Authors note: Well here's another update. I'm just trying to get them on rather than focus on lengthening them right now, I do promise that I'm gonna try and make the chapters a little longer so the plot moves faster or there's more detail in the story, take your pick and I hope you enjoy this update, even though it's very quick. It's just meant for this small, important piece of information- Bee x

Hermione had spent what she judged to be most of the day running along the ground, eyes alternating between Severus Snape's crow form above her and the ground before her. Her legs were beginning to ache and thankfully for Hermione the sky was beginning to grow darker and the sun was well on the way to setting. She was thankful for this as it meant that she could insist that they stop without having to admit her own weakness. Hermione may not have known Snape well but she knew some important details about him and one of those was that he would taunt her and be incredibly smug about her lack of stamina.

Unkown to Hermione, Severus was struggling himself. He may be a very powerful wizard amongst other things but unfortunately he was also getting a little bit older. He didnt have the stamina to keep up with Hermione Granger but he was damned if he wouldn't try. As such, when he noticed the darkening sky and the steadily setting sun he was more than relieved. This gave him the perfect excuse he needed to request that they stop for the night without admitting that he was weak. Severus did not like anyone to know that he had any weaknesses. A Slytherin would try to take advantage of it whereas a Gryffindor, such as the Gyrffindor running on the ground far beneath him, would pity him. Severus Snape disliked many things but hated only very few. When he hated, it was with a passion that could not be rivalled. Severus Snape hated being pitied.

I believe it might perhaps be time to stop our progress for this eveningSeverus thought to Hermione. Although they were a distance from each other they could still transmit their thoughts to each other so long as they could still see the other. Severus continued flapping his wings, feeling the ache in every part of his bird body as he waited for Hermione's reply. He had only to wait a few minutes before she answered in the affirmative and stopped. Severus immediately changed his direction towards the ground and, despite trying not to seem too desperate to get down, practically dive-bombed. He pulled up when he thought he was close enough and spread his wings out wide so as to allow himself to descend gracefully onto his clawed feet. Hermione had stopped and was lounging on the grass, watching him carefully. Severus' body sagged with relief at finally being able to stop and rest

How far away do you think we are?Hermione questioned, watching Snape with barely concealed curiosity. It almost looked to her for a moment that his body language was betraying relief. Relief at what she could only wonder. She allowed herself to stretch for a moment then just gave up on trying to appear well composed and let herself stay stretched out on the grass. She was lying on her back, exposing her underbelly but it didn't really matter to her. She was too exhausted. She could barely keep her eyes open. So, Hermione made a compromise, she shut one eye and kept the other open to watch Snape.

If your that tired Miss Granger by all means don't let me be the cause of your staying awakeSnape's tone was reeking of sarcasm and Hermione's reponse was to open both her eyes and glare pointedly at the crow. She hissed angrily when his reaction was to begin to pick at stray feathers on his wings. Hermione was infuriated by his attitude and just generally everything about him. He had never given her any respect and Hermione had understood that for her first few years at Hogwarts but now, after everything she had done and seen, she felt that she deserved his respect, even if it was grudging. As her Professor, so long as she was a Hogwarts student, Hermione was forced to pay him respect. Harry and Ron never had done but then again, Harry and Ron didnt exactly have the same healthy appreciation of the rules that Hermione did. She was almost honour bound to respect him, even if she felt that really, he hadn't earned it. At least, she hadn't earned it until she discovered his role as a spy. Even then, she still did not feel he had properly earned it. Then, he had saved her life. Twice. He certainly deserved her respect from that. He had saved her life, had saved her very existence. That action, not only once but twice, deserved respect. It deserved more actually. It was then that it hit Hermione with complete horror. She owed him a life debt!