Love and Abduction

In the middle of the war all of the members of the Order of the Phoenix had taken some form of shelter at Grimmuald Place. The Burrow was a second shelter. Death Eaters surrounded both buildings while the Order tried to build or find larger housing. Going outside to get fresh air and peace from the other Order members Hermione looked up at the sky and around the block for Death Eaters. The surrounding street was unusually deserted of anyone, muggle or Death Eater. Enjoying the cool air she looked back up at the sky again taking a deep breath and relaxing. The wind blew her hair past her shoulders. She saw the flash of red before she passed out and fell over the stairs to the ground below. A Death Eater walked calmly toward her from across the street and picked her up.

"I finally found you, Hermione," he said looking down at her softly. He dropped a letter in front of the place she had fallen addressed to the members of the Order. Smelling her hair he sighed before he apparated away.

Arriving in his room Draco set Hermione on his bed and started undressing her. He took off her sneakers and socks before he trailed his fingers up the sides of her legs to the top of her jeans and undid them, pulling them down and feeling his body get more excited with every inch of skin he saw as he pulled her jeans down slowly. Throwing them down onto the floor he trailed his fingers up her legs in the same path enjoying her skin under his fingers. Pulling the edge of her shirt up he lifted her slightly to pull it over her head. He felt every inch of her stomach and what he could feel of her breast through her thin bra. He put one of his shirts on her to not tempt himself further to touch her. Going to the door he looked back at her laying there innocently yet alluringly on her side and he wanted to go back to her. Instead he cast the spell to wake her up and locked the door behind him.

Hermione woke up feeling the bump on her head ache slightly as she sat up in bed. She knew immediately she wasn't at headquarters or at any other safe house. She saw her clothes on the floor and didn't recognize the shirt she was wearing but it did cover everything necessary. The room she was in had expensive furniture and a view of a garden below from where she was sitting. She checked her clothes but didn't find her wand anywhere. Staying calm she sat in a chair next to the only door that was locked and waited for someone to show up and assess the situation better. After a minute she got up and went to the window and tried to figure out where she was from what she could see out the window but beyond the garden was only forest stretching for miles. While she was looking the door opened and closed quietly. She turned and stared at Draco as he was looking at her looking worriedly.

"Malfoy, what am I doing here?" she asked backing away from him wary of his hands in case he had his wand ready to kill her with.

"Don't be scared of me, I'm not going to hurt you," he said putting his hands up to show that he didn't have his wand in them. "I need your help with something."

"And it required you to kidnap me and undress me while I was unconscious?" she asked moving toward the door but he blocked her everytime.

"Well it required the kidnapping, I undressed you for fun," he said smirking but making her angry with his actions.

"For fun huh? How about I kick your sorry arse for fun? I don't like being kidnapped and undressed just for someone elses kicks," she said bristling in anger.

"Don't get angry at me Granger, I really do need your help with something," he said smirking at her again.

"This doesn't seem to be a proper way to ask for help from someone," she said reigning in her anger. "The proper way is to ask and then wait for them to willing assist you."

"Unfortunately that isn't possible at this point for me any more. I was never sure if you would willingly help an enemy, even if his life depended on it," he said without smirking at her this time but seriously. She felt frozen under his gaze like a deer in headlights.

"What could be so seriously wrong with the brat prince of Slytherin that he would require the help of a lowly Gryffindor?" she asked trying to act confident.

"Does the Order have any idea how twisted the Dark Lord is? Besides the muggle hunting and the pureblood supremacy thing do you know what he does to us?" he asked suddenly looking pained and she wanted to comfort him when he looked that way. "He a bastard from hell who causes pain to everyone."

"What did he do to you Malfoy?" she asked quietly watching his face relax as he looked at her.

"He made a werewolf who needs his mate, now I can hardly breath when she's not here or when I'm alone in bed I can't fall asleep without dreaming of her and feeling that part of me is gone," he said walking toward her. She was thinking back through all her school papers and spare books she read.

"Malfoy that shouldn't be a problem, you have dreams about her so you know who it is all you have to do is claim her. You don't need me to tell you that, it should be instinct," she said backing away from him.

"I know that, but I need your permission before I claim you," he said stepping in front of her when she hit the wall behind her.

"Oh bloody hell, you can't believe I'm your mate," she said shaking her head thoroughly.

"I know you are and I've just been waiting to snatch you away from the Order so I could bring you here to be with me. You'll want me just as bad as I want you after I claim you," he said putting his hands on either side of her.

"Your inner wolf is off it's rocker if it believes I'm your mate. You made fun of me for years just because you thought you were better then me, your wolf should know you don't think I'm equal to you," she said ducking under his arm and heading for the other door. It shut without a sound and locked. She looked back at him but he still didn't have his wand out.

"Granger what I thought and what I was told were two different things. Being told you were supposed to be inferior didn't make you less superior to me when we met. And you made me curious as to whether my parent's were right or Dumbledore's incessant preaching was correct. After a while you proved them wrong but I didn't want to look like a fool so I kept up the pretense. I've always known your more then equal to me," he said circling her slowly.

"Seriously Malfoy you can't want me that way. What would your parent's say?" she asked always facing him.

"I don't really give a damn any more. I know that the Order is going to win because the Dark Lord is so tense now, and my parents will be gone," he said stopping in front a chair and sitting down to stare at her.

"I can't just make this decision without thinking it through. I don't know how I feel about all this," she said sitting in the chair behind her. She looked at her knees and closed her eyes trying to figure out what she should do or how she could get out of her is he was lying.

"I'm not lying, Granger," he said suddenly. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Don't tell me you can read my thoughts," she said.

"I won't then," he said smirking.

"I just remembered how much of an insufferable git you can be when you want to," she said frowning at him.

"Ah but you could love it if you just let me claim you," he said leaning forward and eyeing her hungrily.

"I can't just give my consent without thinking this through, I have to figure out if your even worth saving. You haven't really done anything good and intelligence about your Death Eater activities doesn't really help at all," she said leaning back and crossing her legs and then her arms. He watched all of it closely assessing all of her body language and thoughts.

"What could I do to prove that I really do need you?" he asked. He knew what she was thinking before she said it.

"Show your bite mark," she said. He stood up slowly taking off his robes, then unbuttoning his black shirt and throwing it on the floor with his robes. She examined his chest and abs knowing he kept incredibly good care of himself. He smirked before he turned around and she saw it in the top corner of his right shoulder. The skin was sort of knitted over like it healed too rapidly to properly smooth out and the indentions of teeth still showed around the edges.

"Convinced yet?" he asked. She sighed but nodded. He put his shirt back on but didn't button it as he sat down.

"I don't feel attracted to you," she said pulling her arms tighter around herself.

"That only happens after I release pheromones, I haven't done that to you. Though I did try it once at a Death Eater party and got some really interesting results. I now avoid Blaise as much as possible," he said smirking.

"Okay, thanks I guess. How long have you been a werewolf?" she asked.

"Almost two months, I've known from the beginning that you were my mate though," he said.

"Which means you already had a previous attachment to me? Were you just obsessed with finding a way to put me in my place?" she asked.

"No, you could say I had an unhealthy crush on someone I knew would never love me," he said lowering his eyes and hiding his eyes partially.

"Did you smell me tonight when I was on that stoop earlier? That's the only way I can think that you would know I was there," she said.

"Well I could hear your thoughts from inside the headquarters and I could smell you when you stepped out," he said taking another deep breath. "And I'm curious, why do you smell like Professor Snape?" he caught the tenor of her thoughts again and he started getting angry. She stood up and put her hands on his shoulders before he got up.

"It was none of your business, I don't belong to you," she said angrily. He grabbed her arms and pinned them both to the floor and her body under his. He was growling as he saw more of what she was thinking.

"I can't believe you're his lover, how could you do that to me?" he asked. She wiggled fruitlessly.

"I told you it was none of your business, I'm not your belonging or toy. I could be with anyone I damn well please," she hissed at him.

"Not anymore, I can't claim you without permission but I can make love to you without it," he said making her eyes go wide.

"You wouldn't dare," she whispered. He got up catching her around her waist and throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her to his bed. Wandlessly he made her hands go above her head and her clothes disappear in one moment. He made his clothes disappear as he climbed onto the bed next to her.

"Think of him again and I'll pound into you harder and make you scream my name before I let you go," he whispered parting her legs and moving his fingers up her thighs. He only waited a second before he stuck two fingers into her and started pumping them into her. She knew the second he released pheromones because instead of being angry at him she wanted more of his touch on her naked body. "I'll make you feel more then he ever could," he growled in her ear.

She turned her head to look at him and he kissed her quickly using his tongue to ravish her mouth like he was ravishing her below. She was moaning into his mouth and trying to tell him she needed more. He spread her legs wider and released the grip on her hands. Pulling her over onto his chest he swiftly thrust into her from below and winced slightly at the stretch he was making on her body. He was moaning at how tight her heat was around him as he pulled out and thrust back in swiftly. She was hovering above him with a look of total bliss on her face as he made her come, then again, and again till he came inside of her and let her fall down onto his chest.

He turned off the pheromones and waited for her outburst to come. She sat up immediately and slapped him causing a echo and a dull ache in his jaw. She was crying now as she climbed off of him and pulled his covers over her body. She hid her face in her arms and cried.

"You enjoyed it didn't you?" he asked baiting her. She immediately looked up eyes blazing in fury the way he liked them. She wandlessly threw him to against a wall and slammed him against it hard enough again to bang his head against it.

"You son of a bitch, you used pheromones to make me want it. If you hadn't done that then I never would have had sex with you," she said and he caught her thinking of Snape again. Seeing red he used his own wand less magic to get down from the wall and bring her toward him. His hands squeezing her shoulders hard enough to keep her in place but not hurt her.

"What did I say about thinking about Professor Snape?" he demanded quietly. Her eyes still blazed with fury.

"I don't care what you want me to do. I no longer want to be here or help you in anyway, you selfish, narcissistic, manipulative bastard," she screamed at him trying to hit him with her fists.

"You have mo idea how sexy you look right now," he said pressing his lips against hers and forcing her to respond by releasing pheromones again. She fought against them and tried to push him away to get her mind back. He noticed immediately and tried to release more of them to make her want it. She kept fighting no matter what dirty images were going through her head at the time.

"You bastard, keep your hands to yourself and don't try to trick me with pheromones again," she said getting away from him and covering up with his blanket to hide her nakedness again.

"Why not? You obviously like it when I do," he said letting loose a little again. She closed her eyes and concentrated on not going near him to kiss him.

"If you do it again, when I get my wand or find a knife I'll castrate you," she threatened taking a seat on the couch and curling up with the blanket. She kept him in sight always watching him. He put on pajama bottoms and sat in the chair across from her looking at her as well.

"Go to sleep Hermione, I won't do anything while you are," he said looking perfectly honest about it. She sat watching him for twenty minutes before she closed her eyes and fell blissfully into dreamless sleep.

Chapter two

The Order members sat at the table in the kitchen of Grimmuald place and looked at the letter sitting innocently on the table. Harry was looking off blankly trying to analyze the letter in front of him.

"Why would they take her? They have to know she would never give up information or do anything to help them. Snape was there any mention of this among the Death Eaters?" Harry asked. Snape took the hand off from his eyes and looked blankly at the wall in front of him.

"I never heard a whisper of a plan to kidnap her. There's the order to capture any known Order member but not a concentrated effort to capture anyone but you," he said not caring that other members were wondering how his control could have snapped over her abduction.

"Do you have any idea who might have wanted to take her specifically?" Lupin asked.

"I can't think of anyone asking specific questions about her or paying more attention when she was mentioned that I noticed. No one stands out in my mind," he said sounding like his brain was running on autopilot.

"Can't we trace her and the person that took her?" Ginny asked. Lupin shook his head and explained all traces had vanished the second they started looking for her.

Everyone was sort of stunned feeling the loss of her presence. Snape looked empty and vacant, Ginny looked like she wanted to cry, Ron was frustrated trying to figure out who might have taken her, and Harry looked determined to find her no matter what.

"Do we know where her research on Horcruxes is?" Lupin asked.

"She kept everything in her room, she was close to finding the last one when I last asked her. She told me If I kept interrupting her she would need a Horcrux herself to have enough time to find the last one," Harry said smiling slightly at the memory.

"We need to take him down quickly and then find her, we can't just storm through houses looking for her when Voldemort can fly in at any second," Lupin said standing up. Harry nodded reluctantly but stood up as well. Snape came out of his stupor and looked at everyone before getting up and leaving swiftly. Everyone else slowly disappeared to their tasks sadly wondering if they would see Hermione again.

Malfoy Manor.

Hermione woke up in bed wrapped tightly in a blanket though a arm was wrapped tightly around her waist holding her against a firm chest. She remembered exactly what happened and crawled away from him, but he pulled her back and growled against her neck.

"It's too early to wake up, go back to sleep," he said holding her still with both arms against him. She pushed out of his arms again and he let her go reluctantly before turning his head and going to sleep again. She went to the bathroom and took a long shower scrubbing at her skin to get his scent off of her and tried to pretend for a while that she hadn't had sex with him and enjoyed it. This thought however floated to Draco and woke him up with a shock. He went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower with his pajama bottoms still on and pinned her to the wall gently.

"I heard your thoughts Granger, that makes me really disappointed. Am I so repulsive that you want to forget about all of it?" he asked sucking at her neck and pushing his body close to hers and feeling her skin against his with water slicking between them slightly.

"If I had my choice you wouldn't have been anywhere near me last night," she said pulling away from his body and leaving the shower altogether. She wrapped herself in a towel and went back to his room. He found her opening random doors and then shutting them again until she found clothes.

"This isn't your closet, it's over there," he said leaning against the frame and pointing to the door next to this one.

"How long do you expect me to stay here Malfoy? I could care less now if you die or not now," she said walking past him and into the next closet. She didn't get distracted by the amazing clothes and just pulled jeans and a tshirt on without looking at him.

"Your lying, you wouldn't let someone you could help die, even if you hated them like you do me," he said hiding the pain and anger her words caused. She glanced at him slowly, blankly looking at him without emotion. He couldn't hear what she was thinking anymore because she was blocking him with Occlumency. She walked past him and sat down quietly in front of the window looking out at the garden and completely ignoring him.

"Why are you ignoring me now?" he asked coming to stand behind her. She didn't turn to look at him and quietly continued to look out the window. An owl flew by heading for a different window but she didn't pay to it either. He sat behind her watching her do nothing and saying nothing. He finally left just putting a plate of food in front of her on the floor and pecking her cheek before he left.

Going into his study the owl that flew past was sitting on his desk waiting patiently for him. Taking the letter the owl flew off and left him with the bad news. He had a new mission from the Dark Lord and he would need to leave for almost a week. He could barely stand to be fifty feet away, how was he supposed to find a way to work while he was worrying about her and whether she found a way out of the mansion and back to her original lover. Just thinking that made him clutch his chest and see red before he calmed down knowing that she couldn't leave. He thought of everything before he brought her here. The Malfoy manor was damn near impenetrable before but now no one could get in without his permission and definitely no one could get out with him.

He walked back into his room and found her exactly the same and she hadn't touched her food. He sat behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and put his chin on her shoulder to get the same vantage point as her.

"I have to leave for a while, a week maybe more. You don't have to worry about anything while I'm gone," he said knowing she didn't care at this point. He wanted to scream and see if he got a reaction. He instead tightened his grip on her waist and took deep breaths of her soothing scent. When she still didn't react he got up and started packing for his trip and got dressed. She was still sitting there when he came out and he stood behind her waiting for her to do something but she didn't. He left feeling empty and hopeless because he couldn't get her to acknowledge him.