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First off, this fanfic is really rated MA. The only reason that it's rated T on here is because M rated stuff doesn't show up unless you search for it (Which most people don't (yeah, i know. I'm selfish :P)). If you still wish to continue, please do. If you don't, I understand.

So here's how this thing is going to work. Each angel will get their own part dedicated to them with a plethora of chapters within said part. Please rate and review. That would be very much appreciated.

List of Primary Characters in order of appearance

* – Designates fanfic original characters.

Character Name (Chapter Introduced)

Part 1

- Vanilla H (Chapter 1) – A mostly silent green-haired, red-eyed girl. The fifth member and youngest of the Angel-tai. Currently working on Femento to further nano machine technology for planet Pico.

- Nano-Nano Pudding (Chapter 1) – A strange cat-like girl who is also a living piece of lost technology. Vanilla H discovered her in an abandoned nano machine technology center on Femento.

- *Lazan Ya (Chapter 1) – Not much has been divulged about Lazan as of now. Only that he knows Vanilla in some way and apparently holds her in high regard (he used "sama" after her name early in the first chapter).

- *Rue (Chapter 3) – Vanilla's father. Somehow acquainted with Luft Weizen of the Transbaal Imperial Army.

- *Zulu (Chapter 3) – Vanilla's mother. I kindhearted individual who stays at home with Vanilla while her husband, Rue, works.

- Luft Weizen (Chapter 3) – An old friend of Rue's. In Vanilla's childhood, he was only a Second Lieutenant where as in the present, he is a general of the Transbaal Imperial Army.

- *Narthex (Chapter 3/4) – Leader of the Asafetida Gang.

- Sister Beryl (Chapter 5) - A nun and leader of a religious convent. Luft and Sister Beryl have some sort of past connection that has not exactly been revealed in the story at this point.

- *Akira Mastumoto (Chapter 8) - A highly pompous individual and self-proclaimed expert in all legal matters of the Transbaal Empire. He is a lawyer and attorney.

- *Shima (Chapter 10) - Owner of an Adoption Center. Akira often comes by her center to drop off orphaned children.

- * Jess & Tina (Chapter 10) - The big sisters and oldest girls at Shima's adoption center. Referred to as Onee-chan by all the younger girls and some of the boys.

- Vermouth Matin (Chapter 12) - A 8 year old boy brought to Shima's three months after Vanilla's arrival. His plans and schemes, though feasibly possible, tend to backfire as his way of executing them is very childlike.

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