Authors note: This just got me for some reason. I was just sitting there, watching The Road To Eldorado and then Bam! I dont know how this links with Miguel or Tullio in any way but hey. This is just a little teaser for you and I hope it catches your interest. Have fun reading

Hermione was flung to the ground as Remus Lupin ran past her, firing a curse at Dolohov who it appeared had been aiming a curse at Hermione's back. She leapt to her feet, ready to fire her own curse at him but was distracted by McNair who turned to face her, wand raised and a leer on his face. She shuddered and didn't hesitate to flick her wand, sending a non-verbal stunning spell at him. It was a battle and she knew that all of her enemies would be more than willing to kill her, but that didn't mean she had to resort to that herself. He casually deflected her spell and before Hermione could react he sent a green jet of light at her. For the second time in as many minutes she found herself on the ground, amazed and shocked that she was still alive. It didn't take much for her to garner that the green jet of light sent towards her had been the killing curse. Before she could gather her bearings she was yanked to her feet and spun round to face a death eater she didn't recognize. She immediately put him under the full body bind, reasonably satisfied that he wasn't going to be a problem for a few minutes. It was then that she realized she was back to back with someone. She took a few step forwards then turned to find none other than Severus Snape staring at her with what Hermione was obviously mistaking for concern. She was going to speak when she caught the tell tale blond hair of Lucius Malfoy out of the corner of her eye, wand raised. She turned to face him properly, full on, and cast a shield charm, strengthening it with all the strength of her will to survive and fruitlessly hoped it would protect her. Then she was once again shocked to find Snape jumping in front of her, putting himself between her and the callous Lucius Malfoy. She saw an expression of fury on his pale, painted features, which quickly changed to a devious smirk. Just looking at his face sent a tingle of foreboding down Hermione's spine.

"Die with the Mudblood, traitor" He spat venomously, about to cast a spell when his wand flew out of his hand and landed on the grass, feet away. Hermione had taken the opportunity when he had spoken to aim the disarming defence charm at him. It had done the job required of it and Hermione was satisfied that she had bought them some time.

"Thank you Professor" She said loudly, so he would hear her over the shouts of hexes and curses and the general, almost deafening noises of battle. Snape paused and turned his head to look over his shoulder at her.

"Don't thank me yet Miss Granger" He muttered ominously. Somehow Hermione heard him and gave him a slight, strained smile as he turned back to fire a curse she didn't know at Lucius Malfoy who had fallen to his knees to locate his wand. Then Hermione's ears picked up what she had never hoped to hear. Harry was crying out for her and she could hear pain in his call. She immediately sprinted off; dodging duelling pairs and curses and hexes that flew her way. She followed Harry's voice and soon found him, on his knees, before Voldemort who had his wand pointed at Harry. Hermione let a snarl of rage rip from her and launched herself between Harry and Voldemort, rapidly throwing every cruse, hex and jinx that she knew at the snake like wizard. He deflected them all, laughing mirthlessly at first then seeming to become almost possessed by rage. Hermione kept repeating every cruse, hex and jinx. She was relentless in the task and was providing the perfect distraction to Voldemort as Harry gathered himself and his strength together.

"You try my patience mudblood witch!" Voldemort hisses, raising his wand at Hermione. She was exhausted and could hardly move her wrist to perform the necessary movements of her wand. She accepted her fate now. She was going to die here and then Harry would destroy Voldemort and save the Wizarding World. She was too tired to perform any other spells, having unleashed practically all of her arsenal of strength against him. She glared defiantly at the snake-faced wizard in front of her. His lip curled into an evil smirk and his red slit eyes glowed with a mixture of anger and satisfaction that he would be ridding the world of her.

"Hermione!" A voice Hermione recognized called out to her and cold fingers curled round her arm pulling her. For the second time Severus Snape had appeared to protect her, or in this instance at least attempt to. She greatly appreciated it and smiled at him. He nodded, acknowledging that he had seen and accepted her smile.

"Transform" He hissed as Voldemort looked even angrier than before and then positively gleeful. Hermone didn't have to be a legilimins to know what was running through his mind at that moment; two for the price of one.

"The traitor and the mudblood. Be wed in death" He called as he sent the killing curse at them. Hermione drew on the last of her magic and felt her transformation taking control. She fell to the ground on all fours, narrowly avoiding the killing curse for the second time in as many minutes. Today really was Hermione's lucky day, perhaps she was not meant to die there. The other thought in Hermione's mind and in her heart was the hope that Snape had gotten out of the way of the curse too.

What happened next Hermione was unsure of but she did see that Harry had jumped forward, wand waving and sent the killing curse at Voldemort, the same time as Voldemort sent the same spell at Harry. The spells collided in mid air and Hermione found herself flung back in an explosion that deafened her ears. She landed on the ground hard and yowled in pain. Her eyes were forced shut and all Hermione could see was bright white, bright enough that she feared it would burn and destroy her sight with it's intensity. She could feel heat stroking her fur and it hurt immensely. She had been too close to the explosion. With her eyes shut, all the breath knocked out of her and what felt like her body burning slowly, Hermione was very quickly claimed by a roaring darkness that she only presumed to be death. She welcomed it and put up no fight to the darkness, hoping that within it the pain would end and she would find some solace and peace