Title: Highlights on Her Hair

Summary: Takako and Shuuya kissing, really?

Rating: T

Genre: Humor, Romance, Friendship


In a nutshell, Takako Chigusa was a woman of extremes. Shuuya had always thought that Takako never settled for something of something in between; and she would not dare to settle on one extreme end because normally she'd have both extremes. Take for example, Hiroki and Shinji, whom Shuuya were also both good friends with. Hiroki was an extremely kind person; he was benevolent and a peacemaker who always wanted his ass out of trouble. Shinji on the other hand—his ass usually meant trouble. Chaos followed him, or he created chaos—Shuuya was too innocent and ignorant to (admit) know—but the point was, Hiroki and Shinji were both at different ends of the personality spectrum.

And only Takako Chigusa could handle them both.

Takako was also a woman of violence. Oh how she loved to hurt and torture people (Shuuya) especially if she was bored. Shuuya had always thought she had a caring side—she could get extremely, and by extreme, he meant extremely protective of both Sugi and Mim (both men larger than life than her)—and so he briefly wondered if this was how uniquely Takako showed her caring nature: by extreme displays of violence.

He could write her entire yearbook write-up if she liked, Shuuya mused; but he would have to admit that even though he kind of knew a lot about her, that didn't necessarily mean he understood her in any sense. Shuuya could easily get confused when it came to her and now he was exhibiting extreme symptoms of it, in the midst of happy number-something couples with his girlfriend Yukie Utsumi.

"Did we get the place wrong, Shuu?"

Shuuya only squeezed Yukie's hand and kissed her in the forehead. They were somewhere at a beach restaurant with the perfect ambiance of romance—serenades, flowers and happy couple time—but to Shuuya, it felt like they were inside a gas chamber about to witness another holocaust.

"Nope," Shuuya looked around, "we got the place right and the table right. Mim's name was on the reservation."

Yukie only looked skeptical, and she entangled her hands from Shuuya. She was nervous, as Shuuya was too (but he wouldn't say that) with both of them not exactly knowing why. Yukie was calming herself by fixing her hair.

"Shuu, before anything..."

At the sound of the slight quiver in her voice, Shuuya looked at her intently. Yukie instantly grabbed both of his hands on hers.

"...Do you think this is a good idea?"

Now, Shuuya wasn't exactly stupid, but that question made him think if everything that had led to this point was a wise decision after all—him telling Takako The Problem™ and agreeing to this (whatever is this). Actually, if he really thought hard enough, Shuuya would admit that the greatest mistake he committed was to make-out not beside, not even close to, but AT the doorssssss (they tried both sides) of Shinji Mimura's truck.

If there was anything more stupid than that, now would be the time to raise the argument.

Shuuya sighed. "Frankly, I don't know...but you knew we were in the shithole the moment Takako saw us."

"Oh Shuu, why didn't you just let her—I don't know—have her fun? We wouldn't be here if you didn't sit on the bleachers!"

"Blame my tired ass, right. What was I supposed to do? I needed Mim's advice!"

Yukie rubbed her temples. "You could have called instead?"

"What were the odds that Takako wouldn't be the one to answer? She works like his operator, and Mim's calls always get filtered, and she'd throw curses at me for calling before I'd get to even talk to Mim and she has that seductive voice over the phone—"

"...Is she really like that?"

Shuuya looked at Yukie with his eyebrows meeting at the bridge of his nose. "What do you mean?"

(It was a good thing Yukie ignored the last comment.)

"Hmm, you make it sound like she has Shinji Mimura," Yukie quoted with her fingers, "Shinji Mimura wrapped around her little finger—"

"—her toes, her knees, her shoulders, her head even—"

"—and that Mim's always at her beck and call?"

After a few pregnant pauses, Shuuya answered thoughtfully.

"No. I was just making that stuff up. You believed it?"

Yukie's eyes narrowed to slits. "Then that just proved how stupid you really are. I feel like I can finally relate to Takako—"

"Mim's actually smarter, and more of a smartass—"

"Shuuya Nanahara, can you shut your mouth?"

Shuuya turned to her fully. "But Yukie—"

"If you can use that for kissing, it would have been nice, but no, so shut it!"

Poor Shuuya. Wasn't it his fault that he hadn't had much practice? Was it his fault if kissing him felt like kissing a duck (not that he had kissed one, but still)? Was it ever his fault that he wanted to preserve that first kiss to a girl he really loved and so he didn't really had any experience?

Was it ever his fault that he was friends with the two most devious people on earth, who if he would be honest, were mocking him like he was some criminal? Perfectly appearing like they had their honeymoon while he and Yukie waited here like rotten tomatoes?

"Sorry, we're late," Takako heaved a breath, cheeks flushed and, "we were...busy."

Takako's swollen lips? Check. Mim's hands on her waist? Check. Mim's annoying smirk? Check. Were these all the things he can't ever do to Yukie? Check. Is he doomed? Check.

Yukie was looking far, and Shuuya was looking at the pair with a scowl perfect to match the penguins on his shirt. They both kept silent.

Takako cooed, "Oh, lovers' quarrel."

"We're right here." That was Shuuya.

"Yes babe, they're right here," replied Shinji, with a slightly mocking tone on his voice, his hands still on her waist. Takako and Shinji looked at each other knowingly.

Shuuya hated it when they do that. They were communicating without speaking, looking at each other's eyes like they would know what the other was thinking. He tried doing that to Yukie once and Yukie only laughed at him because he became cross-eyed in a span of a few seconds.

And so Shuuya had enough. He stood abruptly. "You guys!"

Everyone on the table including his own girlfriend looked at him with question. Without even caring, Shuuya started his tirade.

"I get it! Alright, I don't know how to kiss! I'm so sorry Yukie," Shuuya finally looked at her, "I'd become better!"

He turned to Takako. "And you! You devious evil vixen of a temptress!" At this, Shinji could not decide whether to look amused, irked, or stressed, "you go on teasing me like you would kiss me and then you don't! You crushed my ego like you owned me!"

"I owned the bleachers Shuuya, not you, but if you'd like that..." said Takako deadpanned, intently misunderstanding what he said. Shuuya ignored her and turned to Shinji.

"And you! YOU HORRIBLE HORRIBLE KISSING MACHINE! You're my friend, my best friend!, and yet you didn't teach me how to do it, how could you—how could you do this to me, Mim?"


"If only I could have your mouth in mine then I'd be able to give you a hell of a kiss, Yukie, GET YOUR HANDS OFF AND DON'T STOP ME!"


He was back at Shinji again. "If only I could have your lips—"

"Oh for the love of God, Nanahara, you are scaring my ovaries," snapped Takako. Shinji was horrified behind her, wishing he could innocently interpret what Shuuya said (he clearly knew what it meant), but it sounded so horribly horribly wrong.

Yukie was already standing up, and was grabbing Shuuya by the arms. Takako was clearly pissed.

"You're such a drama queen, and could you please please, STOP INSINUATING about having Shinji's lips you bastard," Takako moved closer and Shuuya cowered in fear, "I thought we already agreed about not sharing him—"

"—but I was just implying that if I could have his lips then maybe—"

"Shut up, I know what you fucking mean!" Takako looked at Yukie, "Seriously? This guy?"

Yukie only smiled apologetically and almost nodded her head. Almost.

"Look, we have a job to do and, SHINJI STOP SHAKING BEHIND ME," Takako paused and coughed, "if you want to get things right, Nanahara you'd better know when to speak and when to act."

Takako came closer to his face and then settled for whispering in his ears, "Now we have another thing to do because you just have to fuck it up with a love quarrel."

Of course nothing had been coming according to what they planned, right after Shuuya told her the problem days ago aka Chapter 2. It would have been flawless as it was easy, bring her to somewhere they would both find the mood, try kissing until the seas dry and get over it, and hello to happily ever after. But with Takako about to break his neck off for being such a whiner and a baby and that they were clearly going nowhere with the recent events, it definitely became harder to fulfill. Not to mention the sudden awkwardness between him and Mim who was still trying to compose himself (he probably hadn't had been confessed to by a guy before...)...

HEY! I didn't confess, stupid author, Shuuya mused.

When everything was settled, Takako spoke up, this time with a more calm but still deadly voice, "I'm going to borrow Yukie..."

But then her left eyebrow raised as she realized that she didn't fancy the idea of Shinji and Shuuya alone and spending time together. She actually debated this in her mind.

Takako motioned for Yukie to stand up and when she did, Takako looked at Shinji with a flash of anxiety in her eyes. Shinji wasn't a wimp, but any guy would have been really bothered by what Shuuya earlier said.

"Will you be alright?"

Shinji smiled weakly, "I'm cool." Which would roughly translate to, I'd be okay but maybe you don't have to leave?, Takako mused.

Shit, this scenario was so gay it was almost too stupid to bear. Damn that Nanahara. Takako looked at Shuuya once again, and then to Shinji and gave him her purse.

"I have tissues, mouthwash and if he can't be stopped," Takako was looking through the contents of her purse, "I have an ice pick. Skewer his mouth if you need to."

She hoped it wouldn't come to that. For the last time, she looked at Shuuya again, her eyes flaring.


And Takako and Yukie went away for their little girly time.


"So Mim..."

Can't look him in the eye? Check. Other person not speaking up either? Check. Running out of topics in mind? Check. The weather was suddenly that interesting? Check. Is this awkward? Double check, double whammy.

After the girls had left, Shuuya coughed and smiled optimistically to chase away the suffocating awkwardness around them. See, Shuuya and Shinji had been friends since the first year of junior high, and it had been around four years of friendship more or less. One would think they had gone through so much already that their bond was solid and unbreakable even in moments of extreme awkwardness.

However, as all other things in the universe, there apparently was still a scenario that could put their friendship in a pan of boiling oil.

Shuuya coughed again. "Look man, I'm sorry about—"

"Don't mention it."

"But Mim—"

"I said," Shinji's eyes cold and hard, "don't fucking mention it."

Shuuya paused and then he resolved to gather all optimism he had left in his bones. "Alright," and on extremely chirpy voice, he started again, "ALRIGHT! Rain rain go away, come again another day, Shuuya and Shinji want to play—"

"What the hell Shuu!" This irked Shinji more, but he remained composed. He snapped again. "Alright! Let's fucking quit it! One more word and I wouldn't think twice about skewering—"


Both of them inhaled and exhaled. Then Shinji started asking slowly. "So what was the matter?"


"Can you teach me how to kiss?"

Shuuya had already phrased it in his mind as innocent as he could thus the silence, but damn it, what was said was said and what was done was done, and no matter how pure that had been intentionally thought of, it still sounded so horribly wrong.

Shinji only covered his head in his hands. This was going to be a long night.


Meanwhile, Takako and Yukie were taking their time strolling at the beach, watching the couples dancing to the a slow rhythm. In class, they weren't exactly speaking terms; but Yukie was one of the people she could at least tolerate, so Takako had hoped it wouldn't be that bad.

Oh how wrong she was.

Still, the girl tried. "I'm sorry for torturing Shuuya so much."

Except that I'm not totally sorry. Suave. This made Yukie smile. "Nah, that's okay. Don't be so hard on him though; he really is a good guy."

At least they were going somewhere.

"Doesn't make him any good of a kisser," replied Takako. What? Telling the truth was always the way to do it.

"Well," Yukie pushed back a strand of imaginary hair, "I'm so embarrassed that you had to see that. I guess that's because it was both our first time."


Another silence. One person tried to ask Takako for a dance but she politely declined. Yukie was caught in the moment how really, Takako was a beautiful girl, and she had an equally handsome boyfriend to boot...a handsome boyfriend who knew how to kiss.

"Was your first time...good?"

Shocked by the question, Takako stopped in her tracks and then afterwards resumed with a pace slower than before. Yukie only followed her lead.

"Hmm," by God, was she blushing, "...it was...nice."

Yukie smiled. "Oh."

The memory of her first ever kiss flashed through her brain and Takako had to bite her lip to keep herself from smiling. Maybe that was what Shinji was better at compared to Shuuya, he knew the right moment and he fueled in the mood, and he didn't pressure her at all...THAT'S IT!

Takako wasn't up for girly advice, hell she wasn't the right person to do girl talks with EVER. But she was here, and she kind of promised to help Shuuya (in exchange of Shinji's quote/unquote innocence) and well, she just had to give her best shot. They were there after all, and there was nothing to be done but to stop dithering and do it.

"Yukie, let's try this one more time," Takako started, "uhm, physical intimacies need the right moments in a relationship."

WHOA, that sounded profound. Did she just say that? Damn me. She cleared her throat.

"I guess you and Shuuya have to find that," she clicked her fingers, "moment."

Yukie was silent for a while. "How would I know that that was the moment?"

Takako thought of her answer—specifically her moments where she would want to kiss Shinji on her own accord. Moments like when he was shirtless, when he would give her foot massage on a day of long practice, when he was being very silly it was not funny anymore..

"I don't know," Takako said thoughtfully, "it will just...dawn on you."

She shrugged.

Both girls then giggled as if they understood something that only girls could understand. Takako felt a pang in her heart, because she found it real nice to have a girl friend she could talk to like this. Kahoru was a given, but Yukie—well Yukie shared the same pain of having boyfriends from the normal gang of stupids.

"I'm not much of a help, am I?" and this time, Takako fully laughed, "I talk big to Nanahara, but then I get braindead when I'm on it, what the fucking hell!"

Yukie giggled. "You're good. Everything you said...somehow made sense."

They continued to walk in the sand until Yukie finally got her resolve to do things right with Shuuya. Sure, they did have a showdown a while ago, but she felt like the moment was almost here. The only thing she needed to do was to run straight in his arms and do it.

"I get it! I think...I finally get it," and she smiled that Yukie Utsumi smile that made Shuuya Nanahara fall on her feet.

Takako smiled back. A memory of sometime year ago flashed through her mind; smiling, romantic, cheesy (oh god) words and holding hands and walking through the sand, Takako mused, "Maybe it's really the place, eh?"


"I'm sorry-"

"I'm sorry-"

Shuuya and Yukie smiled at each other and laughed at their antics. Yukie piped in, "You first."

Shuuya looked like he was asking for assurance and when Yukie nodded, he straightened his polo shirt and flashed her a charming smile. "Have this dance with me?"

A giggling Yukie fell into his arms, straight to his embrace. "Did Mim teach you that, that charming thing you just did?"

It was Shuuya's turn to laugh. "Actually, I am the one who taught Mim to be charming." He added a wink for a more satisfying effect.

Yukie only laughed and she rested her head against his shoulder, slowly swaying to the beat.

"So...," cooed Yukie, "did you two kiss..?"

Her voice muffled against his shirt, as she was trying her best not to laugh. Shuuya poked her in the rib. "No...but we did some talking about it."

"Oh god..."

"...and then I thought about you all the time."

Maybe this was what Takako was saying; that clicking of the fingers, that coming of that moment. If Yukie had only known what Shuuya went through, EVERYTHING he went through for this, she would have laughed at how hard he worked for it and how...simple the solution had been. It should never have been The Problem ™ in the first place.

And so the cheese began to drop moment by moment as two lips finally collided for the first time, feeling right, feeling okay, even with a number-something happy couples around. Shuuya was guiding Yukie quite impressively (he was the one thinking this) and Yukie could only turn into goo on how...nice...the kiss finally felt.

When they broke apart, they stared into each other's eyes and no, Shuuya was no longer becoming cross-eyed, and they dove in for another wet one.

This was rightfully addicting.


As Shuuya and Yukie started their journeys of becoming kissing junkies, two people fresh from the kissing rehab were talking and munching nuts in a cottage nearby.

More like, watching (and slightly cringing-she would say it was the cold) nearby.

"Oh god, look at that, I hope he didn't say something lame." A cashew nut was eaten.

"Well if she's getting turned on by it, then there's no problem, is there?"

"Does she look like she was getting turned on?"

The boy turned to look. "That's how you looked like a year ago."

"You're fucking heinous! I DO NOT look like that!" She threw him a nut.

"How would you know, your eyes were closed hun."

"And yours wasn't? You're kissing me with your eyes wide open? Just how despicable is that!"

"Despicable me, yeah yeah," he kissed her on the side of her lips, "Just relax and enjoy how they're doing. Trust me, you were as ignorant on your first time—"

"Stop, stop, stop, you're fucking insufferable!" More nuts were thrown in his direction, and he caught one in his mouth.

"And you were clearly enjoying it," and he smirked.

"ARGH stupid, stupid, stupid—"

"You liked it so much~"


She threw the whole bag of nuts in his head and ran for her life. The boy only laughed in his sudden solitude; there was no way he could outrun a deranged sprinter. He would wait; she would come back.

She had always been coming back, anyway.

Maybe it was really the charm of the place.


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