Don't Ignore Me

I don't own anything except the things that are unfamiliar.

Chapter 1.

She was twisting and turning, raising her arms, smiling, laughing with her friends. She was perfectly in time with the music; each beat a different move. He cocked his head sideways trying to understand her; she was so peaceful, so graceful but still filled with energy and excitement. He kept one eye on her and another hidden behind a patch. His build and looks attracted many attractive women but he only paid attention to the girl dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

She felt someone looking at her, she turned her head to the bar where a man with an eye patch was looking at her. She found the attention strange; rarely ever did a man - let alone an attractive one like him - laid eyes on her; she was the black sheep of her friends. She moved closer to to one of her friends and whispered to her. Her friend looked over to the man then back to her. She insisted that she was to go over to him, so she did. She slowly moved away from her friends and to the bar. She saw the man stare at her and smirk. She felt a bit odd. In theory she should have been wary of him; there were lots of stories that started like this and ended tragically. But she ordered a drink anyway - nonalcoholic, she was still too young - then put her back to the bar to face her friends. He didn't speak. She tired of waiting and longed to go back o her friends.
She turned to him, drink in hand.

"Hello," she said. He turned to her and replied a simple, 'hi'.
"I saw you looking at me over there," she said nodding to her friends.
"Yeah?" he asked.
"Yeah," she replied. She reached her hand out.
"I'm Morgan," she offered. He took her hand.
"Billy," he informed. They were silent for a moment.
"You don't look the part to be here," Billy said. She smirked at his truthfulness.
"You're right, I'm not. I'm here because my friends got accepted into Oxford," she explained.
"Isn't that, like, a school for geeks and snobs?" Billy laughed. She laughed too.
"Yeah, I guess it is," she sighed.
"Isn't that in England?" he asked. Morgan nodded.
"Are you going?" he asked.
"No. I'm not big on the snobbery," she laughed.
"That's good," he said. She smiled knowing he wanted to get into her pants.
"They're leaving tomorrow," she blurted out.
"Huh," he said.
"Great fucking friends you have there," Billy said, noticing all of her two friends were leaving.
"Great, that was my ride," she sighed.
"I have a truck," he offered. Morgan raised an eyebrow.
"A truck truck or a pickup truck?" she queried.
"Pickup," he said.
"Thanks, but I shouldn't," she said ready to leave.
"There's some fucked up people out there, you sure you don't want to?" She hesitated.
"Fine," she said standing up straight. She realized something.
"Um, I don't want to be seem rude but, can you drive with one eye?"
He smirked.
Billy started through the people to the door. Morgan followed, regretting it already.

She stepped out into the cold and couldn't see Billy anywhere. Again, she hesitated. With a sigh, she walked over to the nearest car park. The most logical place to start, she thought to herself.
She heard rumbling and spun around.
"You coming, or not?" Billy was in a green and white pick-up.
She jumped into the passengers seat.
"So, where'd you live?" Billy asked. Morgan felt suddenly unsure, to say at the least, of staying in that vehicle.
"You know what? I think I'm going to get a cab. But thanks anyway." Morgan Reached for the door but Billy grabbed her arm.
"It's just a fucking ride, okay? I'm not going to murder you or shit," he said angrily. Morgan thought of a way to get out his truck alive.
"On one condition, you have to tell me how you lost your eye."
Billy got mad.
"That's fucking none of your fucking business!" Billy yelled.
Morgan was satisfied by her plan but then she realized how badly that could've gone. She pushed herself out of the truck as fast as she could. She slammed the door and walked to convenience store down the street.
"Fuck," Billy sighed. He turned the engine off and followed her to the store.

The bright florescent lights blinded her for a second.
She walked down the aisle until she found the packets of chips. She picked one out and turned around. Billy was there, smile and all.
She hadn't had a good look at him in the dark but now, she could see all of him; average height, muscular build, amazing eyes - or eye -, short dark hair, a dog tag around his neck, a sleeveless black t-shirt with an orange/yellow print, dark jeans, a black leather jacket with red and white strips and what seemed to be boots under his jeans.
It was hard to do but, she ignored his looks and walked past him, to the counter.
"How can I help you today?" the man behind the counter asked.
"Just these, thanks," she said.
Billy appeared next to her.
"Oh, and a packet of those," Billy said, pointing to a packet of cigarettes. Morgan was about to protest but thought against it.
She paid and left, handing the pack to Billy.
"They'll kill you, you know," she said. Billy looked startled. His eyes were wide and crazy.
"The smokes, they'll kill you," she clarified. Billy looked relieved then angry.
"You're not my fucking mother, okay? I can do whatever I fucking want, okay?" he said. Morgan raised an eyebrow and kept walking.
"Where are you going?" Billy asked.
"Well, fuck you! I was trying to be fucking nice and you fucking throw it back in my fucking face!" he yelled.
Morgan raised a hand to say 'whatever' and kept walking. She had to get home soon, she had uni in the morning. She saw a cab and waved it over, got in and the cab pulled away.

"Fuck," Billy murmured. He walked back to his pick-up and drove off. He was starting university in the morning - court ordered.