Logia Luffy: Pika edition

Chapter 6

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The clown screamed as he tumbled through the air in five different pieces, shock wave from his explosive lifting him up into the air and into the side a house, fortunately he hit the window and not the wall.


Remember he can't get cut.



He crashed into the empty living room just as the smoke from the bomb rushed in through the broken glass, filling the room with ash and covering it's creator. He lay on the floor for a minute after, whether it was to wait for the smoke to settle or he was just nursing a bruised head wasn't all that important. Just that he shakily stood back up when he was sure it was safe, he flung himself flat against the wall of the living room and edged towards the broken window to peer out at his handiwork.

Where the infamous vice admiral had once stood molten glass where stone cobbles had been pulverised into sand and melted in an instant spattered ground zero. Nearby houses much closer than this one were blasted off the foundations and crushed others like paper.

Buggy begins to chuckle, pulling himself back outside on the stumps of his arms he caught his foot on the frame and smashed into the road chin first, but did not stop laughing. His laugh grew louder and louder the nearer he got to the blast zone, becoming high and insane by the time he was right next to it.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA WAHAHAHAHA *cough cough* AHAHAHA *cough cough* HAHA!"

He laughed long and loudly, or short and loudly with his lungs filling with ash with every deep breath he took.


"Still you."

Buggy had just enough time to turn before a shining fist smashed into his jaw at 186,000 miles a second. Shattering the bones into a million pieces and causing it to tear away from his head, demolishing the building it ploughed through far more destructively than his inventions ever had.

Now he may be immune to the bone shattering and the violent removal of part of his face, but he still felt the blunt force like a speeding train slam into him. He fell to his back grasping where his dimpled chin should be, his unseated tongue lolling about loosely while he rolled from side to side in agony.

Luffy towered over him. Buggy's eyes as wide as he could with the rapid swelling of his face and all at the sight of the boy not only alive but completely unfazed by his ultra destructive sea stone buggy ball.

"Kaaaahhhh! Bleeeeeeee!" He tried to say something, but without his jaw he couldn't communicate any better than a newborn babe.

The teen officer gave the pirate the only smile he ever really gave anyone. "Oh right like I'm gonna tell you." He reached into the same pocket as before and pulled out a familiar set of shackles. He pointed a glowing digit between the clowns eyes. "You might wanna pull yourself together first."

The blacked out pin holes he called peepers bugged out as best they could and his mouth-less face hole let out a sound that was supposed to be a nervous chuckle.





"Pick up the pace you filth!" Momonga kicked a pirate in the backside, pulling every man lined to him via chained collar foward violently.

The clown pirates marched up the gang plank of the marine vessel in single file. Each sporting some sort of disfiguring or comical injury. Sometimes both.

Several blocks away, the tip of a chipped sabre peeked out making sure not to reflect a glimmer of sunlight.


"Everyone. They got everyone." The holder of the sword bit into the remains of the scarf covering his mouth to curb his anger.

"Well not everyone." Ear hair man said in a somewhat upbeat tone. Idly scratching behind the ear of the massive lion sitting next to him whining like a puppy, great clumps of it's mane missing. "What do we do now Cabaji."

The second mate looked at the first, considering his question for a second before simply walking past him "I don't know about you but I intend to get off this rock at soon as the heat dies down."

"What! But what about the crew? The captain."

The acrobat kept walking. "If you wan't to get captured that's your problem..." He tossed his broken blade into a nearby gutter, pulling out a much smaller throwing knife he started giving himself a swift haircut "...But I think my talents would be suited to something more than entertaining the inmates."

Mohji the lion tamer watched his long time crew mate walk further into the remaining dark back alleys of the city, and away from any loyalty he had towards Buggy the clown.

He followed after seconds later, dragging the depressed lion with him like a child pulling a stuffed toy across the ground.

A certain red haired girl, with a stealth that matched a felines had sneakily departed the town. Her boat as far from port as she could land it. No one had really payed attention to the one girl walking away from town while they all rushed into it. She held her hand to her bosom every 10 seconds, subconsciously checking if the map was still there.

She couldn't afford to lose it. It would take another ten years to get as much as this one score would net her.

She didn't know if her village could last that long.

Buggy grumbled, stomping down the street as quickly as he could trying to force his captor along with him. Anything to get out of the barrage of garbage and rocks being thrown at him by booing townspeople. Spitting violently when a particularly rotten apple splatted aginst his swollen cheeks getting black gunk and mold in his mouth.

"Can we pick this up?" He snarled still 'ptoeeing'.

"I could..." Luffy mused "...Gramps always said never pour salt in a wound."

"Well j..."

"Unless they think they're bad asses. Then I should humiliate them as much as I can."


"AAAGGGHHH!" He yelled in frustration. Pulling at his restraints out of sheer anger, not a link strained against the clown meager levels of inhuman strength. None of which meant anything compared to the strength of a Monkey D.

His men saluted while walking onto the ship with Buggy, with the exception of Zoro who was (much to his other superiors aggravation) laying against a mast, mildly glaring at the younger teen at getting any action while he was stuck in the middle of the ocean. Momonga's glare wasn't nearly as intense as the swordsman's but still clear on his face.

"Monkey." He said with a bitter tatse in his mouth. Extending his hand.

Luffy only smiled back, his tone of reply a tad too happy to be entirely honest. "Mongy." He extended his hand to the vice admirals, only to have it swept past and the older man taking the chains of his captive.

"Well well well. Buggy the clown. If this isn't a case of the minnow trying to be a shark I don't know what is. Trying to scrape together some sort of reputation in the weakest oceon in the world besides the shame of 'his' crew are we?".

The clown lunged for him and was knocked back to the floor by a leg to his skull that he hadn't even seen move.

"We have a special place reserved for members of that crew in the down." He turned back to Luffy "And as for you. Sengoku will be informed of the damages you caused to this town."

He dragged the pirate captain below deck, muttering the whole way. Once the telltale 'click' of the doors locking was heard the men and villagers exploded into cheers. The people swarming Luffy, pulled every which way for handshakes, back pats, hugs and more than 1 peck on the cheek from a pretty girl. By the time he managed to pull away and get up onto the ship he was beet red and staring at the ground.

As soon as he was up so was the walk. Momonga having been quite clear to leave as soon as they got him. As the marine vessel pulled away the villagers ran along side it, the swordsman spotting one old man in particular who had no business running like that. A slip f paper that he'd been the mullet man hand him earlier. Luffy was also scanning the crowd, his brow knit.

"Anything wrong Luffy?" He asked. Drawing looks from the few menn not lapping up the admiration as they pulled away.

"No not really." He said "I met someone earlier and I can't see them anywhere."

"A girl?" Zoro said wryly.


"Oh I see." He grinned. Making Lffys look deepen.

"See what?"

"Nothing." He grinned and walked off to find a comfy place to nap.

"Nooooo. C'mon tell me!" The three year teenager chased after his subordinate to pry information out of him.

At the same time. In a stretch of oceon no one had sailed into. On an island that many didn't believe existed, and in a field that any artist would sell their soul to capture on canvas a lone figure smiled gently as he lay against the trunk of the picturesque places lone eyesore. An ugly black, twisted tree, it rose up to eclipse even the greatest of giants height and it's almost bear branches spread out half a mile.

The man hummed a tune he didn't care to remember the words to, peering up into the network of gnarled twigs and sparse dusk red leaves. Wordlessly he got up. Stretching his legs a little he jogged lightly til he reach near the end of the hanging branches just as something dropped out of them.

With a swift hand he grabbed for the plummeting object. Holding it up to the light and examining it.

Green, with the shape and leafy scales of a pitaya, and covered in tight swirls.

He admired the new devil fruit for a moment before walking back over to the trunk. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny whistle.

A shrill noice barely on the apex of human hearing went out over the valley. At first nothing, then the sky darkened as a massive...regular sized seagull with a big shadow landed in front of him. He opened up the satchel the bird carried and put the fruit inside.

"North blue. Civilian." He said in a raspy, Scottish voice. The bird nodded in a human fashion an took off. Flying faster than a bullet it was out of sight and heading towards its destination in the blink of an eye.

The man watched after the news coo until it vanished from view. He leane back against the tree and eased himself down the trunk. Peering up into the Branch's were a hundred other accursed fruits slowly ripened.

'I would end the chapter there. But I feel I should show you how Luffy 'really' survived.'

Luffy looked in the direction that Buggy had buggered off in. Not exactly eager to chase after him. You see he knew better than to underestimate someone who had ever sailed in the new world, even if they did leave and come to the East. He also knew that anyone who'd seen what he could do didn't bother to run unless they were A. Capable of using haki or B hiding an ace up their sleeve.

Not wanting to risk anything he decided on another course of action.

He brought his hands together and concentrated. The space in front of him shimmered. Forming a vague outline in the air. Within moments the outline filled in with his features, his colouring and in seconds an exact copy of the vice admiral was standing in front of him.

"Pika Bushin." He whispered. Focusing his thoughts he ordered the exact copy of himself to follow after the pirate while he watched out of sight. Ready to pounce once Bugys trap was sprung.

End chapter.

Ok before flaming bags start appearing on my doorstep I want to say a few things.

1) The hard light clone is not an exact copy of Luffy. When it stumbled back from contact with sea stone that was only because he willed it to so Buggy would reveal everything to him. Since Luffy controls light manipulating his hard light hologram so to speak is no different than turning himself into light or shooting laser beams.

2) Pika bushin. I know the name sucks, If anyone can think up a better one let me know. Please.

3) The paper the old man (Mayor Boodle) was holding was a form of I.O.U which will allow Boodle to claim funds to repair any damage caused by Luffy directly or indirectly. Momonga carries about 50 of these at any given time just in case Luffy can't reign in his powers.

4) Bad spelling, usual message. Too lazy to give more than a once over.

5) I like pie

6) No I don't

7)Yes I do so shut up!

8) Now that's out of the way.. ...

Next chapter: The lord of light decides to take a little trip to a sticky little town, where the apparent constant pirate attacks don't seem to be bothering the residents that much.