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One of the Boys

Chapter 1: Cheer up, boys (Your makeup is running)

It was meant to be
But all along it never meant a thing
Never stopped to ask you why
You didn't pass me by
Did you see me in your life
Flash before your eyes
Was it just that i wasn't hard enough,
Hard enough for you

Stop using my
Wait, wait

Theres a world out there
Don't you deny me
Give me one last wish
Theres a world out there

Cheer up, Boys (Your makeup is running)

"No effing way Daddy!"

"Mikan, how many times, do not half heartedly use swear words, say it from the heart!" My dad joked. I ran to him and hugged him tears in my eyes, "But Dad, I have to go to this school! Look at the sports timetable! Look at how many it covers!" I wailed. He took the sheet from my hands and scanned it quickly sighing tiredly, "You're right. It has to be this school."

We had been searching for the past year for the perfect school, and we had found it. Alice Academy. And I knew from that determined expression Dad wasn't joking anymore.

Hi there! I'm Mikan Sakura, I'm fifteen and I love playing basketball. Before you think I'm going all sporty on you I'm not a tomboy and am proud to say I'm one of the laziest people you will ever know. I try to be optimistic too because karma can be a female dog on the best of days. I am fully into the whole dress and skirt wearing thing, and with legs like mine, I can pull the shortest skirt off, not that I would. I am 5"6 with long brown wavy hair and brown eyes, (boring!) and share an unparalleled love of sport with my dad. The high school I'm applying for is a boy's only school sport school, with a "sister" school that specialises in media and English. They share the same school name and some buildings (the campus is H-U-G-E) but depending on what gender you are you can't do certain subjects.

I have been playing basketball since age two and can do a slam dunk like a man. But the girl's curriculum only focuses on media and English whereas the boy's is PE and more PE and er, the core stuff. But mainly PE. This school is for the PE fanatics of the year, which includes me.

Anyway enough about me, my dad is a famous basketball player, (he's just taking a break at the moment) and understands my love for the sport. So in less than five seconds he picked up the phone from its holder and went into the hallway to speak with the principle of the boy's school leaving me alone in the living room. I closed my eyes and prayed for a miracle, a miracle to be enrolled that is. My eyes were squeezed shut and my stomach jolted uneasily.

Please Lord, please Lord, please -

My dad came back into the room with a big grin on his face after five agonizing minutes,

"Guess who just lied about having a son to get his daughter enrolled?"

"OMG Dad! No bloody way!" I screamed. But then one thought made me come crashing back down to earth... "Wait, what will mom say?"

My mom didn't like me doing basketball and much less for high school, a lump raised in my throat.

"Honey, leave your mom to me…we have another two months until she gets back and we break it to her."

I nodded. Mom was gonna need a drink. Make it large. I should explain, my mom is an author and her latest book has been a pretty big hit, so she's currently going on tour and doing conferences but as it's so far away she can't come home for another two months, and I miss her. Lots.

"So when do I start?"

"Tomorrow. You were the last one the Principle could squeeze in." I threw myself at my dad. He patted my hair and we both started to laugh.

"Oh crap, dad, how do I become a boy?" He frowned, suddenly realising that this would be a problem.

"Honey, I … I think that we should only get you looking like one, why not let Hotaru help? She's good at disguises." I nodded; she knew how to do everything.

I whipped my phone out and began dialling while walking over to the couch to sit down.

"What is it idiot?" Came a slightly cranky voice from the other end of the phone.

"Hotaru…can you make me be a boy before tomorrow?"

"Why? I've gotta pack, I leave tomorrow for Alice Academy. Wait…did you say "a boy"? Make you look like one? What the hell are you up to Mikan?"

"I'm coming round yours, don't go anywhere!" I yelled quickly hanging up and throwing my phone on the sofa. I kissed my dad, got my bag and ran up the streets to Hotaru's house. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon and the summer sun was still bright and boldly shining on to the pavement and onto the trees that lined the street. Finally reaching her house, I rang the door bell and looked up at the big white house that smelt of money. Hotaru's mom was a journalist and also was the best snoop ever created, it was rumoured that she could smell a scandal from a mile off. And they benefited from it.

Hotaru opened the door looking blankly at me. She was dressed in denim three quarter lengths and a top like me, but I had shorts on.

"Hotaru, I've been enrolled into the Boy's Alice Academy for Sport!" I screamed with joy.

She winced at the sudden noise I made and raised her eyebrow, "How? Last time I checked you were a girl."

"Errrr, well dad lied and said I was a boy, so I need to know how to be a boy! Teach me!"

"And what gives you the impression that Iknow what it is to be a boy?" She asked scathingly.

I stuttered and faltered wilting under her glare, "Dad and I thought…" I gave her the puppy dog eyes.

She opened the door wider letting me in sighing. We walked up to her room where she sat at her computer. I dumped my bag on the soft bed and looked around the lilac room with photos hanging off her pin board of the latest scandals about people in our year ready to be scanned in to the computer onto her successful gossip website, which she did not enjoy writing in the guise of a chatty gossip girl character but enjoyed the money she received from the hundreds who visited it.

She typed into Google, "how to be a boy". "How useless…" she muttered as she scrolled through the searches. Closing the window she turned to me saying,

"We'll have to start from the top since the internet's no help." She leant down and opened a draw to get out a lilac note pad and pen,

"Right starting with the hair, we're going to make a list of what there is to change." I sat at her feet and we listed from my hair, clothes to my voice and height. "Let's get to action!" She said standing up after half an hour of brain storming. We grabbed our bags and shut the door behind us. I giggled, we walked out of the doorway into the last of the bright summer light.

We first caught a taxi into the city and stopped at a hairdresser's and went in but I was not ready for what nearly happened next.

"WAHHHH! I DO NOT WANT MY HAIR CUT! You know I've been growing it for nine months!" I shrieked sitting in the chair. Hotaru sighed,

"Well," she turned to the scared hairdresser, "Do you have any wigs?"

He nodded and ran off bringing a mountain of shiny wigs back. We sifted thought the mound until we found a boys hair style, matching my natural hair colour. The hair dresser pinned my hair back and put it on, I looked…quite nice actually! My cheek bones were accentuated and the style framed my face. It was cut to give layers and was a little long, but I screamed if he cut any more hair from the wig off.

" Next, clothes…" Hotaru muttered crossing off "Hair style" on the list. We caught the bus to the biggest mall, which is far away as we live near the country side. But when we got there we dived into every boy's shop and bought lots of jeans (I now own size 0 boy jeans… what to say…) and loads of baggy tops to hide my small chest.

"Hotaru what'll I do about my chest when I'm running?" She looked at me thinking hard while eating a strawberry sundae. We were currently at a retro styled ice cream parlour eating ice cream and drinking milkshakes (chocolate for me, strawberry for Hotaru) after a hard day of shopping.

"Do what Mulan did, wrap a bandage round it; it worked for half the film." She said blandly returning to her ice cream, swirling a long elegant finger in the cream and tasting it. I frowned, "Thanks, I'll go gangster, Yukaza style. No, seriously, I should get a sports bikini top maybe…" That was stop number three, the swim wear shop. We got ones that were in black and white.

Next we followed boys around the mall and I imitated the way they walked, sway sway, no hips used, move your head to an imaginary rap beat. Weeeelll, more or less.

We got the bus home practicing my "broken" voice.

"Now say… hi." Said Hotaru, thankfully the top floor was empty.

I lowered my head slightly and said "Hi there." In a slightly deep voice, but it still sounded a bit high.

Oh god, all for the love of basketball.

I packed my new wardrobe in my suitcase already anticipating this new adventure. I jumped on my suitcases while my dad tried to zip them up. I got changed into my pyjamas and turned on my bedside light and snuggled down for the last time in a while in my bed.

"Get some sleep now Mikan, your flight is going to be a long one, the city is far away from here. Good night honey"

"Good night Dad." I leaned over and turned off my blue bedside light. As I sat in the dark, unable to sleep just yet I stared at the ceiling and thought. I really missed mom, she was off on her world tour for her new book but I wish she could have came to the airport to see me off. It would make me feel better about going, oh well. I put my iPhone onto charge and rolled over to sleep.

I woke up at half two and immediately got ready, I tied my hair up and put on my normal clothes, I would change when I get there, so my hand luggage was a tight bundle of clothes, shoes and a wig. I just hope they don't ask questions at security, I'm a rubbish liar.

I met Hotaru at the airport, who was eating a shrimp Prêt a manger sandwich.

"Wow, you and your dad are early, that's a miracle." She said her face as blank as ever.

"I know right? Hey, can we go shopping now?" Hotaru looked past me and up. She ignored me and went put her sandwich case in the bin.

I called after her, annoyed. "Hey…Hotaru?"

"Oi, get outta my way." A low rough voice muttered from behind me.

I turned around to see a complete and utter giant standing behind me. God he's tall! I looked up into his eyes, which were fiercely red and stuck my chin out while saying, "Make me."

He raised his eyebrow, Hotaru didn't have her gun on her but I could hear her softly growl and narrow her eyes from a distance.

He picked me up in his huge hands over my shoulders and literally, I mean literally as in physically, picked meup.He then set me down out of his way and sauntered past.

"Damn!" I cussed. He threw me a glance over his shoulder, "Watch it squirt."

He turned forward again and I gave him the one fingered salute. It's THREE IN THE BLOODY MORNING! WHAT THE HELL?

Luckily for me no one asked any questions at security and I got threw it, wig and all. I waited at the gate for my aeroplane to be called and eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream out of a vending machine and talking to Hotaru to pass the time.

When the flight was called, I walked onto the aeroplane earphones in and slumped in my seat after searching like, fifty aisles for it. My thoughts drifted to my dad, he was probably crying somewhere, his best buddy gone.

I sighed, and looked around; the seat next to me was vacant. Let's hope the person never comes! I thought. The flight was like, five hours long, and I did not want some person annoying me for that long.

I closed my eyes and put my earphones in; I opened my eyes at the end of the song so I could listen to the safety drill.

I looked next to me, the seat wasn't empty but it had himin it. And by him I mean Mr. Oh-Get-Out-Of-My-Way-Squirt.

"Why are you stalking me?" I hissed. He turned and said with a raised eyebrow, "I could say the same thing."

"Oh shut it." I snapped. Bam, my peaceful flight ruined. He looked down at my seat and smirked, oh whatever, I thought, as if my skirt looks that funny.

He sniggered openly while putting in his earphones staring at me with an arched brow and now I was plain irritated,

"What's your problem?" I whispered as the announcement for the safety procedures was going on.

"Nothing … Polka dots." I looked in his line of sight. DAMN SKIRTS!

My skirt had lifted as I had sat down showing the wholeof economy class my knickers. I snarled, "You pervert."

The first thirty minutes of our flight was silent to say the least. Meanwhile I imagined different ways of very painful deaths for him and that alone calmed me down.

I turned to him after a while thinking maybe we had just got off on the wrong foot so I asked him, "So where are you going?"

He ignored me. I punched his shoulder softly quickly losing my patience with him, "Hey, I'm talking to you!"

Slience. I huffed and crossed my arms thinking someone just blew their chance of ever gaining my forgiveness.

"Fine, what ever if you've taken an five hour vow of silence, that's fine by me. Perfectly wonde-"

He turned to me smirking his red eyes flashing dangerously, holy mother pucker lip gloss, my heart banged so hard against my chest I knew every one could hear it. Stop it heart, he's a jerk!

"Alice Academy for boys, but you probably don't know where that is. Or what it is simpleton."

"Shut up! In fact I'm going there my self!"

"I said boy's Academy, you mean the girl'sone."

"Err, yeah! Right, that's what I meant. So what?" I hurriedly said clearing up the mistake.

Later he fell asleep and I watched edging further away as his head bounced around from the turbulence and safely landed on my shoulder. I widened my eyes and thought, god he sleeps like a log. His head on my shoulder made my heart thump badly; I hope I never bump into him again…

I wasted away the flight thinking and reading and when we landed I stuck with Hotaru.

A blond guy was waiting at arrivals, "Alice students, OVER HERE PEOPLE! I'M CALLING OUT NAMES!"

Hotaru heard this and pushed me into the nearest toilet. I ran into a cubicle, "Get changed now. What's your fake name?"

I began to change unfurling the clothes quickly, "Err Miki Sakura, spelt with an "I"."

"Right, good. Now hurry up, the register is near to…" She opened the door to the toilets. " "H" surnames, I think." I tied up my orange converse laces and stepped out securing my wig one last time. I had changed into dark black jeans, a blue top with white sleeveless hoodie, and hot damn I looked good, I thought smugly. I ruffled my bangs one last time and prepared to go out into the world. Well, not the world, school, but you know what I mean!

"Okay, let's get out of here!" I said picking up my bag giggling. I felt dizzy and giddy, one of my favourite feelings.

We ran towards the group of tired students carrying various sizes of hand luggage.

"Hotaru Imai?"

"Here." She called from a little distance; we slowed our running to walking and blended in attempting to suppress our panting.

I clutched onto her hand, scared out of my wits.

"Miki Sakura?" I cleared my throat, and said in a super practiced voice, "Here."

It was just a little deeper than my real voice so when I was caught off guard it wouldn't seem so strange.

We were then led onto a coach, where all the people who wanted to wreck havoc before term had started, shuffled to the back to sit down. I got Hotaru and I seats in the middle. I looked back to see who had claimed the back, a loud group of tall muscular boys had. Figures, I snorted mentally. I sneakily re-folded my other clothes and pushed them deep into my bag.

"Now remember Mikan, your name is Miki. Miki, got it?" Hotaru muttered.

I nodded saying in my man-voice, "Jeez dude I got it!" She smiled.

We arrived at the school quickly only to be separated. I threw a small smile at Hotaru who whispered, "Good luck stupid." As she joined the girls line and disappeared into the crowd of giggling girls.

"All boys over here! I'm your new form tutor Narumi!" I heard groans; hey, he seems alright to me.

"I will now partner you up so, if you could get your partner, follow the path downwards and get your keys and settle in, we'll all be happy. And one last thing the basketball tryouts are today at five, tennis at four and football at six." I looked at the distant school; it gleamed in the sun, big and beautiful and white. The sunset stained the clear windows shocking reds, pinks and the clouds were a soft yellow and floated serenely above our heads as birds chattered in the lush green forest.

"-akura? Miki Sakura?"

I snapped out of my staring, "Yeah?"

"Come here, your paaaartner will beeeee," and as I wriggled out of the crowd next to Narumi, he mouthed "eeny meeny miny mo… " while going down the names on a clipboard with a long pale slender finger, "Natsume Hyuga!"

"It's you." I muttered in socked recognition as a familiar figure emerged from the crowd. He walked closer, "Say what? It's me?"

"I-I didn't say anything." Shit! Way to go Mikan!

"Hn." We walked in silence to the school. I cleared my throat, "So uh, hey, I'm Mika-Miki."

"Natsume." He grunted. His pale skin was being painted amber red from the setting sun as we set off walking down the path following so many pairs ahead of us.

May as well make conversation, maybe he isn't all that bad…

"Right…So you play… what?" I asked.

He looked down on me from the side, "Basketball".

"Oh, snap!" I gushed looking up smiling openly. "Going for tryouts then?" I prompted.

"Of course stupid." He stopped sneering and walked on ahead leaving me lagging behind. My temper flared, sorry for trying to make conversation. "Whatever jerk." I muttered back.

"What did you say?"

"I said "Whatever suits you dude." We silently walked into the pristine white reception with light wooden flooring. Walked up received our key at the big oak desk, it was so shiny and polished I could see my face in it! I got two sets of keys and walked back to Natsume examining them closely. They were both for room two-oh-five. I handed him one and said, "There must be some kind of mistake, we have the same room key, I'll just go get another one. Sorry I'll be quic-"I said attempting to laugh it off.

Please tell me it's not what I think it is, pleas-

"There's no mistake. We're sharing a room. Together. Want it any clearer stupid?"

"No. Thank. You." I said through gritted teeth.


We went into the lift and I stared at the wallpaper in the lift attempting to stop the tears welling. And my head itches, darn wig. But more importantly, how am I supposed to keep my cool andcover with an infuriating guy like Hyuga around? He's seen me as a girl! It's only a matter of time!

"We're here, hurry up." The Natsume said blankly. I gulped, "Comin'."