Title: Highlights on Her Hair

Summary: Takako, Shuuya, kissing. Uhm, really?

Rating: T (for the swearing)

Genre: Humor, Friendship, Romance


Among the twenty-one girls of Shiroiwa Junior High's Class B, there were only two girls that mattered in the life of one Shuuya Nanahara.

No it was not Noriko, no more—he had decided it was up to Yoshi (and Kawada, perhaps) what to do with her.

It was not Mitsuko, or any of her posse; as his best friend would say, that was really out of the question. It was not Izumi, or Fumiyo, or Kayoko even—she was Sugi's—or Satomi, or Yuka or anybody else. Of course Sakura was even more out of the question than Mitsuko; although Shuuya would fuck Sakura out of her wits rather than Mitsuko even if he'd be the end of Kazuhiko's wrath.

There were still quite a number of girls not yet mentioned in the paragraphs above and that made them automatically a candidate for the two girls that mattered in the life of one Shuuya Nanahara—not that the girls would approve; oh one of them would but the other one wasn't really as excited.

The first one should be a no-brainer—it was that girl Yukie Utsumi, Class Representative Extraordinaire, Shiroiwa's You Know You Love Me (But They Don't, Really) Gossip Girl, and Shuuya Nanahara's first ever girlfriend.

Shuuya had always believed that their love story was written to be epic and awesomesauce—after all, in Shuuya's mind—it was the typically prince falling in love with the uh, hmmm, ordinary girl. Whatever it was, Shuuya had firmly set his mind on that assumption; after all, what was more epic than Yukie getting them together by announcing through text messaging brigade how much he was in love with Shuuya, damn all the odds.

Of course, Shuuya found that sweet and decided to give Yukie a try to which he found out, after dating her for a month that Yukie wasn't as bad as his friends made her to be. Three months after, they decided to go steady and steady as a rock, they eventually became.

Their relationship had been breezy, smooth, normal and it appalled Shuuya, if he would say so himself, how it felt seemingly normal and how it was…so unlike Shinji and his girlfriend's (now that was something he would admit to be more epic than his kind of Romeo and Juliet) which brought him to the other girl that mattered in the life of one Shuuya Nanahara.

And yes it was, although it would have required more brains than a normal bucket-head zombie could devour to guess that, none other than Takako Chigusa—Shinji's girlfriend.

Shuuya had to scowl as she saw said girl walking like she owned the pathway and the guys who would oh-so-subtly try to turn their heads to her direction. She was not close to where he was—yet—but he could make her out in the crowd with that screaming It's The Takako Chigusa Orange kind of highlights on her hair.

No, no; it was not that kind of matter of you are everything to me, you make me happy, you matter in my life kind of matter—Shuuya had to acidly laugh at that—but it was because if remembering Yukie was all sorts of rainbows, flowers, ribbons, cotton candy marshmallow high, remembering Takako was all sorts of opposite.

Yukie was an answer to his problems so that made Takako, of course, the creator of the problems.

Or in this case, more appropriately, the reminder of the problem that Yukie couldn't give an answer to—that Takako did not create! And that Yukie was involved with!—but she was definitely weaving another wrinkle across Shuuya Nanahara's forehead as she walked towards him in the bleachers (but not as close yet); bearing that screaming I Remind You of Your Problem Orange kind of highlights in her hair.

How did Takako exactly remind Shuuya of his current problem, other than being a mere presence causing him agitations like instant noodles—Shuuya tried not to think, but of course as all things involved him would naturally unfold, he failed.

As Takako neared him, Shuuya was reminded of the event that happened a week ago…


"Shuu, to be quite honest, I…haven't kissed anyone."

Shuuya tried not to burst his pants—that would be Mim doing his natural way of living—at the mere sight of his just-recently-acquired girlfriend very slyly and cutely avoiding his advances.

The rockstar wannabe gulped; on this situation, Mim would be holding her shoulders or waist to put her in place, he thought; but then when Shuuya tried to lift his arms and do what he was supposed to, he felt it was heavier than he had expected. HOW THE HELL DOES HE FUCKING DO IT?

"You'd be my first too, actually," said Shuuya, with AWKWARD buzzing in his brain like his freaking alarm clock on an ordinary school day.

"…Hmm, so where should I put my hands?"

"Uhm, wait, maybe I should—maybe you should tilt your head a little?"

"…Like this?—wait, you're close and I—"

Damn, Shuuya thought. His hands were becoming all sweaty and his shirt was sticking to him like second skin; he could almost smell himself and it wasn't anything close to smelling good but HOW THE HELL DOES HE FUCKING DO IT was all he could process in his brain.

A few moments of silence, and then Shuuya muttered absently, "Uhm, Yukie, maybe you'd want to get at the other side of the truck?"

Yukie blinked and Shuuya could almost saw her relief. Alright, that was a fucking smart move, maybe she was indeed feeling shy being exposed like this on the parking lot, Shuuya thought; and so together they moved on the other side of the truck.

Shuuya never even imagined that his first kiss would be on an ordinary school day at the school's parking lot with a girl like Yukie Utsumi on the blind side of a parked truck. He figured his first would be on a date, near the river, with candlelight and roses and a serenade; hey, even if he wasn't born at circa 1800, he still preferred it conventional, thank you!

Then again, the truth was Shuuya really never imagined that his first kiss would be an on ordinary school day at the school's parking lot with a girl like Yukie Utsumi on the blind side of a parked truck belonging to—

"Hello? FINALLY! What the fuck are you doing taking so long to answer—oi, DUMBASS—"

Shuuya felt the first surge of panic rise to his throat at the sound of a voice nearing where they were hiding, failingly, but Yukie was trying so hard to get how to kiss right he just had to pay attention.

"What? On what world do you think you can live without me, I don't think so—what? Right—"

He would recognize that voice anywhere, but the kiss was starting to feel good (well, it was an up from the clumsy state it was five seconds ago).

The door on the other side opened and FUCKDAMMIT, Shuuya thought as…

"FUCKDAMMIT," the girl said aloud, "WHY do I even have to pick up your clothes for you?—WHAT?—you better be on my good graces or else—"

HOLEHCRAP, Yukie!, Shuuya thought for two reasons; 1) the kiss was really getting good (as good as it can get for both noobs) and 2) the truck wouldn't open on its own without a key unless Shinji Mimura owned the truck and Takako Chigusa had his keys because it wouldn't make sense for the girl on the other side to be anybody else!

That immoral way of speaking, that tone of voice, that authority, that I Spell Doom For You Orange highlights on her hair—that was Takako Chigusa, no mistaking and everything.

But what gave her away, if she was even in stealth in the first place, was—

"SHINJI TWO HORNY IDIOTS ARE MAKING OUT ON YOUR—oh, it was just Nanahara. And Utsumi."

The two horny idiots as they were called blinked in mock horror, while Takako Chigusa remained—deadpanned, nonchalant—busy packing out some clothes for, Shuuya assumed, Shinji, who was on the phone.

When Takako obviously was bidding her time, much to Shuuya's dismay and Yukie's uncomfortable fidgeting beside him, Shuuya cleared his throat. "For the love of Buddha, Takako, can you please hurry!"

Takako only rolled her eyes at him, and checked the doors on Shinji's truck—her eyes wary on the two most likely thinking she would have to make extra security that they won't do it in her boyfriend's upholstery, fuck friendship—and looked at them squarely.

"Easy, Nanahara, I'm going—and don't make it sound like it was sort of a show I'd get my hands on because I've seen AND FELT better," Takako smirked at them.

Yukie only looked horrified and beyond ashamed; she wanted a 2012-intense amount of ground to swallow her whole and Shuuya—well, Shuuya was beyond humiliated.

Takako stopped suddenly. "I won't spill anything," she then eyed Yukie and shaking her head she said, "but poor you."

Takako stayed true to her word which made Shuuya felt nervous about the whole situation, even after three days had passed. Well, he had not seen her for three days—the last time Shuuya saw Takako was when she saw them, he did not even want to remember—so he couldn't give her the free pass just yet.

That night ended up bad for him, worse even, but Yukie tried to ease the situation by saying she was alright, just a little shocked; Shuuya found that sweet, and he even managed to land a full un-clumsy kiss on her lips when he dropped her home.

After three days, it was when Shuuya saw Takako for the first time after—he did not even want to remember. They were on the cafeteria and he was eating with Shinji when Shuuya saw Takako burst in the doors and they exchanged a look.

Shinji was not able to see her yet with his back on the doors so it was only to Shuuya's horror when he saw that smirk written all over her face. She arrived at their table and yes, it was still that, I Know What You Did Last Three Days Orange highlights on her hair that he wanted to ignore, but voila, it was too late for him.

Takako covered Shinji's eyes. "Guess who?"

Shuuya turned to look at his noodles.

Shinji chuckled. "Lemme guess, are you that girl I groped on the alleyway yesterday?"

Shuuya was feeling puke-y; but Takako had even managed a laugh. "Nope. Try harderrrr," she said in a sing-song voice.

"The owner of the strawberry panties?"

This time, Shuuya stopped meddling with his noodles and fumbled on his bag, as if looking for something.

"You're sooooo stupid—don't get this right and I'll push my fingers in and your eyes goes to Nanahara's noodles—"

"The girl who's obsessed with my kisses?"

Shuuya's eyes bulged and Takako was smirking very evilly, at about the same time that Shinji was freed from his bondage (but Shuuya bet he liked that).

"Bingo," said Takako and she made herself comfortable on Shinji's lap, going for an assault for his kisses—after all, she was supposedly obsessed with it.

They were making slurping sounds and their hands were all over each other, uncaring at the show everyone else was trying not to look at and Shuuya was all HOW THE HELL, DO THEY FUCKING—HOW THE HELL DOES SHE—WHY IS SHE TORTURING—PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME!

Shuuya knew Takako wasn't even this bold for public displays of affection so he was almost sure she was making a point across and Shuuya can only pray that she would have a clue that he GOT THE FUCKINGDAMMIT POINT!

"Well, aren't you really really good, you'd make a profit out of a kissing booth," said Takako seductively, obviously very pleased with Shinji's method of kissing much to someone's discomfort.

"You'd allow that?"

"Only if it's for a cause of helping lost souls—you do know I'm charitable by nature," Takako said and she kissed Shinji lightly on the lips as she disengaged herself from their mess of tangled limbs.

When Shuuya made an effort to get up and tiptoe away, Takako stopped him, "It's okay, youngling, show's done and I'd be off with another mission to make this world a better place," and she winked at Shinji.

"She's probably off on another killing spree," Shinji commented amusingly, his eyes glued to Takako's hips as she walked away.


"Whoa, Shuu, easy," remarked Shinji, "what got you?"

"I DON'T KNOW, YOUR SAINT OF A GIRLFRIEND WHO ALREADY ASCENDED TO HEAVEN AND EVEN GOT PAST IT WITH HER SO-CALLED CHARITABLE NATURE," Shuuya calmed down and after a few breaths, "she was doing that on purpose to spite me!"

Shinji only chuckled, "Can't say I complain buddy but hey!"


"She just adores you."

Shuuya drank his bowl of noodles while Shinji only laughed at him, "Adores me, my ass. You two are perfect for each other, you know?"

And Shinji was only happy to agree.


Shuuya only grunted at the memory and he wanted to escape his death, the impending death that was only a few feet away from him; but he was shocked to know that Takako got to him very fast, she was already standing in front of him, that You Are So Dead Orange highlights on her hair, very very unmistakable.

"Fancy seeing you here, Nanahara."

Shuuya couldn't even force out a smile, and all the thoughts of even trying fled out of his brain when he realized he actually thought about Takako a lot more, she could now pass as his girlfriend instead.

But seeing that smirk on her face and the way she was looking down at him like he was some emo, poor boy with 2000 pounds of angst on his shoulders—which he was—Shuuya shoved the thought away; he'd be breaking oaths of friendship on that, or even his morality. PLEASE NO!


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So will Takako teach Shuuya how to kiss then? *winks*