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We walked hand in hand through the sand at the reservoir. A breeze was blowing my hair around my face as I turned to look at the water. The setting sun cast an orange glow over the horizon.

I felt Edward step behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. His breath tickled my neck as he spoke. "The beauty before me pales in comparison to the beauty that I hold in my arms." He placed a soft kiss on my neck just below my ear.

I shivered from the sensation his breath was causing in my body. The electricity that was always present when he touched me and the tingles that coursed through my body as he kissed me were an indescribable feeling that had me melting back further into his embrace.


"Yes my love."

"Thank you for today. You've taken the sadness away and replaced it with new loving memories."

"I never want you to have a single day of sadness. My beautiful Bella," he said in a tone of reverence, "I will spend every day making you happy."

He kissed me as the sun went down. The passion in that kiss left us breathless again as most of our kisses do. Unfortunately, the day had to come to an end. It was time to go.

We pulled up in front of my house and Edward walked me to my door. I didn't want to let him go yet. "Will you come in with me for a while?" I asked thinking he would say no. Edward never came in when my dad wasn't home out of respect for him.

I was shocked when he nodded. Every time Charlie was gone Edward's old-fashioned upbringing had him giving me a kiss on my doorstep before he said goodbye.

I unlocked the door and we walked in together. We went straight to the living room and sat on the couch. I leaned into him and he wrapped his arms around me while I laid my head on his chest. I could tell he was nervous about being here by his racing heartbeat.

I looked up to see his face and the intensity in his eyes drew me in. I leaned up to kiss him. Our lips met in a sweet kiss. It changed fast and became one full of passion and wanting.

I don't know how it happened but I ended up on my back with Edward lying half on top of me. His hand was rubbing my stomach just under the hem of my shirt while our kissing became even more urgent. He dropped his head to kiss my neck. I gasped for air once my lips were free.

His hand started to drift upward along my ribs and brushed the bottom of my breast.

"Bella." Edward said my name between kisses. "We shouldn't..."

"Don't stop Edward." I was breathing heavy and my words were no louder than a whisper.

He pulled back a little to look into my eyes. "I don't want to stop." He was breathing just as hard as I was. "We shouldn't do this here."

I stroked his cheek. "Come up with me?"

"Are you sure?"

"I love you Edward. I'm sure."

I opened my bedroom door and saw a blinding white light.

"Bella, wake up. Bella. We almost there." Alice's hand was shaking my shoulder from behind me.

Once I regained my senses enough to realize I was in the car, I looked over to the driver. Rosalie laughed at me. "Well hello there. You were dead to the world there for a while. I didn't know if you were ever going to get up."

"Where's Edward?" I was confused.

"Edward?" Rosalie asked as she shot Alice a look in the rearview mirror. "Why…why would Edward be here?"

"I was just with him." This was strange. How did I end up with Alice and Rosalie?

"Bella the guys are in the car behind us." Alice told me as I watched her and Rosalie continue to exchange odd looks between them. Alice sounded nervous as she said her next statement. "But, honey, you don't even like Edward. Why would he be here?"

"Never mind."

It was so real. I could feel his arms around me. I could feel the kisses we shared. It's been months now and I can't get Edward out of my mind. Rosalie's right though. We fight all the time and I don't want him around me…or Jacob. But when I sleep, I can't get him out of my head. What is happening to me?

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