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Truthfully, Selena is the skilled one. Not me. she exited the cell, and searched for the exit. It was dark. I think I knocked down the electricity too. And then she found the staircase.

"This way!" she motioned us over.

I grabbed a few firearms first, five pistols, eight to nine daggers and knifes. For Selena. She's good with sharp objects.

I threw to each of one of us a gun and I deposited the rest to Selena.

"why do I need so many knifes?" she whispered harshly.

"just in case!" I replied, as I pushed my way past her, getting to the door. Then I heard all the knifes drop to the floor. I looked down and saw them sticking out of the machines. And she was holding one, big one.

"this one, I keep." She smiled.

I twisted the handle, and exited. It wasn't locked. But came to a yoghurt shop.

"Are you sure this is the exit" Eric asked.

"you know we can get out through that door?"Selena pointed to the shop's main door.

Yeah, we could. I could smash the glass, or pick the lock. Then Selena walked to the door, felt at the sides of the door, and then she pulled out a key.

"ha! these spies are so predictable." She laughed to herself, as she unlocked the door.


I'm guilty, but I'm safe for one more day

Finally, cool air. And it was getting stuffy in there. Well, now, its time for Mark to plan the next move.

"Well, mark? I got us out, what's our plan?"

"there is currently no plan." He said, dejectedly.

"what?" the rest of us roared as we walked down the street, halting for our massive 'what?'

"Nothing. wait… I have an idea. And this time, it is to take down the CIA. Revenge." He smiled. I know that smile. And I think I will like this plan.

"Well, we are going to attack from the inside, and we need to be very patient. We are going to get… Selena. Selly, you're going to be our double agent. You will work for the CIA and for us. Okay?" and he rattled on. But I stopped listening after okay.


"That's exactly why. You're her sister. She is bound to trust you. you have the potential to be CIA. So trust me. You will do well. Now, you got the plan?"

I sighed. I guess I'll do it. Maybe I can kill her in the process.


That was one of the best nights so far at home with Morgan. I'm not kidding, but that's because Morgan was away. Okay, that was mean of me.

Anyway, I woke up with-OUT Chuck next to me. Apparently, he's woken earlier than me and didn't wait. That was different. He usually wakes up first and waits in bed for me… And I can't smell eggs! Morgan isn't cooking and Chuck is nowhere to be found. SOMETHING IS UP!

I pulled out a sweater and slipped into trekkies and dashed out of the room. I would have just worn whatever had on as pajamas, but Morgon made this stupid rule book… I'm not going to that. but I stepped out and I saw Chuck, and… MY SISTER. What to do? What to say? I opened my mouth and nothing came out.

Chuck noticed me immediately.

"Hey, Sarah… Sorry, for not waking you. You were in a deep sleep and I didn't want a knife in my leg." He smiled and joked as he gave me a quick peck on the lips.

"Ah, yeah, your sister… is obviously here… and uhm… she and the rest managed to escape. and I'll let her talk to you. Morgan's hung-over, so I'm making breakfast." Chuck made his way to the kitchen.

I sat on the sofa next to my sister. She started first.

"Yeah, hi. I want to apologise… for… Wrecking your base. Yeah… and I stole a knife. Some guns were taken by the rest of the gang… and.." before she even finished, Casey came, almost knocked over the door and yelled "who the hell destroyed the castle?" he was very pissed off.

I looked at Selena "that bad?" I asked. She nodded her head nervously as Casey came over to her.

Chuck ran away from the stove and blocked Casey from approaching further. "Casey calm down. Its okay."

"No its not! do you want to see the mess?"


Sarah's sister messed up that much? I mean how bad can a teenager wreck?

He lead us back to the base. And I think I burnt the pancake.

"yowza! Haaa… ahhh… " I was basically speechless.

The computers were thrashed so badly, they are beyond reconition, and there were knives sticking out of them. And the knives are Sarah's

She is gong to get pissed…

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