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The Perfect Nanny

Chapter I- The Nanny

"Draco come here…it moved." The woman in front of the floor length mirror said, excitedly.

She rubbed her hand on her swollen belly and turned around when she heard the door open.

"Yes, love. What moved?" The platinum hair male said, as he encircled the pregnant woman in his arms and smiled.

Draco loved the way her brown eyes looked up at him and the way she rested her head on his shoulder.

"The baby, it moved." She beamed, taking his hand and placing it on her protruding belly.

They both waited for the said movement. There it was again.

"Did you feel that!" The brown-eyed woman gushed.

"Yeah, that's…that's our child." Draco was speechless.

This, however, made everything much more real. He was married to the woman he loved and they were expecting their first child.

"I love you." Draco looked down at her and kissed her tenderly.

His life was complete. In a few months his child was going to be in his arms and he would have a family of his own. That's what he always wanted. Life was good.


"I'm sorry, Mr. Malfoy you can't go in there." Two Aurors stood in front of the entrance to his wife's hospital room.

"I need to see her!" Said Draco, his heart beating frantically with fear.

Earlier that day he received and owl stating that there had been an explosion in his wife's potion lab. He immediately rushed to St. Mungo's. That was two hours ago and yet, no one informed him of his wife's condition. They haven't even let him see her and he was losing his patience.

"That's my wife in there!" Draco clenched his fists.

If they weren't going to let him in, then he was going got let himself in. He was about to barge into the room when a short man with glasses came out.

"Mr. Malfoy," The man began, "I'm sorry…"

Draco didn't let him finish as he pushed pass him into the room. There was a bed in the middle of the brightly lit room. A white cover hid the body that lay there.

"No." He gasped, hoping it was another person there.

He slowly walked towards the bed and pulled the cover off, little by little. He saw her brown hair come into view and desperately removed the rest of the cover. Her face was pale, her lips set in a straight line and those beautiful brown eyes of hers were hidden under the closed eyelids. Her body was completely still…lifeless.

Draco felt a sob escape him. The woman he loved was dead and there was nothing he could do. He sat next to her on the bed and pulled her limp body to him.

"This can't be happening." He cried in the crook of her neck, tears rolling down from his face onto hers.

He felt as if his life was over. How could he go on with out his love? He rocked her back and forth in his arms, like if doing so would bring her back. Suddenly everything started to shake.

"Come on, wake up."

Draco opened his eyes and realized that he was having the same nightmare again. He looked over to see the person who had woken him up and was greeted with those beautiful brown eyes. The only reason of his existence.

"Daddy, you're awake!" The little girl said, wrapping her small arms around her father's neck.

"Yeah, thanks to you, Darling." He sat up and kissed his daughter's cheek.

"You're welcome." The small child smirked a smirk that Draco recognized all too perfectly, "Today is very important day." She said, getting off the bed.

"Really?" Draco was trying to remember what made this day so special.

"Don't tell me you forgot." The six year old said, placing her hands on her hips, just like her grandmother always did when she got mad at her grandfather. "It's Mum's birthday, we have to take her flowers." Her eyes saddened a bit.

Draco sucked in a breath. Yes, it was his late wife's birthday.

"Yeah, sure…wait for me downstairs while I get ready."

With that said, the little girl left his room, leaving him alone with his thoughts. Today his wife would have turned twenty six ears old. He missed her every day and there wasn't a day that passed by without him thinking about her. At first, he thought life was over and not worth living. He remembered that day perfectly.

Draco walked though the double doors of the manor. He was beyond destroyed and angry. He recognized that he had been an arse to everyone when he was younger, but did he really deserve this punishment? Without her here his life was over.

Draco sat down in a chair in front of the fire place. He was going to miss her a lot. Hell, he already missed her. Her laughter, her smile, her eyes and her warmth.

Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind. They could be together again, but for that to be possible he would need to end his life. That would be easy, he could even make it painless. The idea was beginning to feel comforting… too comforting.

"No." He whispered to himself.

Draco put his head in between his hands and closed his eyes. He couldn't think this way, it would hurt his family… but he could be with her again.

As he contemplated on the absurd idea, he felt a small hand on his knee. He opened his eyes and looked down. Familiar brown eyes stared up at him with sorrow. It was his three year old daughter that had inherited her mother's eyes. Draco saw as her eyes glazed . She probably already knew.

"Daddy." She said, as a tear ran down her rosy cheek.

"Come here." He swiftly picked her up and held her tight in his arms.

How could I think of taking my life away when I have her. He was ashamed of himself.

With all his grief he had forgotten about his daughter. She was going to need him more than ever now and he was going to be there for her. Life had to go on, for his daughter's sake. She was the reason of his existence now. The light that will guide him through the dark moments.

He felt the small child sob on his chest.

"Everything is going to be okay," Tears ran down his face, "I promise, Serena."

Draco was brought back to the present when he heard a knock at the door.

"Hurry up, Daddy." Serena's voice came from the other side.

"I'll be there in a minute." He said, chuckling at his daughter's impatience.

He buttoned the last button on his shirt and started on his tie. As he checked himself on the mirror, a paper on his dresser caught his eye. Picking it up he read the title aloud.

"The Perfect Nanny."

This must have had come from his mother.

Lately at work, he's been assigned to train newbies, meaning that he would be absent for most of the day. Since his parents were always traveling he needed someone to look after Serena. His mother had told him that she would find the perfect nanny for her granddaughter. That was a few weeks ago and every nanny that came by always left running away from the manor, screaming at the top of their lungs that they would never return. Nanny after nanny, they were all the same. None of them survived Serena's wrath, hopefully the one from this agency would.

Draco noticed the forms and started filling them with the required information. He wanted the best of the best of course and someone he could rely on. After reading the conditions he signed the contract and sent them through owl.

"Daddy, it's already been a minute." Serena whined.

"Okay, okay." He opened the door and picked up his little girl into his arms.


"You will be able to select the family of your choice." A woman in her late forties told the thoughtful brunette witch, sitting across her desk.

Hermione thought to herself how she had gotten to this point of her life. After the war she had planned her life out. She would have S.P.E.W. made into an international, or even a global, organization. She would have married by now and maybe even had children. A little boy and a little girl, but no. Every thing hadn't gone as planned. Try after try, year after year, her attempts to have S.P.E.W. recognized failed. Her pride never let her quit on her cause, but now she realized that she had sacrificed most of her life for that. Damn it.

Hermione compared her life to her friends' lives. Harry married Ginny a year after she was out of Hogwarts. They have a six year old son named James and are expecting their second child. Ron is engaged with Luna Lovegood. While Hermione was…alone. Everyone had expected her to live happily ever after with Ron, but that didn't work out. They saw each other more as siblings than nothing else.

They all even did better than her, the Golden girl, career wise. Ginny played for the Harpies, but stopped when she got pregnant. Luna owned her own line of healing potions. Both Harry and Ron were Aurors and she…well she was now a certified nanny.

Becoming a nanny wasn't in her life agenda. Hermione never envisioned herself working in a field where it involved children. She saw herself as an Unspeakable or head of a corporation (like S.P.E.W., but that clearly wasn't going to happen). It all changed one night, when Harry asked if she could baby-sit James. It was all quite easy and she really enjoyed it. Weeks after, she found herself researching careers that involved children. At the end, she found the perfect career; a Healer in the children's' ward, but for that she needed two years of study at the Healing is a Purpose Academy . The problem to that was that it cost ten thousand Galleons per year, which she didn't have. Hermione didn't let that stop her and decided to get a job as a nanny and save up money for the academy. At least as a nanny she would be able to earn some experience in dealing with children. It also paid a really good salary. Hermione ended up training, for a nanny a year, until she was certified.

She was now sitting in the office of her boss, Diane Dimplestamp.

"Hermione, did you hear what I said?" Diane raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Have you chosen a specific family?"

Diane had been very cooperative with Hermione and also cared for the younger witch.

"It really doesn't matter what family it is." Hermione smiled.

It wasn't that important who's child she was going to look after because she knew she would do her best, as always. The only thing that mattered was reaching her goal and becoming a children's Healer.

"Fine." The older witch smiled and took out a file from her desk. "Since you are one of my top nannies I am going to place you with…"

Hermione spaced out thinking of how much she was giving up for this. She would have to sign a contract that compromised her with staying -more like living- with the family for a whole year. After the contract was over she could remain with the same family or do as she willed. But if she wanted out before the contract was over she would have to pay five thousand Galleons for breaking the contract. She would also have to be committed to the children and put their needs before hers. Although it sounded like if she was losing half of her freedom, she didn't mind. Doing this would only bring her closer to her dream career. Every thing was planned out; she would stay with a family for a year, then study at the Healing is a Purpose academy, graduate and then work at St. Mungos at the children's ward. This was all too exciting that Hermione didn't hear the name of the child she was going to care for.

"Hermione, look over the documents, read the family's information and sign the contract if everything suits you." Diane handed her the documents and a quill.

Without a second glance at the contract, Hermione signed it. Right then she felt a cold shiver go through her spine, but ignored it.

"Ok, we're all set now." Diane took the documents and put them inside a drawer in her desk. "Meet me here tomorrow and we'll head over to meet your assigned family.

Hermione stood up and shook hands with Diane and left to go pack her things.


Hermione wasn't having the best of days. The entire night she wasn't able to fall asleep and every time she did she had the same nightmare over and over. In the dream, she couldn't see anything, but she always heard the screams of a child, like if they were in pain. Resulting in her now being a bit grouchy, she just hoped that her day got better.

Hermione met up with Diane, who was now readying herself to Apparate both of them to their destination.

Diane notice Hermione fidgeting with her hands and it reminded her of when she was set to stay with her first family.

"Don't worry, my dear." She gave the younger witch a comforting pat on the back. "This family is going to treat you well. The M-"

"Beep… beep… beep!" Diane's alarm watch went off.

"It's time." Diane said.

The older witch held on to Hermione's shoulder and Apparated them to a manor.

"Here we are." Diane announced, looking around and for some one to greet them. "Hmm, it seems no ones home."

Hermione was taken aback by her new 'home'. It seemed that they had Apparated to the guest room of the mansion. She felt the same cold shiver run down her spine again. Why was she feeling like this? It was like if something bad was going to happen. As she scanned her surroundings, Hermione noticed that it seem familiar, like if she's already been there before.

"We should probably leave." Hermione said, forgetting about her Gryffindor courage.

"Nonsense, we'll just wait." Diane said.

After a while of silence, they heard a noise and then someone speak.

"Who are you?"

Both Diane and Hermione turned to see who had spoken and found a small girl standing by the fireplace. The child held a sophisticated poise and innocence. She had shoulder length, platinum blonde curly hair and brown honey eyes and was dressed in a white and yellow pleated dress. It reminded Hermione of the dolls she had when she was a child.

"Hello, there. I'm Diane Dimplestamp." Diane walked closer to the child. "We are here from the Perfect Nanny agency. Are your parents home?"

The small girl stared at Diane like if she had grown a second head.

"No. My Daddy said he was going to be a bit late." The little girl walked over to a frozen Hermione, "Who are you." She said, poking Hermione's knee.

The brunette witch gave her boss an anxious look and the older witch sent her an approving nod.

"I'm Hermione Granger. Your new nanny." She smiled at the child. She is so adorable.

The small child frowned. "Hmm, ok. Piglet." She said as, Piglet, the elf appeared.

"Yes, Miss Serena." The elf bowed his head.

"Take Miss Granger's things to her room." Hermione was impressed by the amount of maturity the small girl showed.

The elf complied and with a pop it disappeared with Hermione's belongings.

"Beep…beep… beep!" Diane's watch went off again.

"Wow, its time for me to deliver another nanny. I wish you the best my dear." She hugged Hermione and Disapparated.

After Diane left there was an awkward silence between Hermione and Serena.

"So, what do you want to do sweetie." Hermione broke the silence.

"I don't like you." Serena said, frowning.

Hermione was taken aback with the child's comment, but remained calm. She remembered what one of her books said; not all children take good to their nanny the first days.

"Would you please show me to my room?" Hermione asked, evenly.

Serena nodded and started walking.

When Hermione got to her new room she was impressed by how big it was. She spotted her suitcases and started unpacking. Hermione noticed Serena surveillance all of her movements, with the same frown plaster on her face. She kind of looks like…no, why would I think that. For a minute there Hermione thought this child might be related to her Slytherin childhood nemesis. Setting her wand on the nightstand, Hermione walked into the walk-in closet to hang her clothing.

Serena observed the new nanny organize her things. Why was she here? She could take care of herself. Serena smirked as she remembered her past nannies screaming and running out of the manor. Swearing that would never be back. All of those pranks she played on them worked so well, that she knew this nanny wouldn't stand them either and leave.

Serena saw as Hermione placed her wand on the desk by the bed. Her eyes lit up as she looked at her surroundings and noticed she was alone… with the wand. Licking her lips, she crawled across the bed, towards the wand. She checked her surroundings once again, grabbed the wand and made a run for it.

At the same time, Hermione walked out of the closet, happy with the way she organized her clothes. She then saw Serena sprinting out of her room clutching a wooden stick in her small hands. After a second, Hermione realized that it was no ordinary wooden stick, but her wand.

"Hey! Come back!" She ran after the small child.

Thankful she had longer legs than Serena's, she ran faster.

Serena caught Hermione running after her and went down the grand stairs, hoping it would slow the dumb nanny down.

"Give me that!" Hermione panted as she ran down the stairs and towards the child.

"NO!" Serena screamed as Hermione caught her from behind.

The brunette witch wrestled with the six year old blonde until she finally had her wand in her hand.

"You shouldn't take things that don't belong to you!" She scolded.

While Hermione tried to regain her composure, she didn't notice the front door open and close.

Serena's eyes lit up as she saw who arrived. Ooh, she's in trouble now. Daddy is going to yell at her.

"So, this is the perfect nanny." A voice drawled from behind Hermione.

She didn't even have to turn around to know who it was.

Please, please, don't let it be him. She hoped.

Hermione turned around and was met with the grey eyes that tormented her through out her youth. Shit.

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