A/N-Just a very short drabble on the episode "Rule Fifty-One" that I composed over the course of about ten minutes. I wrote this in a plural first-person because I see it from the points of view of Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva collectively. Though obviously not identical, the states of their minds at the end of the finale seemed similar in some abstract way.

Our duties and our allegiances. To whom do we owe these? When faced with a choice, which do we choose? Which should we choose? What guides us to these choices? We are bound by morals. We are bound by codes. We are bound by rules and laws. We are bound by ties to others in our lives. We are bound by ourselves. We make these decisions by weighing all of these factors.

A choice is made. Promises are broken and new paths are taken. Yet, we do not make these lightly. For to choose is to change who we are and what we will become. But will these choices be for the benefit of others or just one's self? We contemplate and weigh, and we ultimately come to an end. However, this may not always be the end we desire, the end we had first believed we would meet.

And even if we do choose to go where we thought we ought, the circumstances are seldom what we had anticipated or imagined. The places, the people you hoped to share these ends with somehow change or are not there. Because they have made their own choices. Because they have decided to follow their own paths. Because they see reason and sense down these roads that you may not see or understand. Because some things may just be more important.

So promises are broken and new rules are made. Our ends change, and by these, so do we. Though we do not possess foresight of any kind, we make these choices with the hope that we are bettering something within ours lives or the lives of those around us. Though we are far from perfect beings, we are not selfish individuals. Even if it may burn us in the end, we would gladly sacrifice an integral part of our own self if we knew it would somehow aid the ones we love and hold closest to our hearts.

So we reach for these things that we may not completely see, these things that may not always make sense to even ourselves. Yet what we fail to sometimes realize is the effect our blind reaching has on the dearest of our companions. But we reach anyway. Because sometimes...we are wrong.

A/N-I know this was just a short little piece, but any thoughts, criticisms, or reviews are always very much appreciated. After this episode, I have MUCH to think about. However, I was certainly given plenty of material to work with, and you'll hear from me again soon enough. Look for another story of mine rolling down the line sometime in the near future. Until then, happy reading!