.

On another note, forgive me if D isn't IC, this _IS_ my first fanfic about him, after all, and you can assume that because I'm writing about him, he (and his fantastic bod) are in my Bishonen harem, poooor Zelgadis and Sephiroth!


The sun glared down upon the dusty town that sat just on the edge of a wide river that flowed south. It wasn't a sleepy town, in fact, it was a rather expansive trade depot that had a wide variety of people wandering about its streets.. It was just too hot to be outside.

Some of the older folk in the further out regions of the city were sitting out on their shaded porches in chairs with fans and glasses of iced water or tea, maybe even a few had a bottle of whisky, but that was their business what they preferred to drink. Maya, on the other hand, was interested in what SHE wanted to drink- of course, her want wasn't exactly by conscious choice.

The incredibly pale girl was sitting in the far back corner of the restaurant that supposedly served the best ravioli in the world, staring at the plate of stuffed noodle with a generous helping of special sauce that was deep red and runny with the occasional spice and chunks of tomato in it.

Her dark hair fell forward over her shoulders and formed a curtain over her face as she slowly leaned forward, one slender pale hand pushing her plate forward and away from her as her body trembled from her efforts to suppress the incredible urge.

Finally, she resorted to sinking her elongated teeth into one of her hands and let her forehead rest on the table. She squeezed her watery blue eyes closed as she clenched her jaw, tasting her own blood, but this did not satisfy her, no, she wanted someone else. ANYONE else would do, fresh blood.

A waitress took notice to their quiet customer in the back, and made her way over, the neck of her uniform dress unbuttoned and showing part of her fleshy and somewhat sweaty chest. "Ma'am, are you alright?" she asked, leaning forward to touch Maya's shoulder.

Slowly, Maya nodded, speaking around her hand as the blood dripped down her arm, "Yeth... I'mm finne."

The waitress's eyes followed a drop of blood to the floor between Maya's feet and she stepped back, "You- you're bleeding- are you sure you're alright?" She leaned forward again, her eyes wide, general concern in all her movements.

Maya unlatched her teeth from her hand finally, "Yes... Just.. bring me... a glass of water and a- napkin or something and... take that away please..." she gestured with her other hand at the ravioli and went back to clutching the table. She didn't dare look up at the waitress, or the rest of the room, which had gone incredibly silent for some reason.

The waitress took a step back, "You- you're a-" Apparently, things had connected for her and she realized what she'd been talking to. Maya slowly lifted her head to look at the waitress, her eyes wide and tears in them.

"Please- don't be scared of me! I've never hurt anyone! It's not my fault! I-" her eyes finally focused and she stared at the scene before her. The many strangers in the restaurant were dressed lightly, all with plenty of skin showing, they were also all staring at her. The waitress was wearing a black and white short frilly dress with much of her neck exposed by the open collar. Maya slapped her hands over her mouth and gasped out, "Excuse me-" and bolted for the door before she did anything to anyone.

She kept running until her legs finally gave out on her and she slammed against a dusty brick wall, turning to face it and falling to her knees. Maya sobbed for breath, clutching the wall as her legs slid and she made an `M' shape with them on the ground.

"It- It's just not fair!" she sobbed, the tears streaming down her pale face. "I didn't ask to be like this! Why- why do I have to be hurt all the time?!" she beat her fists against the wall futilely in an attempt to release some of the pain she felt inside. "Why do I have to suffer because of the actions of so many others?! I haven't hurt anyone! I've never -" she broke down into harder sobs and put her head against the wall as blood dripped down her arm from her still wounded hand.

She felt a gentle hand on her shoulder, "Hey, missy, whatcha cryin about?" asked a voice that seemed to belong to an elderly woman. "No need t' beat on m' wall, now," she said, reaching a gnarled hand for Maya's bleeding one. "Not when yer bleedin like that." The girl hung her head, sniffling, her almost waist length midnight black hair hanging forward to cover her face. Slowly, the old woman pulled at the girl's hand, making her get to her feet and follow the old woman inside the house. Maya didn't lift her head, instead, gazed at the hardwood floor at her feet as she was led along and into a linoleum floored kitchen.

"Lets just get this cleaned off now..."

"Why?" Maya asked from under her curtain of tangled black hair.

The old woman lifted her wrinkled face from where she was carefully washing off Maya's hand and arm with cool water. "Hmm?" she asked, her voice raspy with age and possibly smoking, "Why what, dearie?"

"Why are you... doing this... don't you hate me? Aren't you afraid of me? Don't you just want me and all Vampires and halfbreeds to just die?" she asked slowly, almost emotionlessly.

The old woman's hands slowed in their careful cleaning and bandaging and she turned her dark brown and wrinkle hidden eyes toward the girl. For a long time, the woman didn't answer and Maya lifted her head, daring to peek at the woman's face for her answer. Once the girl had locked eyes with the much older woman's, the woman spoke. "My dearie, all I see is a little girl who needs help," she stated and turned back to her bandaging as more tears seeped from Maya's eyes.

The old woman turned her attention to cleaning Maya's face next, "No need to cry, dearie, I don't hate you. You don't seem to be the type to hurt anyone anyway."

"You.. really think so?" Maya asked hopefully but turned her eyes downward once more. "I- I just wish that I could... that someone would.. hug me and that I wouldn't want to bite them! I didn't even know what I was until.. until this started happening... I thought I was normal. Now... I just want to be normal."

The old woman carefully smoothed Maya's hair back from her face, "There there, young one." She said gently, a smile coming to her wrinkled and sagging lips. "Perhaps there is one who can help you?" Maya's eyes widened and she felt her hopes rising for the first time in three years.

"Who? Who is it?" she asked, trying to keep her excitement down.

The old woman's smile broadened. "They say there's a vampire hunter... best there is..." Maya felt her hope dimming but the old woman continued. "They say, he's a Dhampire."

"If I wanted to die.. I'd just do it myself..." Maya said sourly.

The old woman chuckled, "Perhaps he can teach you to live?" she suggested and Maya blinked, returning her gaze to the somewhat pudgy wrinkled face. "Teach you how to control yourself without resorting to.." she gestured at Maya's bandaged hand.

Unexpectedly, Maya could feel her hopes rising once more. If anyone would understand her, it would be another Dhampire. "Who is he? How can I find him?"

The old woman heaved a sigh, "I'm afraid that I've only heard of him, but perhaps you could find someone with more than what I've said if you ask around?"

Maya felt her tears about to start again and she suddenly leapt forward and hugged the old woman, too overwhelmed with emotion to think of the blood pumping just beneath her hands. "Oh thank you!" she about gushed. "Thank you so much." She gave another gentle squeeze to the woman before letting go and smiling at her face.

"Yes-yes," the old woman chuckled, "but I'd suggest leaving before people start realizing what you are, there're so many folks around that can't handle things as well as I can." She gently petted Maya's hand and stood, leading the girl back through the small and rather dull house and to the front door.

Maya paused, looking at the old woman, "How is it that you can accept me-?"

The old woman laughed, "You ask too many questions, girl," she stated, "Now get, before the sheriff comes looking for you." Reluctantly, Maya nodded and turned from the old woman's house, heading down the street at a jog, she glanced back once, but found the old woman had gone back inside.