05:00AM (Kris=Seventy-two hours no sleep, Nancy=Seventy-nine hours no sleep)

"Oh god, Quentin..." Nancy sighed, tears falling down her face.

"Nancy, there was nothing we could do." Kris said, looking behind her as she drove, like she was expecting Freddy to pop up behind her in the backseat.

"But we just left him there..." Nancy said.

"You told me you found a way to kill Freddy..." Kris said, ignoring her last comment.

"Yes...look..." Nancy showed Kris the piece of Freddy's sweater she had ripped off.

"So what, we kill him in the micro-nap, we kill him in real life?"

"No, Kris he doesn't exist. Only in our dreams remember?"

"You're confusing me!"

"Okay, listen! I pulled his sweater from my micro-nap into reality!" Nancy said, sitting straighter in her seat. Kris narrowed her eyes, pursing her lips.

"Okay, so that means...?"

"It means that I pulled this piece of his sweater from the dream world to the real world! Which means..."

"You can pull HIM from the dream world to the real world..." Kris said slowly, catching on.


"But, how?"

"I think, just when we're about to wake up from the micro-nap, we can pull him. But we just gotta get a tight hold on him and drag him with us so that when we open our eyes to the real world, we're gonna see him there."

"Okay, confusing, but I kind of get it."

"So the next micro-nap we experience-"

"We pull him from it into the real world."

"Yeah." Kris took a deep breath.

"Let's do this shit." Kris checked the backseat again anxiously then turned.

"FUCK!" Freddy was in front of the car and Kris swerved.

The car swerved and hit a ditch, rolling over multiple times. Finally, it came to a halt upside down and Kris hung upside down in her seat, panting and moaning as pain shot through her whole body.

"Ugh..." She panted, her arms dangling above her head.

"Kris?" She heard Nancy's weak voice say.

"I'm here! Are you okay?" Kris said frantically.

"I think so..." But Nancy didn't sound okay, and Kris struggled, trying to reach the seat belt but pain shot through her shoulder as she did it.

"OW!" She sobbed, moaning at the pain. She ignored it and swung her arm toward the clip of the seat belt again, but she screamed loudly at the pain.

"FUCK!" She sobbed.

"HELP!" She yelled next.

"I'll help you." Freddy's voice said. Kris turned her head and saw him from an upside down point of view, standing a few feet from the car, laughing.

"NO!" Kris screamed loudly as Freddy came closer to the car. She screamed again as his blade inched closer to her.

"KRIS!" She snapped out of the micro-nap at the sound of Nancy's voice.

"Okay, okay. Fuck...okay..." She took deep breaths, panting, as she swung her arm forward again, screamed at pain shooting in her shoulder and unclipped the seat belt. She fell with a smack on the roof of the car, pain shooting through her head.

"Son of a bitch!" She cussed. She turned and unclipped Nancy then slowly lowered her down to the 'floor'.

"We're stuck, I can't open the door!" Nancy said, pushing against it. Kris was starting to feel claustrophobic.

"Hang on, Hang on!" She held her shoulder, then crawled with one arm closer to the window.

"Okay, move back..." Nancy crawled behind her and Kris jabbed her foot forward into the window with a grunt of effort. It cracked, but didn't break. She jabbed it again with an annoyed grunt and it broke.

"Okay, come on." Kris crawled out the window, yelping as the tiny jagged pieces of glass still on the window stuck into her hand. When Nancy got out, Kris walked to her.

"My shoulder's dislocated...can you pop it back into place?" Kris asked her, seething at the pain. Nancy grabbed her arm and pulled it quickly, it cracked, and Kris yelled as pain flared in her whole arm, but it soon became a dull throbbing.

"Thanks." They turned and looked around.

"Come on, there's a cabin furthur up." Nancy said, pointing towards lights. They knocked on the cabin door and Kris looked through the window inside.

"No one there."

"Fuck. Maybe no one lives here."

"It's almost morning..." Kris said, looking at the twilit horizon.

"Come on." Nancy kicked the door down.

And Freddy came bursting out, cackling madly. Nancy screamed as he jumped on top of her, pinning her down.

"No!" She screamed, sobbing and struggling as he drooled all over her.

"Time to die, Nancy..." He crooned.

"I wanna wake up!" Nancy screamed, sobbing and still struggling.

"You are awake, Nancy! I'm your living nightmare..."

"NO! I wanna go home, let me go!"

"YOU ARE HOME! This..." He lifted his blade and caressed her cheek. "Is your home now. My world is your world now."

Please let it have been close to a minute...Nancy thought desperately. She threw her hands forward and grabbed Freddy's sweater tightly, then dragged him down to her...

Kris watched as Nancy struggled, and then a bright light appeared, then dissappeared...

And Nancy and Freddy were laying before her, Freddy ontop of Nancy.

"Get of her you son of a bitch!" Kris yelled. She ran forward and tackled him. They tumbled to the floor. Freddy slashed at her but Kris ducked it and Nancy jumped on his back, yelling maniacally. He jumped and landed on his back on the floor and Nancy grabbed her rib in pain. He turned and his blade flashed as he struck down-

Nancy grabbed his hand, forcing it up and stopping him, but struggling immensely. Kris ran forward and swung her arm to punch Freddy, but he stopped her with his other hand and wrapped it around her throat, choking her. He laughed as Kris gasped for air.

"Why don't you just fucking die?" He whispered menacingly, tightening his hold. The cuts on Kris's neck started bleeding again and blood poured from her mouth as she gasped for air, struggling against his hold. Nancy kicked her foot up and almost hit his head but couldn't reach. Freddy laughed and his blade slashed down-

"No!" Kris whispered hoarsely, struggling with all her might, but it was no use; Freddy's blade struck Nancy right in the chest. Her eyes widened and she yelled in pain, clutching at her chest as he laughed. Blood poured onto her shirt.

"Guess this is checkmate, ladies." Freddy said as Nancy's eyes starting becoming blank. Kris yelled and struck Freddy on the side of the head. He staggered back, shocked. Kris clutched her wounds on her neck, but ran to the cabin as Freddy chased after her. She shut the door then looked around for a weapon.

"Come on, Kris! You know there's no way out. So why don't you just take it like a good girl?" Freddy said. His blades went through the door and ripped some of the wood out of it. Kris stifled a scream and looked around again.

"Fuck." She whispered frantically. And there it was, above a dresser.

A shotgun.

"One, two, Freddy's coming for you..." Freddy sang, cackling madly. The door burst open and Freddy entered the cabin then turned, but froze in shock.

Kris was standing before him with a fully loaded shotgun in her hands.

"Three, four, should've locked the door..." Kris sang menacingly. She pulled the trigger and Freddy flew back into a table as the bullets entered his chest.

"Five, six gonna kill you quick!" Kris kept singing as she ran forward and stepped on Freddy's back as he tried to crawl away.

"Seven, eight, no more staying awake, nine, ten, no more Freddy again..." She aimed the shotgun at his head.

"NO!" Freddy yelled.

She pulled the trigger. Blood flew into her face and she flinched, but kept her ground, panting as she lowered the shotgun. She grabbed the gas tank that was hidden in the cupboard under the sink and poured it all over the house.

"Burn in hell, you son of a bitch." She whispered. She grabbed the matches from the dresser and walked out of the cabin. She lit the match then threw it into the cabin and watched as the cabin caught fire and began burning. She watched Freddy's body burn inside the cabin, exhaustion rolling through her whole body. She looked over at Nancy and ran toward her, her body aching all over.

"Nancy! Nancy please, wake up!" Kris said, shaking her, tears falling down her face. Nancy gasped for air and looked at Kris, crying.

"I-can't-he-stabbed-me-near-my-lung!" She panted, gasping for air again.

"Sh, sh! I'm gonna call an ambulance! You're gonna be okay!" She hugged Nancy close.

"We're gonna be okay."

Kris woke up, opening her eyes blearily as a nurse shook her awake.

"You've been asleep for quite some time, honey." She said. Kris stretched, yawning as wincing as almost all the bones in her body cracked from stiffness. Her body ached so much. She was in the waiting room of the ER.

"How long?" She said, her voice sounding wierd from lack of use.

"About fourteen hours. Your friend Nancy's okay. She made it through the surgery. She's sleeping in her room now. I noticed you've gotten some injuries too." The nurse said.

"I'm fine."

"Then you won't mind me looking." Kris sighed, but showed her the wounds on her whole body.

"My god, you poor thing. You've been through hell, haven't you?"

"It was one hell of an accident." Kris said, smiling slightly. They had used the cover story that they had seen the cabin on fire and hadn't seen the ditch on the side of the road, which caused them to have the accident.

"Well, those wounds look like they'll heal over time. But we're gonna have to do some scans to check for internal injuries."

"Okay." Once Kris was done with the testing, they got her a bed next to Nancy, and Kris looked at her and Nancy looked at her, smiling.

"We can sleep."

"I know."

"You okay?" Nancy asked her, wincing at the pain as she moved slightly.

"I'm good. You?"


"I know." Kris lay back on her bed, looking at the ceiling. "But Nancy, I did it. He's gone. We can sleep now and-" She heard a light snore and looked at Nancy. She was fast asleep. Kris chuckled slightly and turned over, closing her eyes and falling asleep instantly.

Pain ached in his body as he stirred.

"Hell is no place for you, Fred Krueger. Remember our deal. Your vengenance is not complete."

He opened his eyes, seething.

"Kristen Fowles!" He yelled angrily as the flames rolled around him.


or is it? i dunno, maybe there will be a sequel, hehe. Alright that's it for this story, hope you liked it. BYE GUYS!