Chapter 8

...So after many years the mob was finally caught and are now serving the sentences they deserve. It's always a surprise to meet so many different people. Bo still continues to surprise me, I mean that in a nice way... without him I don't think that mystery would have been solved, plus those photos he took are the perfect evidence. Once again good triumphs over evil, but like Sherlock Holmes there's always that back person grinding into you trying to flaw every possible way into your undoing. But like Sherlock I've got my own Watson, Bo, Alex surprised me by telling me how much I care for Bo. In theory I suppose she meant that my feelings went deep for him but he is my best friend and I will not lose him over anything petty.

At the moment Bo is reading the letter Alex gave him today at the airport, I don't need to see it for I know what is contained in there; her life. Alex told me of her past before I even knew about the case, it makes me wonder how someone who has lost both her parents by murder, is minded by a pair of drunks who beat her senseless, tries to live alone in that empty house by herself and manages keep a straight head in this world. The fact that everyone she loves has died, her brother and sister in a car crash but then again she has a second father - Alan but there is a great emptiness in her life.

Her life makes me not want to give up and I will find... my mother... someday...

Alex turned in her seat to share a grin with Alan,

"Shirley's got it bad!"

Alan chuckled,

"Yeah, real bad and she doesn't even realise that Bo is the same".

"Yeah, trust my best friends to fall in love!"

"Hey I thought I was your best friend!"

"No... you're even more to me than that... that reminds me..." Alexanna slithered, welding a face of guilt,

"I know about the leaks and everything in your house, so I was thinking" Alan arched his eyebrows,


"Why don't you come and live at my house, you know the one my parents left me? Be a family? That way I can keep an eye on you".

"An eye on me!" Alan spluttered, but relaxed into a soft smile, "Of course, I would like that very much. It will stop the beatings - won't it?".

Alex was horrified,

`You know about..."

"Honey, you can't hide anything from me".

Alex smiled sadly,

"Family and friends, something you can't live without".