Lover Forever

These characters do not belong to me. They are from the amazing JR Ward series The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

There are some spoilers if you haven't read all of the books.

two months after John Matthews and Xhex mated.

"So who is going to drag his ass out this time?" Xhex rubbed the back of her short trimmed hair as she looked around at the group of 3 pro football player size fearless warriors with her. The ever smiling, charismatic Butch, the forever brooding bisexual-still-in-love-with-my-best friend-even-though-we-are-both-mated Vishious, who just sent me a go fuck yourself look of death. And of course my hellren John Matthews.

"Don't look at me," Vishious spat. "This is getting old, real quick. We have a race to protect. I'm sick and tired of ALL of my visions being about this asshole."

John sign. I did it last night .4 times! He looked back at V then at Xhex. She could certainly feel the sadness that John felt, and how annoyed the other two brothers were. Not like she could blame them. Ever since her and John was mated Wraith let Quinn have nights off. And every night he was in the city drinking and smoking anything and everything he could get his over-sized hands on.

"Last time i did it, he really made me work hard not to show him just how half breed i am." she continued. John felt guilty than.

"I'll Do it," Butch offered. "V's right, we got a race to protect." Butch sent a smile V's way, who quickly blushed but didn't say anything.

Thank you, John sign as Butch walked into the bar.

"Gimme another Lisa," Quinn slurred as he slammed the shot glass down on the counter. He had what? 17 shorts of Patron, and could easily take 10 more. The numbness was starting to kick in. He knew this shit didn't last long in his blood stream but anything to make him forget about his Bla...Ok so wasn't going needed to get his mind on anything other than what haunted him. What kept him up all day, do to his dreams, and distracted him every night. Lisa filled his glass, winked and sauntered away.

She was a big girl, round stomach, round ass, round tits, full lips that a had a lip ring on the left side. Some people might mistake her for a goth, but he knew for a fact her favorite band was Hanson. There was no denying it, she was a Big Beautiful Woman. He always liked his women with alot of meat, well when he liked women that is. He watch her walk away, as someone grabbed his quickly with his sluggish reflexes pivoted out of the hold.

"Time to go brother," Butch smiled that warm smile, that he had seen him give to V many times.

Quinn just eyed the lucky mated male, who still had his best friend. "Brother I am not." he slurred as he sat back down hellbent on achieving his numbness.

Butch joined him, by pulling the split fake leather stool next to his wounded friend. "Maybe not yet, but one day, i see it and so does V."

Well that was news to Quinn, never knew the studly V was having visions about him. "I don't want to leave just yet." he put the glass to his lips and swallowed the liquid with in.

"Another!" He called for Lisa.

"No thank you, sweetie, i believe my friend is finished." Butch smiled to the plus size girl about to refill the glass.

"You are not my father!" Quinn looked over at the brother.

"I think not, I am your brother, and you have had enough." Butch said loud enough for the girl to hear, but lean close to Quins pierced ear to whisper the rest. "Now either get your ass up and walk out that door on your own. Or i will gladly throw your ass out myself. It is your choice, but i think for dignity sake you might want to choose your feet this time. Enough is enough Quinn."

Quinn glared at him. How dare he come and spoils his plans. He wasn't hurting anyone. All he wanted was to get out of that mansion, away from the sympathetic looks he received from the brothers, the advice John signed and of course the blissfulness his Blay was having with another man.

OUCH Quinn grabbed at his heart, as the tears stung his eyes. Every time! Every fuckin time, he thought of it, his chest split open and some unknown force ripped his heart out, threw it on the ground and waltz all over it.

Butch grabbed and cradled Quinn to his chest as he felt the silent sobs and smelled the salted tears.. "come home brother."

"Oh, Blaylock, you can not be seriously thinking of wearing that?" Saxton laughed from the bed him and his lover was sharing in the brotherhood mansion. He look hungrily at his delicious Blaylock, red hair, Tall, tawny skin, well sculpted muscles, tight ass, and the massive bulge his lover was hiding in his boxer briefs.

"I believe it will do," Blay smiled looking at Saxton lounging on the bed.

"Yes, i suppose, but i like it better on the floor and you in the bed naked and panting." Saxton winked.

Blaylock blushed and went back to looking through his suits, Him and Saxton was going out to celebrate their 8 blissful week they had as a couple. He heard Saxton get out of bed and walk right behind him.

"So beautiful, My Blaylock," Saxton whispered in his ear sending chills down his spin and hardening his cock even more.

Saxton took a deep breath inhaling the scent on Blays neck where the fang makers had just disappeared and lick Blays right ear lobe, "Come to bed Lover, let me take care of you." Saxton took his left hand, and gently reached into Blays straining boxers.

He moaned, as Saxton wrapped the hand around his rock hard shaft, and slowly stroked him.

"Come for me Lover." Saxton whispered again in his ear. "But please my Lover next time, scream my name, not his."

Blay went limp.