Reasons of the Heart

Our love will follow us through death

Chapter 20

Just to let everyone know that the gang are in Konoha. Hinata and Naruto are in their own house as are Ino and Shikamaru. Tenten and Neji are in Neji's apartment and Sasuke and Sakura are staying in a hotel. This is taking place a month after the hospital incident.

Tenten woke up to the beds singing and the sun shining through the window; she ran to the bathroom and threw up again. She started to think that having this child was going to be the end for her. She did not know how Hinata and Ino put up with this, being three months pregnant was a nightmare; however she thought she was not going through this alone, Sakura was one month pregnant as well. Hearing the vomiting sounds Neji woke up and went straight to the bathroom 'are you ok,' he asked worryingly. 'Its fine Neji just morning sickness' she replied. He kissed her forehead and dragged her to bed and started talking to the little bump she had. 'You know son, you are going to be just like your mummy, a handful' Tenten just laughed and hit Neji with a pillow. 'You know we have to wrap the presents for Inori's birthday, if we miss it Ino will kill us' Tenten said.

Neji: So, I want to spend time with you and our baby

Tenten: Get up I want to spend time with the girls

Tenten got up and went to the bathroom to get showered, while Neji made breakfast. 'I can get use to you making breakfast hunny' as she hugged him from behind. Neji kissed her and left for the shower. Both being dressed and armed with the presents made their way to the car. After a while they arrived at Ino's place, where the party had already begun.

Ino: You are late

Neji: clam down Ino

Tenten: Sorry totally Neji's fault

Ino: Come silly

Sakura: Finally

Tenten: What made you grumpy?

Sasuke: morning sickness

Neji: Congratulations man

Sasuke: Godfather

Neji: of course, boy or girl

Sasuke: Boy

Sakura: Our child is not even born yet

Tenten: Men

Sakura and Tenten just burst out laughing, finding it hilarious. The party was in full swing and the four couples just sat down and enjoyed each other's company.

Hinata: Where is the birthday boy?

Shika: with his grandparents

Ino: So when you due Hina

Naruto: Three more months to go, I'm going to be a Dad

Sasuke: You don't say

Ino: Marriage plans yet Tenten, Saks

Tenten: We haven't talked about it, have we Neji

Neji: As soon as the baby is born

Tenten: What?

Everyone just laughed at the shocked face of Tenten

Sakura: Don't know

Sasuke: Haven't decided

Shika: Time to get the Birthday boy

Ino: I will get him, you get the cake

Everyone got up and wished Inori happy birthday and watched with help as he blew his candles out. After a couple of hours Ino, put Inori to bed and thanked and said goodbye to her guests, the rest moved out into the garden to watch the fireworks. Neji took the time to sneak over to Tenten and give her something. 'What is it?' 'Open it to find out' he replied.

Tenten gazed down at the tear dropped pendant, 'its beautiful' she waited as he fastened the catch at the back of her neck, and then lifted the pendant admiringly. 'Thank you Neji'. 'Thank you' he replied softly. 'Thank you' for our child, but most of all, thank you for being you. Neji kissed her tenderly, before saying what the pendant meant. 'This pendant represents our love'. A feeling of unbearable happiness brought a lump to her throat. 'I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow, 'she said chokily. 'And I do' murmured Neji, drawing her close. Tenten looked around and saw everybody and thanked the stars that she took the risk with Neji. Whatever the future brought she knew everything would be ok, she had Neji after all and her happily ever after, what more could a girl ask for.

The End

Thank you to everyone that has read my story and I hope that you have enjoyed it. I will be finishing my first story Summer x Summer and I have two more stories in the works. Sorry this chapter was not that long; it was just a bit of fluff.

First is another romantic story featuring Tenten and Neji?

Second is a werewolf story (haven't really decided how this one will pan out)

Sorry for any grammar mistakes or if I have offended anyone.