Cry For Me

By: Tatsutahime

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon. Naoko Takeuchi does. I'm only using her characters for my story. I also made up a few characters to benefit the plot of the story. I'm also using Mandy Moore's 'Cry' on this chapter. I don't own that either. I wish I did though, it a cute song. ^_^*

AU: Just a note for the beginning. In my story, it never gets's like summer all year around.


The year was 3056. September 21, 3056 to be exact. Warn sunlight poured into the main bedroom. Sweet songbirds chirped lightly indicating morning. Usagi Tsukino stirred slightly in her soft bed. 'Another day,' she thought as she stretched out her arms. Pulling the heavy sheets of her fragile body, she headed toward her vanity mirror. She picked up her silver brush and gently brushed her hair thoughtfully. Sighing, she put the brush down. She couldn't stand to look at herself. She felt like an old woman stuck in a nineteen-year-olds body. Her curly golden silver hair now barely reached the floor. Her light grayish blue cerulean eyes glimmered with wisdom. 'That's what a good 1054 years does to them I guess.' She thought with an empty smile.

Turning her attention away from herself she stepped into her large marble bathroom. Usagi turned on the bathtub faucet. Hot steam filled the air as she slipped off her nightgown. She slowly sank into the tub of water. She closed her eyes as thoughts crowded her mind. There was much to do to prepare for the ball that would honor the King of Earth's arrival tonight. The thought of King Endymion sent shivers down her spine as her mind flashed backed to that day so very long ago. The day that plagued her mind for over a thousand years.


The year was 2003. It had been over a year since the love of her life returned to his place in Paris. She never heard from his again. Her and Mamoru had been dating on and off. A few kisses here and there but nothing too serious. That little spark didn't exist anymore. However they did grow to become the best of friends. The Sailor Scouts were whole again. Fighting side by side to defeat any new evil that threatened humanity. She got a job in Tokyo to model a new creative designer's formal dresses. Her life was starting to rise again from their ashes.

It was roughly midnight on June 22, the night of her nineteenth birthday. Mamoru and the scouts had blind folded her and brought her to Huntington Beach. There they had set up a bonfire and dinner. Covering themselves in blankets they played truth and dare until the sun started to rise. Suddenly a blinding one light appeared overhead. 'It is time to chose your destiny' the figure announced in a strong voice. Usagi looked around confused as the beach disappeared into whiteness. Then all that could be in sight was Mamoru. He looked at her pleadingly, holding out his hand…as if asking her to come with him. Her mind screamed to take his hand. 'You'll rule Crystal Tokyo together! You'll never be lonely again. Isn't that what you what? You'll never be lonely again…' She slowly reached out for him. Just as her fingers brushed against his, she quickly drew back. She knew in her heart that she had made the right decision as Mamoru faded away. That was that last time she saw him and the scouts.

End of Flashback

'Until now. Did I make the right choice?' Usagi questioned as she stepped out of the bathtub wrapping a towel around her body. 'Of course you did Usagi! You put your people's happiness and safely before yours. Your planet is the might prosperous and powerful. Everyone's happy…yeah, Usagi, everyone's happy…everyone except you. It's a small price to pay for peace.' she scolded as she slipped into her dress. Adjusting the fabric wings on her back, she sighed. She sat down at her vanity mirror and waited for Melissa to come in. Soon enough, a knock was heard at the door.

"Come in Melissa." Usagi called. The large bedroom door reluctantly opened. A skinny brunette hurried inside. "Good morning your majesty." She said as she did a small dip. "Good Morning Melissa. I trust you slept well?" Melissa gave a tired smile. "Brian was up all night, crying hysterically. I didn't get much sleep your highness." Melissa yawned as she sat beside Usagi and began putting her long mop of hair into traditional buns. Usagi giggled sympathetically, " Babies are quite a handful. After you're done here. I order you to get some rest. I will watch Brian. But I trust you'll be ready to help me get into my dress at seven o'clock sharp?" Melissa gave Usagi a grateful smile. "Thank you," she cried dramatically hugging her friend, which caused both to burst out laughing. Taking the crown off the velvet pillow, she placed it on Usagi's head. She dropped to a deep curtsy. "Now, Neo Queen Serenity, your people awaits you."


Usagi slowly sat down onto her throne in the middle of the enormous ballroom. Brian happily cooed in her arms. 'It's a shame he doesn't like anyone else holding him besides his parents and me.' It was usually her that watched the baby. She watched the maids and footmen hustle around making sure that everything was perfect for tonight. Her job was to just advise them. To pick with color velvet should adorn the pillars, or the arrangement of the tables carrying food. Hours passed as she sat there. A maid handed her Brian's baby formula. Thanking her, she placed the bottle into Brain's mouth. She looked at the grandfather clock on the opposite wall. 'Damn. 5 O'clock already? I'm gonna be late!'

Usagi descended the throne and went straight to the teloportation room. Kind Endymion was to be here already. Not to mention the princesses of each respected inner planet. Not being able to run with a baby in her arms, she looked frantically at each clock she passed. 'Way to go Usagi. You haven't seen your friends in more than a thousand years and when they finally have a chance to visit YOUR planet, you're late to greet them!' she thought picking up her pace. She repositioned Brian in her arms as she entered the room.

"Welcome everyone to my Kingdom." She greeted as her eyes met with Ami, Rei, Lita, and Mina. They all smiled back. 'They've all grown so such.' Usagi thought as each gave her a loose hug. " And who is this?" Rei questioned as she approached Usagi and took Brian's little hand. "Someone's been busy haven't they?" Usagi blushed a crimson red. " Oh, no…" She stuttered. "Brian isn't mine. He belongs to a maid of mine. Anyway, we'll have all the time in the universe to talk later. But now, my guards will escort each of you to your rooms. We are having a ball in your honor tonight and I'm sure you would like to get some rest before hand." They nodded in agreement. Each gave her a knowing smile as they exited the room, each with the moon's most available bachelors arm in arm.

"And do I get an escort?" Usagi turned abruptly to see a strikingly handsome man. She could recognize that man anywhere. "Endymion. Welcome." She smiled as she approached him. He brought her into a loose hug, careful not to hurt the baby in her arms. As they broke apart, all he could do was stare at her overwhelming beauty. 'The years have been good to her.' "Come." Usagi said as she motioned for him to follow. "We have much to discuss."

(AU: Just to clear something up, Usagi is a single ruler over the moon. Mamoru is now king of earth. He's also not married.)

He followed her down the hall and into the servant's quarters. He watched her knock on the large door. A young maid popped out from behind the door and dropped to a curtsy. "Your Highness, Your Majesty." She greeted sweetly. She thanked her queen for taking care of her baby. Usagi bid her good day and they were off down the long marble halls once again.

Serenity and Endymion walked in a comfortable silence until they reached the gardens. "How have you been?" Mamoru asked. Usagi smiled as she sat on the ledge of a massive white fountain. "Good. And you?" "Good…" he murmured. Mamoru fought with himself whether to or not to ask about the proposal. He wasn't sure how she would respond. He watched her run her dip her hands in to cup a gold fish. She watched as it swam around in the water trapped in her delicate hands.

"Did um…Luna and Artemis…inform you…of our…" He stuttered as he run his gloved hand over his midnight black hair.

"Proposal? Yes." She sighed as she released the fish.

" I wanted to know your thoughts on it."

"Gosh…um. I'm more than flattered that your planet wants to unify yours with mine. I also think that it is a wonderful idea. It would strengthen both our defenses and communication between our planets. The economy would…"

"Usagi…that's not what I meant…"

"…I know…"

"If you don't want to…"

"No...I mean yes. I want to do anything and everything in my power to achieve a strong universal alliance."

"…There's a but isn't there."

"Yes…it's the…uh, method of going about this change."

"The marriage of the rulers? My advisers believe it's the only way that the people will take this seriously. Neither one of us have heirs so we can't betroth them. We also know that we don't have much time. We both know that some Lunars and Terrain's don't trust one another."

"I know…I know." She sighed. "I just need more time. I have a lot on my mind. I will try to announce my decision at the ball tonight. You can trust that I'll have my people's best interest in mind." She said standing. Mamoru followed. "Here, I'll show you to your room."


It was 7 o' clock sharp when Usagi entered her bedroom. Melissa was already inside. She had already selected a gown that was sitting on her bed. Usagi dragged herself to the vanity table. "Are you all right your highness?" Melissa asked when she noticed her troubled face. She started taking out Usagi's buns. Suddenly, Usagi bursts out crying, burying her head in her hands. Melissa immediately plopped down next to her and hugged her Queen. "I dunno what to do…" At that time Luna entered her bedroom. "Dear child, what's wrong?" Luna asked completely worried as she kneed down before Usagi.

(AU: Luna is human.)

Usagi looked up. "I can't marry King Endymion. I just can't…" she sobbed as she thought of Matt. She wanted to be with him so badly.

"Usagi, listen to me, no one can force to do anything. If you don't want to marry, I'm sure the Terrain and Lunars can work out some peace treaty…"

'Oh, stop it Usagi. Matt's never gonna come back. You don't even know where he is. He completely disappeared remember? It's time to stop being so selfish. You turned down enough perfectly good suitors. You loved Mamoru once; can't you just love him again? He'll take care of you…' "No Luna," Usagi stated as she stopped crying. 'It's time to stop being so selfish.' "This marriage will be good for my people. I will…I will go through with it. It is my duty. Now Melissa, I need to get ready. "

Luna sighed. Tears began to form in her eyes. She hated seeing Usagi so sad and lonely. She admired her for being so strong and always putting her people before her. But it was time she did something to make HER happy, not her people. 'Oh, Matheny, where in the world are you? I believe you're the only one that can save her…'


Serenity stood at the top of the grand staircase as she nervously waited to be formally announced present. She fidgeted in her pearl ball gown. She hair was pulled back into one messy bun. Pearls burettes were placed in the mop of silver behind her crown. White gloves hugged up to her upper arms. Her white and peachy colored dress tugged her chest and split down the center. A pearl necklace adorned her neck. She glowed like an angel.

"Now, Presenting the sovereign ruler of the new Silver Millennium, Neo Queen Serenity."

'Here goes nothing.' She thought as she gracefully descended the stairs and headed toward her throne. The courtiers and courtesses bowed as she passed. As she sat on her throne, her guests were introduced. First the Princess of Mercury, Venus, Mars, then Jupiter. Last to be presented was Neo King Endymion. When they all reached the foot of her throne, it was her que.

"Let the ball begin!" Usagi cried. The crowd cheered and the orchestra started to play a waltz. She sat comfortably on her throne. As the hours pass, she watched her friends laugh and dance when they were asked to by handsome men. She watched the way young couples looked at each other. 'They're so happy…'

"Your Highness, my I have this dance?" Usagi looked down to see King Endymion offer his hand. "Of course," she answered as she plasters a smile on her face. He places an arm around her waist and with the other, takes her hand. They dance a first few minutes in silence. "You look beautiful Serenity." Usagi lifts her head up from off his shoulder whispers a 'thank you.'

"I don't want to rush you…and believe me, you can take all the time you want if you're not ready…"

"Endymion, I've decided that…" Mamoru waited eagerly for an answer that never came. Her attention was averted elsewhere. "Usagi? You decided what?" He watched her face intensely as she stopped dancing. He watched her inhale sharply and close her eyes. When she opened them her facial expression sent shivers down his spine. Mamoru turned to see what had caused Usagi to be so distracted. Her eyes were on a man. 'It couldn't be…' He looked back at Usagi confused.

"Oh my god…Is that Matt?!" her asked hysterically. "I thought he disappeared! Usagi?" When he looked back to get a better look, the man was gone.

"Matt…?" Usagi whispered as tears welled up in her eyes. She looked up at Mamoru with wide eyes, as if she'd seen a ghost. He stood there, obviously not comprehending what was going on. "Usagi…?" Tears flowed down her cheeks as her whispered 'sorry' and started running toward the figure that just disappeared out of the ballroom.

I'll always remember
It was late afternoon
It lasted forever
And ended too soon

When Usagi got outside, she looked around frantically. 'I won't loose him again...I can't...' Her mind screamed.
Her heart raced as she ran though the garden. Usagi felt overwhelming warmth when she reached the labyrinth she had the 
gardeners planted for her when she ascended the throne. A voice in her head screamed for her to go to the center. 'He's waiting 
for you. Go to him.' 

 Without another moment's hesitation, she picked up her skirt and ran, she ran as fast as she could to the center. She knew
 this maze like the back of her hand. If she ever needed time alone or time to think, she would go here. It was her own secret 
place. As she reached the center, she stopped herself before turning the corner. 'What if he's not there? What if he didn't want 
me to follow him? What if…" her mind panicked. 'Breathe Usagi. Just breathe…' She took a deep breath as warmth brushed 
passed her. 'Here goes nothing…' 

You were all by yourself
Staring up at a dark gray sky
I was changed

Her heart completely stopped as she turned the corner. There was a marble fountain in the center. Torches lined the hedges. 
Her eyes rested on breathtaking young man. His attention was to the stars. Usagi unconsciously took a step closer.

In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry

Inhaling slowly, she crept slowly closer, afraid that she might scare him away. She slowly took a seat on the ledge of the large 
fountain. She opened her mouth to say something. " So we meet again, mon petite alpine." Matt said softly as he averted his 
attention to her. Fresh tears formed in her eyes as she tried to tell herself that he was really there, after all these years…he 
came back. 'You're not real…You can't be…" 

The moment that I saw you cry

Matt sensing her fear took her hands in his. "It's really is me Usagi. I came back…from my home planet, the sun. (AU: It's not
really that hot up there…) They crowned me their king! I came back Usako…to make up my Queen…" Usagi looked at him in 
shock. Her eyes scanned his silver armor and then his red and yellow velvet cape. His waist held a long sword. Her eyes went 
to his crown. She reached up to caress his face. When her eyes met his, she was mesmerized by the compassion they held.

It was late in September
And I've seen you before (and you were)
You were always the cold one
But I was never that sure
You were all by yourself
Staring at a dark gray sky
I was changed

"I...I can't...Matt…I just can't…" she said shaking her head to brake her trance. She stood up and started to run. 'I can't do
 this…I can't get hurt again….' 

In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry

"Usagi! " Matt called as he started after her. 'I can't loose her again...' "Usagi!" he called as he caught her arm and pulled her
 into a tight embrace. She broke out sobbing fiercely into his chest.

I wanted to hold you
I wanted to make it go away
I wanted to know you
I wanted to make your everything, all right....

"Usagi...listen to me. I can feel that you're unhappy there. Please come with me…come with me to the sun. You'll be happy 
there. I know you will because I know you Tsukino Usagi. You're my soul mate. I'll take care of you. Please…I was stupid to let 
you go once, I won't make that same stupid mistake." Usagi's cries settled down to a small whimper. She looked up as his
 pleading eyes.

I'll always remember...
It was late afternoon...
In places no one would find...

"What about the moon? I'm their Queen…I can't just leave my…I promised them that I would protect them…I need to talk to Luna…" 

"Luna knows that I'm here. I spoke to her before the ball. We can work out all the details later." Matt said as he leaded his 
forehead on hers. He saw the fear wash away from her eyes. Their lips crept closer. As they met, a spark shot through their bodies. Matt slowly pulled away and looked up at her smiling. "You won't have to cry anymore love…Now come, My people are 
eager to meet their future Queen… Are you ready?" Usagi smiled a genuine smile. "Of course." Matt took her hand and in a 
flash, they disappeared off the moon forever.

In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry

Luna smiled as she watched Usagi and Matt depart. Tears flowed freely down her face as she looked up at the starry night sky. 'Be happy my Queen…heaven knows that you deserve it."

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