Maya walked the streets, looking around at everything as she went. Thankfully, her little incident in the restaurant hadn't spread far, but people were still giving her weird looks. Pausing at a fountain in the center of a square, she turned her face up toward the sun, her eyes closed lightly as she felt a light brush of air across her skin.

Suddenly, pain flared over her flesh everywhere the sun touched and she doubled over, clutching her face and turning toward the well. The pain was still there, but not as intense. Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked into her reflection in the water, looking at the blister that was forming on her cheek. "Maybe.. I should get some gloves and a hat or something?" she murmured, gazing at her fingers. They too were turning bright red. "Too bad I don't have much money left..." A few people paused to look at her oddly but no one bothered her.

Slowly, she perched on the edge of the fountain, thinking, "To buy a hat or save it for food?" The sky was still rather clear, but some of the heat had abated and people were starting to emerge to trade, sell, and buy at the various stores and stalls being set up in the square.

She let her hand drift down to touch the water, flicking her fingers through it and mostly ignoring the world around her. A shadow fell across her and she didn't react, just sitting and softly started humming to herself some random song. The crowd in the square increased over the few minutes she sat there and soon the place was teaming with people and noise as the sun began to set.

Something hard poked her in the back at that moment, causing her to scream immediately. Jumping to her feet, Maya spun around to face a man wearing a grey-brown shirt and dark pants with high boots and a badge on his left breast- with his gun pointed at her. Her eyes widened briefly as she watched him lift his gun up to aim at her. "I- I haven't done anything! What did I do? If you think I stole something you can check my bag-" she looked down and around her, realizing that she didn't HAVE her bag anymore. "It's gone....I left it at the restaurant," she said mournfully, "But either way I haven't stolen anything!" she gave a strained and very nervous smile, "No need to point that at me!" She lifted her blistered hands in a placating gesture and tried to back up, finding herself pressed against the edge of the fountain.

The sheriff frowned his eyes narrowing under the brim of his wide hat, "You're a Dhampire," he stated, "And where there're those, there's likely to be vampires around." He cocked his gun. "We don't like your kind around here.

Maya's eyes widened in response. "But- I- I -it's not my fault!" she couldn't lie about what she obviously was and tears came to her eyes. A portion of her mind noted that she'd been crying a lot since her mother had been stoned to death. "Why won't anyone help me instead of trying to kill me all the time! I - I just want-" she sniffled, feeling her tears seeping down her face and stinging in the blisters there. She clenched her fists under her chin and screamed, "I just want to be accepted!"

All motion in the square halted as more people turned to see what was going on. The gun suddenly went off and Maya, startled, jumped back from the sheriff, falling into the fountain with a great splash. Thrashing, she finally managed to sit up in the water and gasp for air. Maya opened her eyes to find the sheriff pointing his gun at her once more.

"Quit your fake tears, Dhampire," he spat, unaffected- or tried to look that way. Maya stared up at him.

"Do you treat all your kids like this?" she asked him.

The sheriff's dark brown eyes narrowed, his face slightly sweaty and his hand shaking as he watched her. "What does that have to do with this?"

Maya stared at him, "And how old do you think _I_ am?!" she demanded. His expression gave her the answer and her anger flared, "I'm only SIXTEEN!" she shouted, "SIXTEEN! If you want I can tell you when I was born if that's proof?" she looked at all the people staring at her. "And you people just let some jerk like him push kids around like this?" she demanded of them. "You let him threaten them and scare them half to death?! Doesn't that scare YOU? If _HE'S_ allowed to do that to your kids, who ELSE are you letting push you around?!" Her dark blue woolen cloak was dragging at her neck and shoulders, soggy and starting to smell of wet animal, her home-spun clothes clung to her body and though she wasn't well developed and half starving, (on a better day) she fancied that she was something worth looking at.

The girl could feel her stomach seize up into a knot and she didn't know where her words were coming from, or if they were even listening, she only knew that she'd had enough of people chasing her out of towns. Finally, she stood up in the fountain, dripping wet, but looking around her at the people. "If you hate vampires so much, then why do you let your own kind be so evil to you? You say vampires have done evil things to you, and yet you do the same to each other and to those who have nothing to do with any of it! HYPOCRITES!" at her last word, many people backed up from her, even the sheriff. A light breeze stirred and Maya shivered. "I can count on one hand the amount of NICE human's I've met!" she stated and slowly went through her mind. "And that number is two. My mother and a nice old woman who is the only one who has helped me since my mom was killed- by hypocrites like you!" Maya could feel the pain in her heart as the scene of her mother's death played through her
mind. How she'd begged for them to not hurt her daughter. They hadn't listened and Maya had only just escaped with her life.

She was trembling, and she felt that everyone could see that. "If.. anyone could tell me how I could find or get in contact with that famous Dhampire hunter I'd much appreciate it."

No one said a word. Silently, she nodded and stepped out of the fountain, walking towards the north gate of the city. She knew she wouldn't be able to buy any new clothes, food, or even get her bag back in this city after what she'd said. Maybe one day they would see how cruel they truly were? Fat chance, but Maya could hope.

A path opened up before her as she squished her way out of the square, though, once within the streets, she didn't get such treatment, instead people pushed past her and bumped into her.

Maya hung her head as she walked, not really watching where she was going, but suddenly, someone slammed into her and she found a bag shoved into her hands. She lifted her eyes and looked around to find who had almost knocked her over and only found herself holding a bag. Looking down at it, she realized that it was her own bag, the one she'd left in the restaurant. A smile touched her lips and she sniffled, shouldering the bag and continued on out of the city. She left a trail of water and wet footprints all along the streets.