Ichigo didn't remember much of anything. He could recall the message from the demon lord, taunting him because they had Renji Abarai in their possession. He had followed a demon guide to their home, with the understanding that if he wanted Renji, he'd have to fight for him. He remembered the first battle quite clearly, the cuts and bruises still on his body. And he remembered the demon lord tearing out Renji's throat. He would never be able to forget the pain and fear in Renji's eyes as the shinigami hung there, dying, because he had thought it would be a good idea to taunt the demon lord.

But after that, he didn't remember anything. He had blacked out, and the only thing he knew was that somehow, both he and his lover were alive and in Sereitei. How he had gotten there, he had no idea. Perhaps the shinigami had come for them. Or maybe he had won and managed to somehow get them back to the human world, and their message had finally made its way to Sereitei, so that they sent help. Or maybe something completely impossible had happened, probably done by Urahara.

Ichigo didn't know, and he found that right now, he really didn't care. All that mattered was that they were safe, both of them. Turning his head to the side, he stared sadly at the battered body of his friend and lover. The Fourth Division was doing all it could for him, but his reiatsu had been seriously depleted, and they had to restore that first before they worried about the superficial wounds.

When he had awoken, and demanded to know what happened, the other shinigami had kept their mouths shut. Not even Hanataro would answer his questions, which only frustrated Ichigo more. Then he had changed his demands to finding out how badly Renji was hurt. This one, they answered, albeit reluctantly. Severe internal bleeding, dozens of broken and fractured bones, as if he had been crushed by something, and of course, all the more superficial wounds, caused by claws and whips and fists and teeth. Those had been left for last, after Renji had been stabilized and his reiatsu restored.

The door opened quietly and Hanataro slipped inside. Ichigo turned his head long enough to nod a greeting at the boy before turning back to stare at Renji, watching intently as Hanataro ran some equipment over him, checking his level of spiritual energy. A small smile, directed at Ichigo, allowed the young man to breathe more easily. Renji's reiatsu was recovering, which meant that soon, they could start fixing the non-lethal injuries, and hopefully, the Vice Captain would wake up.

Feeling eyes on him, Ichigo looked up at Hanataro curiously, waiting to see what he had to say. Biting his lip nervously, the young shinigami approached Ichigo's bed. Reaching down, he gently removed the chains that had bound Ichigo to the bed, and helped him to stand. Ichigo frowned, but didn't protest as Hanataro led him over to Renji's bed and sat him down on it.

"You sure this is okay?" Ichigo asked. There had been a reason he was chained to the bed, he was certain of that much. Hanataro shrugged, hesitated a moment, and then shrugged again, shaking his head. Ichigo blinked, then turned and lay next to Renji, snuggling up against the shinigami as he did so, feeling immensely better now that he could touch the other man.

Renji mumbled something in his sleep, subconsciously turning towards Ichigo, one arm sliding carefully over the boy's body as he pillowed his head on Ichigo's chest, red hair fanning outwards over them both. Ichigo smiled, and pulled Renji closer. No doubt they'd have to talk once the Vice Captain awoke. And Ichigo probably deserved a couple of punches, but after that, they'd be okay again. Renji would explain what had happened, filling in the blanks in Ichigo's memory as best as he could. Then Ichigo would drag the rest of the information out of Urahara, as he was the most likely suspect for their rescue.

"Thank you," he murmured quietly at Hanataro's back as the young shinigami reached for the door. Hanataro just turned to stare at them for a moment, before smiling gently and nodding 'you're welcome'. With that, he left them alone. Ichigo pulled Renji close to himself and closed his eyes, finally able to relax. If he knew anything, it was that not even Hell would try and mess with them anymore. With that comforting thought, and with the warm, living weight of his lover in his arms, Ichigo allowed himself to sleep.