Ben sat on the couch nervous, shaking, even…. sweating, but why you ask? Well I don't even know and im the narrarator I just tell you what happens but anyway I guess he was anticipating something, or was he just waiting, or wait isn't that the same thing? Oh anyway. Ben looked over at the door the knob turned slowly as he awaited the person behind it to reveal there selves, it was Gwen! Ben breathed a sigh of relief as he got up to hug his dear cousin, "you won, I can't believe you won!" Ben cheered as Gwen smiled, "and I got the prize money." Gwen said almost breathless from the excitement. Ben and Gwen had been transported to an alternate universe somehow, some think by means of toilet teleportation (flashback) Aperture scientist number 1, "well Fred I think that its all set, as the other scientist entered the test chamber and sat on the toilet, "well you ready Freddy?" the other scientist just glared at him as he activated the controls, the whirring of a machine was in the background as the test chamber lit up and then was gone, "Fred? Fred?" huh the scientist just sighed and went to get more creamer for his coffee.

As I was saying before we got massively sidetracked, Ben and Gwen have been transported to an alternate universe where card games are popular and videogames are played by old people. Ben and Gwen had a not to shabby apartment on the 2 floor of an old building in battle city, and it looks as though Gwen won 2,000 credits, or money I really don't know why they use credits but anyway, so they were going to buy some essentials to get through each day and everyday. So they both dueled for a living, which isn't bad except ever since that massive loophole in section 23 verse 6 in codebook number 4 of the duel monsters field guide had been massively revealed, anyone who loses the game nowadays gets killed. So its pretty lucky that a couple of teenagers who are both about in there 15's could get so far without even playing one card game before, well except when they played that game of strip poker in the back of the rust bucket but that's beside the point. Ben took Gwen's hand and they started the walk home as they were walking they passed by Tea and Yugi, Ben's face brightened as he saw Yugi, Yugi looked over, "hey Ben!" he yelled out.

Ben and Gwen raced over to the two and greeted each other, "so Yugi how's it been?" Ben asked blushing slightly; Gwen was the only person other than Ben that knew that Ben liked Yugi not only liked him but really liked him, uh I don't think I have to go on you guys gets the point, "hey Ben what's up how's the dueling going?" "Great" Ben replied smiling, they all talked for a while and then went their separate ways When Ben and Gwen walked through there apartment door, cool air filled their nostrils, Gwen had left the air conditioner on as they were gone she loved the smell of cold air-conditioning. When Gwen walked into the kitchen she saw a dead storm trooper laying on a very strange toilet, she just sighed and walked away. Because they had such a small paycheck they only had one bed so Ben and Gwen slept together, As Ben laid there, "so Gwen this is pretty weird isn't it?, two cousins sleeping in the same bed closely" Gwen just sighed and turned over.