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Part One

The cold darkness completely encased her, rendering all of her abilities, senses and very consciousness. Mind lost in a deep abyss of nothingness, having no sense of being.

Her strawberry blonde hair floating around head like a golden halo as she slowly sank deeper and deeper through the dark water.

She was now so deep that the ocean's waves could no longer lull her along in a current. The descent towards the bottom seemed to be taking forever to complete. Having no air in her lungs had stopped the bubbles to trail slowly from her slack mouth long ago.

The many habitants of the ocean had watched with curiosity at the stranger in their habitat, slowly sinking deeper and deeper away from the sunlight.

But this creature they knew was different compared to others that looked like her and had followed the same drowning journey.

This one was higher up on the food chain than anything in the sea…

She was a hunter.

An entity.

Something powerful.

Her aura was coming off her in such powerful waves that it was stopping any possible threat coming within her vicinity, mainly curious sharks circling near by looking for an easy meal.

Her bright yellow uniform stood out like a beacon as any remaining beam of sunlight clung to it through the rising darkness. The shield on her sleeve glinted once in the sun and the bright writing of 'Hellsing' sparkled for all to see, but it disappeared forever as the dark depths of the ocean swallowed Seras Victoria up whole and she disappeared into the darkness.

The bright red trail of blood had followed her from her journey from falling through surface of the ocean and now it mingled in the darkness and could not be seen either. But if one could see it, they would see it begin to pool and cloud the entire surrounding water. Seeping out at such an alarming rate that it frightened away all fish and caused the sharks to even back off as the powerful blood dulled their senses and overpowered every other instinct into retreat.

And so, Seras was now truly alone and was dying as she sank.

The numerous gaping wounds all over her body were what were causing her to bleed so profusely but it was the silver blessed blade sticking out of her chest, so close to her heart, that gave away who had caused her such harm.

The Paladin had ambushed her on her mission along the cliffs in Northern Ireland. Her master had not been there to fight him off like he had always done in the past. It had just been Seras and Father Alexander Anderson.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Seras had been sent on a solo spy mission to investigate the increased amount of vampire attacks in Ireland because Hellsing had suspected the attacks to be tied with similar attacks in England. There had been strict conditions that she was to only investigate and report back at once as to avoid any detection and confrontation that would blow her cover.

She had been sent alone because Sir Integra had believed that Seras had finally managed to prove herself to be a powerful enough vampire and soldier after two years of service to be allowed a mission of her own.

Seras had been thrilled and had set off at once, taking only a backpack filled with her new pistol, ammo, a camera, a first aid kit and a book to read on the private plane that had been chartered for her. All had been going well when she had first arrived in Ireland; Seras had quickly found the town where all of the attacks had been reported.

It had been in a quaint little town that was situated picture-perfect on gigantic cliffs with the ocean spreading out as far as the eye could see out to the horizon and beyond.

Seras had taken a few moments to take in this beautiful sight through her sunglasses and waited for night to fall so she could start investigating.

She had booked an adorable little cottage so she could have somewhere to rest after she had started her investigation. The keepers had shown her nothing but kindness and had welcomed her with open arms into their accommodation.

They were an adorable elderly couple that had been married for more than 50 years, and were exceedingly proud of it and their cottage. From the instant she had arrived till sunset, they had entertained Seras with stories of old and the many myths that had surrounded their little village for centuries.

It was the story of two rival clans that had fought each other for as long as anyone could remember that caught Seras attention, but they were no ordinary clans. But tales of vampires and werewolves had quickly spread when members of each opposing clans had started to mysteriously disappear and the blood feud had only worsened.

Seras had listened with the utmost interest at the mention of the vampires and listened on as the couple described how both clans began to slowly diminish in numbers until they were both on the verge of being completely wiped out. The fighting had not stopped and the villagers had started to become divided amongst themselves as to which clan's side they were on.

Anarchy had ensued until one day, it all had suddenly stopped and all members of both clans had suddenly, and very mysteriously, disappeared. Peace had quickly returned to the land and village as if a spell had been lifted and it had been like that for over a century.

Knowing she had stumbled unto more than just 'local history and superstitions', Seras asked if anything strange had been happening around the village recently and the couple suddenly had looked frightened.

They admitted that there had been disappearances over the past few weeks and many of the farmers had found some of their sheep dead and mutilated at dawn every day.

Warning Seras to not to venture out at night because it was safer indoors, she had shocked them by stating that she was actually there to observe the night life around the cliffs of the village because she was a travelling university student.

Immediately warning her against it, the couple tried to dissuade her of the dangers that the cliffs held for strangers to them and how many had lost their lives by accidentally slipping on the rocks along the edge.

No matter how hard they tried though, Seras had a solution to every warning with a safety precaution that would ensure her life was indeed safe.

But it was the uncertainty of the disappearances and slaughtered animals that had the old couple most worried for Seras.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

"Stay away from the ruins along the cliffs."

That was all they said before completely changing conversational topics and refusing to say anymore when Seras questioned them.

Eventually the sunset and Seras had left the safety of the cottage and began walking towards the mysterious ruins that she had been told to stay away from. Upon reaching the sight, she had been quite surprised and entranced to find the 'ruins' to actually be a large castle made of stone.

It didn't look very stable in many parts and didn't have a roof anymore, but Seras was now much more confident in her vampiric abilities that she felt she could handle most situations now when it came to keeping balance and being quick-footed.

She had spent a few hours carefully scouring the entire castle, starting from the top to the bottom. It had been enchanting. She could sense the history and blood that had been shed and built up over the centuries. Running her hands over every wall that she walked by, they seemed to cry out to her with secrets that had not been told and were yet still waiting to be discovered deep down in the depths of the castle that she had not reached yet.

Not knowing if being able to sense such things was normal or if was because her powers had been increasing so much due to her finally accepting to drink medical blood on a daily basis, Seras had followed her senses and the pull she was feeling that it led her to the deepest, forgotten parts of the castle. Places that no humans had been able to access for centuries but she could.

There had been no sign of life or un-life so far and Seras had felt slight disappointment at not having something more exciting happen, but her disappointment had quickly disappeared when she had found herself in front of a mirror at the end of the very last corridor in the deepest and most secretive part of the castle.

A mirror she could seeherself in…and more

The mirror was enormous and the frame was made of gold and intricately lined with jewels.

Openly gaping at the beautiful object and its enormity, Seras had found herself lost for a few minutes until she actually focused of her own reflection.

Her eyes were still the same bright blue that she had had when she was human, but where now more illuminative and detailed than when she had been alive. The clothes she wore were casual and were nice and loose for a change. Turning in a circle to check herself out, she stopped and suddenly pulled a funny face. Laughing at her reflection at how silly she looked, Seras sighed with a slight smile and decided that there was nothing left to investigate at the ruins.

"It seems this was a waste of time…I wished I could have found something more…" she said wistfully, gazing around the giant mirror one last time.

With one last glance at herself, she sighed again and was about to turn away when suddenly her reflection flickered.

Blinking she focussed harder on the vision in the glass and in surprise and slight fear, she watched her reflection change into a large, bloody battle scene.

Ferocious vampires and snarling werewolves were tearing each other apart. Limbs were being torn and heads bitten off as violence Seras had never witnessed before, happened before her eyes in the mirror.

Suddenly she found that the longer she watched, the more and more involved she found herself to be and she was beginning to hear the sounds of flesh tearing and howls of pain and agony from both sides.

The vampires were fighting with swords and wearing chain-mail armour, each specifically coloured. The background showed the castle she was in now, but it was much more restored and whole looking. Except it was on fire. The inferno that was eating the roof gave an eerie light to illuminate against the bright full moon that was hanging high in the night sky, shining over the scene and allowing Seras to see more of the battle and the scale of how large it actually was.

She could see hundreds upon hundreds of vampires battling against

Transfixed in complete horror, Seras realised that she was looking at the past.

"How is this possible?" she asked out loud in shock but the instant she spoke, she noticed a nearby black werewolf not fighting in the battle suddenly stop snarling at a nearby vampire and turned around…

And looked directly at her!

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