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Chaos in a Page Chapter One: Stories

"In conclusion, the mysterious activity in your house was caused by your daughter, who has PK-ST. Apparently, she didn't like the idea of her parents leaving her for ten months a year," a blue-eyed boy of twenty spoke calmly to two distressed adults.

"We're sorry Hitomi, we promise to spend more time with you from now on," said one of them while hugging a small redhead girl. After clearing their base of operations, packing their equipment and receiving the client's gratitude, Shibuya Kazuya, a.k.a Naru - as the team would lovingly call him, and the rest of his companions headed back to headquarters . With this, another case has been closed for Naru's team of psychics.

Upon arriving at SPR's office complex, the whole team helped in returning the used equipment to storage and said their goodbyes soon after. After all, it had been a tiring case for them. Getting chased by flying objects and getting mauled by a large arsenal of stuffed animals caused by a little girl's tantrums had wore them down. Plus the hysterics caused by an image of their "Holy Ice Prince" getting surrounded by cute, fluffy bunny rabbits were too much for their stomachs to handle. Naru's mood lowered to the negative side of the scale ever since his unwanted trip to "Wonderland" and hasn't gone up so far. Once he reached the door to his office, he glared at everyone in the main room and told them to leave immediately, slamming the door behind him.

After waving goodbye to Takigawa and Ayako, Mai left the SPR Center and headed toward her apartment. It has been three years since her boss and her heart's desire returned to Japan and rehired her. Still, even though time has passed, everything pretty much stayed the same. They'd take cases here and there, encounter dangerous spirits, bump into weird ones, and so on. On idle days, she would just stay in the office with Lin and Naru, serving them tea. Just tea. Mai flinched as she remembered serving her tea-addicted boss one of those commercial carbonated tea drinks, which made the self-absorbed young man to gag and throw up in the bathroom for an hour. She sure got the brunt of Naru's anger as he scolded her and threatened to cut her pay.

The clicking sound of steel as the key to Mai's apartment turned echoed through the silent hallway. It was around ten in the evening and most of the people in the apartment complex were already settled down, if not asleep. Mai slumped on her couch and thought about how she would spend her day off tomorrow. After musing whether she would go to the office and see Naru or finish "Persona 4" on the PS2 Bou-san bought her for her 18th birthday, she saw her university notebook lying on top of the coffee table. She let out a long sigh. How could she have forgotten that she had research homework for one of her courses due two weeks from now? Even though it was summer break, the quest for learning goes on. Or so her professor said.

"To the library it is then," the already nineteen-year-old picked up the purple notebook and placed it on her study table. After taking a good long shower, she squirmed under the warm covers of her bed and drifted to sleep.

The warm summer sun shone brightly on the streets, illuminating the lines of houses and city greenery. Clad in a purple striped hoodie, a short denim skirt and a pair of blue chucks, Mai Taniyama readjusted the purple clip she placed on the right side of her short brown hair. Bouncing her small yellow backpack, she headed to the direction of the local library.

Somewhere along the way, she passed by a pastry shop and bumped into someone, who was no other than her narcissistic prince.

"Ohayou, Naru," she smiled sweetly, "Funny seeing you here."

"Hn. Can't I go out and eat cake once in a while?" Naru replied curtly. He obviously was still in a bad mood, but somehow managed to raise the mood gauge up a few notches. Mai gave him an amused look. She wanted to tease him about "Naru in Wonderland" but decided against it when he started to walk past her.

"Where are you off to? Isn't the office closed for today?" she walked alongside the young man. Naru ignored her and continued walking. Mai huffed and asked him again. This time, Naru glared at her and answered.

"I'm going to the library to read on some newspaper archives related to a case I'm interested in. When everyone else had gone out of the office, I received a call on poltergeists haunting an art museum. I haven't officially taken the case yet since I'd like to know more about it before accepting. The client will call me again a day or two from now."

"Looks like we're headed to the same place," Naru's assistant held firmly on the straps of her knapsack, "I've got research homework for my Social Science course," she continued.

"Well, well. Seems like you're finally interested in getting smarter huh? What a rare moment, " Naru sent her a smirk that got her wishing that she could control all the stuffed toys in the world to smother him. After all this time, this guy could still rile her up good.

"Rrr… So what if I am? Gah, you narcissistic jerk!" Mai huffed, speeding up her pace and leaving her snarky boss.

A voice inside Naru scolded him for the way he talked to Mai. Great, you blew a chance to be with her outside of work. Kazuya shrugged it off, his logical mind keeping any feelings of guilt at bay. He lost sight of her after a while and continued walking towards the same direction she went off to.

Mai entered the huge library and started to work on her research project. She saw Naru shuffling through old newspapers a few minutes later and decided to ignore the walking block of ice. She proceeded to find books for her own research and stalked off to the far corners of the library.

After a few hours, she decided to take a rest and left the library. She glanced over at Naru, who was still busy writing notes on his findings. She thought of asking him out to lunch but seeing how serious he was in what he was doing, she dismissed her desire to be with him. Upon exiting the large building, Mai entered a family restaurant nearby and ate her fill of lasagna. Ever since being a part-time investigator, she was able to afford a bit more expensive meals and didn't have to face the problem of going hungry because of her lack of money. As she sipped the last of her strawberry iced tea, her thoughts turned to Naru. Even if it had been three years since she admitted that she harbored love for Kazuya, she found herself having stronger feelings for the said dark-haired boy. Though she was initially confused whether she loved Noll or Gene, she finally realized that it was Noll's attitude and rare smiles that she fell in love with. She did like Gene's kindness but was more inclined to Noll's weird way of caring for her. Plus, there was never a dull moment with Oliver Davis around.

Mai paid her bill and went back to the library to continue her research. She surveyed the area to see if Naru was still working there, only to be disappointed by the lack of dark-bluish haired people in the scene. Taniyama let out a small sigh and went to a bookshelf on one of the corners of the rectangular-shaped building. Her eyes sped past a series of titles until they landed on one with a maroon spine and golden lettering.

"Creatures of Mythology and Folklore, huh?" she stretched out her arm to reach the book. She blew a bit of dust that settled on it and studied the cover. It was designed with rune-like writing, magic circles and jewel designs. A picture of a dragon, majestically breathing out flame, decorated the middle part of the front cover. Mai widened her eyes in interest and started flipping through the pages. She saw pictures of monsters and spirits with their respective descriptions. Some were familiar to her, some were entirely new. She scanned the pages and found that it covered almost every folklore and myth across the globe.

For a book containing a lot of information and pictures, it sure wasn't too heavy or thick. Along with the other books Mai needed for her research, "Creatures of Mythology and Folklore" was checked out from the library and sat snugly on the coffee table of Mai's apartment. Totally ignoring the other books, Mai took the maroon-colored book and read it. She read and read until she fell asleep, the book lying open on her lap.

Totally unaware of what might happen next.


Author's Note:

PK-ST: Psychokinesis on Stationary objects

Ohayou = 'Good Morning' in Japanese. Usually used before 10am.

This is my first Ghost Hunt fanfic, and my third fanfic in this site. I had to do research on the manga and novel since I only watched the anime. I wasn't supposed to publish this yet since I haven't finished the whole story yet but I'd like to see how it would fare here. Publish dates for the next chapters would be irregular, but I'll try to update the next chapter as soon as I can.

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