Ride into Danger

Note: This story takes place post Season 10 and is a sort of sequel to "Return to Cheyenne."

No copyright infringement intended.

SGX-1 stood in the Gate Room as the chevrons began to cycle through.

Dr. Julia Wells was helping Daniel Jackson tuck one last notebook into the pack on his back.

"Thanks, Julia," he said.

Staff Sergeant William "Monty" Montgomery stood and watched the chevrons, looking very much like a recruiting poster with his close cropped blonde hair and military bearing.

Colonel Samantha Carter stood in her typical waiting posture, seemingly relaxed with hands folded over the P90 clipped to her tac vest, but her eyes were bright with anticipation.

Daniel glanced at her and grinned.

"What?" Sam asked.

"It's just that you're practically giddy."

"Giddy? Me?"

"You do indeed appear eager, Colonel Carter," said Teal'c.

"Et tu, Teal'c?" she replied. But she grinned in return.

Julia and Monty unsuccessfully smothered grins as well as they enjoyed their CO's reaction.

Sam pretended not to notice. She pleased by how well her team had bonded—even if at times at her expense, she thought wryly. She glanced at the African American biologist. Sam knew Dr. Julia Wells was an excellent scientist when she requested her for her team and she had handled being part of a military operation just fine as well. Not all scientists made as smooth an adjustment, Sam knew. Though Sam had told her to call her Sam, She noticed that perhaps influenced by Monty's and Teal'c's more formal modes of address, Julia didn't seem entirely comfortable being on a first name basis with her. But she definitely had loosened up over the months.

And Monty continued to be a valuable combination of smart and tough, seemingly as comfortable in his duties as aide and in combat. She was lucky to find these two additions to her old SG1 team mates. It would never be quite like the old days of SG1, she thought, but this was good too.

The gate "kawooshed" open and Sam gave the order. "Ok-let's go."


As they emerged from the Gate, Sam took note of several Quonset hut type buildings and a larger hanger sized building. A lanky young officer was their welcoming party.

"Welcome to Delta-X, Ma'am," greeted Captain Jim Randolph, exchanging salutes with Sam and Monty.

"We're glad to be here," replied Daniel with a sidelong glance at Sam.

"We can have someone stow your gear, Ma'am, if you'd like to have a look at it right away," Randolph offered.

"I would," said Sam. "Do you guys want to come or get settled?" she asked her team.

"I'd like to come," said Julia.

"I am interested as well," said Teal'c. Monty nodded.

"Fine, let's all go," said Daniel with a mock sigh.

They left their gear and walked to the hangar. Four or five men in SGC coveralls bustled around the room carrying clipboards and various tools. But Sam barely noticed them as her eyes went directly to the large grey vehicle that seemed to be spotlighted by the working lights in the center of the room.

"Here it is," Randolph said, "the X400: a six person, naquadah-charged, passenger hovercraft."

It was a gray and green craft about the size of a large pontoon boat, but sleek in its lines.

"We left the roof down, so you could see the inside first, Ma'am," Randolph said. He produced a remote control from his pants pocket and pressed a button.

From the side of the craft, a shell emerged and formed a roof.

"Nice," said Monty.

Randolph pressed the button again and the shell folded back into the craft.

"How about test drive?" Sam said, more as an order than a question.

"It's ready for a short demo run now, Ma'am. Colonel Babcock said to have it ready for you."

"Excellent," Sam said, walking up to the craft and peering inside. It was good to be project commander, Sam thought wryly.

Randolph signaled a couple of airmen who pushed open the doors.

Teal'c and Daniel exchanged glances.

"Giddy," mouthed Daniel.