This was going to be a quick two or three chapter thing I did over the next two weeks, but holy hell did this evolve as I wrote the drafts for it. Enjoy, as I'm counting this as my first "real" Vocaloid Fanfiction, despite having… What, seven One-Shots and a Short Series already done? Eh. I've got standards.

Big Brother, Little Sister

"Oh, Rin! My Princess draped in white! How I long for you to return these feelings I have for you…" The blue-haired man said into the mirror, assuming he was alone.

"But I do, sweet Prince, and have for so long!" The man turned to see his sister, standing just across the room in shadow and stepping into light.

"My love! If what you say is true, then please…" He reached out with his hand. "Come with me…"

The blood rushed to her face as she wrote her little fantasy on the paper before her. She knew it couldn't actually happen- at least, not like this- but she liked to write about it all the same. She had been feeling this way for her older brother Kaito ever sense the previous school year's summer, when he took her to the beach with him as part of their final shared vacation; the end of his senior year in high school, and the soon-to-be-beginning of her freshmen year. Now, he went to a local college, and while they still saw each other, it was only for a few minutes each day, when he picked her up from the after-school program she attended. She sighed as the blood left her face, yet her mind wandered to her blue haired brother, dashing in his long white coat and light blue muffler scarf. She fantasized about him often, sometimes in the middle of class, and whenever she did she would always completely zone out, staring into the ceiling for long periods of time. As she thought about him, now, she started to again.

Suddenly, however, the door across the room behind her swung open, and Rin quickly snapped back into reality, tossing a page of her math homework over the page she wrote the day-dream on. She turned around to see Megurine Luka, the usual after-school teacher on duty, stepping into the room backwards holding an open cardboard box full of stacked papers and textbooks. She wore the standard teacher's formal, tan-colored attire, hair tied behind her head and all, despite the principal never enforcing the rule that teachers wear it, even during school hours. She even had a pair of glasses on a string around her neck, though none of the students knew for sure or not if she actually needed or even used them. Setting the box down on an empty table, she looked up at Rin, and, seeing that she was the only one in the room, glanced at the clock before saying anything.

She said, "Oh, Rin, your brother hasn't picked you up yet?" She saw the clock read 4:47. "He's usually here by four, isn't he?"

Rin nodded. "Yeah, but I guess he's running late today. It's no problem, though. Gave me a chance to get my homework done." Luka walked over next to her and looked at the paper full of math work that she had tossed over her fantasy of Kaito. Rin silently sweated as she thought of what might happen if she picked it up and saw what she wrote on the page beneath it. Fortunately, she just smiled and nodded.

"Good job, you're getting much better." She walked over to her desk and took out a thin folder from a cabinet. Sitting down, she added, "A few more days of getting picked up late and you'll never have trouble in my math class again."

Rin couldn't help but let out a quick giggle.

"Do you want me to give your brother a call and see where he is?" Luka asked. "I should still have his number from last year around here somewhere…"

"No ma'am, that's alright," Rin said as she looked out the window, watching her brother's dark blue car driving into the parking lot. "I think he just pulled up now."

"Oh?" Luka leaned forward to see that he was. "Well, okay then. I'll see you tomorrow, Rin."

Rin picked up her book bag after quickly stowing her papers in a binder. "See you tomorrow, Ms. M." She headed out the door as Luka gave her a small wave.

Walking down from the school's entrance, Rin looked up to see Kaito stepping out from behind the car. Resting his arms on the roof of the car as he closed the driver's side door, his face turned into an apologetic expression as his sister approached. He said,

"I'm so sorry I'm late, Rin. They had me working overtime at the shop, and I couldn't get away until just now."

Rin opened the car's back door and tossed her bag onto the seat. "It's alright; it gave me some time to write."

"You write?" He asked her as she opened the passenger door and leaned in. "I didn't know that."

"Yeah, sometimes I do," she said as Kaito entered the car on his side.

"What about?"

"Um…" She thought as she settled into her seat. "Just… Little stories. Small stuff, nothing big."

"Huh." Kaito started the car. "You should show me sometime.

"Erm!" She hid her blushing face as she turned to grab her seatbelt. In the window's tinted reflection, she could see clearly her bright red glow as her eyes looked back at her. "Sh… Sure thing." She couldn't even imagine what he would say or do if he ever read the things she wrote down. All of it- one hundred percent of everything she had ever jotted down on paper not school related- was some childish fantasy, sexual or otherwise, or Kaito and herself.

Kaito began to back up the car. She looked out the window until her blushing subsided.

"…Big brother…"