OK, Elmo defeated Grover and captured Grover. After Grover annoyed the hell out of Elmo, he knocked Grover unconscious.


5 years later...

Elmo, the famous red furred muppet had quit Sesame Street. Now he is now the Sith Lord, who works with Grover, Kermit the Frog, Percy Jackson, Barney the Dinosaur, Fred, Bart Simpson, Zelda, Harry Potter, Mario, and Spock to create Death Star's Eleven. We are now broadcasting their acts of "evil" right now.

"I got the cheese." Spock said happily

"I got the chips." Fred said in that chipmunk voice

"I got the bowl." Grover added.

"Now welcome to the meeting of the Death Star's Eleven," Elmo greeted all that we're using Skype or the geeks on the interwebs who are stupid enough to read this, "First off, Percy, Fred, Hairy Potter, Kermit, Spock. Take eleven chips out of the bag and carefully add cheese on top. Then cook for 1 minute. Cooking nachos is a very careful process."

"OK, Elmo, you got it."

"NO! I CAN'T TAKE IT!" Fred shouted and he fell on the floor and died

After fainting, frustration, and recruiting the Annoying Orange to replace Fred. They finally made the nachos. Then Annoying Orange went to annoy Darth. Then Elmo continued the meeting, "OK, now we have the nachos. Let's have the Barbecued Chuck Norris."

"No! That's disgusting!" Percy yelled and took out Riptide and killed himself.

"I want my mommy!" Bart yelled and used a gun to kill himself.

"I love you, you love me, but I have to KILL MYSELF FOR FALLING TO THE DARK SIDE!" Barney sang and died.

"The chances I'll eat that is 0.01 percent." Spock stated.

"I'm too hairy for this job." Harry pointed out and died.

"Ima go save the Princess Peach." Mario added and jumped out the window.

"OK, well, Lady Zelda, Darth Kermit, and Darth Grover. Eat Chuck Norris!" Elmo said.

They happily ate Chuck Norris. After they were done Grover became the Head Janitor. Kermit was appointed second-in-command of the Death Star's Eleven-minus-seven. Then Elmo proposed to Zelda. Then five minutes later they were married. Then, Zelda finally spoke for the first time in this fanfiction, "Elmo, I hate you. Out of the three seconds we've been married I always knew I hated you. Let's get divorced!"

"YAY! Let's!" Elmo agreed.

A/N: You're probably thinking: WHAT THE HELL? Haha. Well, I was bored. So no flames. :D