A day in the life of Viktor Krum. Thank you eternally to MrsRobertPattinson2593 for beta'ing. You're the best! n_n

Viktor Krum

"There he is!"


"Over there!"

"I can't see him!"

"That way!"

"That's a bookshelf!"

Viktor shook his head almost defeatedly and tried to block out the shrill whispers. If those girls didn't leave him alone soon, he would go crazy.

"No, over there!"

"To the right!"

"I can't see him!"

"But he is there!"

He slipped around a bookcase, took a few steps forward and turned again.



"Him who?"


"The guy from Durmstrang!"

"Is that him?"

The gang of giggling girls had been following him, since he and the others had arrived at Hogwarts. Quite annoying.

"He is so cute!"

"I know!"

"He is so famous!"

"An athlete!"

"So fit!"

"Full of muscles!"

He almost snorted as the flock giggled. Was that really all the stupid geese thought about? How well-trained he was? What about the Quidditch? Didn't that count?

"Do you think he will notice me?"

"Of course he will!"

"Yeah! You're with us, aren't you?"

"But, he's so good looking!"

"I've heard that he's considering taking his last year of school on Hogwarts!"


Now, he did snort. As if he would voluntarily act the hub of a foreign school's gossip any longer than strictly necessary.

"Did you hear that?"

"He snorted!"

"Eeh! That was so cute!"

He quickly turned around some more bookshelves. And there she was. The Girl he had been looking for. On the other side of the bookcase. In the company of Harry Potter and some red-haired kid. Viktor stopped and pretended he was looking at the books on the shelf in front of him.


"He stopped!"

"No way!"


"That's where I usually stand when I don't want to do my homework!"

"For real?"


The Girl seemed to be talking to Harry Potter and the other boy. Viktor could not hear what they were talking about, because of the girls behind the bookcase.

"It almost looks like he's spying on someone!"

"Oh, he's not!"

"Who would he be spying on?"

"Maybe it's us!"

Viktor narrowed his eyes slightly. It kind of looked like The Girl and Potter were together. As a couple. How could a Quidditch player be a match to Harry Potter?

"Do you really think he's doing it?"

"Doing what?"

"Spying on someone?"

"There's no one here!"

"But he's been standing there for a while now!"

"Isn't he cute when he stands?"

"Who's on the other side of his bookcase?"

"I'll check!"

The screeching took a short break. Viktor continued to keep an eye on The Girl. He wondered if she actually was with the Potter boy.

"It's just Harry Potter and the two others."

"The Weasly guy, right?"

"I can see his hair."

"It's such a shame he has red hair."

"Yeah, otherwise he would have been cute."

"What's the girl's name again?"

"She's the Granger-girl."

"The one who always knows everything."

"The one Snape hates?"


"Isn't her name Hermione or something like that?"

"Weird name."

"Hermione Granger."

"So strange."

At that moment, The Girl looked up from the table. Actually, she looked Viktor straight in the eyes. In order to not get busted (or at least not any more than he already was) he grabbed a book from the nearest shelf and headed for the counter. This meant that he had to pass her.

"Oh look!"

"He's moving again!"

"He has a book!"

"Which one is it?"

"I can't see!"

"'Magical creatures – Where to find them'"

"No way!"

"You just turned that in!"

"I know!"

As he turned around the first bookcase, he heard The Girl, Hermione, (what an absolutely beautiful name) getting annoyed: "Honestly! Don't they have something sensible to do? They are treating him like some sort of animal."


"She's one to talk."

"She practically lives down here."

"Look! He's getting away!"

"He's so fast!"

"Well, he is an athlete!"

"Wouldn't it be cool if he asked me on a date?"

"Oh, I would kill you!"

"What if he asked all of us out?"

"My God he's cute!"