This is my new story

I do not have a name for it yet.

The Story focuses on Neji and Tenten mainly and the other couples pop up now and again.

If anybody has an Idea for a name for this story let me know.

The characters are from Naruto, but based in this century, so the branch and main family does not exist and the Uchiha family was not murdered by Itachi.

Disclaimer: I Do not own Naruto

Here is a Preview of the Story

Tenten refused to let Neji Hyuga know how much that one night from prom night hurt. It might be ten years since they saw each other, but he still rubbed her the wrong way, as he was the only guy who brought her insecurities to the surface!

It was some consolation to see that he still had fan girls who chased and stalked him all the time, even if he is still the sexy, good looking daredevil. The quicker hinata's wedding was over, the quicker she could leave, except it appeared that Neji was making it hard to do so!