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Chapter 9

Two months after the honeymoon.

Hermione sat up quickly in their apartment room and jumped over a grumbling Draco for the bathroom. He barely saw the door close before he heard her throw up loudly. He jumped out of bed and went to the door and knocked.

"Are you okay love?" he asked worriedly.

"No idiot, I'm throwing up at four in the morning when I felt perfectly fine last night," she shouted at the door.

"Hermione, maybe we should go to the doctor. I don't want you to get sick," he said leaning his forehead against the door and he heard her sigh.

"That's unfair when I can feel your concerned, you smug bastard," she said as he smirked.

"Still, we should get you checked," he said firmly.

"Fine, contact Harry and tell him I won't be in today. He'll have to go track down your crazy ass aunt on his own," she said feeling miserable and he could tell.

Harry agreed to drag Ron out of bed in her stead and Draco got the clothes out that Hermione was thinking of wearing so she wouldn't have to worry about it when she got out of the shower. He got dressed before she finished and once she was done wrapped his arms around her waist and apparated them to 's and asked for a check up appointment that day. While they were waiting she had to throw up again and Draco went in with her despite her protest to hold her hair for her and rub her back.

When they got into the examination room she laid down on the table feeling sick and weak while Draco sat next to her rubbing her hand and kissing her knuckles trying to soothe her. the mediwitch that came in recognized both of them and smiled before patiently listening to Draco worry about Hermione who was rolling her eyes though it felt like she would throw up again. The mediwitch did a few tests before she discovered the cause and smiled at both of them.

"Congratulations, you're going to be parents," she said expecting cheers and instead heard Draco hit the floor and Hermione sit up quickly to hold her head achingly.

"You mean I'm pregnant?" she asked and the mediwitch smiled before she saw Hermione reach down and kick Draco.

"I told you to wait," she said as the mediwitch slipped out quietly.

Eight months later.

Hermione wanted to growl at Draco shepherding her like a mother hen into the delivery room after her first contraction. The mediwitches had trouble navigating around the possessive werewolf and whenever they asked him to leave he growled until they backed off. Hermione laid down trying to breath evenly while the pain rippled through her and disrupted her concentration.

"This is all your fault," she screamed at him when another contraction rippled through her.

"I'm sorry," Draco said sounding apologetic.

"I don't give a damn if your sorry, we aren't having sex until this kid graduates Hogwarts," she cried as she pushed. The cries that filled the room stunned both of the parents and made them stop their bickering. The baby was handed to Hermione and she gazed down at her beautiful baby boy. He had stopped crying the second they gave him to her and was now looking up at her with her own chocolate eyes and Draco's smile on his lips.

"He's so beautiful," she whispered.

"He looks just like me," Draco said before Hermione glared at him. "And you."

"We have to come up with a name for him," Hermione said stroking his light brown hair with silver highlights like Draco's. "How about Aurigae? It means charioteer."

"What about Corvi? That's just as good but it means crow," he said.

"Hm," she said stroking his hair again and he looked at her with her eyes again and she melted feeling he like Corvi better then Aurigae. "Corvi it is, we'll just nickname him Cory."

"Alright then, welcome to the world of magic Corvi Malfoy," Draco said reaching out and stroking his sons dark hair.

Family poured in to see the little bundle of joy and everyone had preferences to say who he looked like. It almost turned into a fight between and about who they looked like till Corvi started crying loudly making both of them hush.

Five months later.

Hermione had just gotten her rambunctious and clever crawler into bed when Draco came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, one hand sneaking suspiciously up to cup her breast until she pushed him away.

"I told you, no sex," she said walking to her vanity and brushed her hair out. He got down on his knees and crawled over with his hands together begging.

"Hermione I've been in withdraw since Corvi was born, I've had to jack off three times in the shower after watching you just put on lotion. Don't keep me waiting anymore," he said getting behind her and running his nose along her throat and took a deep breathe making her shiver. She wanted too but she felt he needed to suffer for knocking her up in the first place and held back her arousal because the second he smelled it he would be on her faster then a hound dog in heat. She pictured Dumbledore naked and held back from turning around and just letting loose on the floor.

"No," she said firmly before he swiveled her around on her seat and parted her legs to get between them.

"Have you forgotten my secret weapon? I've refrained from using it so that you wouldn't get mad at me, but my wolf is hungry and you're the food," he said dangerously seductive to her ears.

"If you use pheremones I promise that we will never have sex again," she growled at him and his eyes flashed silver for a second before he grinned predatoraily at her.

"You want me," he said putting his hand on her inner thigh and she couldn't hold back her gasp as he smirked wider. "And I know it."

"You smug bas- um," she moaned into his mouth as kissed her using every trick up his sleeve to get her to open up and to participate in her own seduction. He made her wrap her arms around his waist and her fingers into his hair as he started ripping her clothes away. When she was naked pressing against him at every possible place he picked her up and carried her over to the bed and grinded into her hips to make her moan before he kicked off his sleeping pants. She arched her back and moaned his name the second that he thrust into her and he cursed trying to hold back his orgasm.

"How the hell did you get this tight?" he asked pulling out slowly before pushing back in moaning at the feel of her surrounding him so tightly.

"Just fuck me," she moaned and he bit her bottom lip lightly before he started moving faster and harder, dragging muffled screams from her until they both came, each others names on their lips before they kissed hungrily. He groaned in pleasure when she flipped them over and started riding him.

"I'm so fucking glad you didn't make me wait till Corvi graduated," he said holding her hips like they were a life jacket.

"Me too," she said scratching her nails down his chest before she steadied herself on it and moved faster.

Unfortunately for Draco a month later she beat his ass for getting her pregnant again, followed by screaming during the birth that she was going to castrate him after their daughter was born. Aurora Ann Malfoy was welcomed to the world to the sounds of her father wincing as her mother crushed his hand as she held it.

Two years after Aurora was born.

Hermione and Draco discovered that after they were mated that Draco didn't change anymore if she was with them. It happened when Aurora was two and Narcissa demanded to babysit her grandchildren so she could spoil them and so Draco and Hermione would get some much needed alone time. She had followed him down to the dungeon and sat outside of the cell playing with his hair through the bars. He leaned back into her hands wanting to hold her in his arms and do more then play with her hair. After a while he felt the moon rise but he didn't transform. He stayed still for an hour trying to determine if it was a fluke before he turned to her suddenly.

"The moons up but I haven't changed," he said. She cocked her head to the side and evaluated him like a transfiguration project.

"I don't know why, but I haven't stayed with you during the full moon since before we got married," she said reaching through the bars to wrap her fingers into his hair and smiled. "That means I don't have to watch you pace around and drool like a dog."

"You see that every time I watch you dress. Let me out," he said giving her a smoldering look and she bit her lip thinking of about it before she summoned the key. The second she unlocked the door he threw it open and pounced on her eyes silver to the fullest.

"Oh, mate is so sexy," he said licking her neck before he ripped open her blouse and ripped her bra away. "We don't know how much longer we can wait."

"Draco?" she asked quietly.

"Not just him, both of us," he said moving his hands to cup her breasts and play with her erected nipples. She arched into his hands and he grinded into her when she arched up, causing delicious sensations to shoot through her. He took one into his mouth and continued to play with the other and dragging moans from her while he purred.

"You mean Draco and his inner wolf?" she asked.

"That would be us, we were so disappointed that mate never came all those months," he said before he switched and her eyes rolled into her back of her head and she wove her fingers into his hair to keep him in place. He suddenly stopped and drew back to reach down and rip off the shorts she had put on to stay comfortable while she stayed with him but that changed when he tore them away and she felt the cold of the floor beneath her back and thighs. (I forgot to mention, Draco's naked like before!) Draco pulled her up against his warm chest and kissed her, licking, biting, and sucking her lips while she practically melted into his arms. "We think that we'll have to insist you come with us from now on."

"I don't see a reason why not, as long as both of you remember to use protection," she mumbled against his lips as he pushed her thighs apart with his knee and got between them, smelling her arousal as he reached down to take a hold of her ass. He sat on the floor and speared her on him, both of them moaning in unison as he went in to the hilt. He almost devoured her lower lip trying to get access to her mouth, which she gave after teasing him by licking his but not letting him in. She wiggled her hips against his and he started moving her at a furious pace never giving her a moment to take a deep breath only short pants that turned into deep moans as he kept moving her on him and against him. When she finally came her scream bounced off the walls and his growl mixed together as he was forced to come with her.

"I will most definitely need to come back with you," she said after she caught her breath.

Eight years later.

Hermione held Aurora's hand as they walked down platform nine and ten quarters and Draco pushed Corvi's cart next to the excited boy.

"I can't wait," he said jumping up and down excitedly. Aurora rolled her eyes and tossed back her long, curly blonde hair.

"So what, you have to share a room with four other smelly boys and get a potion blown up in your face, I don't see what your so excited about," Aurora said before her brother stuck his tongue out.

"At least I don't have to go next year and be in the same class as cousin James," he said.

"Would you too quit it?" Draco grumbled and they stopped for the moment.

"Did you make sure that you got everything?" Hermione asked, Corvi nodded rolling his eyes slightly.

"Make sure you get into Slytherin, I have a bet going with your mother," Draco said and Hermione hit his arm.

"Go to whatever house you want to, don't listen to your father on that point," she said glaring slightly at Draco.

"I think I want to be in Gryfinndor like you mom," he said and Hermione smiled at him lovingly and Draco cursed under his breath.

"With all those goody two shoes, I'd rather be in Slytherin," Aurora said. Hermione sighed and Draco preened.

"That's my girl," he said smirking. When they reached the train Corvi hugged his parents quickly and took off after Draco stored his trunk away. Hermione saw him wave goodbye as the train took off and she hugged Draco as it moved away with her eldest baby.

"You'll see him at Christmas," he said.

"I'm still going to worry about him. What if he gets into as much trouble as Harry, Ron, and me did at school," she said.

"I seriously doubt he's going to stumble into plots of immortality, the chamber of secrets, and a dark lord anytime soon," he said and she pinched him.

"I don't know why mommy followed those boys anyway, she doesn't seem like the type to follow troublemakers around," Aurora said holding her mothers hand still.

"She likes bad boys Aurora," Draco joked before Hermione hit him around the head.

"Let's go home and wait for his owl, I want to know if he's made any friends and what house he's in," Hermione said pulling Aurora gently beside her and holding Draco's hand as well.

Eight years later

Draco smiled as his daughter walked forward to get her magical diploma and held Hermione as she cried quietly next to him. he narrowed his eyes however when she slid next to James and discreetly kissed his cheek.

"The hell I'm going to let my daughter go out with Potters brat," he said to Hermione who had noticed as well but rolled her eyes.

"You will not interfere, it'll upset your precious princess," she said smirking when he thought about how furious Aurora would be if he got in the way.

"I can still scare the living shit out of him," he said.

"That'll work," she said sarcastically.

"At least all of them are out the house now, it's just you and me again," he said rubbing his nose against her cheek.

"We're still using protection," she growled at him when his hand started climbing up her leg.

"Of course, wouldn't want to be sitting on this field again in eighteen years for another childs graduation, now would we," he whispered. She glared at him before turning back to the ceremony to see all the students flare off sparks from their wands at the very end. They hugged their daughter and promised to see her at home that weekend before Draco almost threw her over his shoulder like a barbarian and carried her away.

When they reached their home near the Manor to satisfy Lucious and Narcissa's demand of closeness he laid her down on their bed and kissed her gently. She smiled against his lips and wove her fingers into his hair. When he broke off he looked into her eyes and felt his breath stop for a second.

"Do you know how utterly beautiful you are to me?" he asked moving some hair out of her face.

"Um, I think I have a good year after nearly twenty years," she teased.

"I love you," he said rubbing his nose along her jaw.

"I love you too Draco," she said scratching his scalp lightly.

"Then you won't like what I have to tell you," he said looking at her guiltily.

"What did you do?" she asked taking her hands away and crossing them over her chest.

"I got you pregnant again," he said expecting her to kill him. however when she suddenly tackled him and started kissing him like it was no tomorrow he smiled.

"I have no problem with that, but how did you find out before me?" she asked.

"I got used to your scent and how it changes with pregnancy. I noticed about a week ago," he said looking up at her happy face. "So I'm not going to get my hand crushed when this one is born?"

"Oh no, I'll still say it's all your fault because it is, but I can't find anything else to complain about this time around," she teased.

"Well then, I see no point in delaying the celebration," he said flipping them over so she was under him.

"This is always the way you celebrate, can't you come up with something more creative?" she joked.

"I could think of a few ways," he said kissing her again.

The end

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