Logia Luffy: Pika edition

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Koby wouldn't say that he's accomplished a lot in his young life.

A few years back he had decided to go fishing. He grabbed his fishing rod, tackle and catch box and headed out the door after saying bye to his mother. He'd ambled down to the port hopping to catch the morning fishing vessel. He saw one in particular that looked quite big and from the goofy yet feminine design may have been owned by a young woman.

Boy was he wrong.

He was kept a prisoner by Alvida and unwillingly became cabin boy and personal door mat. Made to clean everything that the other men were too good to clean, cook to feed her ridiculous appetite, polish her shoes and bow and scrape for unwanted approval just before she beat him. His only reward for all these years of forced faithful service was that he got to live another day.

Slowly but surely Koby constructed his escape plan. Collecting spare pieces of wood he'd managed to find, or commender. Alvida didn't notice if a few planks going missing in a fight with a rival just as long as they're was enough to repair her butt ugly ship. Or care what happened to the chests that they'd take as spoils of victory just as long as it was only the chests and not the loot inside that went missing, and they always had spare nails lying about for an emergency

He built his raft discreetly in the middle of the woods on their base island were nobody went. It was ugly, shoddy and looked like it couldn't go 10 feet without sinking, but after so many years of being forced to tell a sea hag that she was one of the three great beauty's of the world he could only come to one conclusion.

10 minutes of freedom were better than a lifetime on this ship.

So he set out under the cover of night. Making sure to sneak away from the ship unnoticed and dragged his ship to the other side of the small island, making sure to avoid the patrols who monitor for any approaching ships. He succeeded! He was free.

He spent the night drifting with the occasional adjustment to his heading, enjoying the long awaited freedom to put much more thought into rowing once out of Alvida's range.

He headed to the nearest island possible. Which fortunately for him had a marine base of all things. Not only did that guarantee his safety from Alvida but he could fulfill his dream of becoming a great marine. One strong enough to take Alvida in.

Then he saw the town.

Treading on egg shells, taxed into poverty and little more than slaves to the local marine Lieutenant commander Axe hand Morgan and his son Helmeppo. These people were forced to pay tribute to the commander less he have the men under him take them away to be executed for not giving money that they need not give. They bowed every time the commanders spoiled son walked down the street, doing whatever he pleased for fear of his dads wrath. It was like him on the pirate ship times a thousand.

He knew he had to do something. The first option was to release that demon swordsman they'd 'arrested' Roronoa Zoro, whose only crime had apparently been saving a little girl from being killed. It was noble he granted, but that guy just looked too plain scary to release. Whats to stop the guy from going berserk and striking him down in a rage?

The second option was just as suicidal. If he could get a hold of one of the marines den den mushi then he could use it to transmit a signal to another base nearby telling them about Morgan. In theory the plan was good, however the problem was that even though the marines clearly didn't like following the blow hard they liked their necks to remain connected to their shoulders, they were to scared to fight him. Not only that but the only den den mushi strong that could have that sort of signal behind it would logically be in Morgans office.

He'd sneaked in past the guards. Not to hard since they looked the other way when he past them, and went into the commanders office on the top floor. The marines who hadn't seen him gulping audibly at the young boys bravery. He started talking about Morgans cruelty when...


The massive Axe blade missed him by a fraction of an inch. Carving a deep scar into the floor in front of him and making him jerk back.

Morgan in all his giant glory looked down on the weak little pink haired boy with nothing short of scathing anger. Holding his Axe hand at the boys face.

"You little bastard! What do you think you were trying to do!" He snarled.

Trembling Koby was still able to get out a few words. "I, I, I s-sent a m-mess-message to an-another b-base. Th-they'll s-sens someo-ne to in-in-investig-gate."

Morgans pupils turned into needle points.


His entire operation was based on the fact that he'd cut the town off from the world. The population had went up considerably from merchants and other sailors he'd forced to stay to keep his superiors from finding out his corruption. If they sent someone he'd be ruined.

No matter, he'll just send another call saying a kid broke into his office. Then he'd split this runt from skull to groin. Just grab the den den mushi and, and, and...

"Where is it?" The massive blond looked around the room for his snail phone. Eventually finding it in the arms of the boy

"Give. Me. That. SNAIL!" He growled out.

Koby used his smaller stature to dive through the mans wide stance and run out the door. Followed immediately by the angry Lieutenant.

It was a rather comical race. A small pink haired boy carrying a snail being chased by a man three times his size who was slashing at him every chance he had. Cutting up walls, furniture and even the odd marine.

Finally the chase led them to the execution grounds were Zoro was being held. A whole contingent of Marines following behind their commender. Morgan released a particularly viscous slash at Koby just as he was passing the bound Zoro. It sailed right over Koby and went through the rope holding Zoro's left arm.


With a 'yes sir' they took hold of their rifles and pointed them at the sword less swordsmen and former cabin boy.


Koby was shivering in fear clutching the snail tight enough to choke it. "It doesn't matter what you do! They'll still send someone to find out the source of my message. You'll be striped of rank and sent to Impel down!"

Morgan snorted. "Stupid punk. Who will be left to convict me when your gone? With you two executed and dumped in the ocean I'll just cover up your tattling and pass it off as my worthless son crying about me punishing him."

He smirked when the boy's eyes opened wide in fear. All that with his life on the line was for nothing.



Everyone was knocked back at the explosive force of the bullet hitting their targets. Which was strange since they didn't think that bullets exploded on impact.

"Wait a minute. Bullets don't explode!" Gasped Morgan.

See they don't explode.


Marines fell to the ground. Holding blistered and burnt hands when beams of light lanced out of the smoke cloud and struck the guns. Destroying their guns and hands all at once.

"Looks like I made it just in time." Said a new voice in the smoke.

The kicked up dust soon fell back to the earth. Revealing something that shocked everyone their.

"V-V-V-..." Koby stuttered "...V-V-V-VICE ADMIRAL GARP!"

That's what many others thought at the sight. However several things were off. He was shorter for a start, by at least a foot or more. Second he was no where near as bulky as the marine hero. Not to say he didn't have a build but this guy looked to be more fit athletic wise opposed to Garp's heavy stature. The most notable difference however was that this guy was SIXTY YEARS YOUNGER! Not to mention his face actually looked like it couldn't grow hair while Garp was known to have a short beard that covered his lower face for as long as he's been in the navy.

So yeah to sum up. Aside from the height, the build, the age and the lack of facial hair you could totally mistake him for Garp.


The Garp 'look alike' wore a suit like it was casual wear. black pants, a pale orange short sleeved shirt that looked slept in with the top two buttons undone. A blue tie that was worn like someone who had been at the office all day and loosened it but hadn't taken it off for some reason. On his head was a wide brimmed black fedora with a pale orange stripe circling it. His feet lacked socks but were protected by slightly worn leather shoes, and of course on his back worn like a cape was the white jacket with 'justice' written on the back. Signature of marine officers. (1)

"Garp?" He said confused. "Oh you mean grampa. Sorry..."

"...I'm Vice admiral Monkey D Luffy. At your service!"

(1) A white jacket with epaulette's (those things on the shoulders) with justice written on the back is normally worn by marine officers in One piece with few notable exceptions.

This is the second of my 'Logia Luffy stories. This one combines the theme of Luffy having a different power with the theme of him being a marine. This is for all you who say that Yami edition isn't original enough (whisper: I agree)

So tell me what you think. If anyone thinks I take to long to get the story's out then I'd be more than happy to co-author them with someone, as my only problem is after a few chapters I lose my muse. Or in recent cases find it harder to write without the story becoming flat and uninteresting.

In case your wondering about Luffy's cloths think of Reborn from 'Hit man reborn' combined with the casual suit wearing style of Gomez Addams. If you can think of a better style he could wear them please tell me, but keep in mind he is a vice admiral so a suit is definitely a must, but colour scheme and style are open season.