Too many late alcohol filled nights in a row is bad for Morgan.
Oh, God, I'm turning into a caveman.
No, wait.
I didn't think that, or say it. I opened my eyes to see Dianna looking at me with tired eyes with sparks in them.
'Why did you let me do that?' I asked, slowly getting up off the couch I was on.
'Where am I?' I looked at my surroundings: a television was in front of me, a small table with a lamp on the side of the couch, a coffee table between me and the T.V., and Dianna walking away into another room.
'My place! Morgan, you come here nearly every day. You need coffee,' she said from the kitchen, I assume.
I felt warm inside at the thought of coffee. I love the stuff.
'Why am I here?' I asked looking for my bag, or anything that resembled mine.
'You sort of feel asleep on Tim's couch with a bottle of JD and he had to carry you here; I wasn't going to leave you alone, you would probably break something, most likely something that I own. By the way, when are you going to give me back my things? How many things do you have now? Ten? Maybe fifteen?' she said as she came out her kitchen with two big mugs of fabulous coffee. I took a mug from her and took a long swig of it.
'Oww! That's hot! Oh, that is hot! Oh, but so worth it,' I said looking at Di's look of horror.
'You are an idiot. I hope you know that,'
'Of course I do,' I said seriously and drank more of my coffee. Dianna started to laugh and I did too. Dianna took a sip and started to cough.
Once she was done I asked, 'What happened last night, before I passed out on Tim's couch?' I asked.
Mental note: must thank Tim.
'Oh, the usual, you came into the party after that person left, and then you took another glass of Jack, skulled it then took the whole bottle, started to dance, a lot, by the way, you should never dance in public again. Any who, you did the dancing thing and then you started to giggle, again, a lot, umm…oh yeah! You offered to sleep with who ever paid enough…' My look of absolute horror stopped her. I glared at her.
'Liar. Your pant's are on fire,' I said.
'You are too easy! It's like you've never met me!' I punched her in the arm.
'Go on,' I said politely.
Rubbing her arm, she went on, 'After the giggling you went to the couch a yelled at everyone that came near you. Once you had enough of that you fell asleep. The end.'
'Remind me never to drink again.'
She snorted, 'Yeah, like that's going to happen.'
'What time is it?' I asked it, searching for a clock.
'Wait, we're late. I need clothes. Urgh, it's all too much, I can't take it! I'm gonna drop out, that's so much easier, yeah, then I can become a Hermit, and get cats and call them all 'Bob', then I can go crazy, and everyone will call me The Crazy Cat Lady, and I will be infamous! And then, no-one will bother me ever again. That's a good life, yup, good.'
'Uh huh. It's Saturday, you aren't going to drop out, and you are not becoming a crazy cat lady! I forbid it! And there are things you will miss, like the hanky-panky.'
'True. Why do always think dirty?'
'It's a blessing and a curse.'
Dianna took a look of excitement, 'So, what are we doing today? A cruise? Some man-looking-at? Maybe a concert? We could go to Mars.'
'Ah, no. I would rather go shopping. See a movie, stalk some celebrities, you know, the usual,' I said.
'Ah! The usual! Good choice! We shall set forth on this quest in ten minutes! Don't worry! We shall also have a stop off at your place to get fresh clothes and to shower!' she proclaimed and went off to her room.

I opened my eyes and saw the bright sky and a cliff.
Huh. Tried to do a Troy.
I rubbed my eyes and started the engine of my truck. I probably tried to kill myself but then fell asleep in my truck.
I turned around and headed for home, crappy hole that it was.
I looked at the time: ten to eleven.
Could be worse, I could've gone home to face the Hell that is my father.
I turned the radio on and cranked the volume up.
'Today for you we have 30 Seconds to Mars; The Story.
I've been thinking of everything I used to want to be
I've been thinking of everything, of me, of you and me
this is the story of my life and these are the lies have created'
I changed the channel.
'Your body's rent
My body's broken
Yours is bent
Carve your name into my arm
Instead of stressed I lie here charmed
Coz there's nothing else to do
Every me and every you'
I changed it again:
'I want your love and all your lovers revenge,
you and me could write a bad romance'
I turned the thing off all together.
Stupid radio.
I slammed my fist into the steering wheel and slammed the brakes, luckily there weren't any other cars, but I really didn't care if there were.
'FUCK!' I screamed to the car, 'FUCK! FUCKING SHIT! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!' I dropped my head onto the wheel and just sat for a moment.
'Fuck,' I said as I drove off.

We were at the food court, after seeing a movie with Dianna, filling up on chocolate and ice-cream.
'How can something be so bad when they taste so good?'
'Men are like chocolate, you find them in bars, they go straight to your thighs and leave you wanting more.'
'Mmm. Amen to that.'
I finished my bar and felt quit ill after all of the chocolate. But it was so good.
'You know what we need now?' Dianna asked.
'True, I need new chucks, and some movies, I love movies,'
'Oh, I know that,' Dianna laughed then sped up before I could hit her on the head.
'Hey!' I yelled at her before she ran into two people, a girl and a guy about my age.
'Oh, sorry,' Dianna said before coming back to me.
'See, there are other good looking guys around besides Billy.'
'Oh, shut up about Billy, I'm sick of him and that stupid truck and his stupid jacket and his stupid eye-patch! I mean, he swears like a sailor, and he just doesn't have manners! I have standards!' I said on the spot.
'Umm…' the guy that Di bumped into came up to me, 'I'm sorry, I just overheard you, this Billy, he has one-eye, a truck, a leather jacket, bit of a bastard, likes to smoke?'
'Yeah, you know him?' He looked back to the girl and she looked depressed.
'Does he go to your school?'
'Yeah. How do you know him?'
'High-School. But, just…stay away from him, he's trouble,' he said then took the girls hand and they walked off.
I turned back to Dianna.
'Umm…that was…interesting,' she suggested.
'Yeah. What did he do? Who the Hell is he? And her. And Billy, who the Hell is Billy? This is stupid! Aargh! I give up!' I sat on the nearest bench and put my head between my knees.
'Whoa, someone needs relax! Billy's only a guy.' I looked at her.
'True, but you need to stop over thinking!' she said while patting my back, 'You are always over thinking things. You need to calm down and do what most people do; don't think at all. It works so well for them.'
'Thank you, Dianna. That will probably work. I mean, it must, just look at you.' Dianna looked at me then hit me on the back that made me lose my breathe and I started to cough. I got my breathe back and glared at her.
'You are welcome!' she said, skipping into the closest shop. I ran after her thinking, Why is she my friend?
'Hey, hey, hey!' Dianna said pretending to be 'Fat Albert' as she jumped in front of me. I started to laugh and we both looked around the shop laughing like fools.

I parked and locked my doors, knowing the type of people that lived around here; they would steal it in a second. I remembered when I never had to lock my doors; the biggest threat around was me.
I walked around for a bit, I needed to calm down.
I had parked at a local park, I think. I was walking around; kicking an empty beer can around the path. I wanted to kick something else, though. I was thinking that I would rather kick people, like Morgan. She made me so mad. I wanted to kill myself, I even tried to. She was always making me insane, making me lower myself to such a level like Belle. That was her name, right, Belle? Or was it Bella? I can't remember. Fuck, I wanted to kill someone.