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Chapter one

"I guarantee you will be safe here, miss Hathaway." Said Kirova.

I'd been in this room for 5 minutes and I already hated her. I get the feeling she didn't like me- good we're on the same page.

I just nodded at her, not really believing it. They'd thought my last academy was safe- turns out I had to move schools.

I sighed. I guess that's what happens when Strigoi wanna kill you.

"As I said before, your guardian is Dimitri Belikov. He is the best there is- I assure you he can protect you." Whatever.

"Great- let's see who my new stalker is and get this over with." I said in a bored voice.

She scowled. "Miss Hathaway, I ask that you treat with respect- he will be risking his life for you."

I snorted. "The last person 'risking his life' for me turned out to be working hand in hand with Strigoi."

She ignored my comment and called Belikov in.

Ok- he was hot. Smoking hot actually. He had tanned skin and looked way over 6 ft. He had soft, brown hair that matched his deep, endless eyes. They were chocolate brown, and surrounded by thick lashes. He was wearing the usual guardian outfit- black. He looked around mid- twenties. Smoking hot was an understatement.

He nodded to me, his guardian mask on.

"Rose. It's nice to meet you."

His voice was laced with a soft Russian accent- god I loved his voice.

"Same here." I replied nonchalantly.

We went to sit under a tree- it was a nice night (my day), the stars were out. All the students would be in their dorms right now.

"So tell me about yourself." I said, awkwardly.

He smiled slightly. "I grew up in Baia, Russia. I went to the Russian academy there, and was assigned to my best friend." Was- that didn't sound good. "His name was Ivan. I lost him- a Strigoi killed him. I promised I'd protect him- but I couldn't save him." I could see the pain in his eyes. His guardian mask was good, but I could see right through him. Without registering it, I put my hand on top of his.

"I'm so sorry." I told him- I didn't know what else to say.

We started talking about other things after that- his childhood, his school... I kept asking him questions, so he wouldn't ask me about myself. Apparently he could see through my little charade.

"So what about you?" he asked. Ah shit.

I took a breath. "well you've probably heard of me- or at least my mum. The famous Janine Hathaway. The only Moroi to ever- well, have killed Strigoi. She has more molnija marks than some guardians. My father Is Zmey- I'm sure you've heard of him. Now because my mum's killing half the Strigoi out there- it helps that her element is fire- they want to kill me. They think it'll 'sway' her. I doubt it- shes more into killing their kind then she is in being my mother. At my last academy, my guardian, Adrian Ivashkov, betrayed me. I went on a shopping trip one time- and we were attacked by Strigoi. Adrian told them I would be out of the wards that day. They killed a very good friend of mine- Mason." I swallowed. "He was protecting me, and they killed him for it."

And I was falling in love with Adrian. I didn't say it, but the unspoken words hung between us.

He turned his and, so it was holding mine.

He looked deep into my eyes as he said:

"I'm sorry. That must be so hard for you."

I sighed. "Well then they moved me here and now I'm stuck with you stalking my every move." I said, smiling at him.

He laughed at that. It was getting closer to curfew, so we had to leave. He walked me to my room.

"Bye Roza." He said, smiling slightly.

Roza... I loved the new nickname.

"See you round comrade." I told him.

He rolled his eyes- apparently not liking his. He walked off, and I watched him as he left. He's so ho- oh hell. You've got to be kidding me!

I sighed as I walked into my new room.

I was falling for my guardian.

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