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It was a lovely walk. Wait, since when did I say 'lovely'? Is Chuck right? Am I turning into a real girl? Highly impossible. At the same time, very possible. Chuck was holding my hand firmly as we strolled the down the dim pavement. "Hey! You! Stop! Pickpocket!" I heard someone yell. Chuck and I grew alert. Then a dark figure banged into me and continued running. I gave chase. Chuck followed. Okay I'm assuming it's a He, and so, he was a runner. But I pounced on him. He was easy to tackle. I pinned him down firm. "Hey, hey, you got him slash her." And then another person came round. A middle aged man was huffing and puffing, drenched in sweat. "Thanks so much. This kid ran ten miles!" he said

Wow, ten, I'm impressed. "Give him his wallet back. Or you're going to the police." I threatened. "Fine," he said. His voice is kind of high for a boy, maybe he's prepubescent. He threw a wallet out and the man took it. "hey thanks again, you guys handle the punk." The man said as he walked off. "hey, who are you anyway?" Chuck asked as I helped him up. He did not say anything. Weird. I pulled off his hood that covered his face and there, its not a he, it's a she. And she was… No, it can't be. It can't be her.


No way, Sarah's clone! Same face shape, same nose, same eyes, un-same hair color, same hair style. Sarah covered her mouth and her eyes widened. And the exact same expression on the clone. Its hilarious. "Are you…?..." and Sarah said something in some unknown language that I don't comprehend. And she hugged her. But clone did not hug back, she showed an expressionless face. Sarah was almost in tears. "Group hug." I said s I went to hug them both. I didn't want to feel left out.

"Okay someone has to tell me what is going on." I said, but then I saw the clone's hand. There was something that made me flash. She was a juvenile had a record almost 5 miles long. She did a lot of bad things. I pulled Sarah to a corner and said, " Sarah, she is a very bad girl, juvenile, record maybe ten times longer than well, anything." And the next thing I knew, the clone said, "Ahh… the CIA, only sees the bad stuff, never the good. Takes down everything that ruins us and forgets everything that deem us heroes." She said. "And hi, my name is…" Sarah shot her a look. Clone smiled teasingly, put out her hand and said, "Your girlfriend's sister."Sister? Sarah had a sister? She never told me! And I never knew! My jaw sank to the floor. "Charles, call me Chuck." I said after like 3 hours. "Ahh, Chuck. Well, let my sister know that I still hate her." She said and then she walked off. About two steps later, wallets fell out of her hoodie. "hey you dropped… these are mine and Chuck's! how did you…? Wow you're good." Sarah said after picking up the wallets. She showed the peace sign and walked off.

"So what did she say to you?" Sarah asked. "She says she hates you." I gave her a confused look. Sarah looked confused as well. Then something hit her, as in idea or thought, not a stick or a rock.


Hate me? I think I know why. I ran from Chuck, trying to find my sister. I realized she is family, I can't let her do all the wrong things. Its like a sense of responsibility that I felt I should take. Hate me or not, its like… a sister thing. I have to save her, 'save' her. Like Graham. Lead her right, or she's going to get herself killed. I ran round the bend and saw her slumped against to the wall, with her eyes closed. "Selena?" I asked. She looked tired. "Yeah yeah, I know. Here's your phone." She tossed the phone over. "Now leave me alone. I don't need you here." She mumbled. "Hey, Selena, why do you hate me?" I asked. "Your boyfriend is coming." She said. And as she said, Chuck came. "Hey Sarah, we better go home." and he saw Selena. "Uh, then I go first? Yeah I'll do that." Chuck left. "Now, just leave me alone. I'm waiting for someone." She said sleepily. "Who?" I asked curiously. "No one you should know of." And then another figure came. He did not have his hood on. A boy, a young boy about 16. He had his hair nicely styled, slightly spiky, broad shoulders, and he is just, really cute that's all. "Sarah, I think you should go." She hissed at me


Sarah better go now… oh look she's walking away. No, don't turn, don't turn. Ahhh! She turned! "Hey, come here okay?" she gave me a slip of paper. Then Eric came closer. Eric was like a big brother to me. he was one of us, our team. The best criminal group. He was like the computer whiz. I was, well obviously the thief, Mark, the mastermind. He knows how to lead and probably the best con-man ever, well next to my dad he is. And then we also have Zack, the one who blends in the best, sneakiest of the lot, and lastly, Jersey. We call him Jersey because we have no clue what his name is. He is the kung-fu tough guy, never lets us down though. But he is like really thin with a six pack. "Hey kiddo. Better get back, its getting dark out here." He said as he approached. I know Sarah's still watching. Its an extra talent, besides stealing.

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