Change the Future

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and any of its characters, Kishimoto owns them.

Authors note: I got the idea of time traveling back in time to try and change the future, when I read two of my favourite fanfics We are and Blonds have more Fun by EroSlackerMicha. This is my first ever fanfic and I am completely new to this so bear with me if I happen to make a lot of mistakes.

Summary: The story will follow the events depicted in the manga: In the future the alliance formed by the elemental nations has lost the fourth ninja war but many shinobi's are still fighting for hope. Uchiha Madara have managed to collect all the tailed beasts and unleashed the tenth tailed beast from its slumber. Uzumaki Naruto has been given a second chance to return to the past and prevent this dark future from happening once again. Pairings are Narutoxharem with a total of 7 girls, 3 seniors and 4 around the same age as him, no more and no less.

Chapter 1: A Second Chance

The stench of blood and death polluted the air as many bodies lay motionless on the vast scorched battlefield.

The only sounds heard was the roaring of the ten tailed beast wreaking havoc and chaos in the distant land, as the remaining shinobi's battled the beast and its master standing on top of its gigantic head.

Its master Uchiha Madara laughing at all the death and destruction and proclaimed out loud "The war is over and I have won, with the power of the beast I will rewrite and change this pathetic world into my utopia! Hahahahahaha!" as more shinobi's continued the assault on the beast and its master, clinging onto any bit of hope that is left.

A lone blond man 24 years of age stood bleeding and injured as he looked around and saw the bodies of his dead motionless friends. He closed his eyes in a moment of silence before he continued on looking for the most precious people in his life.

After ten minutes of searching, he stood with his head looking down at the bodies of his dead lifeless wives. The sound of thunder erupted as rain started to fall…

"Yu…Yu…Yugao-chan…An…Anko-chan…Mei…Mei-chan…Ino-chan…Temari-chan…Hin…Hinata-chan…Sa…Sakura-chan…" He quietly said as his legs gave way and he fell on his knees. He then pulled each of his wives into a huddle around him; their lifeless heads fell on his shoulders, chest and back as tears flowed down his whiskered face. "Waaaaaaaaaaaa!" as he shouted into the dark gloomy sky.

Memories of them projected in his mind and once the memories stopped he felt something he hasn't felt in a long long time…he was alone once again…

Minutes which seemed like hours passed by before he laid them down side by side and kissed each of them on the forehead. "I'll be joining you girls soon, I promise" he said as he smiled at them.

His head slowly turned toward the great beast before rushing at it. In his head is filled with anger, hatred and revenge.

Just as he is about to activate his Jutsu, nine orbs of light appeared in front of him and he came to an abrupt stop. Before his eyes the nine orbs of light took on the shape of the nine tailed beasts.

"What's going on?" he said in his shocked voice, "I thought you all were absorbed into the ten tails'…" he said in a confused state.

"Only our chakra has been absorbed, what you see now are our souls that have remained. Over the years each of us have managed to develop souls that have allowed us to control the chakra that we possessed." the eight tailed ox said.


"That is all but suicide…now calm down and listen to us."


"The brat's never listened to what I have said before, I say let him die…" the nine tailed fox sneered.

"Naruto listen to me, there is a way for you to fix things." The eight tailed ox said, "Do you not want to be with your family and friends again?"

"Of course I do! But they are dead and the only way is for me to join them, they are waiting for me…"

"Death is not the only way, we know of a way to undo what is done." The eight tailed ox said.

Naruto looked at the spirits and asked "how?"

"We will use our spiritual energy and send you back in time, unfortunately we can only send your soul and not your body, once your soul leaves…then your body will die…"

"But that's useless what can my soul do without my body?" he asked.

"You will need to seek out your past self and fuse your soul with the one in the past."

"What happens when I do that?"

"Chances are your soul will override the past soul since yours is more dominant in will and strength, but that is uncertain. There are many things that we do not know. Do you want to do this or die fighting a losing battle?"

Naruto in thought; 'If I go back I can change the events that lead to this future and I can be with my wives again, but this is a big risk…' after a moment Naruto said "I'll do this and bring a better future…but why are you doing this and what happens to you when you use your spirit energy?"

"Although some of us are malevolent, we do not wish to destroy all of human kind; it is the humans who have sealed us against our will which lead to our hatred for them. We do not wish for this future thus asks you to change it for us. Once we use our remaining energy we will cease to exist…"

Hearing this Naruto said "Alright." He began to walk back to his dead wives.

"What are you doing?" asked the two tailed cat.

"Once my soul leaves this body, then it will die…I want to die with my wives by my side…I promised them…"

He lay down by Yugao's body before he said "Then let's begin."

The nine spirits gathered around him and a bright light started glowing dispersing the clouds and the raining stopped. Naruto closed his eyes, grabbed Yugao's hand and felt like all the pain from the body slowly leaving him.

Once all the pain was gone he opened his eyes and saw his body on the ground as he rose toward the hole in the sky. As he entered the hole one by one the spirits started fading and he knew they would finally rest in peace…


11 years back into the past: Konoha forest

A 12-13 year old Naruto is hiding with a giant scroll on his back as his teacher Iruka defends him from the traitor Mizuki.

On one of the trees a hole appeared out of thin air and a 24 year old Naruto came out of it.

Future Naruto looked around and found his younger self hiding behind a tree listening in on the conversation of the two Chunins. The younger Naruto started to cry after hearing about his acknowledgement from his sensei.

As Mizuki leaps for the final blow, Future Naruto watches as younger Naruto kicks Mizuki out of the way. Future Naruto uses this chance and fuses with younger Naruto.

Naruto then looks at Mizuki with hate and shouts out "Don't touch Iruka sensei! I'm Going to Kill You!" putting his fingers together in a shape of a cross, releasing a high amount of killing intent.

Author's note: Now I know that Naruto is suppose to die when the nine tails was extracted. The reason why he is alive will be explained later. I will begin using shorter names or nicknames for the wives in later chapters now that all of them are introduced. Next Chapter 2: Seals and plan