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Chapter 7: The Chunin Exams.

The Day before the Exams:

Kakashi assembles team 7 early in the morning to give the team their applications. Kakashi then leaves them be while Sasuke goes back to training leaving Naruto and Sakura alone.

Sakura feels that she is useless and is lagging behind Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto feeling her uneasiness asks her what's wrong, she then begins telling him her worries.

"Sakura remember what I said the day of the bell test, anyone who abandons their teammates is shit. If you feel that you can't do this test then I won't do the test either," said Naruto.

"Naruto you can't! What about your dream of becoming Hokage?" asked Sakura.

"Yes my dream is important…but if I were to compare my dream with you, than you would be more important," said Naruto his eyes now looking at Sakura with great intensity.

Sakura's heart started beating like crazy and her face starts burning up 'Wh…wh…what should I do?' thought Sakura 'I think Naruto just confessed to me!'

Well what do you think? Kiss the guy, and don't tell me you haven't noticed how nice he looks wearing that new outfit! Said IS (Inner Sakura) You've also stopped bashing him whenever he does something to you, like the time where he was hugging you from behind.

'Be quite!' thought Sakura, but now that she thinks about it, it's true and she also remembers how amazing it felt when he hugged her.

"Naruto I am just a useless ninja, all of those missions were completed thanks to you and Sasuke-kun…now with the Chunin exams…I am afraid that without the two of you I might fa…" she never got to finish because she was pulled into a kiss by Naruto.

Holy shit! Wow…this feels goood… said IS.

'Na…Naruto! What am I gonna do? What's happening to me…ton…tongue!' but that was the last thing she thought.

Five minutes later they broke apart in order to catch a breath "Sakura I don't ever want to hear you say you're useless, to me you are one of the eight greatest female ninjas in this world," said a very serious Naruto.

He then smiled "Don't worry about the Chunin exams; you'll do fine, just be more confident in yourself. After all you do have the best chakra control out of all three of us and the best overall knowledge when it comes to Genjustu, not to mention the fact that you are very smart," Naruto said with a wink.

Sakura's face now crimson red, only managed a nod, but when Naruto looked like he is about to leave she instantly grabbed his hand and said "Don't go…"

Naruto feeling Sakura's hand then turned around and pulled her into a hug, "I missed you so much…" whispered Naruto now having tears in his eyes.

"Naruto…did you say something?" asked Sakura now stroking the back of his head.

"Huh? Oh…nothing, I said I love you so much," said a smiling Naruto who then let go of her.

Sakura seeing Naruto having tears in his eyes made her heart ache 'He loves me…he really loves me…' thought Sakura now also having tears in her eyes.

Naruto seeing her cried kissed her again and then said "Don't worry Sakura I won't be going anywhere soon, I promise I'll protect you till the day I die."

"You promise?" asked Sakura looking into Naruto's eyes.

"I promise," said Naruto with a smile, he then cupped her face with his hand and wiping away her tears with his thumb. "Now cheer up and I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

Sakura nodded, then just as Naruto was about to jump off she grabbed him again and pulled him into a kiss then ran off, leaving a bewildered yet happy Naruto behind.


Day of Chunin Exams:

"Hi Sakura-chan!...Hey Sasuke…" said Naruto when he went to meet up with Sakura and Sasuke.

"Hi Na…Naruto-kun…" said Sakura while blushing.

'Sakura seems weird today' thought Sasuke.

As they entered the building there was a big commotion, Rock Lee and Tenten were trying to go through a door but was prevented by two shinobis.

Naruto ignoring the commotion started heading towards the stairs but was stopped by the two when they noticed him "Hey! You there why are you going upstairs?" asked one of them.

"Because I want to go to the exam room on the third floor," replied Naruto "Sakura-chan would you mind telling these idiots what floor this is?"

"This is the second floor," said Sakura.

"The whole floor is under Genjustu," replied Sasuke when everybody seemed confused.

After that one of the shinobi's attacked Sasuke but both were stopped by Rock Lee. Rock Lee's teammates then approached him and began chatting with him.

Rock Lee then noticed Sakura and asked her out but was instantly turned down. Neji then walked up to Sasuke asking for his name but was ignored. Sakura sensing the tension dragged both Naruto and Sasuke out of the area.

After leaving the area Rock Lee showed up and challenged Sasuke to a match. Naruto not wanting to see the match decided to go to the exam room first. Sakura decided to go with Naruto since she thinks that the winner will be Sasuke anyways so there is no point. Sasuke nodded and said he will join them later.


Naruto and Sakura approached the room and found Kakashi standing in front of it. Kakashi then noticed that Sasuke was missing and asked where he is. Sakura replied that Sasuke was challenged by some kid name Rock Lee, and told Kakashi not to worry because Sasuke will be here soon enough. Moments later Sasuke showed up with excitement on his eyes, they then entered the room.

As they entered the room they noticed the room was packed, and then slowly the other rookie 9 started approaching them.

Ino then jumped onto the back of Sasuke while Naruto noticing Hinata grabbed her hand and led her away, with Hinata being utterly confused. Sakura noticing this eyed Naruto and Hinata while completely ignoring Ino and Sasuke.


Once they reached a relatively private place Hinata then asked softly "Na…Na…Naruto-kun wh…what's going on?"

"Hinata-chan you don't need to be shy when talking to me, you also need to speak louder or else people won't understand you." Naruto said, he then smiled and continued on "Have more confidence in yourself, I don't like girls who I can't understand when they talk."

This frightened Hinata "I'm…I'm sorry Na…Na…Naruto-kun," she softly said.

Naruto then put on a serious expression "Ok that does it…from now on every time you stutter when talking to me I will kiss you!" said Naruto, then noticing the shock on Hinata's face he smiled "I will at first kiss you on the forehead and if you continue I will move on to the cheeks and if you continue after that I will kiss you right here…" Naruto said pointing at her lips.

Hinata now nervous as hell and as red as a cherry "Na…Naruto-kun (kiss) hiiii…wh…why (kiss) hiii..."

Sakura now furious looked on in anger. What the hell is going on! Said IS.

It took quite a while for Hinata to finally speak normally; Naruto thinks that it is due to the embarrassment that made her stopped stuttering and not his kisses. "That's my girl!" Naruto said as he lifted up her chin and kissed her on the lips making her wave her arms frantically.

"Na…Naruto-kun (kiss) wh…why (kiss) did you kiss me on the lips when I stopped stuttering?" asked a flushed Hinata.

"Why else…it's because you're so cute," answered Naruto with a smile.

Hinata almost fainted but managed to control herself probably due to the fact that she doesn't want the dream to end.

Sakura couldn't take it anymore and was about to go to Naruto but was stopped by Ino asking her what is wrong. The other rookie 9 also noticed that Sakura was acting weird so they bombarded her with questions preventing her from reaching Naruto.

Naruto then noticed Temari glaring at them so he quickly grabbed Hinata and pulled her towards Temari and her bothers.


Naruto then nodded at Gaara and Kankuro before talking to Temari "Hello Tem-chan how's it going? You seem prettier and prettier every time I see you…" said Naruto with a foxy grin. "Allow me to introduce you guys, this is Hinata Hyuga. Hinata this is Temari, Gaara and Kankuro."

Temari at first blushed by Naruto's comment but then turned into a glare when she saw Hinata holding Naruto's hand. "Is she your girlfriend?" she said which made Hinata blush.

"Is that jealousy that I'm hearing?" asked Naruto, he then lifted her hand up and kissed it "Why Tem-chan you have nothing to be jealous of…after all you are the only desert rose in my heart."

Temari then flushed a deep pink which made Kankuro furious and Gaara having an expression that looked like he was ready to kill.

Naruto sensing danger quickly looked around and found an empty row consisting of four chairs "I'll be borrowing your sister for while," he said to Gaara and Kankuro.


Naruto then pulled Temari and Hinata toward the empty row, Temari went and sat by the wall followed by Naruto who sat beside her while Hinata took the empty seat beside Naruto.

Meanwhile Kabuto has just joined the rookie 9 in their discussion, the rookie 9 finally moved away from Sakura to pay attention to Kabuto. Sakura was about to go looking for Naruto when she heard about the info cards and decided to wait and hear things out.

Back to Naruto and girls…after finally being seated Temari turned towards Naruto "So…you still haven't told me your name yet...what is it?"

Hearing this Naruto started laughing "Hahahaha…my name? Let me tell you something, my name is incredible…it is so shocking that guys would never ever want to say it and girls would die to scream it!" Naruto proudly said.

This sparked Temari's interest "Really! Tell me! Tell me!" while Hinata looked confused.

"Hahahaha…my first name is 'My' and my last name is 'Husband'," said Naruto with an evil smirk.

Temari looked confused "My HusbandMy Husband what's so great about My Husband…I have never even heard of the surname Husband before," Temari said while thinking.

Naruto on the other hand was snickering while Hinata was giggling. "Hmm…My HusbandMy Husband…...YOU!" shouted out Temari blushing while furious at the same time.

She then raised an arm to slap Naruto but it was caught by him "Woah…Tem-chan a wife shouldn't slap their husband for no reason you know...and I'll show you later just what is so great about your husband..." said Naruto with a smirk and a wink while kissing her hand.

"Who's your wife!" shouted Temari while snapping her hand away from his grasp.

"But Tem-chan...all of those people heard you calling me your husband, and you've been calling me with such passion as well,"

Temari looked around and saw people looking at her with mixed expressions, her face then immediately heated up, using her hands she covered her crimsoned face and turned to face the wall.

"Temari-chan he's just messing with you…he always likes to play pranks on people, his real name is Naruto Uzumaki. Right Naru…" Naruto stopped Hinata from finishing by putting his finger to her mouth and then said "Hina-chan other people can call me Naruto, but my wives call Naru-kun or if you want Naru-love," Naruto said looking into her eyes, he then winked and kissed her on the cheeks.

This time it was Hinata's face that heated up and just like Temari she used her hands to cover her crimsoned face. She then turned away from Naruto facing the empty chair.

Naruto looked at Temari and then turn to look at Hinata still covering their faces; this caused Naruto to burst out laughing happily.

Meanwhile a group of sound Genins attacked Kabuto due to his comment on Sound Village being small and nothing to worry about.

Then there was a POOF and a person with scars all over his face showed up along with a dozen examiners. He then introduced himself as Ibiki Morino the head examiner for the first test.

As everyone looked for a place to sit Sakura was scanning for Naruto. Upon seeing Naruto sitting with Temari and Hinata, Inner Sakura shouted out That's our Naruto! Those scamps!

Sakura then approached them heading for the empty seat beside Hinata but then she saw a guy ready to take that seat, just before the guy was able to sit down; Sakura grabbed the guy by the skull and chucked him away.

Naruto upon seeing Sakura taking the empty seat said "Hi Sa-chan, I missed you." Sakura then turned her head away from Naruto making a (hmp!) sound while crossing her arms.

As the examiners passed out the exams, Ibiki began explaining the rules for the exams. After hearing the rules of the exams many people have a shocked and scared look on their faces including Sakura and Sasuke.

Sakura is now beginning to worry for Naruto, thinking that he might not even be able to answer a single question. She then looked over at Naruto which smiled and winked at her causing her to become totally confused.

"The exams will last one hour…Now BEGIN!" shouted out Ibiki.

Naruto looked over the exam sheet and laughed inside his head because this is the exact same exam that nearly lead to his mental breakdown. Smiling he began to write down the answers.

Five minutes later he got up and bringing the exam paper with him, he began to walk to Ibiki. Everyone stared as he made his way over to Ibiki with everyone having the same thoughts of Naruto quitting.

'Naruto…' thought Sakura. 'Naruto-kun' thought Hinata. Temari on the other hand just watched as he approached Ibiki.

"What's the matter kid, the exam too hard for ya?" asked Ibiki with a smirk "So you're quitting because you can't stand the pressure? You're willing to abandon your teammates huh? You coward!"

Naruto smiled and shook his head then looking at Ibiki he said "No I'm not quitting, who said that I was quitting? I'm here to hand in the exam because I'm done."

This caused everyone including Ibiki to bowl over, 'What!' was the word in their thoughts.

Standing back up Ibiki shouted, "What! How can you be done? The exam only just started around five minutes ago!" Snatching the paper, he looked through it; with each question his jaw dropped a little bit at a time. "They are all correct! This is impossible! How did you do this?"

"Ibiki sensei a true ninja never reveals his secret, and if you think I cheated you can ask anyone of those examinees if I cheated or not" said Naruto with a smile.

Ibiki then looked at the Chunins who are still shocked but then all managed to shake their heads indicating that they couldn't find how he could have cheated.

"Well if that's everything then I will be returning back to my seat," said Naruto with a bow, leaving Ibiki with a WTF expression on his face.

It took quite a while for everyone to focus back onto their tests. Sakura now knowing Naruto is fine started writing the test seriously. Hinata also displayed very little trouble with the test while Temari is having difficulties.

One by one teams are slowly being kicked out due to being caught cheating, while other more successful cheaters managed to finished the exam.

As the end of the hour approached, Ibiki then began telling them of the terrifying tenth question. This yet again created high tension and fear into the remaining teams. This time even more teams are disqualified due to their teammates quitting.

Ibiki noticed Naruto smiling, then approached Naruto thinking 'I'll get you this time you cocky brat.'

Once he approached Naruto he asked "So what's it gonna be? Are you quitting or are you going to take the question knowing the dangers?"

Naruto smiled and answered "Of course I am taking the question, there's no reason for me not to."

Ibiki now confused asked "You do know of the dangers right? Why would you still take the question after knowing what the consequences are, if you fail?"

"Well even if I fail the question here…I can take the Chunin exams at another village the next time. Since these are only your rules I doubt the other villages would uphold them." Naruto said knocking sense into some who were about to give up. "Besides I never back off from challenges; that's my way of the ninja!"

'Heh interesting kid, he blasted away all worries in an instant. The tension is now lifted, I doubt anyone would quit now after hearing him…' thought Ibiki. Turning around he asked "Is anyone else going to quit? This is the last chance…" waiting for people's hands but when he saw none he continued "No? Then to everyone who is still remaining congratulations you past the first test!" he smiled.

This caused quite an amount of shock and confusion, with many asking about the tenth question. Ibiki then proceeded to explain about the purpose of the nine questions and the real purpose of the tenth question.

After when he was done there was a crashing sound and as everyone looked to see what was happening. A female ninja stood beside Ibiki pinning a banner to the roof and announcing "I am the examiner for the second test! My name is Anko Mitarashi now follow me!" she said while thrusting a fist into the air.

'An-chan…still as fun as always' thought Naruto as he smiled.

AN: I have received several complaints to my story and so I will now address them:

Why did the Hokage say Naruto is Chunin-Jonin level even though he has a 12-13 year old body?

Well first of all to become Chunin all one needs is to reach a maturity level of leadership skills and tactical prowess, which a 24 year old Naruto definitely has and not to mention the fact that Shikamaru was only 12-13 year old when he became a Chunin. To reach Jonin level one has to have a great amount of experience as well as great individual skills. Naruto being 24 years old would mean that he has had a high level of experience and I have shown from time and time again just how skillful he is. It doesn't matter if he has a 12-13 year old body Kakashi was only 13 when he became Jonin so I don't really see why your complaining (the only thing that was keeping Naruto from becoming Jonin or higher is due to the lack of chakra control in the new body and other things like lack of sage mode and summons).

Wouldn't Naruto need to keep doing chakra controlling exercises in order to get good chakra control?

Not once have I said that Naruto have stopped doing his chakra controlling exercises, I just stopped mentioning them because I for one don't like to keep saying it to your faces and therefore making my story dull.

Why did Naruto only use four clones to train?

Well for the first week I only said that he uses four clones but since I stopped mentioning the clone training how do you know that Naruto haven't been using more clones to train?

Why did the Hokage give team 7 a C-rank mission after when they just became Genin for a week and a half?

Well you are forgetting the fact that Kakashi is one of the village's best Jonins and Naruto is around Jonin level, so there are actually two Jonins on the team, why wouldn't the Hokage give a measly C-rank mission to them? No Naruto doesn't only eat ramen, didn't you pay attention when I wrote about CC being a cook and cooking breakfast and lunch.

How is it doing tree climbing for only 2 days make him a master at it?

For those 2 days Naruto not only did tree climbing but also water walking and Rasengan exercises. Water walking is a higher form than tree walking while Rasengan is the highest level of shape manipulation. So unless you're saying that Naruto gained zero chakra controlling benefits from water walking and Rasengan exercises, I really don't see why you're complaining. In just those two days; tree climbing + water walking + Rasengan probably = two or more weeks of doing tree climbing alone. The only thing that should be complained is that Naruto didn't master water walking right away. So yes by the time he fought Gato and his men of course his chakra control is good enough to create two Rasengans. No I am not dumb enough to make Naruto use Rasenshuriken because Naruto does not have sage mode yet, why would I do that?

The timeline:

4 days of training before Hiruzens test.

1 week after then accepted C-rank mission.

Now I don't know how far away Land of Waves is from Konoha but since it's outside of Fire Country, I will make rough estimations. Since they were walking and not running or tree hopping due to Tazuna being an ordinary civilian my guess is it takes 1 month to reach Land of Waves. You can agree or disagree I don't really care.

Then 1 week of training.

2 weeks of bridge building.

1 month to return considering they weren't in a hurry.

1 week of D-rank missions then meeting Suna-nins.

1 week of preparation of Chunin exams.

So that totals 3 and a half to 4 months. Now I know that, that's 2 less months but I was focusing on the story and not the timeline so if that's stupid to you then so be it. I'm not a perfectionist nor do I write perfect stories, if you are looking for a perfect story than this is not the one for you. This story is for entertainment and is suppose to entertain you but if it causes you frustrations,then really don't read it.

Since this is fanfiction I will and I have changed many things so don't go asking me questions if they are minor things. Some of the things that are different are done on purpose for my story. If there are good suggestions then I will think about them but please think over carefully before making random complaints.

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